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  1. Considering McPake made resigning Cammy a priority I very much doubt he'll replace him with McGhee. I'd guess that McGhee will play centre back and act as cover at right back if needed.
  2. 6 foot 2.5 inches. We could do with a monster in midfield.
  3. He left Hearts to join Middlesbrough which was almost certainly a step up. Edit- just noticed he was actually on loan.
  4. If the Falkirk Facebook is anything like the Dundee one I wouldn't take the views too seriously.
  5. Don't worry mate, I think there was about 5 threads going at the same time.
  6. Was just reading that they rejected some fairly substantial 6 figure fees for his services earlier in his career.
  7. The boy Robson, who I mentioned in an earlier post, played left back for Falkirk last season. Coincidentally he's just left them too.
  8. He's right sided I believe so No3 wouldn't really fit positionally. He did wear No3 at Falkirk though so it's possible that it's just a number he's asked for and nothing more than that.
  9. Lionel Messi's just been spotted doon Las Ramblas wearing dark blue socks.
  10. More frustrated than surprised mate. I got a random message last night re Vincent and decided to share it. He's apparently now a fixture in our first team.
  11. Noticed Jordan McGhee's brother is now following DFC on Twitter. McGhee has just left Falkirk. Apologies if already posted.
  12. Just noticed Andrew Nelson tweeting 'good luck in your new adventure' to departing Falkirk left back Thomas Robson. Could be absolutely nothing but seems like a decent player going on the views of Falkirk fans. Known to Nelson through their time together at Sunderland.
  13. We've went from random posters on fans forums sharing rumours to McPake's mates with China ankles being in our first team every week. How the Feck did that happen?.
  14. Exactly. In an ideal world everyone would purchase a season ticket early on and the manager would have a hefty budget and the opportunity to steal a march on our rivals in the transfer market. If people decide, for whatever reason, that they can't or won't purchase a ticket or want to hold off in the hope of some positivity tipping the balance in the favour of a season ticket purchase then the club will just have to accept that, take it on the chin and be clever enough to realise that not everyone and everything will fall into line with what they'd ideally like. I'd be very, very surprised if we lost 4 figures off the full paying season tickets numbers and that the club had no other option than to go part-time. We've got a handful on here who are undecided so far.
  15. I'm surprised at your current view on the purchase of season tickets and the guilt tripping aspect of them considering you have admitted being long term PATG. The club didn't go part-time during your time without a season ticket and I don't see it doing so if PB, or anyone else, decides against buying one.
  16. Doolan mentioned again (P&B) and just heard a rumour that Vincent has been offered a 1yr deal.
  17. This guy's band are playing at the beer festival. He's a Dee from a Dee supporting family. Well worth a listen. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10161904647270424&id=550490423&sfnsn=mo
  18. Davie Young on Twitter hinting that something could be happening on Monday. https://twitter.com/davidyoungphoto/status/1139976845569548288?s=20
  19. Mo Salah & Kevin De Bruyne couldn't get a game for Chelsea but are now two of the best players in the world. These things happen at the biggest clubs around, if Lambert suddenly becomes a world beater then we'll just have to suck it up and get on with things. Harping on about it won't change anything unfortunately.
  20. This mob are right on the ball. https://twitter.com/prosoccerkits/status/1139873660821524486?s=20
  21. Probably an expensive option too. I'd rather we went with Hamilton & Ferrie for the time being and maybe assessed things after returning from Spain. I'm sure we could get a decent keeper without spending what I think Dieng would expect.
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