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  1. Reverend Lovejoy

    Reception for Scott Bain

    Counterproductive imo, only results in the player trying harder. Bain will inevitably have the last laugh and the fans will end up with egg on their faces. Better just to ignore him as he'll be desperate to shut the fans up.
  2. Reverend Lovejoy

    Season Tickets

    I could make Sunday but got the chance of earning some extra dosh and decided that that was a better option than sitting in the cold witnessing 3000 cavemen disrespecting your club whilst their heroes leave yours chasing shadows for 90 mins. Going to support your team is dropping further down the priority list as each season passes for me.
  3. Reverend Lovejoy

    Season Tickets

    Gonna miss my 8th home game this weekend due to work commitments, I've not even looked further ahead yet. A ST for me is just a way of helping the club, unfortunately the time has came where I've got to prioritise and decide what's important and what's not. Paying for a ST for me is just throwing cash away, my young lass is bored shitless with the fayre on offer and my goddaughter is off to Uni. The missus still wants to go but I'm not buying the 5 tickets we normally buy in the next fortnight and I'm not paying the full prices. So that'll be 5 ST down next season. I'm gonna be out of a job, or in a lesser paid job, too so I'm just gonna call it quits as far as shelling out daft money goes. Could be a good reason why the club have made an announcement today but I wouldn't bet on it with our past history. I think (guessing) that Campy is dead in the water and that FPS are on their way out and are grabbing as much dosh as possible to either tidy up the books or to recoup some of their personal losses.
  4. Reverend Lovejoy

    Andrew Davies.

    6 weeks today since he picked up his unfortunate injury. The original timescale of 10wks recovery time has since been reduced to around 7wks due to a reassessment by the specialist who's been dealing with him. He's since been pictured on an exercise bike putting in the miles. Can we expect to see him soon or will JM err on the side of caution?. Celtic on the 17th at Dens might be doable but it could be St Mirren away on the 30th, in a (loathe to say it) must win game, before we see him in action. That'd give him 3 games, St Mirren (a), St Johnstone (a) and Aberdeen (h) before the split.
  5. Reverend Lovejoy

    Thoughts On Dundee's Cammy Kerr?

    That's what I'm led to believe.
  6. Reverend Lovejoy

    Thoughts On Dundee's Cammy Kerr?

    Wighton is a Dee but he's probably not someone who'd put the club before his own career. Cammy's the type, just like most of us on here, who'd not give the time of day to most things dayglo for example. Scott Robertson was a Dee but crossed the road. Basically what I'm suggesting is that whilst both Kerr and CW are Dee's I don't think Kerrr would contemplate some of the career moves that CW would. There's been plenty of Dee's over the years who've done the unthinkable, I just don't think Kerr would, him and CW are just cut from different dark blue cloth imo.
  7. Reverend Lovejoy

    Thoughts On Dundee's Cammy Kerr?

    My wife always says that if our, only, daughter came home and introduced Cammy as her boyfriend she'd be delighted. I couldn't agree with her more. Fantastic laddie and a real credit to his family and to the club. I really hope he doesn't get a raw deal here and end up playing for, possibly, a rival. The work he does at Dens in a playing capacity and behind the scenes really can't be commended enough imo. Sadly, for his own sake, I think a move would be what turns him from someone who divides opinion to someone we, in hindsight, regret letting slip through the net. Managed correctly he's a proper club legend in the making imo. It's up to the club to do the spade work to ensure we don't end up with egg on our faces by discarding him without giving him the courtesy of even an informal chat regarding the situation. At present there's has been no dialogue between both parties in respect of a new contract even though he is free to sign a PCA elsewhere now.
  8. Reverend Lovejoy

    Thoughts On Dundee's Cammy Kerr?

    After a decent start and after proving to be a better option than the previously off form Kerr I think Horsfield's performances have dropped. Might be a coincidence but it seems to have coincided with the return of Jesse Curran. At someplace like Ibrox, where you need hard work, concentration and plenty of bottle to get anything I'd say a combination of Kerr/Horsfield would've been a better choice. Hindsight and all that though.
  9. Reverend Lovejoy

    Thoughts On Dundee's Cammy Kerr?

    Not necessarily. The manager has made a call and picked a player who he, at this moment in time, prefers. It's like saying that Scott Wright is a better striker than Kenny Miller because JM has favoured him recently. Scott Wright is a very good player but he's not a better striker than KM.
  10. Reverend Lovejoy

    Thoughts On Dundee's Cammy Kerr?

    Totally agree with the highlighted part. For his own sake it's best, imo, that Cammy moves on. His worth is underappreciated here and a move to pastures new can really see him prosper, away from the unrealistic expectations here. Actually just going out and playing games without being under the spotlight and without the constant analysis will do him good. Kamara & Bain are another two who's games we've picked holes in and we know how that's turned out.
  11. Reverend Lovejoy

    Consistent Line-ups

    I suppose it doesn't help when players are written off by the support very, very quickly if they don't hit the ground running, with Ralph being the prime example. If it were me I'd be looking to work in an environment where I felt comfortable and where I'd be given the chance to show what I could do without fear of rejection and ridicule. It's a common occurrence for players to be labelled the worst player in living memory and that can't do anything to build confidence. You really need a thick skin to prosper here and you can go from hero to zero pretty damn quickly. The boy Byrne at Livi, for example, was sent off the other week but I'm pretty sure he'll be welcomed back into the squad with open arms. You get sent off here and are immediately lumbered with the liability tag. Lower, more realistic, expectations might allow us the chance to appreciate things a bit more and lead to encouragement from the stands, even after a mistake. The best of us make them and they're the best way to learn.
  12. Reverend Lovejoy

    Thoughts On Dundee's Cammy Kerr?

    Not looking good for Cammy at Dens which is a shame. A young, improving, players who actually sees it as a privilege to pull on the famous jersey. I've backed him regularly and won't change now just because he's out of the picture. JM needs to wake up and see the potential and the possibilities that having someone like Cammy brings to the squad. Unfortunately the club haven't spoken to him regarding a new deal and, right now, he looks to be on his way out of the exit door. Genuinely think that our loss will be someone else's gain.
  13. I predicted 10 pages so we're halfway there. We've somehow covered the benefits in deliberately being relegated, the buy back of Dens, the A shares, Arbroath's potential traveling support and the merits of doing jigsaws, all on the Match Aftermath thread. Just need the wooden bench to get a page or two to top things off.
  14. Polite, really?. You really need to reread some of his posts. The one rejoicing in the death of someone who'd misquoted him in a letter of his in the Eilach (sp) Times is a belter. Polite.
  15. Have you considered supporting Celtic?. Less travelling and guaranteed wins by large margins pretty much every week. Their supporters also blether sh**e.
  16. Reverend Lovejoy


  17. There is nothing 'real' in what you post though. 99.9% of your ideas, facts and arguments will never be considered as being realistic by normal minded people. Even when things are pointed out to you in black and white you'll still plough ahead with the nonsense. Even adding up the crowds of every away team we'd face in the Championship it won't, or struggle to, add up to the income that's generated when Rangers & Celtic come to town. For someone who's worked in a bank figures certainly aren't your strong point.
  18. He's an attention seeker. I've came to the conclusion that he deliberately posts controversial stuff to generate attention. No right minded individual would think that relegation and a massive drop in income was a good thing, especially as we're losing a fortune as it is. He's consistent though. Strap yourself in for another 10 pager of mind boggling proportions.
  19. Try definitely. We don't own most of our team so a clear out is inevitable, relegation or not. Stupid post to be honest. Why the Fook would it be a good idea to be relegated then fight to be promoted. Absolutely bonkers.
  20. We got more or less what we were expecting tonight, regardless of which side we picked. Even with CC & the Admiral it would've been hard to see us winning. We went to Tynecastle and returned with an unlikely 3 points the other week so it's probably unrealistic not to expect a streetwise Accies to pull unlikely results out of nowhere too. The only consolations are that it was only 4 and that we haven't risked less than 100% fit players and then lost them long term. By the time we return to action we should have a couple of key men back and ready for another big push.
  21. Reverend Lovejoy

    Rangers V Dundee

    Miller for Curran.
  22. Reverend Lovejoy

    Rangers V Dundee

    Curran hasn't played for weeks due to injury. We won't be relegated due to our results against Rangers or Celtic, especially away from home.
  23. Reverend Lovejoy

    Rangers V Dundee

    3-0 or even a 3-1 (eternally optimistic) would be ok if Aberdeen came somehow overcome a Hamilton side that always pull a rabbit out of the hat when they desperately need it.
  24. Reverend Lovejoy

    Rangers V Dundee

    I'm sure McCann picked up 3 of our 18 points. Not even close imo.

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