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  1. Moussa was really, REALLY poor. Not much else to say about him (Apart from the fact he was really, REALLY poor).
  2. Apologies, clearly I struggled to operate the ‘“quote” option correctly. “Xavi would struggle in the Scottish Championship if he's a stone overweight.” Personally, I found this quote of yours to be a bit bizarre.
  3. We shall see. In the mean time I’m quite happy to post every now and then “f**k Dundee United” just as a reminder for us all.
  4. Don’t post often on here. But f**k Dundee United.
  5. I remember us filling behind the goal at Love Street and singing this for a solid 20 minutes after the final whistle.
  6. Brilliant result today, in a match that matters. Still a lot more to come from this team, looking forward to the next few weeks.
  7. Was quietly confident about last night until I saw the team. Very naive starting 11, but I’m sure the management team will learn from it.
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