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  1. Thought he was an OK player but would rather Robertson be given pitch time if it meant a choice between the 2 (which it prob would be be).
  2. Of course.... I'll stick him in for Curier(obviously!)
  3. Speroni (Italian dual nat) Khizanishvili, Gadzhalov, Palenik, Marrocco(Swiss born); Adamczuk, Kamara, M.Robertson Caniggia, Novo, Curier(!)
  4. Holt and Hendry would've played together many times surely?
  5. @jojo gunn you'll mind o' this ya auld giffer
  6. Douglas; Artero, Gallagher, Khizanishvili, Marrocco; Harkins, Rae, Nemsadze; Novo, Griffiths, Stewart
  7. Wouldn't say this man "promised so much", but when Nicky Banger signed in late 1999 after a fairly successful spell for a few lower league clubs down South, I think we were expecting a bit more from him than 0 goals in 6 SPL appearances. On a side note, if I remember right his debut was at home v Arid Salonika in the game to officially open the 2 new stands.
  8. 1. McGhee 2. Berra 3. Ayr 1-2 Dundee 4. Dorrans v Utd
  9. Its a diagrace that Dens is unplayable but Craigie Park isn't. I can hardly recall a match being called off due to waterlogged pitch in the last 20 years at Dens, all of a sudden we've had 2 in the last 2 months. 🤫
  10. Player of the Decade - GGH Goal of the Decade - Paul Heffernan's clincher resulting in DAB exodus from Shankly Moment of the Decade - Letheren save from Prunty v Dumbarton to win the league
  11. Yeah, I meant Dorrans or Gowser depending on Dorrans sutuation re playing on that pitch. Certainly can see McPake and Robertson starting seeing as they're fresh and there's the doubts with a few (Nelson, Dorrans, Ness) on the surface
  12. I can see Meekings and Nelson not starting due to the surface and previous injuries they've had. Possibly Dorrans too but hope not. Not the team I'd necessarily pick but I think it'll be something like... Hazard Kerr McGhee Forster Marshall Robertson Byrne McPake Dorrans/Gowser Mackie Johnson
  13. ...also, another keeper we had on trial was Chinese International Jiang Jin during the Bonetti days. Mad times looking back!
  14. Gary O'Connor - keeper who played for us pre season away to Macclesfield in Summer 1997. We won 3 nil that day with Brian Irvine scoring (I think) a debut goal. We never took him on and signed Big Rab instead.
  15. Carload of us heading down, where's the best pre match boozer for us Dees?
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