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    Ray Mitchell, aged 63, born and bred in Dundee, attended Macalpine School then Kirkton High.Work as an Accountant.
    Moved away with work 1997
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  1. I do like the style, the sponsor name colour doesn’t bother me, just wish it had been a bit darker blue
  2. Yeah, was hoping we would have been in for him, better option than Doolan in my opinion
  3. Murray and Nisbet from Raith to Dunfermline, spending some of the Longridge money
  4. If we have spoken to him Saturday night, and he had "no desire or intention" (their words) to be considered, then surely we would have had no reason to contact ICT to request to speak to him. I think he has applied, but he couldnt be telling his current employers that after them refusing us permission to speak to him, so he is backtracking big style. Just my thoughts !!!
  5. If we spoke to him on Saturday he must have said he was interested, or we wouldn't have had to make a formal request to approach him Now they claim he was never interested I reckon he applied for it, now he's backtracking cos they refused us permission to talk to him
  6. 1 point out of 12 against that lot kind of sums up the season for me
  7. Exactly right Woodstein,I’m just following the theme of the thread we nearly signed Michael Laudrup
  8. Don mackay turned down the chance to sign Michael Laudrup
  9. Yeah that must be correct, just that Bobby scored some vital goals in Europe for us. I must be getting a bit muddled with those
  10. Absolutely right, Troodee, unforgettable night, and as good as any comeback I have ever witnessed since. The atmosphere and noise levels just grew and grew as we began to claw the goals back, felt like 150,000 there instead of 15,000. Nights like that will never happen again I fear, sad to say, but what memories. I had a feeling Bobby Wilson got the winning goal, not Gordon Wallace, but could be wrong !!!
  11. Shocking, shocking, shocking, he is solely to blame for this, his like for like subs killed us, why the hell can't we play against 10 men He should have gone for them when they went down to ten They looked much the better side with a man down Disgusted with that today
  12. Get him out now and give someone a go for the last 5 games No one could be any worse
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