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  1. Can't see any benefit to us, easier Championship?.... Not necessarily!!! Couldn't even get himself on the reconstruction task force Should have kept the no vote and let the SPFL deal with the consequences
  2. It's either paying out for furloughed workers, or paying out benefits for employees paid off because of Companies downsizing or going bust
  3. Surely if they are hoping the Premier can finish, then the other leagues can as well !! Doesn't make sense but doesn't surprise me that they have come up with this !!
  4. So proud of our Club for the way they are handling this situation, brilliant Statement, and thank to John Bennett, a real football man
  5. Correct, the longer we keep operating, the better chance we have of coming out of this unscathed. Its a fine balance between looking after staff and ensuring the business survives, that's where furloughing employees is invaluable Tight cash flow that needs well managed (my remit !!), until the system for claiming the money back is set up. Hope you and your family are well mate, stay safe
  6. Most sites here are closed mate, we are concrete producers, the only one left open in the area !!! (Due to my greedy boss) We are busy, picking up any work that is going in the area, some quite big jobs ongoing. Government needed to tougher on Construction, nothing on the go here that couldnt have waited, should be stopped. Boss's attitude is keep going til Boris says so, or be forced to stop if Cement and Aggregates suppliers close !!! This letter pretty much endorses the carry on regardless attitude though. Whatever people think of Nicola, she has been head and shoulders above Johnson in her approach to this situation
  7. Live in Wales mate, letter is from Dept of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Tried to post it here but file is too big If I can split it up, I will try post it up
  8. Yeah you are right, sorry, I used the wrong terminology. The situation you describe is becoming commonplace, and has repercussions, like in your companies case. Agree about society, just get the feeling, the "key workers" will get sh*t on again once this is all over, really hope i'm wrong !! Hope you and your wife stay well mate
  9. So you guys are designated, key workers, and have to soldier on !!! I'm an Accountant for a Construction related Company, we are still servicing building projects that are still open.We had copy of a letter from Government saying Construction can still continue, so its business as usual. I'm in the office at the moment, waiting for our IT providers to set up home working. So its same old for me, just no other traffic on the roads !!!
  10. Naw, think its a no brainer, no hidden clauses, still paying out a lot to the higher paid players, if they decide to make up the difference, but should cover all the kids, office staff etc. Its been extended to cover Employers NI contributions and Company's share of basic pension contributions as well. No system in place to claim it back yet though, so big cash flow issues at present I would think. They say end of April before Companies can begin claiming back, and can be backdated until 1st March, although employees would have had to be off work at that time
  11. We definitely should, it can be backdated to 1st March, so isn't an issue re losing out. Dont see why clubs furloughing workers is newsworthy, its available every business,they should all be doing it as a matter of course
  12. Its available to any business of a certain size mate, so don't see why not. System not set up up to reclaim it, so defo short term cash issues, but could be a lifesaver
  13. Rescheduled for 30th October
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