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    Ray Mitchell, aged 63, born and bred in Dundee, attended Macalpine School then Kirkton High.Work as an Accountant.
    Moved away with work 1997
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    Music, the Dees, Dog walking, eating out, socialising with friends, going to the gym
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  1. deesforever1893

    Arab Game Tonight

    Glad I’ve put this on, watched last 20 mins. pissin masel at the Dabs
  2. deesforever1893

    Martin Woods

    Signs 3 month deal
  3. deesforever1893

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2018-19 (Mkii)

    Duthie in the Tele reckons our business could be done !!! Needs to spout something to fill columns !!
  4. deesforever1893

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2018-19

    Saw that, doesn't make sense as you say. Surely if we were miles apart on what the boy wants and what we are prepared to pay, the boys wouldn't have been sitting watching the game on Saturday,he would have been away back down the road. is it DCT "misquoting" again ??
  5. deesforever1893

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2018-19

    they can loan or sell, just cant buy in or loan in
  6. deesforever1893

    Portugal Trip

    Boy on FB saying Mendy and Madianga scored
  7. deesforever1893

    Portugal Trip

    Interview with NM on official site mate, worth a look
  8. deesforever1893

    Portugal Trip

    Deacon recovering from ankle surgery, El Bak injured as well.
  9. deesforever1893

    Welcome To Dens Kharl Madianga

    Welcome Kharl
  10. deesforever1893

    Elton Ngwatala Signs

    Well said Harry, some of the posts on here are ridiculous
  11. deesforever1893

    Elton Ngwatala Signs

    Give the boy a chance for Gods sake
  12. deesforever1893

    The Magnificent Dab Admin Thread

    DEElighted, bide doon ya Dabby bassas
  13. deesforever1893

    Scott Millar

    A real tragedy, so sorry to hear this. Thoughts with his family and friends
  14. deesforever1893

    Pre-Match: Ross County (Away, 8th May 2018)

    Superb result, thanks for the updates guys
  15. deesforever1893

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 0 Hamilton (05 May 2018)

    Watched from bar in Portgal, euro a pint, gonna be a great day Not great watching, very tense, but we defo deserved it Players showed amazing commitment, proud Dee today

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