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  1. Ricky Spanish

    The January 2019 Transfer Window Discussion Thread

    This maybe has legs. Being reported that Gerrard's confident of concluding a deal for Kamara before the end of the window, however ruled out Jones going there before the summer.
  2. Ricky Spanish


    Embarrassing is an understatement mate! Way beyond acceptable. Don't let one utter bellend force you off forums though, if anyone should remove themselves it's them!
  3. Ricky Spanish


    At the same time as berating DFCSS for not debunking the rumour, yeh. My point was, how can they criticise the society for not debunking a rumour that not only wasn't their doing, but was also one about the club that they themselves are current custodians of? As you said, Utd released a solid statement about their club, why didn't FPS do the same? After all, they own the club, not DFCSS.
  4. Ricky Spanish


    So, on your logic, why didn't FPS release a statement debunking the merger rumour? DFCSS didn't put the cat amongst the pigeons as they didn't release anything into the public domain, but rather sent out a circular to members, what happened with that info after that was down to each individual member. What also doesn't help FPS' case is they cleared DFCSS' circulation before it went out.
  5. Ricky Spanish


    I'm sticking myself into the same boat mate, not on either side (not that there should be sides). DFCSS, whatever your view of them, are all Dees, wanting exactly the same as all other Dees, and not just chasing blazers. FPS want success too, if they didn't then why the hell are they even bothering?? We all need to come together and drive forward for the good of DFC!!
  6. Ricky Spanish


    Woodstein has articulated it perfectly, but I will add that even though the circulation put out by DFCSS was ok'd by FPS, which should negate any apportioned blame in itself, why point fingers in the first place when they, as current custodians of the club, are best positioned to put to bed these ridiculous rumours??
  7. Ricky Spanish

    The January 2019 Transfer Window Discussion Thread

    Kev Mac been told he's surplus to requirements at Fulham, available for loan apparently......just saying
  8. Ricky Spanish


    It will indeed. Hand on heart, despite my misgivings, I believe everything that is happening will be to our benefit and DFC will have a bright future. We as a support are mistrusting and with good reason, but I genuinely think if this stadium comes to pass we will thrive, but until that time comes I will always be nervous.
  9. Ricky Spanish


    Not necessarily. Why give up your share just because your position isn't as influential as you wanted it to be?? Just because you can't move the mountain, doesn't mean you can't assist the group who scale it
  10. Ricky Spanish


    Because Steve Martin isn't Bill Colvin?? Honestly, Steve Martin can do whatever Steve Martin wants to do with Steve Martin's shares.
  11. Ricky Spanish


    Absolutely agree but recent events appear to have created a divide, one which has the potential to split the support, which should never be allowed to happen. At the end of the day, we're all Dees and want success on and off the park, so someone needs to be an intermediary between DFCSS and FPS, build a bridge and stop the rivalry becoming an embarrassing sideshow to the endgame we all crave.
  12. Ricky Spanish


    Islay, there's lessons to be learned on both sides and despite me signing up for DFCSS again recently, my first and foremost will always be DFC, not DFCSS or FPS, it should never be a choice, just the betterment of our club. This petty pointscoring has to end.
  13. Ricky Spanish


    Exactly my thoughts on the matter. At the end of the day, there shouldn't be 2 separate camps of DFCSS and FPS supporters, we all want the same thing, a successful Dundee FC both on and off the park, not a petty school playground split which turns the whole thing into a childish sideshow! Today alone, I've heard FPS called petty and described as "holding a grudge" by someone from DFCSS and seen a less than mature statement from the club, pointing fingers about the whole merger nonsense squarely at DFCSS. I mean ffs, what is it with us??
  14. Ricky Spanish


    That's the Tele jumping all over the club statement already online. https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/dundee-fc-slam-fans-group-for-lack-of-clarity-on-prospect-of-merging-with-dundee-united/

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