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  1. Very good observation, think you could be on to something there. Although, you really should've went with "Is Ollie the type of player that McPake hoped McPake to be?" Would baffle the sh**e out of anyone peeking in who was unaware we had young Josh on loan 😂
  2. In what way does it look bad exactly? Hearts tried to take the piss and squeeze as much money out of us as possible, we rightly tell them to do one and now Arbroath have gone in for him, Hearts have realised they aren't going to be able to demand the same from them and are playing ball. Only thing that looks bad there is Hearts' demands on the percentage of wages we should be paying compared to any other club who come in for him.
  3. So, has anyone heard any murmurings of potential signings then?? This window is passing us by very quietly so far 😴
  4. Love the optimism, but right at this moment in time, the prospect of a play off, never mind the final, seems far off 😩
  5. I know, was being petty 😏 The crowd was abysmal, but it should serve as a wake up call to our owners on a number of levels.
  6. Spot on! Damned if you do, damned if you don't. We're a special breed us Dees, love a right good moan no matter which way the penny falls.
  7. I'm fully of the mind that if Boyle was still at Dens now, he wouldn't be half the player he has turned into at Hibs. Happy for the lad that he landed on his feet with a move that has transformed him.
  8. Apart from the fact he's as slow as death and turns like the QE2, Forster has this physics-defying trait of being the only man in history who becomes shorter when he jumps.
  9. £15 for a kid is acceptable then yeh?? For a cup game where the adult price is £20?? Even the £10 for a kid for a game that is at a strange time and on terrestrial TV was on the limit, but £15, jeezo!! All they're doing is putting folk off taking their kids. If they'd said buy early at £15 & £5, then £20 & £10 on the day, would've been more palatable.
  10. Disgrace that the cost of a juvenile ticket is £15 if bought today, having been £10 right up until yesterday. £15 for a kid!! Utter joke!!
  11. Whilst I wholeheartedly agree that Utd could and should've contacted the police and went much further with their statement, issuing a grovelling apology to Kano, I think Chomp was more aiming his post at the fact that some of our support are trying to point score on this by suggesting they're just covering it up and in effect condoning it, whilst simultaneously turning a deaf ear to the shouts that are heard on a semi-regular basis at Dens. Yes, they have a poor record when it comes to investigating serious accusations, but they are under new ownership now and as such, these new owners shouldn't have previous failings thrown at them in this case. Chomp didn't, from what I took from his post, suggest that they've done everything correctly and in the right manner, but more pointed out that we as a fanbase shouldn't be so quick to judge when there are still issues at home.
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