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  1. Ricky Spanish

    McLeish Gone

    I'd go a bit leftfield and bring in Slaven Bilic. No way he'd put up with the pathetic call-offs etc, and he'd take no sh*t.
  2. About time too, should never have been in the job in the first place. Who does everyone want next?
  3. Ricky Spanish

    We Have Learnt Nothing!

    My first thought was "bigger" jobs, but maybe he meant to put ginger meaning they never go on to work for Bon-Accord
  4. Ricky Spanish

    Losing Runs

    Anyone know what time the post-split fixtures are to be released today? Be good to know nice and early who our record-breaking 8th defeat on the bounce will be to
  5. Ricky Spanish

    McIntyre Out.

    Think that would vaporize the camel!!
  6. Ricky Spanish

    McIntyre Out.

    This is exactly right. The fact that we are still in the mix mathematically for 10th place with just 6 games to go, despite racking up a pathetic 18pts from a possible 96 is utterly astounding! Pretty much any other season in the past 10/15yrs we would've been gone a long time ago. Actually makes you wonder if this is to be our biggest stroke of luck/get out of jail free card ever. Sadly, I can't see it, because if the incentive on offer the past 2 games isn't enough to motivate the squad (2 wins would've had us sitting 10th, level with Hamilton and 7 clear of St Mirren), then nothing will.
  7. Ricky Spanish

    McIntyre Out.

    Big Morten would be a fantastic option and no doubt a very popular appointment amongst the fans. On the flip side, it does run the risk of falling victim to the returning legend curse (see McCann).
  8. Ricky Spanish

    McIntyre Out.

    Whether we get rid or not, all I can say is thank f**k he's on a rolling contract and we're not tied down to him/facing yet another big pay-off. Really bloody hope that his rolling contract is one that the club can choose not to renew and not one that is McIntyre's decision to trigger the renewal.
  9. Ricky Spanish

    Blair Alston

    Being reported today that we've made a move to secure Blair Alston on a PCA for next season. Thoughts?
  10. Ricky Spanish

    Season Tickets

    The rates were decent, not much on top of face value. Neil from the shop told me last year that the club were pushing Zebra for 0% interest deals for fans but every option they came back with required extra fees etc. Plenty clubs going to suffer here with attendances down and financial income reduced.
  11. Ricky Spanish

    Season Tickets

    I've used this facility for several years now, fantastic option for the 5 STs I purchase. Gutted if the club can't find an alternative as no way I'm affording the lumpsome required
  12. Ricky Spanish

    Euro 2020

    Alan Main I think
  13. Ricky Spanish

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    Pure in the know, ken?
  14. Ricky Spanish

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    Apologies if I came across as on one side or the other, not having a pop or that, just wish they could work together for the betterment of the club. I'm a member of DFCSS, certainly believe in what they're doing and have been very pleased with the detailed updates via email, but it certainly strikes me as two sides wanting the same end results regards success etc but are looking to achieve that down different paths, albeit they cross at certain points. All makes for very frustrating and obstacle ridden progress. For what it's worth, whilst I do believe what FPS are trying to do is for the future growth, stability and success of the club, they at times come across as very arrogant and dismissive, maybe even looking down through their noses at DFCSS as some sort of irrelevant non-entity.
  15. Ricky Spanish

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    For me, it's all a bit school playground. DFCSS represent a small minority of supporters and, whilst they do have the good of the club at heart, come across a bit as seeing themselves as a bigger player in things who should have a bigger say. FPS on the other hand, are the current custodians of our club whose actions affect the entire support, so what they do absolutely matters. At the end of the day, both seem to want the same thing, success on and off the park, just wish they could find a way of striving to achieve that without being at each other's throats constantly, like an old married couple.
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