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  1. The Juan-2-3 derby was absolute pandemonium in the Derry. I was 'sat' right at the back, flung across the benches when each goal went in. Went home with no voice haha
  2. Got the email, might go along next time myself.
  3. I'll be honest, even the promoting Utd and relegating the others aside, despite having deluded visions of some sort of Ocean's Eleven style plot whereby we score big time, I find our behaviour to be reprehensible. We cast a vote at 4:48pm, to me that is our vote and it can't be changed. The fact we were able to change it is corrupt on the part of the SPFL, the fact we changed it is corrupt on our part.
  4. It's not about anyone getting info wrong tbh, it's about us casting a vote before the deadline, which has been proven by the online footprint, that really should've counted whether received or not. If we'd voted Yes and for whatever reason it wasn't received, there's no way SPFL would've allowed us the opportunity to resend the vote at a time of our choosing. In any case, the point I was making was once you cast your vote, it's final and should be considered as such, which is what I think this course case will hinge on.
  5. Well, we'll find out soon enough what is to pass. The court case tomorrow in my opinion hinges on the court's decision on whether or not the vote we sent at 4:48pm that Friday was indeed a cast vote. Should they decide our vote was cast then Pandora's Box will truly have been opened, then who knows what happens from there. If I cast a vote in an election at 4:48pm, returned home then decided I wasn't happy with my vote at around 6pm, went back to the polling station and asked for my vote to be discounted in order for me to vote again, I'd be told, very politely, to GTF 😂
  6. Gowser all day long. For a west coast lad he fair loves the Dee and as much as many slate him for his rants, what they're slating is what was seen in the past as the mark of a great captain, vocal, angry, dishing out verbals, but most of all leading with the demeanor of 'we will not f**cking lose this one!!'
  7. Robert Carlyle in the Dee end at Cappielow in the 90s.
  8. "Huge blow" and "It's going to make things tough" are quite different. Haven't read a Courier or a Tele in a long time now. The clear bias towards them across the road and some shameful stories about our club stopped me buying. They're really scraping the barrel now with some of their terrible attempts at tabloid-style headlines on the front page of the Tele 🙈
  9. Reports saying he had a heart attack but is doing well and hoping to get out soon.
  10. That one was bonkers! Peterborough have been bumped down to 7th, having been in the play-off places and just 3pts off automatic promotion with around 10 games remaining. Wycombe on the other hand jumped from 8th to 3rd due to having a game in hand. Now I get the average points thing, but surely that's just like assuming they'll win the game in hand? No wonder Peterborough and other clubs down there are fuming. It hasn't been so controversial up here, no clubs dropping down and jumping up several places, but at the very least clubs in the Championship such as ourselves, ICT and Ayr should've been making noises about the play-off issue from the get-go.
  11. Yeh, they more than likely would progress at some point, but do these lower league clubs want both Kelty and Brora coming up at the same time, when the other option is to have none come up this season and potentially none or only one coming up the following season? If any clubs are in full self-preservation mode, my guess is they'd rather have a clearer run at promotion.
  12. It's more the clubs with aspirations to challenge for promotion, they will be very wary of allowing two very well backed and ambitious clubs into their division for fear of them 'doing a Cove'. They might see it as consigning themselves to at least another season in League 2.
  13. Problem is, would League 2 clubs find Kelty and Brora being bumped up into their division tolerable? They'll look at both clubs in much the same way as Cove, in that they're well run, well backed and very ambitious.
  14. Question is, where would this leave us if say Hearts and ICT both go up and we have to bring at least another 2 sides into the Championship, with no guarantees that every side can get going in October? Whole thing is an utter shambles, couldn't have handled it worse if they tried. We as a club should be fighting like f**k for our play-offs. If Hearts can continually chuck their toys out of the pram until the SPFL relent and give them their 'justice', why the hell shouldn't we do the same?
  15. It's like the 5 envelope choice they give to the president in the Simpsons movie, confuse him into picking the one they want him to pick 🤣
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