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  1. That's always been my moan about us, never have that ideal balance. Then even if we do stumble upon a very balanced looking squad on paper, you can bet your bottom dollar we'll have the only manager capable of setting them up wrong in charge.
  2. Reports are saying that he is available as despite recently signing that 2yr deal, things haven't worked out. Guessing it went south pretty quickly for whatever reason.
  3. If he signs we need to chip in and have oor Chomp sponsor his shirt, that'd look good in the programme 😆
  4. That's where I delivered from 😬
  5. When I was a paperboy I used to deliver the Maidens' papers, had to go into the bar to hand it over, always left the pub minus a bunch of Sporting Posts, guys in the bar always gave me a quid each for them, then I'd nip to the shop along the road and replace what I'd sold so I could finish my round. Tidy wee profit for a 13yr old 😂
  6. Is it our very own Gedee?? 😬
  7. Hopefully fans allowed back in by then, sure he'll receive a rapturous welcome by the travelling Dees.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54061580
  9. Interesting story on the BBC re a new AI streaming system about to be used in the lower leagues...... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54062392
  10. I said I agree with pretty much everything he said, so no I don't think he was having a pop. However I do think his comment about having the foresight to save was a little naive in that it came across as a flippant remark that everyone is in a position to save but some choose not to. I didn't mean to sound snarky, maybe just took it a little personally as I'm not far off breaking even at best each month these days so putting money away each month isn't an option.
  11. I think the cash is paid in full up front to the club and the debt the supporter has is with the credit company alone. Don't quote me on that though lol To add to that though, the season tickets on finance were only made available a few months after they went on sale, so no chance of being in the first 1k sold.
  12. 52? 😮 I always had you down as a good bit younger than that. I just turned 40 Saturday past, thought most on here would be similar age or younger. Just shows what forums are like, so hard to gauge ages 😂
  13. Whilst I agree with a pretty much everything you have just said, the comment I've highlighted kind of makes it a bit disingenuous. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've become a good bit worse off this past few months and, being a supporter who has been a season ticket holder for many years through the 'pay-up' scheme I wasn't in a position to put money aside, never mind to have "the foresight" to do so. Just because some fans had the finances to purchase a season ticket at all, never mind early, doesn't and shouldn't give them a fast-pass to the limited tickets available for the coming
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