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  1. Let's just wait and see where we're at in the coming months, fear for many clubs in Scotland and we are far from immune to financial trouble.
  2. That in itself brings a whole load of baggage with it though. If you declare them champions, you're declaring a valid season, so have to decide on relegation/euro places/play-offs etc, not to mention final order prize monies etc. That would all be an absolute minefield, which is why, as harsh as it'd be on the likes of Liverpool and Celtic, the season would have to be declared null and void in the event of it going unfinished. Even the voiding of the season would bring a massive headache too, I mean how do you get clubs such as Leeds and West Brom to accept another season in the Championship, thus missing out on £120m in TV money alone?? That's why the German model to me seems the right and sensible way forward under the likely circumstances.
  3. Being honest here, 6wks is nowhere near long enough. This virus has been spreading in China since November and that's it just now starting to recede 4mths later. Then you factor in how well China have got on top of it, we could be looking at this thing not peaking here until May/June, and it's not as if that means we can immediately get back to some sort of normality. Personally I think this season is done and that German model seems to me to be the best way forward. I mean let's face it, these are uncharted waters we are in right now, so we're unlikely to get another opportunity like this to shake up the game for some time.
  4. That is correct, the higher price kicks in when they hit 12, however if they're still 11 when the season starts it's the U12 price. If you look at St Johnstone for example, they list their child tickets as "12 and under", whereas ours are "under 12". Club were superb a few years back when my daughter turned 12 just a couple of weeks before the start of the season, only charged me the U12 price.
  5. I blame the 3rd kit and armed forces tie-up, first Ayr, now Arbroath 😜
  6. Always found it very telling that McPake was very wary of saying we were interested in signing him, just said things like 'he's been great for morale' and 'he's given the whole place a lift' etc. Reckon we were only ever interested in helping him out, knowing we never had the budget to sign him. Could be that he knew the script but came in to train not only to get himself sharp, but also in the hope that something might happen to allow us to sign him. He is from Ardler after all, maybe wanted to be back living and playing in the city.
  7. I did say last week that I'd been told he was superb in training, class act and wanted to come to Dens but we did very little to get him signed. Very disappointing if true.
  8. Got a soft spot for Malaga due to my Dad having a season ticket for several years while he was living over there. Took my eldest over a couple of years ago for Malaga v Barcelona on his 16th birthday, La Rosaleda is nae Dens 😏
  9. I see what you did there Who will be 2020's Geordie Shaw then?
  10. I see the dabs have signed Rakish Bingham, ex-Hamilton striker.
  11. Sorry mate, was just pulling your leg. I'm very rarely up in St Marys now, used to be in the Maidens every week, not set foot in the place in a good few years
  12. Not one of my memories, but my grandad used to tell me how he and my gran were at Hampden for the Scottish Cup Final against Motherwell in 1952 when we got tubbed 4-0. Record crowd for a match with neither of the ugly sisters involved. That really must've been something else to experience, over 136,000 fans crammed into Hampden.
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