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  1. Ricky Spanish

    Euro 2020

    Alan Main I think
  2. Ricky Spanish

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    Pure in the know, ken?
  3. Ricky Spanish

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    Apologies if I came across as on one side or the other, not having a pop or that, just wish they could work together for the betterment of the club. I'm a member of DFCSS, certainly believe in what they're doing and have been very pleased with the detailed updates via email, but it certainly strikes me as two sides wanting the same end results regards success etc but are looking to achieve that down different paths, albeit they cross at certain points. All makes for very frustrating and obstacle ridden progress. For what it's worth, whilst I do believe what FPS are trying to do is for the future growth, stability and success of the club, they at times come across as very arrogant and dismissive, maybe even looking down through their noses at DFCSS as some sort of irrelevant non-entity.
  4. Ricky Spanish

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    For me, it's all a bit school playground. DFCSS represent a small minority of supporters and, whilst they do have the good of the club at heart, come across a bit as seeing themselves as a bigger player in things who should have a bigger say. FPS on the other hand, are the current custodians of our club whose actions affect the entire support, so what they do absolutely matters. At the end of the day, both seem to want the same thing, success on and off the park, just wish they could find a way of striving to achieve that without being at each other's throats constantly, like an old married couple.
  5. Ricky Spanish

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    I received these over the past few days too. Becoming very clear that FPS and DFCSS are never going to be able to have any sort of amicable working relationship. All becoming a bit tiresome now.
  6. Ricky Spanish

    The New Stadium Thread

    I think we all have to bear in mind that these are the initial plans which were submitted and not the finished article which will form part of the formal planning application. Since those were drawn up, the club have been in lengthy discussions with Transport Scotland, DCC etc and there is every chance that the final mutually agreed access plans will differ from what we have seen thus far. In the meantime, all we are doing is speculating on the finished article based on the rough draught. At the end of the day, if all is agreed, permissions given etc, I'm pretty sure that the access in and out won't be a problem as the last thing Transport Scotland, ScotGov, DCC etc want is another traffic headache on a major transport route.
  7. Ricky Spanish

    Six Minutes Added On

    Did anyone watch the Milan derby last night? 2nd half alone, there were 4 goals, 5 bookings, 6 subs and a few VAR reviews. This resulted in 6mins being added on at the end Disgraceful from Madden yesterday.
  8. Ricky Spanish

    Points Before Split, Fixtures After.

    We'll have played 17 home games come the split, so should only be due 2 more post-split. I know we did have 20 home and 18 away fixtures a couple of years ago, so it can happen, but not sure how it'll pan out this season.
  9. Ricky Spanish

    Jan Transfer Window 2019 Closes.

    Great mix of youth and experience, flair and dig, pace and solidity been brought in. JM has not only addressed the glaring issues but got rid of the deadwood also. Went for 5 as I can't recall such an overhaul in such a short space of time, certainly not one that on paper at least has us with far more creativity, far more pace and the makings of an exciting attacking side. All we need now are some intense training sessions to gel them together quickly and hit the ground running.
  10. Ricky Spanish

    The January 2019 Transfer Window Discussion Thread

    Lucky you haha My mate's your typical dab, Dad's a Dee Sound guy though and very honest.
  11. Ricky Spanish

    The January 2019 Transfer Window Discussion Thread

    2 Gowsers, 2 Currans and would've been 2 Millers if we'd held on to Calvin
  12. Ricky Spanish

    The January 2019 Transfer Window Discussion Thread

    Just got the very same reaction from a dab mate in work when I mentioned this to him. He said McGowan was one of the very few solid performers the season they went down. Can play CH or CM, which are both positions we need to address right now.
  13. Ricky Spanish

    The January 2019 Transfer Window Discussion Thread

    Ryan McGowan possibly incoming. https://www-thetelegraphandargus-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/sport/17395370.amp/?usqp=mq331AQCCAE%3D&amp_js_v=0.1#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk%2Fsport%2F17395370.bradford-city-mcgowan-linked-with-return-to-scotland%2F
  14. Ricky Spanish

    The January 2019 Transfer Window Discussion Thread

    I see Fraser Aird is set to join QoS on loan. Odd one that given how close the two clubs are in the league.
  15. Ricky Spanish

    The January 2019 Transfer Window Discussion Thread

    Maybe another attacking player being lined up/set to sign?

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