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  1. Edin_Dee

    What's Our Worst Stat of the Season?

    The 1 win at home is the worst for me I think - though it was really hard to pick the worst. I think the fact that there are 2 other really really dreadful teams in the league this season (not even including Livi), yet we are still down with 2 games to play. Simply awful.
  2. Edin_Dee

    Darren O’Dea retires

    A fantastic leader and player. Nothing but praise for the way he conducted himself while with us. Gave his absolute all. That type of character will be a real loss around the club. All the best for the future Darren. You are always welcome at Dens.
  3. Edin_Dee

    Why would they keep him?

    I am kind of glad the club haven't rushed into the decision of sacking him as a knee jerk reaction to Saturday. It is right that Nelms is off to Texas first to meet with Keyes to come up with a strategy for next season. There is no rush to sack him before the end of the season, and there may be financial implications if we do that. Better to wait a couple of weeks if it makes it cheaper to sack him then. I'm hoping the club comes out with a meaningful statement outlining how they intend to move forward. It needs to be something which both addresses the issues which have caused the failures over the last 3 seasons, and also makes a genuine attempt to get fans back on side. For the fans to get excited about next season, there needs to be radical changes that give optimism. Changes to the catering won't cut it.
  4. Edin_Dee

    Anybody Else

    Genuinely never thought we were going to get relegated until St Mirren away. Because of how bad Hamilton and St Mirren were, rather than anything we were doing. If we had stayed up, it would have been more of the same next season. 1 or 2 wins at home and maybe scraping 10th. I'm hoping that at least now the Americans will realise that things have to change if they want the team to be a success.
  5. Edin_Dee

    ST Sales in the Championship

    There has been a lack of any home games on the fixture list which would have been regarded as "big games". Usually there are at least some games where all fans are really up for it. First home game of the season you should be expecting most fans to turn up. New season optimism, new signings and all that. The League Cup format now means you have more of gradual start to the season that takes away from that opener a bit. With our poor performances in the cup, defeat to St Mirren the week before, plus McCann already being on a shoogly peg, the Aberdeen game didn't really have the new season feel. Macintyre's first home game should have seen a bigger crowd and renewed optimism. With the manor of his appointment (with Dodds gate etc.) and having got beat 4-0 to Livi, the new manager momentum was lost almost instantly. Even Saturday didn't really have the feel of a relegation make or break game. It was more of break now or delay the break for a week kind of game. You can't really get away from the fact we've won 1 home game all season as being the reason for the poor crowds. It's actually fairly impressive that they have held up as much as they have. That likely does mean the season tickets account for most of them. Games against Old Firm, Edinburgh teams and Aberdeen should be ones to look out for in calendar. My memory of going to these games as a kid was that you may not win them, but at least there was usually a cracking atmosphere. Zero atmosphere these days. Fans are now staying away from these games because of this plus the fact you are being charged more for it. The Derry is where the atmosphere gets generated. In my opinion, the club should be making this the cheapest part of the ground to try and get it selling out every week. £15 adults, £5 for kids. Encourage fans to be more rowdy in there, instead of having a steward pounce on them at the first opportunity. That, together with some wins on the pitch, will improve things around the club massively.
  6. Edin_Dee

    Dundee V Hamilton

    Strangely optimistic that we will not be relegated this weekend. We have a good record against Hamilton this season and Motherwell away should be difficult for St Mirren.
  7. Edin_Dee

    Club Statement.

    Tremendous amount of waffle and bulls**t in there. Good to see they remain committed but they are not addressing the reasons for our failures in this statement or how things are going to fundamentally change. If they don't address the mistakes then we are destined to repeat them. If they have no intention of addressing the issues, I'd rather they leave now instead of a year or two down the line when we would be in a much worse financial situations. Quite impressive how they've managed to say their objectives have been successful when, as far as I can tell, mostly the opposite is true: 1. "stabilise the financial base of the club". Well we are running at significant losses year after year. We may have increased commercial partners but that is short term funding. The fans will always be the long term funders and the club's actions are turning fans away. FAIL 2. "develop first class youth academy". Pretty much zero players have come through or looked good enough to go into first team. I accept this doesn't happen overnight but, given our youth system hasn't even been granted elite status by SFA, is it really head and shoulders above other clubs? Jury still out but certainly can't be deemed a success yet. 3. "explore the building of a new stadium". They initially said their objective was to buy back Dens. There was no mention of new stadium. I'm not against a new stadium in principle but the fact they have misled makes me uneasy about their long term intentions. Again, jury still out but can't be deemed a success at this stage. 4. "Improve position on the park". Initial success of course but we are now right back to where we were when they took over, only with higher ticket pricing and a worse atmosphere around the club. FAIL 5. "Enhanced scouting" no comment required. FAIL. 6. "Enhanced player budget" I've not doubt the budget has been increased significantly, and fair play to Tim Keyes for actually putting his money in. But what is the point when the funds are being wasted to such an extent. I am really not sure why their was a need for the statement to go into detail about the process of appointing managers. It seems to be a case of them saying "don't blame us. The manager's stats were good before he came so it's all his fault". The problems started well before Macintyre was appointed and were only fuelled by the manor in which he was appointed (Jim Jeffries gate, Billy Dodds gate and the fact we waited 10 days after our previous match to sack McCann - losing any prospect of a new manager bounce in the process). Good to see season ticket early bird has been extended again. Please just leave them as they are now (or ideally lower them) and try to build up momentum as the pre season goes on. Until Macintyre is sacked (assume there will be some clause that allows us to let him go at end of season) it is probably, to be fair to FPS, not the right time to outline detailed plans on how best to gain promotion next season. An experienced Director of Football with a coach below him is the way to go IMO.
  8. Edin_Dee

    Season Tickets

    I hear you and this is the thing that the board really need to realise - they have to do everything possible to keep your current fans because once they take the decision to stop going, it becomes very difficult to get them back. I would just urge anyone who loves the club to really consider getting one. People talk about the club dieing if FPS leave. What will really kill the club is our most loyal fans turning their back on it. This season has been a complete shambles but it is almost over. Come the summer the usual daft optimism can start again so hopefully, with the help of some good marketing, the feel good factor can come back to the club.
  9. Edin_Dee

    Season Tickets

    I don’t know. Likely on the higher end of the scale for first division, but in theory we would be the biggest club in that division and should be winning the league. So you are paying to hopefuly watch a winning side. I suspect the prices will stay at £360 if we are relegated. If that happens then they will be differentiating between the leagues. We have to be offering an incentive to fans to encourage them to pay early. Otherwise most would pay last minute and the club would not be able to budget. At the end of the day it’s hard to see the performances being any worse next season. I’ve sat through the pish all this season which will make any highs next season all the better. Surely we will have a better season next year. It’s either football or shopping with the Mrs so I know what I’m choosing.
  10. Edin_Dee

    Our Youngsters

    Hopefully he does make it somewhere. Time will tell if he’s got enough about him.
  11. Edin_Dee

    Season Tickets

    I am one of those who back at the start of the thread was slating the board for the season ticket decision. My main criticism was the 2 week window to purchase at £340. It was a complete 2 fingers to the fans. The club HAVE listened to the fans criticism though so it is slightly disappointing to read further pages and pages of doom and gloom about the club. The fact is, after the fan criticism, the club changed the season ticket deal. You could get a season ticket for £340 as long as you paid it off (interest free) in 3 months (or it was possibly 4?). £340 is good value in comparison to other clubs and gives anyone who wants one plenty time to pay. The £340 price rewards fans loyalty. Those who plan to go regardless of what division we are in. So it is quite right that it jumps to £360 for those only willing to go if we are in the top league. There has got to be some incentive to show your commitment to the club early. Quite honestly I don't understand Dees who say they will only watch us if we are in the top league. Yes there is still plenty wrong with how the club is run (and I am someone who has been wanting major changes for a while), but I feel strongly that fans MUST respond favourably when the club have actively tried to do something which listens to fans views. If we don't respond then any future criticisms will understandably fall on deaf ears.
  12. Edin_Dee

    Our Youngsters

    I can only think of 2 games where I've seen him play, bar Celtic games. Hibs away (2-2) and Hamilton at home (4-0 win). Granted he didn't get long in the games, but from what I saw of him I didn't think he looked good enough (or at least ready). One of those with a bit of skill, but there are plenty players like that who don't make it. There is no room for sentiment unfortunately. If you are good enough, you will force your way into the team. Especially this team given how poor they were. They've got to prove to the manager in training that they are better than what we've got. Obviously our management team don't think they are, and personally I agree with them. Our most promising youngster is Kerr Waddle IMO and I'm glad he is not on the list.
  13. Edin_Dee

    Our Youngsters

    I'm not against playing youth players if they are better than what we've got. If they are good enough then they will take their opportunity when they come into the first team. Yes most youngsters will make mistakes but they also need to be making a contribution. I can't think of too many youngsters who have looked better than what we've got currently in the first team. We need to make a decision - do we run with a very small first team squad and play the youths or do we have a larger first team squad and ditch the youths. We can't afford to have both (which we currently do).
  14. Edin_Dee

    Our Youngsters

    Controversial post and I've said it before but I would ditch the youth academy. We talk about not being able to run at breakeven because of the stadium costs, but how much do we spend on the youth setup and what do we have to show for it? Cammy Kerr is the only one I would regard as a success story in our recent history and even then there is great debate right now about whether he is good enough. There is a good chance we are not going to offer him a new contract. You have to go back to Forsyth for the last real success. It's very easy to say this player or that player looks promising at 16. How many times have we heard that though and then they end up being released by the time they are 19? I get that fans get more emotionally attached to the youth players. I've just read the poster talk about the big mistake in letting Lambert go. He is probably right that it is a bit harsh. When you take out the emotion though you realise that actually Macintyre gave him a few chances this season and he didn't take the opportunity. Bottom line is we can't afford to throw youngsters into games in our current situation. We gave Moore a chance against Aberdeen and he gives away a naïve penalty that give them the 3 points. Last season in a crucial game against Hamilton, Jeffries gives away a daft penalty. Luckily Parish saved it or we may well have gone down.
  15. I have been thinking about the repercussions of FPS leaving for a while. The belief from some fans that the club would close for good if they left is just scare stories. It would not be nearly as drastic a situation as our previous admins. Every season the club have been making significant losses and Keyes has had to provide loans to keep us going. Each year those loans have been converted to shares. So if FPS walked away they would simply lose their investment. There is likely to be some loans outstanding for the current year. Technically FPS could demand these are repaid, but they would know the club would not be in a position to repay them. So I don't see them wasting more time and money chasing this. The question really is who would come in to own the club. Unless a Bill Colvin type wants to help out the club, I don't see us being anything other than fan owned again. If we became fan owned, the club would immediately have to start making a profit (or at least breakeven). Is that possible? In the long term definitely. We would just have to reduce the wage budget. In the short term it might be more difficult. It would really depend on how many long term unaffordable contracts we have handed out to players. The stadium situation would remain an issue of course. There are all sorts of rumours that get floated about with this. Some say John Bennett is being very generous to the club and is willing to sell at a very reasonable sum. Others say he is milking the club dry and is an Arab who doesn't care about us. The figures for the stadium upkeep (in comparison to other grounds) also vary widely to suit a persons argument. So it's very difficult to know what the situation really is. Having previously been on board with moving stadiums, I am now beginning to change my mind. FPS keep their cards very close to their chest, and have a history of reneging (or at least misleading) on what they say they will do. I am therefore very wary of their motives and how they intend to recoup their significant investments. Will Dark Blue Holdings simply charge extortionate rent to DFC? In the hypothetical situation of us becoming fan owned again, I can see a way where Dens could be purchased by the fans and upgraded enough so that it is no longer falling apart. Would the Council or the Government give a grant to help the fans buy it? They are doing that for Hampden so it is quite possible they could be persuaded if the community/benefit for the city aspect was at the forefront of the argument. Alternatively, they might even help fund a new stadium along the lines of the Campy development (since the city does need a new concert venue). Whatever happens, I think the fans should be starting to try and raise a rainy day fund because you can be sure at some point we will need it.
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