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  1. Edin_Dee


    Disappointing to see the club have a dig at DFCSS. Pretty needless comment that does nothing to build bridges to between the two parties. Without knowing the full details to the share transfer proposal it is difficult to give a definite opinion on what the best way forward is. My view though is that the vetos were put in place for a very good reason. Nothing has changed to make me think they are no longer required. A tax dodge for the Americans certainly isn’t justification. In fact the vetos are probably more important than ever given the fact that what the Americans said they’ll do and what they have done has been completely different in some respects. I’m not really bothered if FPS shares go above 75%, as long as the vetos remain in place and have legal force. The vetos don’t mean the club can’t go ahead with the new stadium plans. It just means the fans have to back the move, which is fundamental IMO. I use the word fans rather than DFCSS because DFCSS is/should be for all fans in general. It needs to be recognised that DFCSS is the best vehicle to give the fans a voice in the club. For the good of the club all fans groups need to come together so that there can be one fans voice.
  2. Because it would appear he wasn’t available unless he was given a lengthy contract. I doubt any other club was going to come in this window offering Curran the same as we did.
  3. Edin_Dee

    Scottish Cup

    Play our strongest team. Yes we’ll win the cup! Seen Dundee be relegated and promoted plenty times. The only guarantee with Dundee is that both will happen again plenty times in my lifetime. Winning the Scottish Cup is not so guaranteed. So I’d take us winning the Scottish Cup and being relegated absolutely. Play your best team and we have the best chance of going through which will give us confidence in the league. Don’t do that and we will probably get beat. A first round defeat to QotS is only going to further the apathy amongst some of our support. If someone knocks Celtic out then the competition is open. We are capable in a 1 off game of beating anyone except Celtic. Believe!
  4. Same could have been said about Shankland in the summer. He was available and we desperately needed that sort of quality up front. It would have been a financial risk to spend £150k on a player because there is a chance it might not work out. We therefore quite rightly looked elsewhere. A striker in this window was not an absolute priority IMO. Would have done us no harm to wait and see who else became available. He wasn’t going anywhere and the longer the window went on, the more chance Utd would have looked to come to an arrangement with him to get him off the books.
  5. I’m sure it is the way they do business. Just a difference of opinion between me and the club as to what is financially the right thing to do.
  6. Personally I’m not trying to knock Curran. I’m happy enough that he’s here and looking forward to seeing what he’s like on the park. From the football side of things alone it is a decent signing. I do take an interest in the financial side of DFC too though and, particularly given our history, I don’t think there is anything wrong with people questioning whether the club is currently spending money wisely or if a different approach should be looked at. As long as the club continues to make significant losses every year I’ll be worried about how our money is spent. Its all fine whilst we have a rich owner plugging gaps but as we know from the Callum Melville experience, rich owners priorities can change very quickly and its the fans left to pick up the pieces. So fans raising concerns about the types of contracts being handed out I don’t think is overreacting.
  7. Basically yes. IMO there should have been a change in approach to contracts after McCann was sacked and Jim Mac should have been made clear of it. The manager will have lots of targets. Many of them will demand high wages and/or long term contracts. If its not financially right for the club then the manager moves onto the next target.
  8. Not saying the guy won't do a job for us. Happy enough that we've signed a striker with top league experience. We needed a third striker we can rely on to come off the bench. I'd rate him better than Mendy and Moussa but probably unlikely to be ahead of Miller and Kallman, unless he comes into better form than he's shown over the last few seasons. My concern is that we are continuing our policy of giving players lengthy contracts. Given the number of players we sign that the manager ends up wanting binned before the contract ends, surely a change of approach to contracts should be considered? When we are charging fans up to £30 to get into Dens plus losing £300k+ every season, it pisses me off slightly that so much money gets wasted on payoffs. The norm IMO should be to give max 1 year contracts. If it's a young player we've identified as someone with potential to be sold for millions, hand out the longer contract. Craig Curran definitely doesn't fall into the bracket of potential sellable asset.
  9. Welcome to dens Curran. Hope it works out better than across the road! 3 year deal is pretty crazy. We just do not learn our lessons on that. So much money at this club gets wasted because we’ve given average players long term deals.
  10. Edin_Dee


    What a joke decision. Yes O’Dea has overreacted but the guy has hit him (albeit not very hard). So to give him a 2 game ban is very harsh. Absolutely no consistancy and that is the real problem here. O’Dea should have kept silent here, let the club appeal and query why we are being treated differently to other clubs . That would have been the “street wise” thing to do. We might not have won the appeal but at least it would put pressure on the SFA to think twice about giving any of our players bans in future. See Rangers for how that works. The refereeing this season has been nothing short of disgrace and the compliance panel has been even worse. Dundee haven’t really been affected worse than a lot of clubs but that’s not the point. Would like to see a joint effort by all or at least most clubs to put pressure on the SFA to change. They have become a laughing stock with some of their decisions. What it needs is consistancy and more public clarification as to why decisions are made. I’m not usually one to overally criticise referees but this season has been horrendous. Usually retrospectivally the compliance team at least then get it right but this season more often than not they’ve ended up at a baffling decision.
  11. Edin_Dee

    Bonus for Avoiding Relegation?

    Our players are picking up wages as good as (perhaps better) than the likes of St Johnstone and Kilmarnock. They have completely failed. To reward anyone for the mess we are in just now would not be right. This is not a season where staying up is an achievement. When clubs with the budgets of Livi and Hamilton are in the league we should not be in the position we are in. I don’t see guys like O’Dea, Miller, Kerr McGowan suddenly playing better because of a bonus being offered. There are a few who it might make a difference to but these are the guys who are already being told by JM to leave - and rightly so.
  12. Edin_Dee

    Calvin Miller

    Disappointed to see Calvin go. Wasn’t the finished article but was one of the rare players in our team who carried a threat. What he needed was another left midfielder to come in when his form dipped. We now need to sign 3 left sided players instead of 2. Will all 3 be better than Calvin? I highly doubt it. For now I’ll trust that Jim Mac has those 3 players lined up to come in 1st January. I fear though that it will be the same situation as we had with Holt/Spanish Jon and we’ll still be scrambling around in 3 weeks time for a left midfielder.
  13. Edin_Dee

    GTF Please

    Fans will only be on side if there are results on the park. When the players don’t perform the off field stuff gets criticised too. If we were sitting top 6 I doubt the questions re FPS motives would be so intense right now. I’ve always been very sceptical of FPS plans are. I wasn’t convinced the fans should have been handing over their shares to them. To their credit though they have put their hands in their pocket and unless there is evidence that they are running our club into the ground, I’ll back them. The new stadium was always going to take much much longer than FPS stated. It’s the nature of it. I do think it will eventually happen but if it doesn’t then we are not going to be in a worse position than we were when FPS took over.
  14. Edin_Dee

    GTF Please

    I don’t think you can accuse Tim Keyes of just being talk when he says he wants us to be a top 6 team and play in a new stadium. Over £1m of his own money spent on the new stadium land. Well over £1m of his own money has been spent on the day to day running of the club since he’s been owner. Season after season Keyes has provided a very competative budget which should be seeing us challenging top 6. That money has just been wasted. Keyes has made 2 big mistakes IMO. First being trying to reivent the wheel. Out the box thinking like the McCann appointment instead doing what is tried and tested just hasn’t worked. The second is not having a knowledgeable football person above the manager, like a Director of Football, in place. If Keyes really wasn’t bothered about what league we play in then he wouldn’t be continuing to put his own money in, McCann wouldn’t have been sacked and Macintyre wouldn’t be getting funds to improve the squad in January. The new stadium is clearly important to Keyes to be able to turn DFC into a profitable/sustainable club but to say we are just a pawn is a bit harsh. The clubs needs Keyes investment to be successful but Keyes needs the club to be at least semi successful to make money.
  15. It’s going to be very difficult to get the players we need in and I’m intrigued to see what happens. Not many quality players are going to look at the league table and think playing for Dundee is a good career move. We can’t afford to have Hamilton in the goal. Need a keeper that gains us points not loses them. Personally I’d just put Parish in the goal. Need a new centre back plus bring back Waddell. Get rid of Boyle and Innes. Need a right back. Need a left back. Need a right winger. Need a left winger. Need a defensive midfielder. Need an attacking midfielder. Need another striker. Lot of money that is going to cost Keyes but that’s what’s needed to sort Nelms/McCanns f**k ups

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