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  1. It is so short sighted of them not to consider it. We don’t know how far away the new stadium is going to be. At least 2/3 years if everything suddenly starts going smoothly. If the club don’t start doing something pro-active soon to improve the fan experience and bring it into the 21st century then we will struggle to attract the next generation of fans. A quick google search suggests it would cost about £80 per safe standing “seat”. 500 seats would be £40k. Add in the construction costs etc. you could easily do it for 200k max (probably quite a bit less). The board continuously launch money at the playing budget, a huge amount of which gets wasted. IMO investing money in the fan experience would help on the pitch results more than getting in an extra couple of players every season. Its probably something that fans would chip in for too.
  2. Great idea and hope everyone gets along who can. These games coming up are crucial to try and get a bit of momentum and positivity going into the play offs. The atmosphere in the Derry makes or breaks the atmosphere in the whole ground. That in turn effects the performances on the pitch. That has been so obvious to see in the last few years. Without wanting to put a dampener on things, I think it will be difficult to make a real consistent change in the Derry without the support/encouragement of the club Board. Their actions have culled the atmosphere in the Derry and they need to reverse them. What can the club do? 1. Release repeated statements on all online platforms encouraging those who want to make noise to sit (or stand) in the Derry. 2. Get the managers and players to backup the Board's statement. 3. Make the Derry PATG (or at least have kiosk right outside the turnstile). 4. Make it the cheapest part of the ground for youngsters and students to sit. Its generally the younger ones who are up for a sing song. 5. Get link ups with local pubs and encourage fans to congregate there before games. Nothing helps a sing song a long like beer! 6. Talk to fans groups/supporters buses to try and get word of mouth out further. 7. Hold discussions with the Police, Stewards and Council to talk about what the club are trying to achieve. Can anything be done to try and relax some of the rules that were put in place. It seemed the current measures were put in hastily in a panic without much thought for the long term impact. 8. Invest money in improving the Derry. Introducing safe standing for example. If the atmosphere improves then revenue from ticket sales would increase and better results on the park might follow. Those are just some ideas and I'm sure there are many more things that can help.
  3. In its current format used in England absolutely not. What an utter shambles. One of the biggest problems is that the best referees in England are on the pitch, but it is second rate referees in a studio refereeing the games. When I first heard VAR was to be introduced I assumed it would work the same way as tennis. Each team gets 3 appeals. The referee then goes and checks. If your appeal gets rejected, you have 2 appeals left. Italy are apparently wanting to try the tennis style VAR and I believe it is the only way to go in Scotland. Maybe don't even give teams as many as 3 appeals. That way teams are only going to appeal when it really is clear and obvious. Wouldn't cost much to implement and would take away some of the controversy.
  4. Annoying but not unexpected. Was at least hoping it would be a 7.45pm k/o though. No chance of me making that from work and not going to try get a days holiday for a game that is unlikely to mean anything. Have always found it bizarre why the SPFL agreed to the 7.05 kick off times. Would love to know how much money the clubs actually get for being on TV from the BBC. I can't imagine it is much. It is so short sighted from the clubs. Season ticket money is by far the most important to keep clubs afloat. Yet clubs make it less and less attractive to buy a season ticket year on year.
  5. Everything was fine under Melville until he stopped putting money in. Then all of a sudden the club is left with an HMRC and wages bill that it can't afford to pay. If Keyes decided to stop putting money in (which he may or may not do at any moment) we would be in the exact same position as we were under Melville. Being completely reliant on a benefactor to keep the business as a going concern does not say to me remarkably stable. Living within your means is financially stable. The main benefit of having a benefactor should be that it means more success on the pitch. It is extremely worrying to me that we are neither successful on the park or financially prudent.
  6. With the way the club is run at the moment I have no intention to put more money into the club than the entry that gets me into games. We are customers to the club at the moment. Not fans. We are making substantial losses every year and only being kept afloat by Tim Keyes chucking more money at it. The funds the fans could raise would be a drop in the ocean compared to the losses we are making. Fair play to Tim Keyes for writing the cheques, but to be honest it has, to an extent, been a waste of time. Throwing money at the player budget every season has achieved next to nothing. We are now in a worse position than when Keyes took over in terms of league position and fan apathy. Our problems have been nothing to do with our budget. The budget has been bigger every year than most other clubs (and that includes when we were in Prem). Our problems have occurred because of repeated poor decision making. Improvements in decision making will improve us. A slight increase in the playing budget will make no difference. If there is an initiative created to raise funds by fans then I'd want it to be held by a fans group and only released to the club for a very specific purpose. For example, paying for safe standing I would definitely chip in for. That would make a massive difference to the atmosphere. Probably one of the reasons I got hooked as a young lad was the atmosphere at games. The lack of atmosphere has IMO been one of the biggest reasons we have struggled last few seasons. It is no coincidence our form has been better away from home! The other thing I would chip in for is the so called rainy day fund. There is absolutely no doubt that at some point in the future we will need it. Starting it once we are in crisis will be too late.
  7. My feeling is we will finish 3rd. Some improved performances but we will remain too inconsistent to finish ahead of Inverness. We will beat Ayr in the 3rd/4th playoff. We will narrowly beat Inverness after extra time in the next round. We'll get a 1-1 draw with Hamilton at home in the next round. There will then be a 25 page ticket thread on this forum about the rights and wrongs of supporters clubs and season ticket holders getting first dibs for Hamilton away tickets. "Why am I less of a supporter because I PATG every week" will be the cry. In typical Dundee style when we take a large away support we will get beat at Hamilton but McPake will have done enough to persuade the support to give him another chance next season.
  8. I’m happy enough with this window. For me we needed a keeper, centre back and winger. Those were the 3 essential signings. We’ve managed to get all 3. Hazard in goal will give the defence more confidence. Berra will either be a brilliant signing or look completely passed it. I am told by Hearts fans that if we just ask him to defend and do the basics he will do well. Crankshaw looks like the sort of winger full backs hate playing against. Hopefully he doesn’t get over coached and is given free reign to just run at players. Callachan gives us something different in midfield. Although I do think we are overloaded in there and surprised we didn’t try to move someone else on. Sad to see Johnstone leave but I’m of the opinion we should be playing 1 upfront and getting more support from midfield. We need 5 in midfield. Most teams play that these days. In Hemmings we have a striker we can play the one up front role effectively. The key is getting that support though. My main concern however is that we could quite easily be starting 6 new players. Are we just going to have the same “need time to gel” argument we have had after the last few windows. Big argument to say continuity is better than rolling the dice in the hope for better. Time will tell
  9. Not really surprising Hibs wouldn't want him going on loan to us. For Hibs its all about getting him game time. One look at Dundee's squad and you can see we have far too many midfielders already so his game time might have been limited.
  10. Lets get real - Greg Stewart is not coming back to Dens. Any club in Scotland outside the old firm would bite your hand off to get him. Wages will be what is holding up his Ibrox departure. Most likely he'll go down to England to a club that can come closer to matching his Rangers wages.
  11. It would still be quite high up that table doing a rough calculation. Top 10 somewhere.
  12. No arguments that our league prices are shocking. They could have done that but I don't think it would have made any difference to the attendance. £10 for under 18s it said. £15 for concessions which I assume means pensioners.
  13. It would be £60 assuming 2 adults and 2 under 18s. As little as £40 if you could commit in advance. Not that unreasonable for what Scottish football costs. IMO I don't think it would have made any substantial difference to the crowd if prices had been kept at £15 or even reduced to £10. We would still be talking about what a dreadful crowd it was.
  14. They didn't but there also wasn't any other Championship club who offered as low as £15 for a match against a Premiership side.
  15. I'm not comparing the crowds just the price of a match ticket. My point was that the cost of the ticket was reasonable in comparison to other clubs and charging fans different prices (depending on their financial loyalty) is not uncommon.
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