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  1. No difference to the accounts but in terms of cash flow it does. Either Tim Keyes has to dip into his pocket to cover this seasons loses or they get the fans money early. This is perhaps Keyes saying he's not willing to keep covering the loses to the same extent. The proof will be in what next seasons budget looks like.
  2. You go in to that game not expecting anything. Then the team go and give you hope that makes the defeat even harder to take. Typical Dundee! I'm not going to criticise the Ref. Overall he had a good game I felt. 6 minutes was a bit excessive maybe but there were at least 3 lengthy-ish injuries plus the subbies so I can see where 6 minutes came from. I'd go along with Macintyre that actually the 6 minutes gave us a great chance to win the game a few seconds before they scored. Top teams score those chances. We don't just now and it has been those fine margins that have been the difference since January. The table looks increasingly alarming for us. BUT the performances since January give me confidence that we have a good enough team to get out of this. That is our more difficult run of fixtures over. Aberdeen game aside, the rest of the fixtures we have are very winnable.
  3. We’ve budgeted for top 6 again I would assume. There has been next to no income from the cups. Only a small amount from player sales. Crowds are lower than would be expected. We’ve had to pay off a manager and half his players plus pay for a whole new team in January. I think it is safe to say the club will be making massive losses this year, much bigger than previously. This is clearly in my mind is an attempt to get fans to cover some of those losses.
  4. Edin_Dee

    John Nelms

    Why not ask fans just to commit to a season ticket now and allow them to pay it up over the next 4/5 months? Paying £85 a month would still mean the club would get their 340 from each fan by July but would also be a lot more appealing to fans. There are plenty ways the club could have made this more appealing without actually lowering the price. As it is there is no out of the box thinking. The result is that less current season ticket holders will get one and there is nothing there to encourage new fans.
  5. Edin_Dee

    In Hindsight

    I’m not so sure I agree. Under fan ownership we finished second (which led to a promotion). Second season I don’t think our relegation could be blamed on fan ownership given the circumstances. Third season the squad which won the league was assembled under fan ownership. Granted I don’t think we would of won the league but we could well have won a play off against a Hibs side in freefall. I don’t for a second believe that under fan ownership we would have less resources than the likes of Livingston and Ayr United - two teams who have assembled squads good enough to get promoted
  6. Edin_Dee

    In Hindsight

    Would you have voted FPS into power? Now I will start this off by saying I have no real knowledge of how the club was being run under fan ownership. I've heard the rumours that we were being run into the ground but is that really true? The way I see it is we were doing not too badly for a club that had just come out of administration. We were living within our means as far as I am aware? There is no doubt when FPS came in it brought a lot of optimism to the club. The decision to bring in Paul Hartley was a great one. If he hadn't come in we probably wouldn't have won the league. The following season, ticket prices were frozen (I think?), sensible signings were made and we had a good season. Up until then all was going well and I really thought the club was going places. From then on it has been one poor decision after another from FPS. Terrible transfer windows, throwing away money with long term contracts for poor players, a bizarre manager appointment and most importantly driving away fans with significant ticket price increases. I keep hearing "FPS have done a lot of good for this club". What is it they have done that has been so good? Fair play they have put their money where their mouth is but what is the point when you don't have people in place to competently spend it? Right now we are odds on favourite to be relegated, running at losses of between £500k - £1m per year, letting Dens fall apart, looking increasingly likely the new stadium idea is not happening, have a Board trying to force DFCSS to give up their shares/vetoes and have a support declining more and more every season. If we do get relegated I would argue we will be in a worse state than when FPS took over. The season ticket announcement is what has made me feel the need to write this post. It has proven beyond doubt to me that FPS are only interested in getting as much money as possible out of the fans that are daft enough to pay. When/if we move to the new stadium will it be a case that they will only be interested in getting as much rent as possible from the club? I have had some concerns for a while about the way this club was heading but this has just proven to me that FPS are going to run this club into the ground eventually. There has been an opportunity to become the best supported club in the city but decisions made mean we are going to start getting crowds closer to St Johnstone's. So in answer to my own question, yes right now I regret my decision to vote FPS into power. In reality though it would not take radical thinking to change the atmosphere around the club. If the club announced £340 is what you'll pay for a season ticket regardless of when you buy it and also appointed someone knowledgeable to head up the football department (a Director of Football type) that would go along way to improving things on and off the park.
  7. Edin_Dee

    Season Tickets

    Got to be a joke surely???? Surely the board aren't so intent on reducing our support even further? Complete 2 fingers to the fans. Enough is enough as far as I am concerned. I miss 2 or 3 home games a season generally. If I didn't have a season ticket some of the midweek/old firm games I'd probably also miss. So I buy a season ticket to help the club rather than for the savings. But they are just taking the piss with those prices and even more so with the timing of this announcement/deadline for early bird. The last 2/3 seasons I've been swithering whether it really is worth getting the season ticket. It is a big outlay for me but at the early bird prices I just about justified it to myself. If the club think I'm going to pay (or be able to pay) £340 in the next 2 weeks then they are on a different planet. Unfortunately that is me now done with the season ticket. I'll be picking and choosing games. Overall that will mean the club will receive less money than they normally would from me over the course of a season.
  8. Edin_Dee

    Had To Laugh

    Read the article and came across to me as quite a lot of waffle. Not really saying much other than hinting that it is better. Anyone know what this will actually mean practically for fans buying tickets? The big thing the club has to do to modernise is introduce e-tickets where you can buy them on your phone and scan at the turnstile.
  9. It is simply not practical to arrest say 1000 people running on the pitch, singing racist/sectarian chants etc. There is a mob mentality that occurs with some football fans. A couple run on the pitch, then a few more, then you get those that would never normally run on the pitch thinking it is OK to go on. Even happened with us when we got promoted. My point is that you are never going to be able to stop 1 or 2 idiots causing trouble at a game. That is just how society is. If the clubs though say to their fans "if you go on the pitch, break chairs, sing racist songs the club will get a points deduction" the vast majority of fans will not do it. If those fans decide to do it anyway then it serves them right.
  10. If there is mass fan trouble then the clubs have to be held accountable. But what can clubs really do when one idiot decides to do something like that Hibs or Birmingham supporter? It's the government/courts that need to step up now and make an example of the individual. The Birmingham fan has been sentenced to 14 weeks in prison for a full on assault. Joke sentence to be honest. I suspect the Hibs fan will get an even more of a mickey mouse sentence and it will barely even make the news. If we want people to think twice about running on the pitch or throwing things then the courts have got to dish out tough sentences. Is someone really going to run on the pitch if they know they'll get a 2/3 year sentence?
  11. Edin_Dee

    Man Utd V. PSG

    You see these sort of handball situations all the time. Very very rarely are they given. I wonder if we will see a change in approach this weekend from referees to this sort of situation. I'll be screaming for it smacks off a Hearts players hand. I wonder if there is an argument to just make the handball rule simple. If it hits your hand then its a penalty every time. If the player didn't mean well tough luck. More penalties at least make the game more exciting. The inconsistency at the moment is what frustrates me.
  12. Edin_Dee

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    The club has of course progressed in terms of league position. Think this is purely down to the unsustainable money FPS have thrown at it though rather than being better run. We were second in the first division when fan ownership ended (I think) and now only 11th in SPL. We were a yoyo club under fan ownership and I would still regard us as one now on the basis that it's been a relegation scrap the last few years. I don't pay much attention to the youths. By all accounts it is run much more professionally. I judge youth success on how many break through into the first team though. Only Jesse Curran has come through under FPS. We had Wighton and Kerr under fan ownership. I think Dayster makes an important point that it is more important who the owners appoint to run the club on a day to day basis rather than who the owners are (assuming owner has clubs best interest at heart). It is not impossible for Dundee to be successful and live within its means if the right person is running it.
  13. Edin_Dee

    Man Utd V. PSG

    Unbelievable decision to give a penalty for that though (after reviewing VAR too!) Anyone who thinks VAR will remove controversy is wrong.
  14. Edin_Dee

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    What FPS are actually proposing to do re the shares I don't have an issue with. This is assuming DFCSS have taken their own legal advice to confirm that it can not affect the vetos either now or in any way in the future. DFCSS have zero say over how the club is run with their currently shareholding anyway so if it is to be diluted slightly this won't really make any difference. Any share purchase should be at value though and £8k is not value. DFCSS need to make sure they get value. That would at least give the fans a rainy day fund for if (probably when) we enter another crisis some point down the line. I am disappointed FPS have chosen to have a public dig at DFCSS. The intention as I see it is to try and turn the majority of fans against DFCSS by suggesting DFCSS are putting premiership survival at risk over this. Complete nonsense. Our premiership survival is at risk because of poor decisions in managerial and player signings. Absolutely nothing to do with the share issue. To suggest DFCSS' views should be irrelevant because there aren't many members is also nonsense. The vast majority of our fans just want to turn up on a Saturday and enjoy the game. They don't want to get involved in the politics. We haven't been in a period of off field turmoil for a while so it is little wonder the membership has dropped. If the clubs existence was threatened again there is no doubt the membership would increase significantly. My real worry over all this is that FPS are pulling further away from the promises that made the fans agree to sell the club in the first place. If fans knew at the outset that 5 years down the line FPS would be running the club at losses of between £500k-£1m per year, had no intention of buying dens and would try to remove the veto rights - would we really have accepted?
  15. What a bizarre article for the BBC to go with. Is it a slow news day or just on trend with the recent highlighting of every little incident that happens at a football game in an attempt to show football fans in a bad light? Of all the players to try and play the poor me sympathy card you've got to laugh that it's him. A player/thug who showed no regard for Henvey's career complains about the same incident. I did find it amusing that he claims to not be the person he is perceived to be on the pitch. The next line of the article then goes on to list his previous off field thuggish behaviour. Obviously people deserve second chances (him included) but don't try to claim to the press that you're an angel and it's Dundee fans that are the thugs. Most Dundee fans haven't done a 4 stretch for assault!

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