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  1. Always a chance that they would have stayed up but history suggests the clubs sitting bottom at that stage in the season normally goes down (unless Dundee are the team sitting above the bottom club like last season). They were adrift at the bottom for footballing reasons and the fact they got beat by St Mirren in a crucial game gave all the signs that they would have continued to struggle in final few games. Hearts are saying no club should be worse off because of coronavirus but that is impossible unfortunately. Even if league reconstruction happens Dundee, Ayr and a few lower league clubs will have suffered more than other
  2. The German football on TV has been quite dull but the difference watching your own team on tv is that you are passionately supporting them. Our Friday night tv games from last season had next to no atmosphere at times but still worth the watch (score depending of course!) Personally I would pay to watch my team on TV. As a guess I would think at least half our core support (so 2000 maybe) would watch our games too. If its a temporary thing then probably a lot more than that. Add in a significant increase on “away” fans watching and expat dees I think you have the numbers to make it feasible - for a while at least.
  3. Vote no. Still firmly believe the league should have been played to a finish. Would have stopped all these issues and given a chance to test whether games going ahead with lockdown in place is feasible longer term. This proposal is about saving Hearts and nothing else. At the end of the day Hearts have been relegated because they were undoubtedly the worst team in the league last season. That some how seems to have been forgotten in all of this. Footballing wise they deserve to go down.
  4. Why do clubs costs have to dramatically increase if games are being played behind closed doors? Players under contract have to be paid regardless of whether games are going ahead or not. Why can clubs who can’t afford to pay wages not just sign players on amateur contracts? I’m sure each club in Scotland would have no trouble getting 11 boys willing to play. During Admin 2 we had to do just that and find amateurs and retired footballers to put on the shirt for no money. Some clubs will have money to spend in the coming months, some won’t. That’s no different from normal and not a reason to cancel the season. Get games back as soon as possible I say. If some clubs don’t want to play then fair enough. I’m sure there will be plenty of clubs that would love to take their place.
  5. I was quite looking forward to the playoffs. Something different and guaranteed some great atmospheres both home and away. Those occasions for Dundee have been few and far between in the last few years.
  6. Got to laugh at clubs trying to pretend their reasons weren't just self interest. I would have applauded Motherwell if they had just come out with the truth and said "we were sitting third in the league so wouldn't want to jeopardise finishing with less prize money and losing out on a European place by playing out the 2019/20 season."
  7. A vote for the inquiry would have at least signaled that clubs genuinely want to change the way the leagues are governed. Could they have brought about the changes? Highly unlikely, but after an independent inquiry followed by clubs failing to reach consensus to implement change, that might have given the SFA some legitimacy to step in. I don't know the answer to this, but the SFA possibly have the power to force clubs to come under their own rules, rather than the current model of the clubs deciding the rules among themselves. Its the SFA I am sure who give the clubs access to the European place I am sure so that may be a big enough carrot to wave.
  8. For me this whole episode in Scottish football, and particularly Dundee's role, has just brought to the surface that fans are customers and nothing else to clubs. Some are saying they are so pissed off that they are giving up Scottish football all together. I'm not one of them (far from it) but have decided that as long as I am treated as a customer, I will act like a customer. I wouldn't pay my gym membership without knowing when I could access the gym, so same principles are applying to football. I enjoy going to games and will pay to get into them when we are allowed to go again. However, given the way Dundee have acted I am not willing to shell out for a season ticket for a product they can't actually offer me anytime soon. Buying a season ticket now is essentially just making a donation to the club and nothing else. There are no guarantees of when the games will be played, whether you'll be allowed access to those games or if your season ticket money will actually be used for next seasons spending. As for the games not played this season, I am now of the view that Dundee should be paying the season ticket money back to fans for the outstanding games. If the club had done everything they could to try and get the season completed or outlined why it wasn't in the club's best sporting interest to complete the games, I would not be asking for it back. However, they have not done either of those things.
  9. As expected but still disappointing. Self interest was always going to win the day because too many club owners cannot see passed the immediate short term. Clubs had the chance to vote to expose the unhealthy way Scottish football is run. That would have resulted in a Scottish football wide discussion about how the game should be run in the future. A more open and attractive game for fans would have been the prize. Given fans make up clubs biggest revenue stream that should be important to them. If nothing else, an investigation would have allowed an obvious conclusion to be reached to this damaging episode for Scottish football. I suspect some clubs will feel this is now an end to it. That is just so naive. This is only the start of it. Instead of this being about Scottish football bettering itself, it will now become about Rangers doing everything possible to make Celtic's title look tainted. They'll drag this through the Courts for as long as possible. They probably do have a decent legal case if the TV companies demand money back (which they will). Probably another decent case to say Dundee's original vote should have stood. All the divisions between clubs are only going to get worse and damage the reputation of the game. Where does that leave the leagues in attracting the new sponsors currently being sought? As for Dundee, its another sorry episode to add to John Nelms list. He has some how managed to make us the only club not to act in our own interests and at the same fail to act in the best interests of the Scottish game as a whole. Quite unbelievable.
  10. My feeling is that is exactly the route Rangers plan to take. Their outburst immediately after the vote to end the season was in their usual hot head ranting style we have come to expect from them. Since then they have been strangely quiet and professional. I can only think that this is because they have taken legal advice about how to progress this through the Courts. Calling for an inquiry is simply a box ticking exercise to help their Court case.
  11. If you look back on this forum before the vote, the general consensus amongst us fans was we wanted Dundee to vote no. We were certain Dundee would vote no but had some concerns Inverness might vote yes and pick money over sporting integrity. The opposite of course happened. If Dundee had voted no and it was Inverness who changed their vote last minute to yes, Dundee would have brought out a similar statement to this Inverness one and our fans would have applauded it. So for any of our fans to criticise this statement now is completely hypocritical.
  12. Most clubs are so desperate to keep things exactly the same but the bottom line is it will be impossible for their not be some changes. The amount of change will be dependent on when the leagues can start again and whether any teams go bust. Say we can’t start again until October, there is no way we’ll fit in 36/38 games and cups in time to finish by May. So there will have to be some change in the number of games. Perhaps a temporary league reconstruction will be back on the table when clubs actually know when we can restart and are forced to come up with something new. It might not be realistic to play games behind closed doors long term. So we might not get playing again until Feb/March. Could that lead to a change to summer football? If teams go bust, will they be replaced by other teams or will the number of league teams be reduced. The way clubs are acting at the moment I wouldn’t be surprised if no one else invited in.
  13. Reconstruction won’t happen whatever the vote. Not enough clubs support it. Personally I’m not in favour of the reconstruction that was being proposed anyway. If the clubs do vote for the investigation then one of 3 things will happen: 1) Heavy criticism of the way the Spfl is run. In that case the positions of those on the board will be untenable. There would have to be radical change in how the game is run. What I would like to see is the Board being completely independent from the clubs. It can’t be right that the Brechin chairman (a current member of the board) for example has major influence over whether they are relegated this season. 2) There will be some criticism but nothing damning. Nothing much will change in that scenario but will at least give some comfort that if things are done underhand in the future, they will be highlighted and investigated. 3) No evidence of wrongdoing is found. Very unlikely (in fact almost certainly wouldn’t be the outcome) given everything we know but in that scenario the Spfl would be empowered to continue to do exactly as they want.
  14. Vote yes 100%. There was no concrete evidence in Rangers report but plenty of credible accusations. We’ve also now heard accusations from other clubs about the SPFL’s actions. There is enough there that it should at least be looked at independently. We need an investigation to put this to bed one way or another. If there is no investigation then Scottish football will become more and more polarised with the SPFL becoming more empowered to do whatever they want. I get the impression Rangers know fine well the investigation won’t be voted for. I think there next step will be Court action which will cost clubs more money in the long run.
  15. Its the only solution that solves the issues and arguments. Aberdeen and Hibs have been vocal about wanting it to happen. Hearts and Rangers too obviously. I don’t see Celtic being against it. They will win the league either way and it avoids the suggestion of it being a tainted title. If you have the 5 biggest clubs all wanting it then it has a chance. The big argument against continuing the league is that it would eat into next season’s start date. Next season’s start date is already completely out the window anyway. We are going to have a prolonged period where fans aren’t allowed in stadiums. Games behind closed doors will be allowed well before that. Why not use the 8 or so games as a trial period to test whether games behind closed doors can work.
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