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  1. Edin_Dee

    Third Red Strip On Way Today

    More often than not the Army is used by political parties for political gain. Sending our soldiers to fight a war abroad is entirely a political decision. There were 1 million people (I think) went to the streets to protest against the Iraq war, massive public backlash at getting involved in Syria and now more and more criticism of the army's actions in Northern Ireland. Clearly it is a debatable issue.
  2. Edin_Dee

    Third Red Strip On Way Today

    We criticise Celtic for bringing politics into football(and rightly so) so disappointed to see us continuing to do the same every season with the armed forces. Last season DFC’s name ended up in the middle of the usual bile being dished back and forth between Old Firm fans on social media. I’d imagine it will be no different this time. Bit of a minter for the club to be honest. As a one off it can be justified as just doing a bit for charity but when it is every season it becomes a bit of a statement and not so much about the charitable part. The merits of the British Army is a controversial topic for a lot of people in this Country and the wider world, particularly in the UK’s recent history. Some agree with what they stand for. Some don’t. DFC should be inclusive to all and not take sides in that debate. People support Dundee for football not politics.
  3. Edin_Dee

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    How do we compare to other teams in the league? Is there a website that puts all these stats up that you know of? I'd question what an "expected goal" actually means. Seems to be something that would be quite subjective. Is it simply a shot at goal? Does it take into account the quality of the player who actually took the shot? For me I would stick with analysing the goals actually conceded and look at why those were conceded. I think it is far more than just luck that we've kept so many clean sheets this season. With the exception of a couple of games where we've kept a clean sheet (Inverness first home league game springs to mind) I can't remember thinking we were incredibly lucky not to concede a few. I remain convinced it is a lack of concentration at certain moments which is the problem. Goals being conceded right on half/full time whistle and right after we've scored suggests not being fully switched on.
  4. Edin_Dee

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    I think our defence has generally been decent. We've had a lot of clean sheets. We've conceded 16 goals in the league this season which is poor. But that means 56% of our goals have been conceded in just 2 of our 12 games. A disaster game against United and a crazy 5 minute spell against Partick. Thinking of some other goals we conceded: Dunfermline - 2 goals in the first half where the set up was just all wrong, but addressed for second half. Morton away - Goal right on half time from set piece. Morton home - Goal right after we scored. Ayr away - Goal from a set piece. A lot of those goals scream to me a lack of concentration which does need to be addressed. But I don't think there is anything massive McPake needs to change in terms of how he sets the defence up.
  5. Edin_Dee

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    I've not seen Shankland play week in, week out so perhaps I'm missing something that makes him head and shoulders above an in form Hemmings? From what I have seen of Shankland, I would say his all round play is nothing special. Hemmings all round play is better. Shankland's scoring form is fantastic, no doubt. Hemmings though is also a very good finishe when in form. Either of them get a chance in the box, I'd back them both to score. Can Shankland do it in a higher league? Nobody knows. Hemmings on the other hand has proven he can. I'm not doubting Shankland has been the better of the two this season, but that doesn't mean he necessarily has more ability. My main point anyway though was that Hemmings has the ability to do just as much damage to teams in this league as Shankland.
  6. Edin_Dee

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    Never mind all the get the players right up for it, in their faces stuff. That is a given in this game and the players will be up for it. As they were last time. IMO we have a better team than them. Dorrans is head and shoulders above anything they have. Hemmings when he is scoring goals is every bit as good as Shankland, if not better. The difference between winning and loosing this game will be concentration. That is my biggest fear. Our defence is capable of having 10 minutes spells where they collapse essentially. That is why we lost against United last time and that's why we lost against Partick. It's been evident against a couple of other teams too, but those teams haven't had the ability to punish us. I'm pretty confident there will be goals in this game for both teams. If/when we do concede it's going to be so important that for the next 5/10 mins after we actually just concentrate on not conceding again rather than committing too many men forward. Do that and we can win this one.
  7. Edin_Dee

    Our Bench

    If any players are reading this then they can go into the international break knowing that they have done a good job in the last game if this is the only criticism we can come up with. Bizarre. Dundee lose games, fans go away unhappy but can get on with the rest of our day knowing it doesn't really effect other areas of their lives. For the management/players they know that if Dundee don't win they could lose their livelihood. Much more on the line for them than the fans. So I am 100% certain they are more happy/relieved than anyone else when we score.
  8. Edin_Dee

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    Everything on here is pure speculation. I get that a forum is all about speculation but for player transfers etc. A football forum should not be a place to discuss an alleged crime that is going to Court. Does DFC no good everyone piling in with unsubstantiated rumours/accusations and could actually get the forum (& individual posters) in trouble. Across the road will do their best to turn this into something bigger than it is for obvious reasons. We should not be doing the same. IMO this sort of discussion on a football forum is not on and the MODs should consider taking it down. If politics aren't allowed to be discussed then on going Court cases (especially local ones) should certainly not be discussed. We live in a society where you are innocent until proven guilty. Once the Court case is over, we and the club will be able to find out the full details. Only then should we be considering whether it is serious enough to take action. Until then we should be getting behind the manager and the players in our promotion push.
  9. I think if we had played Arbroath a couple of weeks ago we would have won more comfortably. After collapsing last week against Ayr, it seemed to me that their objective was to get out of Dens with a respectable score line. Even when they were 2 nil down they just sat in, tried to kick us and almost looked like they were time wasting at times. That meant the extra spaces didn't start appearing which you would usually get with a team 2 nil down. We could have pushed for more goals, but then that would have left more spaces for them to score. Was all about the 3 points on Saturday so I was pleased with our game management towards the end. Got to remember as well that our first 2 subs were enforced through injury. Hemmings looks really short of sharpness so probably giving him an almost full 90 was sensible in a game that we didn't need to score more goals.
  10. Edin_Dee

    On the Other Side of the World

    The club is in the process of being sold to a foreign consortium. Same people who own Barnsley apparently. A lot of their fans are concerned about the sale and their lottery winner fan has stopped putting funds into the club because of this. Partick fans, with the backing of the lottery winner, are now intending to make a counter offer to buy the club. So it is all a bit up in the air at the moment with what direction the club will go in. The foreign consortium seem to want to use Partick as a Barnleys feeder club. The lottery winner wants them to be a self sufficient community club. So I don't see a big cash injection coming in regardless of who takes over. I suspect the uncertainty will go on for most of this season so would be surprised if Partick become serious contenders for promotion. The McCall effect will only take them so far.
  11. A good and very important win which makes the table look slightly better than last week. Hopefully that gives the players and particularly the fans a bit of confidence that the season won't be all doom and gloom. It's another win at home and for the first time in a long time you could argue that Dens is a difficult place for the opposition to get a result. At times we were frustrating to watch. Passing too slow and lacking ideas of how to break the opposition down. We still need to work on this. Signs of improvements though definitely. 5 in midfield meant we could boss the game more. Dorrans in there will make a massive difference. It is obvious he has the most ability in this league by some distance. Glad to see a good performance from McDaid, who is a player I had written off as being average at best. It needs drilled into him his first thought should always be to take men on and shoot or cross. Too often he plays safe. Thankfully he was more direct on Saturday and hopefully he can follow this up with some more good performances.
  12. When we first came up 5/6 years ago we made obvious progress and arguably continued to do so in Hartley's second season, despite a disappointing 8th placed finished. Disappointed by an 8th placed finished probably says it all about where this club needs to be to meet to meet fan expectation. Since selling Stewart & Hemmings we consistently declined season on season. Constant attempts at quick fixes and trying to reinvent how to win a football game meant that any sort of consistency (widely regarded as the key to success) on and off the park was non existent. The SPL fixture list can be cruel for a struggling side. You can't afford to have a poor result against a Hamilton away or Motherwell at home because your next 4 fixture could be Celtic, Rangers, Hearts, Aberdeen. All of a sudden you've gone 6 games without a win and the fans loose heart. Even we had stayed up last season, all the evidence suggests we would have struggled again. I'm not sure the support could have coped with another season of winning once at home. So I am relieved in a sense that we have gone down a level. It has forced the Americans to really consider why things weren't working and credit it to them they have tried to change things. Hopefully that means when we do go back up we will have learned from past mistakes. This season has been a mixed bag but I definitely see there being positive steps. We have a better squad than last season IMO. Our home form (in the league anyway) has been good. Actually looking forward to a Dundee home game is a massive change from last season in itself. Away from home of course hasn't been great and we need to find a style away that suits us. We are not a million miles away from being a team that can win away though, based on games I've seen. United with Shankland and a settled squad were always going to be the favourites to win this league. For us, with a new squad of players, the minimum expectation was to be in the play offs and then, by the end of the season, genuinely look like a team that could win them. I've seen enough to say we will be in the play offs at least. I think the general consensus among fans, even the doom and gloomers, is that this team will only get better too.
  13. Edin_Dee

    Strachan To the Rescue....

    It seems pretty clear to me from what Strachan said when he arrived that he has zero interest in being involved in the first team management. That was the thing that a lot of fans and the media missed/ignored when there was over excitement at him arriving. Yes he's a big name which can only be a good thing, but he's here to do a long term job with the youths which is almost completely separate from the first team. Of course Strachan will give advice to McPake when asked for. Strachan actually gave Hartley a lot of advice and help when he was our manager, according to Hartley. McPake is our manager and Jimmy Nichol is the main experienced person to help him. Fans need to forget about Strachan becoming more involved. His role is to help the youths. If we try and push him to becoming more involved with first team, it will only jeopardise the other work he is doing for the club. Any calls for McPake to go (or have assistance forced on him) are so premature it's unreal. We are sitting in the play offs at the end of the day! Reality is this was never going to be an easy league. Unless we are sitting bottom of the league then we should not even be considering changing things before the end of the season.
  14. Was obvious from previous games and obvious after this game. 4-4-2 is not working for us. We need 3 players in the centre of midfield to be creative. Johnston played well against Morton so surprised he was dropped. McPake is trying to keep 3 strikers happy which I explains why there has been so much needless rotation there. The problem is not really with the strikers though. We are not creating chances. There is so little imagination that we become easy to defend against. We don't pass the ball quick enough, we don't switch the play to the wing where there is space quick enough. Our set pieces are so bad that it really is a waste of time putting it into the box. Crosses are poor together with nobody attacking them is a bad mix. We do have better players than a lot of teams in this league so it really is down to McPake to improve this. Dorrans you can tell is a good player and will hopefully get better. Dorrans, Byrne and Robertson should be the midfield 3. Robertson to drop out if/when Ness is fit. Josh McPake has looked really poor times I've seen him. Get the impression League 1/2 would have been better for him at this stage in his development. Also not convinced he's a fan of the physical toughness you have to have in this league. Todd should be starting ahead of McPake no question and certainly should have been coming on before Byrne on left mid. Todd's confidence will be at zero after that decision. McDaid is such a limited player but the best winger we have at the moment.
  15. Edin_Dee

    Queen of the South V Dundee

    Fair play to the guy but not a hope he's making it for kick off
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