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  1. Online his seat appears unavailable but it turns out it is available to him only as a renewal. My guess is there will be a date when if you have not renewed there will be a free for all in choice of seats. So maybe folk need to check when that happens to avoid disappointment at not bagging their existing seat.
  2. Aye its a Celtic man says this and a Rangers man says that and the media expect us to hang on every word. Its amazing how these pundits just cling to their ex clubs so they can have a welcome and a blazer in hospo!
  3. Agree on this now. My post was 18 March when things were less clear. Went food shopping yesterday and things seem normal stock wise. PS we are delivering wine to 72 homes a day on average still.
  4. I see Dons have suspended work on their stadium but that could be construction maybe? I dont know if it has actually started.
  5. Mate just bought three season tickets today butt his usual seats appear to be blacked out and look sold. Imthink that means they are being held back for the existing holder?
  6. Yes, its unfair to reward by awarding tiles but then not punish by relegating bottom side. If the Huns can catch Celtic, then Hearts can catch Accies/ St. Mirren. Its either meritorious or its not. UEFA want seasons played to a finish hence frowning upon Belgium. Reports say SPFL will test UEFaPA resolve too and that can only mean declaring season over with decisions made on who is awarded what. Dangerous ground in my book as we and others can argue we could be promoted just as strongly as Hearts can argue they could stay up.
  7. My own season ticket reference failed too. Had to mail Dee TV. Seems Dee TV is fraught with niggles.
  8. I received this and it worked Username: Surname-Firstname-2735968 by the above I mean put your name in but use that number, name is case sensitive
  9. Yes, the automatic places could be confirmed and the rest stay as is. Simple solution but whilst Utd will accept with glee, Hearts will take to highest courts even if it is done by clubs voting.
  10. Can I assume after all the views that there is no appetite for this? Surprises me.
  11. We as a club have not signed up for this yet? Maybe worth doing so we fans could help support them. Good for those who cannot afford a season ticket but wish to donate a smaller amount. https://donateaticket.com/donate/dundee/
  12. And we had Billy McNeil. John Greig, Tam Forsyth, Doug Rougvie, Davie Bowman. Top players or dirty basas? Baith I suppose.
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