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  1. If that is a serious issue then he needs a career change. Crucial in a goalie To concentrate and have confidence.
  2. And many others in many professions, its happening every day, footballers are spotted more easily and thus the fall guys. No excuse though.
  3. Just heard thru grapevine that a group of teachers In Lanarkshire are having to self isolate on return from Spain. Not just footballers being stupid.
  4. If another player at another club does misbehave then more games will be cancelled and it leads to a domino effect and ultimately league canned. We are on a tightrope here with our season. A seasons cancellation will kill some clubs, maybe our included.
  5. He managed us for one season and we were relegated. Not a good cv. I dont count him keeping us up as I think the players could have done that themselves for the last three games.
  6. We could have tv games v Hibs and Hearts in space of a fortnight. Hibs on Premier Sports and Hearts on BBC Scotland as a Friday night league opener.
  7. Even if we lose to Hibs, win the other three and that should get us through.
  8. Good draw, should be able to secure second place surely?
  9. Kelty Hearts away would be good, maybe watch over a wall or on the hill?
  10. My point is not to deflect from the footballers but to point out that behaviour in general is not great. Once booze is consumed people relax and forget there is any crisis. The footballers impact is maybe greater in that it could affect the whole league, sponsors, and Sky coverage if games are called off but over the piece anyone in these bars could infect and potentially kill someone.
  11. Eh lost my specs when that goal went in !
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