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  1. Billy Campbell's Ghost

    John Nelms

    I think JN needed to communicate rhe season ticket jnfo and the stadium progress in places other than the match programme as hardly anyone buys it. 300-400 last I heard. Despite the words being reproduced in the Courier he could have used the club website and not relied on journos picking up on it, they may not have. its just little things like that he could really improve on and be more forthcoming. I do not want to have to spend £3 on a programme to find out my clubs news when I already buy a season ticket.
  2. Billy Campbell's Ghost

    The New Stadium Thread

    Looking at Google maps satellite pic that road appears to be following the path of Dayton Drive. The architects drawing suggest that it will be reopened and refashioned as an entry via a slip road to the new stadium complex.
  3. Billy Campbell's Ghost

    The New Stadium Thread

    My grans old house is on this map directly south of the stadium. They were a family of Dees. A quick walk to the game!
  4. Billy Campbell's Ghost

    John Nelms

    I doubt my old employers stated who earned over £60k in their accounts. I had some input to their annual report and accounts and have never seen salaries apart from the board.
  5. Billy Campbell's Ghost

    Paisley Bound Next Week?

    I cannot make this crucial game but hope many Dees can. Saints will fancy their chances and we have failed to beat them twice already this season so it will be tough. Hope our tickets fly out of the club shop!
  6. Billy Campbell's Ghost

    The New Stadium Thread

    I know you dont do humour Dougie but I am just having a wee joke with you.
  7. Billy Campbell's Ghost

    The New Stadium Thread

    Just wait to till you move back to Dundee and want to build a wee extension to your house....5000 Dees writing to the Cooncil with objections! Lol!
  8. Billy Campbell's Ghost

    The New Stadium Thread

  9. Billy Campbell's Ghost

    Wouldn't Want It Any Other Way.

    Wouldnt want it any other way
  10. We need him fit for Paisley. He has two weeks so hopefully enought time.
  11. Billy Campbell's Ghost

    Six Minutes Added On

    Its torture especially living in luvvieland like I do. Its a social event not a dedicated lifelong thing like we have.
  12. Billy Campbell's Ghost

    Six Minutes Added On

    Rugby doesnae work that way and they have stoppages every 2 mins.
  13. Billy Campbell's Ghost


    Lennon, who I think is a decent guy, disappointed me in saying that “ it was pointless having defenders on the pitch”. Were we that crap?
  14. Billy Campbell's Ghost

    John Nelms

    Your last sentence is a great point but other than means testing how do the club do it? I think there are greater numbers of less well off young people with families than pensioners these days, and many of this generation have also inherited as the baby boomers start to pass on. By pensioner I mean anyone in receipt of a pension, company, state, both, etc
  15. Billy Campbell's Ghost

    Season Tickets

    Been done before. Bronze, silver, gold etc. I had a dip into this years ago and consulted with the Hibs marketing guy, a Dee I may add, and he said we were over complicating our packages which I agreed with. If you offer too many bits and bobs it then costs money to fulfill that. I know this guy and respect his views as a fellow marketeer. Best to be simple, easy to understand and set a fair price. The clubs message has to be “ we want you, need you, and appreciate your support” so join in . The key to that is engagement, relationships, togetherness, fun, and......value for money.

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