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  1. Awful news, get well soon!
  2. Our Lady’s primary, then Harris Academy
  3. Singing ‘Dee Til Eh Die’ at the High Corner on the karaoke after we beat Dumbarton 2-1 for promotion, carnage!
  4. Agree 100%, there are some absolute whoppers that decide to go to Dens. Clearly not there to enjoy themselves, entirely concerned with spewing out abuse at the players for 90 minutes, just miserable c**ts mate.
  5. The strip looks tidy to me, I’ll be getting one when I get home at Christmas
  6. I unfortunately watched it till the bitter end, thanks to whoever put the link up for the streaming website (genuine btw 😂). Then bang on full time the texts started flooding in from my shitebag united mates, the ones you don’t hear a peep from before, or during the game, they wait till the whistle blows. Jokes on them though, they wake up tomorrow and are still Arab c**ts
  7. Missed chances and soft goals, sounds eerily familiar
  8. First off, great promotional video from the club again. But the top itself is pure healthy snide, but I’ll defo be getting the home strip. You can’t like them all I suppose..
  9. Defo, had more the look of a minter than being gutted at missing a pen for his team
  10. What a lazy penalty from Burke
  11. Long ball game from us is brutal
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