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  1. islaydarkblue

    Cove Rangers V Dundee 17th July 2019

    The best scenario for me would be a home game played on either the Friday evening or on the Sunday afternoon.
  2. islaydarkblue

    Cove Rangers V Dundee 17th July 2019

    Hi PB, There are often strange results at the start of the season. Nobody would have expected Montrose to defeat St Johnstone 1-0 and Hamilton to lose on penalties to Queens Park after 0-0 draw.
  3. islaydarkblue

    Cove Rangers V Dundee 17th July 2019

    It would soften the blow of missing a home game at Dens because I have been invited to a wedding at the same time.
  4. islaydarkblue

    Cove Rangers V Dundee 17th July 2019

    If we qualify for the last 16 I hope that we are drawn away from home. My wife and I have been invited to a wedding and it is taking place on Saturday 17th August which is the same day as the last 16 round of knockout ties.
  5. islaydarkblue

    Cove Rangers V Dundee 17th July 2019

    I thought that we were playing Peterhead this Saturday and a week on Sunday at home against ICT.
  6. islaydarkblue

    Cove Rangers V Dundee 17th July 2019

    Last Friday BBC Scotland had us playing against Hearts on the Friday evening. These ‘clowns’ based in Glasgow would never get it wrong with Rangers and Celtic.
  7. islaydarkblue


    Hi Harold, You will know the saying ‘every little helps’.
  8. islaydarkblue


    Hi Gedee, My annual appearance at an Islay Community Council meeting is more than enough as the meetings are as exciting as watching paint dry. The discussions are so predictable that I could probably write the minutes for the next full meeting in August 2019 as the same things are discussed at every meeting. Sadly nothing ever gets done.
  9. islaydarkblue

    The New Stadium Thread

    I was trying to stimulate some debate and perhaps someone with ‘inside knowledge’ might know exactly what is happening.
  10. islaydarkblue

    The New Stadium Thread

    It is almost four weeks since my last post on this topic and there have been no further posts. Does anybody know what is happening. The For Sale sign is still up and trees bordering the site are growing ever higher.
  11. islaydarkblue

    Kerr Waddell Away

    I assume that he will now be a part time footballer at Montrose whilst he would have been full time if he had remained at Dundee.
  12. islaydarkblue

    Yellow Perils

    Hi Gedee, I know who Den Spark is in real life as he was in the year above me at the Morgan.
  13. islaydarkblue


    Hi Harold, I suggest that you keep the kitty as a starter for the cost of the new stadium development.
  14. islaydarkblue


    Hi Gedee, Thank you for your kind comments. I was waiting for Seb to get in touch after I had PM him. I was sitting outside sunbathing waiting for his phone call but he never got in touch. However all was not lost as I made my annual visit to see what was being discussed at the local community council meeting and guess what it was the same crap as a year ago when I attended my last local community council meeting. They discuss the same things but nothing ever gets done.
  15. islaydarkblue


    What about the leather ‘tubs’ that we used in the early 1960’s and they weighed a ton when they got wet.
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