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  1. Hi WoodStein. Thank you for your comments. The island of Islay is part of the inner Hebrides whilst the Western Isles used to be called the Outer Hebrides. I agree with what you are saying about a lack of housing for local families in Upper Deeside due to well off people from Edinburgh and Glasgow purchasing second homes in the area. However you do not have to go as far as Upper Deeside to see this problem. The East Neuk of Fife has exactly the same problem with houses in Crail, Anstruther, Cellardyke etc owned by people who live in Central Scotland and use them either as second homes or let them out as holiday rentals which results in the same Dark Windows during the winter months apart from a few days at New Year. Islay has a similar problem with second home owners letting out their houses for holiday rental and it has got worse with the arrival of AirBNB. Argyll Community Housing Association and West Highland Homes in the last five years have probably built at least one hundred new homes on Islay but unfortunately they did not have the sense to hold back a number of these houses for incoming workers .This failure has resulted in HIAL the owners of Islay Airport having to consider housing their incoming staff in portacabins beside the airport. A local Islay resident had a letter in the last edition of the Ileach complaining about a lack of housing yet up to a couple of years ago she was part of the problem. She owned several flats on Islay but preferred to earn the ‘big bucks’ from holiday rentals rather than let them out all the year round for incoming workers to Islay such as vital NHS staff. It is not just second home owners who stuff their cars full of food. The local residents also do a ‘big shop’ at either Tesco or ASDA when they make a trip to the Mainland for the simple reason that there is not the choice on Islay that their is in the supermarkets on the Mainland. If you do not believe me them I suggest that you do your weekly shopping in a Co-op supermarket in Dundee with the one in Albert Street being similar in size to the supermarket in Bowmore, Islay. One of my table tennis friends has a card for Costco in Glasgow and his car is packed to the gunnels with things like Coffee, biscuits, and other dry goods. On one occasion toilet rolls were on special offer in Costco and he brought back 225 toilet rolls which were fitted into every nook and cranny in his car in addition to all his other shopping purchased at Costco.
  2. BCram, Thank you for your post. I think that a lot people do not realise that the Calmac ferries are effectively the island’s bridge to the Mainland. Since 2007 only two new large car ferries have been introduced onto the Calmac ferry routes, the MV Finlaggan on the Kennacraig to Islay Route and the Loch Seaforth on the Ullapool to Stornaway Route. The Finlaggan was talked about long before 2007 as my wife and I attended a ferry meeting in the Gaelic College in Bowmore in August 2003 which on this occasion was open to the public about the new Islay Ferry. Thanks to the introduction of Road Equivalent Tariff (RET) the Calmac ferries are now working flat out for the bulk of the summer timetable period which has resulted in several major breakdowns. However RET which was supposed to reduce the cost of travel on the Calmac ferries for island residents has been ill thought out. It is the same fare for you taking your car on the Kennacraig to Islay route as it is for an Islay resident which in my opinion is cray and not what the local residents thought was going to happen when RET was introduced. In my opinion I think that CMal had not worked out the full cost of these experimental engines whilst the Scottish Government was desperate to give some work to Ferguson’s Shipyard. The Scottish Government has plenty of money to pay for an increased bill for the new ferries but it would mean that someone in CMal would have to admit that they had made a mistake. Judging by the film reports on BBC Reporting Scotland by the time the ferries contract is finally completed and handed over to Calmac they will be corroded thanks to exposure to the sea air. Like you I think that nationalisation of the Ferguson Shipyard is a bad move as the cost will ultimately fall onto the Scottish taxpayer if it is not a success. It may have something to do with the State aid rules which are imposed by the EU.
  3. From memory I do not remember Bain saving many penalties for us and he seemed to concede more goals on his left hand side. I think that Motherwell’s first goal last Saturday was scored next to Bain’s left hand post.
  4. I had a phone call from a BBC Alba reporter based in Oban shortly after we won the Alba cup.
  5. A friend of mine who was a Glasgow Dee and lived on Islay travelled to Perth for the Alba cup final. He had to spend two nights in a travel lodge in Perth thanks the game taking place on a Sunday afternoon and the Calmac winter timetable being in operation. The first sailing departing from Islay on a Sunday afternoon during the winter timetable at that time was 15.30 (3.30pm) with the Sunday newspapers on sale after 4pm.
  6. What about the BBC Alba trophy that we won in November 2009.
  7. I think that it will take several games before the team start to gel. In the meantime I suggest that the Dundee supporters should not expect miracles.
  8. What a cheek. Although I live on a Scottish island some the locals tell me that I have an East of Scotland accent.
  9. BCram, I hope that do not get in more trouble regarding this post as my reply is bordering on political although in my opinion it is a matter of public concern. Ferguson’s Shipyard previously went into administration and it was bought out administration by Jim McColl who at the time was like Donald Trump a very good friend of Alex Salmond. Last night according to the BBC Reporting Scotland news Jim McColl is still an economic advisor to the Scottish Government despite having fallen out ‘big time’ with Alex Salmond. Jim McColl lives in Switzerland. That is the political bit completed. In September 2017 when I had my first attempt at my prostate operation one of the patients in my ward in the RAH told me that the owner of Ferguson’s Shipyard had paid off skilled local workers and replaced them with workers from Eastern Europe. He told me that he had a friend who had been paid off after complaining to the owner when he was visiting the yard about employing workers from Eastern Europe and getting rid of skilled workers. The Eastern European workers were bussed in every morning and bussed home at the end of their shift. My fellow patient also told me that the Calmac ferries would not be ready to be used for another two years which has proved correct. When I returned to Islay after being discharged from the RAH I searched the Internet to corroborate my facts but I could not find anything about it. Mind you there was also nothing about the MV Hebridean Isles when it hit the pier at Kennacraig in July 2016 and was taken out of service for ten days. When I had my second and successful prostate operation last January the person in the next bed to me worked in Port Glasgow and he confirmed that the information I had received in September 2017 was correct. It was a crazy decision by CMal to power these new ferries with an untried type of engine which has never been previously used in a Calmac ferry. The MV Finlaggan is powered by heavy fuel oil which the last time I looked cost 8p per litre as opposed to marine diesel which powers most of the other Calmac ferries costing 58p per litre. In my opinion CMal should have ensured that these two new Calmac ferries were powered by either heavy fuel oil or marine diesel as the majority of the current Calmac fleet of ferries are getting ‘clapped out and they are continually breaking down having to be taken out of service. CMal and Calmac are both Scottish Government owned. In my opinion someone is going to have to back down and ‘eat a bit of humble pie’ to avoid the yard going into administration and I doubt if it will be Jim McColl. If this breaches the rules of this forum then I am very sorry for breaking rules and you can always PM me.
  10. That is a matter of opinion. I would far rather sit in the Main Stand where I can see the whole of the pitch rather than sit in the Bobby Cox Stand where you can only see one half of the pitch with the other half in the distance. I also do not fancy sitting in the South Enclosure with no backs in the seats and that long climb up the steps from the turnstiles in Dens Road. Fine when you are young but hard going when you are getting older.
  11. For the record the number of Dundee supporters at yesterday’s game was 5,277 which was more than the highest number of Dundee supporters attending a League game last season. At the Boxing Day game against Livingston there were 5,060 supporters sitting in the home stands which was the only occasion that there were more than 5,000 spectators in the home stands throughout the 2018-19 season. Not surprisingly that numbers dropped off as the season progressed with the number of home supporters attending league games dropping to just over 4,300. At the last game of the season against St Mirren there were just over 3,300 Dundee supporters at that game but by then relegation had been sadly confirmed.
  12. There is one Arab living on Islay who comes from Alyth. Islay is a lovely island if the ‘pushy’ residents could be evicted to live permanently on Useless Island. When travelling to and from Kennacraig I always fill up with petrol at the Esso filling station at Lochgilphead. You can always spot an Islay resident heading back to Islay in the Esso filling station as they are trying to squeeze the lost drop of petrol/diesel into the tank of their vehicle.
  13. barkblue. Providing they make a trip to the ticket office or try to get through on the phone to ask the question about PATG. Not everybody is in the position to purchase a season ticket due to different circumstances otherwise there would be no queue at the ticket office before home games and everyone would go directly to the turnstiles to gain admission to Dens.
  14. It has never previously been posted in the official match day thread on the official website by the club before every home game last season or the season before that.
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