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  1. islaydarkblue

    News:McPake Declares Interest In Dundee Job

    There is no guarantee that a new manager will want to have James McPake as his assistant manager. He might want to bring/appoint his own assistant manager. Barry Smith as manager with James McPake as his assistant manager could be a success.
  2. islaydarkblue

    Team v St Mirren

    Hi charliedee, I think that the players were enjoying playing today and James McPake had given them the encouragement to do so. Perhaps the players were fed up with McIntyre picking his ‘own players’ to the detriment of the team.
  3. islaydarkblue

    Team v St Mirren

    I seen people on other forums stating that they were not keen on Derek Adams as the new Dundee FC manager. Whoever it is he has a huge job on his hands to turn things around. At least he will not have to bother with a wholesale clear out.
  4. islaydarkblue

    Team v St Mirren

    In my opinion there is a big difference between a coach and the manager of a football team. Even Neil McCann admitted that it was difficult stepping up from doing coaching work to being the manager of Dundee Football Club. I think that we should be looking for a manager who has ‘learnt his trade’ as manager of a lower league club in either Scotland or England.
  5. islaydarkblue

    Inundated With Applications

    The Seniors Group is under the banner of the Dundee FC Community Trust which has charity status and is separate from the club. I suggest that you contact Lewis Melee at the email address shown and he will add your name to the list of members of the Seniors Group. I enclose the Dundee FC in the Community Trust Facebook Page which gives a lot more up to date information than their website. https://m.facebook.com/pg/dfcinthecommunity/posts/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0
  6. islaydarkblue

    Inundated With Applications

    Your post will probably be the ‘kiss of death’ for the Calmac ferries.
  7. islaydarkblue

    Inundated With Applications

    The ferries are currently the least of my problems.
  8. islaydarkblue

    Inundated With Applications

    I happened to be in Dundee when the meeting took place. However it is not the first time that I have delayed my return to Islay to remain for a Seniors Group meeting. One of the joys of being retired.
  9. islaydarkblue

    Inundated With Applications

    Hi BCG, The Seniors Group comes under the auspices of the Dundee FC in the Community Trust. https://dfccommunitytrust.org.uk/seniors-club-2nd-april/ I enclose notification of the cancellation of the meeting which was due to be held on 2nd April. Contact details are shown at the foot of the page including an email address.
  10. islaydarkblue

    Inundated With Applications

    I forgot to say that Gary Irvine said that there was a good buzz about Dens this week and training had gone very well. He further added that the Dundee team were playing to win on Saturday against St Mirren.
  11. islaydarkblue

    Inundated With Applications

    Sadly the turnout was disappointing as there were only eleven people at the meeting. The attendance was possibly hit by the good weather and the fact that a lot of older people go on holiday at this time of year when it is cheaper than the height of the season. The meetings are normally held in the Billy Steel Lounge but today it was held in the Andy Penman Lounge. Hopefully more older Dundee supporters will attend future Seniors Group meetings next season.
  12. islaydarkblue

    Inundated With Applications

    Gary spoke about his football career starting off as a young player with Celtic. He also mentioned that his uncle was Brian Irvine and he used to go to watch him playing football for Aberdeen, Dundee and Ross County. He spoke about the close togetherness of the team during the Dee-fiant season and how he still likes to stand at the entrance to the pitch and think about all the happy memories he had playing for Dundee.
  13. islaydarkblue

    Inundated With Applications

    I have just returned from the Dundee FC Seniors Group meeting where Gary Irvine was the guest speaker. The subject of UEFA Licences came up in the Q & A part of the meeting. Gary said that most Senior players in their early thirties applied to sit their UEFA B licence which allowed them to do coaching.
  14. islaydarkblue

    Latest Crisis To Hit Mv Hebridean Isles Car Ferry

    If someone mentions it on Facebook I will post my information. I am sure that people will be horrified what has happened resulting in the ferries being hopelessly late for delivery.
  15. islaydarkblue

    Inundated With Applications

    I have watched and listened to the latest interview with John Nelms when he again mentioned the 300 games which equates to ten years as a football manager. Jock Stein would not have been appointed manager of Dunfermline FC in 1960 under Nelms criteria as Dunfermline was Jock Stein’s first appointment as a first team football manager. Carlisle United was also Bill Shankly’s first appointment as manager before he went onto bigger and better things in his managerial career. In my opinion thanks to Bosman it is a lot more difficult for a new manager to form a team playing to his system. If players are good they are looking to go to a bigger club whilst players who are unable to play to the system can no longer be given a free transfer at the end of each season. From memory we were very fortunate to sign Thomson Allan after he was given a free transfer by Hibs.
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