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  1. petethedee

    Mid Table Mediocrity

    Both sons at game one walks out (pub) the other texting we can still do it. what have I done to these poor lads.
  2. petethedee

    Queen of the South V Dundee

    Nothing to build on as you say disjointed , so so boring @barkblue
  3. petethedee

    Three Word Pre-Match Report

    Lets do this
  4. spot on my friend disgusted listening to that hatred from the" best support in the world". I was also saddened to see the police and stewards running scared .
  5. petethedee

    Celtic Game

    Left after 60 mins WOW FECKIN HORROR SHOW
  6. petethedee

    Billy Dodds

    A few simple points have helped me decide on B D. 2018 I paid for my season ticket in the knowledge that the money would help fund the club in whatever way that was deemed suitable. In 2010 i had the same outlook, at no time during or after admin would i think can I get anything back.This in a way is my commitment to the football club i care about. This greedy liar with wee man syndrome should never be given a wage to which I and all dees have put our money in towards the club. he had zero commitment back then, keep him away from Dens. simple outlook simple outcome.
  7. petethedee

    Welcome To Dens Park Jim McIntyre

    Double dab dugout, this is derry treason is it not ?
  8. petethedee

    Welcome To Dens Park Jim McIntyre

    So underwhelmed by this should never have a da b simpathiser at our club. Really hard appointment to support .
  9. petethedee


    so based on your post do we ban Celtics green brigade? or allow them to travel up and down Scotland,
  10. petethedee


    no pish spouting mate, dealing in facts. FYI i was christened a catholic and been a a dee for 50 years, i do not bow to the tricolor or Palestinian flag.
  11. petethedee


    are you serious about the Palestinian flag? every time we play the I.R.A supporters we must remember our soldiers & civilians murdered with the help of their money collections, this is the crime not, waving our national flag.
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