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  1. This was special right enough and my young lad was lucky enough being one of the mascots on his birthday.
  2. Vote no wait five days then vote yes or is this just daft ?
  3. possibly due to our vote change, not clever
  4. vote no as agreed with your comrades If not vote like we have.
  5. No news is good news they say, this is not even news worthy at this point I feel lost. we allow the clowns promotion and we LOOK fu##in mental, get the finger out and get us back on board. i am fearing we're lost.
  6. What a confusing time for all dark blues i personally am hoping against hope we are doing the right thing. Early response from Hearts not encouraging in my humble opinion we should have voted no as the integrity of our club is lost as swing voting shows weakness in decision making. Where to now ? very unsure because we now have lost the middle ground and seem to be back on the outside looking in. As said hoping against hope it just false hope ?
  7. Agree wholeheartedly postpone until safe even if it's 12 months. Government need to stop all social gatherings now for all our benefit, during the election Johnson called out Jeremy for dithering WTF is he doing with lives
  8. Shutting down the dump is always the preferred option not just because of the pandemic. If the virus hits over the road then as per cleansing of infected Lego bricks burning may be the option. ☺☺☺
  9. Hard to rate a manager who is not a manager Will never improve our club
  10. Tonight is like most match days EMPTY and struggling to see a way forward left at 75 mins as was getting too frustrated. I am sure I saw half the team leave as well, don't feel the play offs are anything to look forward to just not strong enough. Next season we need to drop the manager friends and recruit guys prepared to play the game.
  11. He will stay until the end of season however he must be replaced at the earliest opportunity. It has been a complete shambles of an appointment with anti football his preferred option. How can we forget Lyle Cameron being thrown to the wolves in a must win game ! even in the win yesterday the first 30 mins was turgid. Can't give him any plus marks which is of his own making.
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