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  1. I’m trying to buy three, will phone shop tomorrow, hopefully someone answers
  2. I just want to know why something that should be simple, is made to be so hard
  3. Why make a site so confusing for people to use, has to be some sort of geek that’s set this up, Kenny Ross can maybe point this out to mr Nelms
  4. Just been on again, logged in, I buy three tickets but it’s only letting me buy one
  5. Who ever set up the the page for renewing season tickets needs sacked, they are probably costing the club much sought after revenue, I am trying to buy three tickets, keeping the seat I sit in and getting no where, people will just say fehk it, just so frustrating
  6. Championship teams would need to play 18 games before two go up, it would be like a play off league, I like the sound of it, they can only try it, if it doesn’t work then back to what we have now, which fans aren’t happy with
  7. They’ll be playing to stay out bottom two and thus be relegated if they dont
  8. They would clearly all 8 start on zero and play each other home and away, bottom two go down, think it would be quite interesting myself
  9. Radio Scotland, it’s part of Anne Budge’s proposal
  10. They said after 26 matches premier league splits 8/6, the top two from championship join the 6 and play off for staying in premier the following season
  11. Agree, but we’ve had similar problems in the premier league a few times
  12. They play off money goes to the SFL, clubs only get expenses, so i can’t see them including them, they will surely re price season tickets
  13. On radio Scotland this afternoon that it’s been confirmed, I wonder what season ticket prices will be
  14. Not convinced yet, but wouldn’t change manager, we could easily be looking at same situation same time next year, I’d give him this season coming to get us up or at least second place
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