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  1. What utter crap, you couldn’t have been there if you claim 60 there, it wasn’t a great support, but better than we took to parkhead this season, I don’t count heads but I’d say about 250 there yesterday
  2. valleyboy

    Two People Evicted From the Directors Box

    I don’t think most could afford it, it’s the case of who you know, although I do go to hospitality with the Ellenbank supporters each year
  3. valleyboy

    Two People Evicted From the Directors Box

    I was in the directors box yesterday for the first half, I decided to sit in hospitality seats for the second, the boy in question was sat in front of me, he was there with his sister, he wasn’t a guest of the club, he’d paid for his seat, he spent most of the first half with his back to the pitch talking to us about our teams failures this season, and was clearly P’d off, the boy in question has followed the Dees home and away for years, i’m sure he stays in Aberdeen now, his criticism wasn’t any worse than the other shouts from the main stand or hospitality area, islay pity you hadn’t said you’d be sitting there, you could have had a conversation with RROS about the golf, he was sat with me.
  4. valleyboy

    Season Tickets

    Suppose it all depends on the purpose of the meeting, it was never explained, was it for advise, or was it to find out the feelings of the greater fan base.
  5. valleyboy

    Season Tickets

    I know of one person who was invited, guy supports Dundee fc, isn’t affiliated to any supporters club, does a lot of legal work for the club, is very friendly with Nelms, speaks nearly every day, can’t see why inviting him would get across the general feelings of the support, i’m Not saying it’s right for people to got to meetings like we’ve had in the past, and hog the stage, or shout from the background, but I wouldn’t publicly call them “balloons”, we’re all in this together (some may jump of the sinking ship) and we all want the same thing for our club
  6. valleyboy

    Season Tickets

  7. valleyboy

    Season Tickets

    Think it’s a bit unfair to call fellow Dees “balloons” just because they show their passion for the club by being a bit louder than most, I don’t think anyone has attended meetings in the past for reasons other than they care about our club.
  8. valleyboy

    Anyone Going Tonight

    We’ll never know, but I believe we would have had more points under McCann, that’s just my opinion.
  9. valleyboy

    Anyone Going Tonight

    How would we be down already with McCann ?, McIntyre’s record is no better, we’re only still up due to how equally bad st Mirren and Hamilton have been
  10. valleyboy

    Julian Speroni

    Sure it was near 3k that made the trip
  11. I thought that was as poor a display as I've seen last season, to many fancy flicks, trying to hard for the perfect pass, should just go for it against these teams, also don't think we look fit enough, deacon was breathing out his backside after 70 mins, and I'm not confined el bak was injured, but at least it was a victory.
  12. valleyboy

    This Will Split the Support.

    In my eyes, making an enquiry says your interested in the player, other wise you wouldn't enquire
  13. valleyboy

    This Will Split the Support.

    We are looking at getting the Turkish waiter in, he's available on loan, but we have SA on loan, only allowed one player from a club in same division, if Celtic release him we can make a deal, but they are reluctant to do so buster, what's the differences
  14. valleyboy

    This Will Split the Support.

    Maybe there have been rumours, I'm telling a fact, we have made an enquiry, nothing more nothing less, take from it what you like
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