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  1. yeah loved that one. most are really good, really disliked craig beattie though, thought he was full of himself and didn’t mention winning the league with dundee once 🤣🤣
  2. no problem mate. if u have time have a browse through old videos there’s some crackers. He has a good one on one interview with rab douglas
  3. not sure if anyone watches these but Simon Ferry and co host a scottish football talk show on youtube and have gowser on the recent video. Doesn’t speak about Dundee till near the end but shares his opinions on McCann and what happened with Scott Bain and Caulker etc.. hilarious story about cammy kerr too 🤣
  4. same as me mate usually sit in the derry and never noticed it, maybe just my luck with who i was sitting next to in the coxy. Also saw a couple tweets earlier saying mcdaid was the worst winger they’ve ever seen at dens - before the 2 goals he scored today obviously.
  5. thought the first 30 mins was poor but the rest of the game was fairly comfortable other than that 2 minute spell arbroath had in the 2nd half where i thought they’d score. Dorrans a class above, gowser, mcghee and marshall all played good football as well as mcdaid at times, think the abuse he was getting was terrible, he was constantly showing for the ball and taking players on. Some dafties in the coxy like, 5 minutes in and trying to control the tempo and people were on their feet screaming abuse coz we were going too slow. 2-0 a decent result against a team who have posed problems to other teams in the league. Plenty of football to be played yet and hopefully today’s a start of a wee run to see us move up to the table
  6. can’t make it to the shop till tomorrow morning, anyone have any idea if there will still be tickets left? sh**ing myself in case they sell out tonight
  7. Nelson and Todd were excellent when they came on IMO. would’ve been a class goal if that went in front todd, was great play from mcdaid and nelson and the cross was unreal. the midfield 1st half was non existent and we were lucky to not be a goal or 2 down before we scored. Play like that against united and we’ll get battered.
  8. as delighted as i am with james mcpakes signings it makes me depressed thinking about the absolute sh**e McCann and mcintyre managed to sign. Surely a top flight team could attract players similar to the ones we’ve signed or better.
  9. mental, the strikeforce we have right now is the best we’ve had since then and we’re in a league below 😭😭
  10. ecstatic, hopefully see a spike in season tickets and see a good crowd on saturday.
  11. dunno if i’m in the minority but have little to 0 interest in this competition and would ideally like us to field teams with mainly young boys
  12. really hate having digs at our own players and never do it on here but jesus cammy kerr and hamilton are terrible, to be fair they weren’t the only ones today. we were lucky to get a point and today shows how tough this seasons gonna be. A point at EEP isn’t terrible and most teams will come away with worse this season. Really thought todd and mcdaid made a big difference when they came on also, think it’s the first time i’ve been impressed with the both of them. Overall that first half was an absolute disaster and we were lucky it was only 2-1, but the changes in second half were a good sign and hopefully JM has learnt a few things today.
  13. definitely mate thought we dominated 40 minutes of that first half.
  14. playing well here but inverness still looking dangerous when they go forward.
  15. was hoping to see some signings this week so hopefully today we get 1 or 2 today. would be very surprised if we got cummings and may though, surely both their wages would be too much for us.
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