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  1. Cannigia

    McIntyre Out.

    still fuming from yesterday, 1st half i don’t even think we were terrible going forward, curran should have scored and nelson was unlucky. But that 2nd half was nothing short of a disgrace and we deserve everything we got. I’ve never seen a team so incapable of passing forward in my life. Usually I defend Dundee and say we were unlucky or something was against us but f**k me that was indefensible and if we stay up it’ll be a miracle. Unsure if this is possible Get mcintyre to f**k now and if we can’t afford a new manager give someone like mcpake the job till the end of the season, it surely canna get any worse than that. maybe get a bit of fight into the team
  2. Cannigia

    St Mirren V Dundee

    apologies if im wrong but did we not win twice there with or after hartley? peter macdonald 1-0 and i think there was a 2-0/2-1 when ian davidson and irvine scored?
  3. Cannigia

    Dundee V Celtic

    spewing, maybe need to see it again but surely dales has to do better on the attack there? looked like 3 unmarked navy shirts and he manages to play the worst pass possible. Would have rather lost that 8-0 tbh absolutely spewing
  4. Cannigia

    Relegation Battle

    play offs seem the best we can get now. playing them in the final is unthinkable, but i think we’re lucky they are a team of bottle merchants and wont make it to the final just like the past few yrars
  5. Cannigia


    completely forgot we actually signed this boy and it isn’t on loan, only got reminded today and it made me a bit happier after last night. a lot of raw talent there, pace and an eye for goal. I look forward to him leaving for 50k in a year
  6. Cannigia

    Hearts V Dundee

    made a so far bad week for me a lot better, crazy how the football can affect ur mood so much. now to kick on saturday and get a decent crowd in the gates and get the 3 points. DDYB
  7. Cannigia

    Hearts V Dundee

    hold on please dundee this win will be massive with the other 2 losing heavily
  8. Cannigia

    Andrew Nelson - Officially Signs

    sunderland fans not happy about him leaving on twitter which is good to see. welcome X
  9. Cannigia

    Points In December

    get a result against rangers sunday and ill feel confident. they’re there for the taking as seen last night and there last couple visits to Dens, if we stay solid at the back we can definitely nick something. the 3 games after sunday are difficult and I wouldn’t be surprised to see us losing all 3, but at celtic park over the past couple years we’ve been solid and if we get anything there it’ll be massive. ill stay optimistic and if we can get anything from the game on sunday there’s no reason we can’t get points at the next 3 away games. we don’t want to be going into the final 2 games with 0 points from the previous 4
  10. Cannigia

    Dundee V Hamilton

    3 goals in 3 games for king kenny
  11. Cannigia

    Manager Getting Backed

    woods is an improvement on most of the dross McCann brought in the summer so hopefully that’s a good sign and JM can bring in a couple new faces that’ll improve us
  12. Cannigia

    Arab Game Tonight

    champions elect did well to keep it only 5. that could’ve ended double figures the way ayr took the p*ss out of them always have and always will be the fun
  13. Cannigia

    Dundee 4 - 4 Hibs

    seeing as our next game is Hibs at easter road, thought it’d be a good time to post this belter
  14. Cannigia

    Dundee Fantasy Game

    @Cannigia not letting me edit my post so making wighton my captain. Maybe 5 points for cleansheets for defender and GK? or is that a bit much
  15. Cannigia

    Dundee Fantasy Game

    Going 433 Hamilton Kerr Kusunga Caulker Ralph McGowan Kamara Madianga Wighton Mendy Moussa Top scorer: Wighton 12 goals
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