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  1. Valentke


    “Buy tickets” is where they showed for me. I checked again and they are showing on my account. Try going into the derbyFAQ article on the main web site then clicking “click hear” under the “As A Season Ticket Holder” part of the article. Good luck!
  2. Valentke


    Thanks Harry. I got my tickets via this link.
  3. Valentke


    They haven’t come up yet.....
  4. Valentke


    I emailed Commercial my email address as requested and despite me doing my best to mess up the process they have helped sort my online ticket account. Brilliant service from Verity!!!!!! What worked for me was to login to my existing on line account (created this week) , go into user detail, select edit, change my registered email address to a different email address then logout. Next create a brand new account with the email address I sent to the commercial department. Login and we have Success! May be worth trying if like me your season ticket wasn’t linking.
  5. Valentke


    Your correct I was trying to use the old system that knows I’m a season ticket holder and was set up to allow me to buy my son a ticket too ( he has a season book also). When I log on to the new system it doesn’t differentiate between season holders and not plus I’m not sure if I can buy my sons.....tomorrow doesn’t feel like it’s going to be a fun day.
  6. Valentke


    I'm registered to buy tickets on line and have used before successfully but having tried to login it appears to be a different system. I couldn't login and had to set up a new account which didn't look for any season ticket details? Im wondering if a different link will be set up for the derby tickets which relates to the original accounts that have our season ticket details.....hope so anyway! Anybody else having a similar experience?
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