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  1. Valentke

    Dundee V Partick

    I went for a coffee with pal who is spying for the Dabs and has watched 5 of our league games.(no not him!) He said Byrne should sit and Dorrans and McGowan should sit in front left and right with Dorrans asked to push on and link with Hemmings. He said the risk with Dorrans is that he will drop deep when he is much better and dangerous player when he pushes on. McDaid “has to play on the left” as he is much more a threat cutting in ( he wasn’t aware of his goals from the left v Arbroath!) His general observations suggested he posts regularly on this forum.
  2. Valentke


    The qualifiers throughout the 80s and 90s were tremendous to attend. Glasgow was always buzzing hours before kick off and the atmosphere was deafening at the games. I attended a Scotland v wales rugby match in the same month that we beat Sweden 1-0 at Ibrox (McCall scored I think) the rugby was absolutely no match for the football in terms of atmosphere despite the Wales game being claimed to be the most atmospheric in the 6 or was it 5 Nations then.....? There was no competition imo. It was still second best to watching DFC back then but it was a good “second”!
  3. Valentke

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    This forum is clearly THE home for lovers of risk!
  4. Valentke


    I still attend reasonably regularly but it’s more in the hope that my son makes the connection I had at his age with the national team than for any other reason. The recent home game v Russia was utterly boring, a total waste of time and money and the drunken garbage that was being spouted by the guys in front of us just topped it off. I will attend the play off game if at hampden but if that’s another failure I think that’s me out.
  5. Valentke

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    Time to find out how the “ignore” poster function works. Total minter of a comment.
  6. Valentke


    Good to see the guy getting played in the position that built his reputation- he was excellent. Main reason for post is to ask does anyone know how he is? Looked like a possible broken wrist/hand following that high challenge.
  7. It was Jack Hamilton for a long period then Gowser then Curran and recently McDaid- so it’s not new for one player to be the topic of discussion over a lengthy period. If Cammy can up his game then the baton will find a new owner
  8. Yesterday a lot of “supporters” seemed to have turned up with zero left in their patience bank. It was not a good atmosphere in the main stand either. Our best moves (there were a number of very good moves) started at the back with a patient build up, when we went long it didn’t stick, yet the loudest voices were all clamouring for the punt!
  9. And that’s the problem. McGhee performance today was better than CK both defensively and going forwards but was the sum of the parts better- im not sure but that back 4 have had one game whilst the previous 4 have had numerous attempts. I’d stick with it for now.
  10. Dorrans McDaid McGowan and McGhee were the top performers with Dorrans the pick for me.
  11. Dorrans dictated the game and his communication, wait of pass and way he offers himself to receive the ball helped others lift their game - in particular McGowan who played very well.
  12. Fair points, we all agree our defence could improve and all I was offering was a different option than imo may be worth trying.
  13. It’s all relative. Imo Cammy has made more costly and/or potentially costly errors this season than McGhee Foster Marshall or Hamilton hence my suggestion. Love his attitude but his form isn’t good just now.
  14. I’d maybe bring Meekings in and play McGhee at RB as changes to the above.
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