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  1. I tend to agree with @Parcbara. I can only think of the Alan K season rivalling this in terms of how dissolutioned I’ve felt by the quality of performance and results. Signs of improvement though so that Alan K season may be safe as my low point performance/results wise.
  2. Would be a typical “DFC decision” to make a change now. Like many I didn’t expect to win the league but I did expect a decent challenge. After a pretty poor start I asked to see clear improvement. We eventually have a modicum of that now so he should stay on but I’ll reserve judgement as to wether my earlier call for change was wrong. (I hope JMP succeeds)
  3. Quality result celebrated in Salzburg airport (two years ago we had Simon Murray’s late winner to jump around about here too!) , I’d have been satisfied with a draw. Pleased for Forster, he took some heavy stick but has come out fighting and produced two positive performances. Back to back clean sheets too 👍
  4. The offside law was much better when there needed to be clear daylight between the forward and the defending team. I want to see more goals so giving the forward the edge is a real plus imo. If VAR then showed there to be daylight then it’s offside- in terms of the offside law VAR isn’t the issue. So I’m in favour once the EPL has suffered the pain for a few more years.
  5. The deefiant season stands out like a sore thumb for me. Win lose or draw the connection for the full 90 minutes was incredible. Not one person on the pitch or in the stands thought we couldn’t win - half time 1-0 down to queens and my wee boy Callum had been mascot for the day - he turned to me at h/t and said “ don’t worry Dad, the players told me they will win”.....and they did yet again. Not for one second did he doubt them.
  6. Berra surprised me. He was very calm throughout and won a couple of foot races. Having not watched much of him this last year my thinking was based purely on the hammering from the jambo fans and their results. He has something to prove to Stendel so we may yet have pulled off a great signing here.
  7. It was a more effective game plan. Partick were very poor but we’ve played numerous poor teams this season who have scored and beaten us. We didn’t look like losing a goal or the match at any point. Yes it wasn’t great but we got the ball forward far more quickly than recently and exchanged the passing along the back for hoofs forward. So for me, better but not as great as some posts suggest. As for Byrne, he is our new Kevin Holt. I think he will divide the support no matter what. IMO he is decent, does the grubby stuff and yesterday we had control of the midfield which isn’t something we have been able to say on many occasions this season.
  8. Meekings throw in caused a bit of trouble. Baffling that it had been so seldom used before today.
  9. Makes for a weird Saturday night! Pretty solid all round- back 4 and keeper all did especially well. Not often have I seen a Dundee team with as much height at the back. Partick look in real trouble based on their showing.
  10. Byrnes tackle wasn’t a foul let alone a booking and the farce with the Scott Fox free kick placement was comical.
  11. Burgundy stay press and Y cardigan too????
  12. Mainstand Ayr semi final in the league cup in the lashing rain with Billy Williamson opening the scoring. Dees win 3-2 for 4-3 aggregate win. Set me up with unrealistic expectations!
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