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  1. Valentke

    Neil McCann

    It is though imo and I’m sure many others.
  2. Valentke

    Neil McCann

    I’m not defending either of them “pal”. and if you care to read my historic posts I have not defended Jim’s performance for sometime. It didn’t work out, most of us were disappointed and I’ve said that numerous times so drop the “pal” crap please. BTW I didn’t know disagreeing = whining. This place is full of whiners clearly.
  3. Valentke

    Neil McCann

    Yawntastic- it was like handing a chef a basket of rotting food when Jim came in. Nobody including McCann was keeping that squad up. We were total an utter mince from start to finish and got exactly what we deserved. Time to leave it in the past and focus on Robbogate.
  4. Valentke

    Who do you think will be next?

    The one thing you can say for shambles FC Is that we make for an exciting close season. I’m constantly checking the forum for news- it would be a hell of a boring period if we had survived! I’m just hoping the club doesn’t end up with egg on its face with all the detailed communication around the process and talks with Strachan etc = Jim Leishman and Dave Mackay!
  5. Valentke

    Who do you think will be next?

    I smell Mr S Gardiner.....
  6. Valentke

    Neil McCann

    PR wasn’t always the best....Saints mess, but I wish him well (he did a huge amount for us as a player and did his best as a manager) churlish to do otherwise imo.
  7. Valentke

    Who do you think will be next?

    Why would they be training....surely they are all on the beach
  8. Valentke

    Now the Season From Hell Is Over....

    I’ve seen Raiths last three games and Davo looked ok too- it’s more a reflection of the standard they are up against than anything else imo. Raith have not been promoted as they badly leak goals - top scorers in league 1 yet finished third. its a no to Benny from me.
  9. Valentke

    Most Damaging Signings

    My ever lasting memory was 2 yard miss at Brockville .....a real Van Vossen moment
  10. Valentke

    Who do you think will be next?

    So I got it badly wrong thinking Jim Mc was going to save our season. He had some major critics from day one who I pushed back against- I got it wrong! @WeighorstsWang you were the biggest critic and got it right (about how he’d impact our seasons outcome) - who are you backing to get the gig. I’m keeping my head low based on my recent thinking but for those that were correct be brave and get your heads above the parapet and share your thinking.
  11. Valentke

    Most Damaging Signings

    At least Jim acknowledges his term was a disaster and understands why his contract was terminated whilst Neil continues to say he’d have kept us up....which one is the real “halfwit”?
  12. Valentke

    Team v St Mirren

    Whatever did or did t happen it’s been a total bollocks of a season driven multiple bad decisions. Kamara wouldn’t have changed the outcome whatever the truth is.
  13. Valentke

    Team v St Mirren

    Imagine Kamara had wanted to stay and try his best rather than putting down his tools and wanting away in January.
  14. Valentke

    Who do you think will be next?

    I wondered if that’s what JN was alluding to during his interview....I don’t think we will see anyone with historical personal challenges in the Dens hot seat.
  15. Valentke

    John Nelms Full Interview

    I’ve been a critic of JN. FairPlay to him for doing such a lengthy interview. I thought he came across well and showed a good degree of empathy towards the fans. Hopefully this will be the start of more regular relevant ( no more criteria details please) comms from the club.
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