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  1. I was talking to pars fans walking down Dens road after that game and they like us were amazed at the quality of our performance- One of my favourite games.
  2. Surely that’s clear to all
  3. Or at least have a cooling off period of a number of weeks.
  4. I was there and remember McCann and Jackie Mc battering each other - a great duel from young lads. some quality players in both sides for Div one/ I always liked Craig Robertson as a player
  5. Didn’t ever see Dundee play at ICTs original ground- that 5th pen and the ref immediately signalling for another ball Cheers for posting
  6. Yep, yet to hear any part of a new management team say that the players are looking a bit lardy arsed compared to how the old manager had them. it’s an easy cheap shot the “fitness thing”
  7. When we turned it round it felt like payback for all the lows of the late 70s and 80s. The hatred was raw for me and the pleasure equally so!
  8. CC 33s goal at home to Motherwell was the most surreal.
  9. The night we sent them down I took a total hissy when they went in front - I lost it completely and ended up in floods of tears telling my son how we always fecked it up - a grown man behaving like a 3 year old - all’s well etc
  10. Furlough makes the Opportunity cost of starting here higher I guess.
  11. Ryanair flights to Valencia for next week x 5! I was way to organised and bought them last December at what I thought was a half decent price. £600in the bin now
  12. First instinct = every single one of them. Ive great memories of Toshs volley but also loved McGowans beauty a couple of years ago.
  13. Pars, Raith and Arbroath at home twice - 3 best away supports ex Hearts. So if away fans are allowed that’s one positive
  14. I’m with you Rev however I’ve never actually heard him say beyond the appearance at Palace that he wanted to sign. I think it’s a mix of us and the media rather than him that continually suggests he wants to play for the best club in the world!
  15. If he isnt he either is pants with money or has Humongous aspirations!
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