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  1. Was frustrated when we missed out on him when he left Whistle- good player imo
  2. Just played golf with my mate today who is a season ticket holder at Well- says he is totally finished. “One for the Dabs” were his exact words.
  3. Sensational save. I thought he had the most potential of Hartleys 3 best signings but In truth none have reached the level I thought they would.
  4. If you feel you can buy one id look on it as a donation as i personally can’t envisage getting any product in return. (Some would say that’s the norm) For anyone who is or could be facing financial challenges in the foreseeable probably wise to sit tight and look after the family first. Im sure the owners would want us to do that too. I bought two back in March when naively I thought we would see football at Dens in 2020....I’ll see if I can retrospectively claim gift aid!
  5. It’s often said that The Ugly Sisters hold our game to ransom. This suggests it’s maybe not quite as people thought.
  6. I find it extremely hard to compare now with two years ago. The circumstances are totally different. Two years ago clubs were relegated, promoted and given their play off opportunities fairly. edit to say- re reading your post I note you were saying if we had covid19 two years ago. Still doesn’t change my view that as supporters we would’ve wanted 14/16 and based on JNs statements that the club would’ve voted for that too. So I don’t agree with the holier than though point......but if you’d said 4 years ago 😂
  7. 4 of them clearly have ideas way above their station- love to see two of them dropping down next season.
  8. Interesting tweet from Steven Lawless saying players wanted change but a handful clubs voting for their own self interest stop it. Steven Lawless @StevenLawless91 · 17h I personally wanted reconstruction as most players did, clubs are always going to look after themselves though, was never going to go through. No team deserves to be relegated this year, shocking that it’s actually happening, But the fact that 1 team is avoiding it is criminal Players want it, fans want it and the vast majority of clubs want it. True Democracy and Scottish football are decades, possibly centuries apart.
  9. Well I’m not going to criticise him for at least trying to forge change.
  10. The way Scottish football is I’d not be surprised if a green light was given by SPFL clubs which they then changed to red. Bring back Stewart Milne - I reckon the new lad at the Dons is a force of selfishness and driving the “no change” mantra that leaves supporters pretty much club wide with a format they despise.
  11. This is superb! Well done Mr Well. which director was it @Ricky Spanishas I fancy following him on Twitter if this is his style.
  12. I’m guessing it’s the latter and will be timed to coincide with Morelos signing for Celtic for 75k
  13. On the BBC site. He has left with immediate effect
  14. Meanwhile the DABs sack(????) the chap Brannigan immediately after he takes part in today’s SPFL meeting??? Weird goings on
  15. The Zurab transfer was the one that got me the most in the past 20 years. It just seemed so unfair 😩
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