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  1. Valentke

    Hearts V Dundee

    Few posters having problems with their internet.
  2. Valentke

    Hearts V Dundee

    That’s a massive turnaround in your mood
  3. Valentke

    Hearts V Dundee

    16 fouls tonight, the sign of the team developing a bit of steel? Cant wait for Saturday- not a feeling I recognise! DDYB
  4. Valentke

    Hearts V Dundee

    Total fluke- harsh on Jesse.
  5. Valentke

    Hearts V Dundee

    If Kamara assured the manager and showed him in training that he was up for the fight (and wanted to help his team mates and club that gave him his chance for this big move) he would be starting. Not impressed.
  6. Hendry scared me at Raith that night! What do I know
  7. I’ve not been overly impressed with any of the bottom 3s signings. I actually think StMirren are taking the biggest risk based on who they have brought in so far. Whoever does the best wheeling and dealing between now and the window closing will be my favourite to stay up as imo all three teams as of today still look very weak.
  8. Valentke

    Hearts V Dundee

    As was every player, if those two games are the marker we need 11 new starters. IMO he has been more good than bad. Anyway let’s get back on topic......I’m going to buy my tickets tomorrow!
  9. Valentke

    Hearts V Dundee

    Woods was totally honking on Saturday but prior to that he has been decent, certainly one of the reasons we had a mini revival.
  10. Valentke

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Ralph produced a brilliant piece of trickery to get passed two Queens players in the first half, no idea how he did it but if "showboat" still existed on soccer AM it would be up there!
  11. Valentke


    I saw Nelson play twice for Falkirk last year during the winter break and was frustrated that they could bring in players like him when he clearly could have done a job for us - his cameo was full of promise today.
  12. Valentke

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Doyle ends up back at Dens if we can’t get a loan CH from Rangers for Kamara.
  13. Valentke

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Palace openly offered players on loan with 100% wages covered - so he comes at no cost to the club other than on the park!
  14. Valentke

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    They were saying a week on Tuesday on the radio
  15. Valentke

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Pretty much as I saw it too - Woods was dreadful, couldn’t complete the simplest of passes and needs tobe taken off free kicks- mind you Jesses one was even worse!

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