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  1. Valentke

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    Even though this was a very dark time I have some fond memories. Bill and Pam indeed invested a significant 6 figure sum........Indulge me as I love to tell this story! I was at an evening work related event that Bill was at and knowing his late father in law was a Dee I thought I’d ask Bill if he’d donate a few pounds to the fighting fund. Bill was keen to do so and intimated he’d donate a couple of grand. The following Saturday he is texting me from somewhere hot and sunny, laughing at our weather and enjoying a beer. Then he suggests he and Pam will donate a 5 figure sum- me thinks it’s the beer and sun getting to his head. Jump forward a few weeks and I’m Bills sort of rep introducing him to Harry and getting access to detail id never imagined. Then Harry, Bill and numerous supporters worked absolute wonders together to keep the dark blue show on the road . It’s a shame Bill and Pam are no longer involved. DDYB
  2. Valentke

    Six Minutes Added On

    That’s the way we were discussing it too-13% additional time. If the same approach had been taken last week the game would have finished around 5.05pm
  3. Valentke

    Six Minutes Added On

    I’ll bet every Dundee fan was screaming at the ref/ the tv or whoever was in ear shot when the board went up 5 minutes before they scored. Even my Celtic mates have messaged me saying they don’t know where he got 6 minutes from.
  4. Valentke

    Six Minutes Added On

    Good shout re Kerr. I exhaled a huge sigh when Jim brought Jesse on and a blooter was exactly what was needed.
  5. Valentke

    Six Minutes Added On

    But that was in the 94th minute and “4” additional minutes would have been reasonable. If Celtic had scored in 91/93/93 or 94 it would have been churlish to moan about the extra 6 but they scored in 95+. Last week we watched Hearts waste time from the first to last minute, there were 6 subs and over 30 fouls. ODea was down for as long as this week getting treatment. There is just no consistency.
  6. Valentke

    Dundee V Celtic

    If that was 6 minutes then we should have had 15 added last week v Hearts.
  7. Valentke

    Dundee V Celtic

    Suits some people’s agenda. He was at fault for the goal but also thought we were naive to have 4/5 players push forward at the end
  8. Valentke

    Dundee V Celtic

    Woods got away with dithering in the first half didn’t learn his lesson. The hurt just doesn’t stop!
  9. Valentke

    Relegation Battle

    Its a horrific thought but no matter how bad we are, they look worse. I’ve seen them 3 x on TV and each time they have looked honking. Best avoided but if it happens......let’s just hope by some miracle we finish 10th or they get bumped in the first round of the playoffs.
  10. Valentke

    Reception for Scott Bain

    Bigger things to worry about than Scott B. I’m sure both he and a few fans will indulge themselves mind you.
  11. Valentke

    Relegation Battle

    It’s our inability to keep clean sheets that’s the major issue imo. Kasungas, Odeas and Senys mistakes the last few games are what’s killed us not the midfield
  12. Valentke

    Relegation Battle

    Let’s hope Killies fitness over powers them second half
  13. Valentke

    Worst Season Ever?

    If we stay up then imo the second half will have been a relative success based on the mess we were in pre Xmas - survival was what 99% of posters were clamering for pre Xmas and it’s still in our own hands. Has been utter gash though!

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