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    Been a dee probably all my life but watched my first game in 1970. Live in rural Aberdeenshire and don't get to many matches now
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  1. The game was poor. Both sides struggled to pass to their own players. Our defence gets no support and our centre half gets dragged out of position and does not have the pace to get back. Huge space in midfield for them with our midfield lacking so much. No pace, no guile, no aggression.- no hope! Mcdaid is not the answer and mcpake on the other wing was rubbish. The team lack confidence and while I wanted two up front, it was no good for them as they just have to fight for scraps, with most of the balls just being punted down the middle. On the performances so far this season we will be lucky to get top four.
  2. EuanG

    Queen of the South V Dundee

    We can’t play a midfield of Mcpake, Dorrans Robertson and McDaniel. They are just not in it. The young lads seem lost and Mcdaid is not giving much. No holding midfielder. We put two forwards on and don’t get width nor pace, just punts over the top giving Hemmings little chance.
  3. EuanG

    Graham Dorrans

    After having us possibly hanging on this long I would say deals off. Not convinced he will be the star he maybe thinks he is.
  4. EuanG

    Do They Just Make Up Nonsense About Us?

    I think handing out free tickets is a good idea. You never know who it might hook. I also think all this about some squabble or not is a waste of our time. They are men, most of them so let them sort it out themselves. Who cares what united fans post about us- I don't give a monkeys what they post.
  5. I always find it funny when those who are not playing are held up as stars and yet when I see them they are not. Getting fed up hearing folk say good signing Byrne is because so far I have not seen it nor have I seen it from Ness on the few occasions I have seen him. My fear is Dorian's if he should come will bring the same expectation with him. Should not really have been counting down for final whistle at the end, but a good three points and in this league all points are precious.
  6. I read that he has other offers on the table. My question is if he is that good why has he not already been signed by anyone. Could it be his injury situation or does he expect more than clubs feel is worthwhile?
  7. EuanG

    Bye Bye

    I can never understand the point of saying you are giving up a social media forum because others don't talk the way you do. Me if I get fed up with it I just leave. And you know what nobody bothers when you do.
  8. EuanG


    I seem to have a post removed but for the love of me no idea why? Guess that’s me finished as I must not have toed the line and my posts are not as far as I can see worse than any other.
  9. EuanG


    Never saw this coming, but it is a cluster..... Everything that could go wrong seems to have gone. Until their second goal it was a good game but we shot ourselves in the foot and their movement has exposed us all over the ground. What is it with the lng punt down the middle which gives the forwards little chance.
  10. I was not impressed. But it’s too early to judge. He did a lot of running but was easily knocked off the ball. He is not the answer to our problems on the 45 minutes That I saw, but there is a huge expectation of the wonder-kid and I hope grumps like me don’t put too much pressure on him. However on the other side it will not do him any good to be over praised either. Glad I am a fan and not a player subject to judgements from the lime of me.
  11. Not for me. I have been underwhelmed when I have seen him. Slow soft and not a presence in midfield that we need. The game seems to have slipped by him but to be fair all I have seen in the half that he got yesterday and the game on telly when we looked poor. I thought when he came on against Inverness that his size would be a good thing but he pulls out of tackles and headers all the time. It’s an area where we definitely are lacking. I though Byrne was good in first half allowing Robertson to be playmaker but when the young lad went off and he moved into the middle he looked lost. Expected so much more and maybe will all of them it will take time to sort out. we are still unbeaten so we can’t loose hope this early in the season.
  12. Have only see the Dees twice today including today so not fair to judge on these alone but a few comments. goalkeeper did all he had to. Defence slow but steady, still not sure about Kerr but rest ok. midfield is problematic. I thought young Robertson was great u TIL he went off, at such a young age his composure and eye for a pass amazing. Byrne alongside him did a lot of the donkey work but was lost when he had to take over the playmaker role in second half. Mcdaid runs a lot but often cuts back to get the ballon his right foot and his corners are irrational. Todd brought nothing to the game when he came on, slow soft and not for me. McGowan was everywhere without achieving much and was rightly frustrated to be taken off he absence lost the midfield for us. Think it will take time for Hemings and Johnstone to tell. Both had chances but missed them. I had forgotten how good Hemings can be as a target man. His layoffs were good. Nelson who came on runs a lot but did not produce much. My fear for the season is our midfield, it is lacking bite and a bit of guile. The forwards on the whole had to live of high balls pumped to them from a distance. Still much work to do even for the playoffs. But we are unbeaten and another clean sheet but for the5000 there today it was not a great game. I know others will see it completely differently but that is football. Still looking forward to Friday.
  13. I thought he was ok. He made errors against both sides but kept the flow going. His booking of Robertson was a bit harsh though
  14. To me it was Robertson untIl he went off. marshal was very consistent
  15. EuanG


    I dont think Cammy is playing well. Does not seem to know if wing back or full back. Godd ladt minute lunges from him but our right side looks lost. Robertson so far running it with Byrne doing a lot of covering work. Hemmings a good target and gas used his size a couple of times. 0- 0 seems fair so far.
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