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  1. We keep speaking about playing games behind closed doors. But players are as likely as anyone else to be hit by the virus and will be unable to play. Should those who are lucky to have a full squad be allowed to play those with a number of players off. The science seems to think that the peak is 3 months away so this season is not likely to be finished. Bet the blazers in the SFA and SPFL are struggl7ng to sort it out, or put it another way are bricking it.
  2. While 3 points would have been brilliant we need it on Tuesday. Good to save a penalty as well as we don’t do that often.
  3. Game off, don't really know why people think it is a joke or a conspiracy. The pitch is not playable.
  4. If in doubt an early call is sensible. Allows hospitality to make changes, saves money on other outlays, people travelling etc. I know it's Arbroath but there are other factors save the travelling fans.
  5. To me it says we need our American investors. I wonder what cost cutting can be made, but how much have we paid in buying and getting rid if managers and players over the last couple of years.
  6. Thought he looked ok. Gives us drive that we have not. For me Mcdaid only really tries when there is a chance for glory. He will jump to header at goal 8n box nut not in middle of park and though people describe him as a winger he spends too much time standing still or seeking cheap fouls and then whines about it. Has not brought much to tam in my opinion. Our new lad at least went for defenders and tracked back. A prospect.
  7. It was just saying what we have said over and over on this forum. I might be getting old but it was not that bad. Lot worse on YouTube.
  8. I see that Christoph Berra is being punted b6 Hearts. He could do a job for us both as player and organiser on the park. A real leader which we have required for a few years now. Thoughts?
  9. Sadly for me what is toxic in all this is our continual attacks on managers( does not matter which one) staff players and fans. We all want success as a team but as someone once said our successes are quickly forgotten our failures never forgotten. We seem to dwell on negativity and having a go at Dundee FC and all that happens around this club. I have been a supporter all my life and went to my first game in 1970 and in all that time we have never been used to success or winning things and have been up and down a number of times in the leagues and yet sometimes I get the impression we think we are one of the giants of Scottish football and should be doing so much better. A well back to work.
  10. Now I may be naive or a bit silly but I for one am happy with the announcement though I would have preferred it to have been said in the new year programme or on the website rather than through a newspaper report. The paper me just be taken the item in the programme further than intended. Reading the article in the programme our owners have done much for our club and I doubt if it could or would be able to exist under previous ownership model. I know they have made mistakes but who does not make them and we are so fickle that one week after drawing with United we are all so positive and the. A defeat from INverness leaves us calling our owners liars which is really sad. I recall many years ago at the testimonial match for Bobby Geddes when we were playing Liverpool that at half time our owner came out for some reason Angus Cook and my girlfriend of the time now my wife of many years was shocked when the fans spent their time booing him. It seems things don’t change and who would want to own Dundee FC. we all want a successful Dee football team but it would be good if we could get behind both the team and the staff. I know maybe naive or worse but I wanted some positive comments on this forum
  11. Thought he tried to let the game flow but missed a lot. I have not read through all the posts but how did Butcher not get booked until 89 minutes. I also thought Mackie was unlucky, he was going for the ball.
  12. I put my steel helmet on for the flack coming my way but I think we need a solid right back. Not doubting Kerrs commitment to the club and team but he is an accident waiting to happen. I would also think we need a centre back and a wide right player.
  13. Although I voted for McGowan because of the work he did in the first half when others were not so prominent I thought Hemings ran his heart out for the team and Robertson showed glimpses of the great player he will become.
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