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    Been a dee probably all my life but watched my first game in 1970. Live in rural Aberdeenshire and don't get to many matches now
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  1. Now I have no idea who will be leading us into our final game of the season but what about putting out a team of players that will be contracted to us next season. No players on loan or about to leave or retire, just players signed for next year to see where we are. Would we even have a team available? Can’t see the point in playing those who won’t be with us next year in a nothing game in front of what I will be surprised in there are more than 2500 home fans in attendance.
  2. Championship will be tough next year. Dundee Patrick, Dunfermline, Caley Thistle Dundee United/Hamilton all fighting for it with Morton QoS Falkirk making it hard.
  3. EuanG

    Dfc General Meeting, 21 May.

    You could be right but we will never know for just as it appears to be the case there were too many ego's involved with little joined up thinking. It seemed to go from bad to worse though as I was not involved I recognise as just now it's easy from the outside to criticise those trying to work hard for what they perceive as the good of the club. Maybe the money was not the only problem as when the club reduce ticket prices for final home games some people complain that their season ticket has now lost its value. Maybe with football your dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. Still that gives us things to talk about on here.
  4. EuanG

    Dfc General Meeting, 21 May.

    I got the letter because of my shareholding but sadly because of work I can’t attend. I am happy to support the proposals and the possibility of new investment into the club. While there is a growing unrest it appears with FPS I am not sure what the alternative is. They put their money where their mouth is and like any business those who own the business make the decisions. We as fans owning the club did not do a great job though looking on the pages of this forum you would think we should have with all the comments and expectations placed on ownership. Time will tell and while this year has been dire maybe next year proper rebuilding of the team can be made in a slightly less high preview way. Looking forward to end of this season though I must confess.
  5. EuanG

    To Be a Dee

    I went to my first game watching the Dees in early 1970’s to watch them play East Fife in a Scottish cup tie in Methil. We won 1-0 with a first minute goal which we did not see because of the crowd getting in. Over these years I have seen them win the league cup, been promoted and relegated more times that I would care to recall. I have seen two admins and the club still goes on and is in my blood. Tonight like all my fellow Dees I am as sick as a dog. I started the season with lots of hope and it’s gone down and down until now there can be hardly any doubt we will be relegated. Mistakes have been common both on and off the park and the relationship between the club and fans seems as distant now as at any time in these almost 50 years. We will be relegated but I am still a Dee and no matter where we play and who I will remain a Dee. It’s in the blood and so I say to my fellow Dees, relegation sucks but it’s not the end of the world. Me I am just thankful that the Dees have been and will continue to be in the blood. And next season just like this I will start with expectation and excitement and be proud to say I am a Dee.
  6. EuanG


    Not sure about Mcpake. Every time I seem to look the reserves or younger teams also seem to be getting beaten. What does he bring?
  7. Many on this forum wanted him away before the window shut, including me! He was no longer interested and could have seen his time out just drifting. Better the money we got than a waste of a wage. I know many who have come in after him or to replace him have also been a waste of space but hindsight is easy to sl*g people off.
  8. EuanG

    All Quiet On Sandeman Street.

    I think if they made any speeches we would sl*g them off saying they should let their football speak for them. They can’t win if they speak or don’t speak.
  9. EuanG

    St Johnstone V Dundee

    It’s Easter and I believe n miracles so I am going for a 3-1 win for the Dees. Goals from wright, nelson and ODea. keep the faith.
  10. EuanG

    How Did They Become Pro?

    Thanks recall seeing him on TV
  11. EuanG

    How Did They Become Pro?

    Is Mark Kerr not bossing it in lower league can’t recall which team.
  12. I read the article in the programme and wondered about what it was meant to do. I do believe that DFC is run better now than in past years and the history of many clubs with the appointment of managers is of trial and error. We can sl*g JIM Macintyre but when an appointment was to be made what did they look for. A man who took a regional club to win a trophy in the last few years and who had vision for the club. Jim MAC ticked the boxes and he has been backed by the Board. Of course we are all hurt and fed up where we are but not sure that it is Nelms fault.
  13. EuanG

    Craig Curran

    Not sure comparing Mousa and Curran is fair. Don’t think on Sataurday he had a chance to score as the service was poor to him. He ran himself into the ground chasing the back four. Not sure he will score 20 goals a season but he stopped the Dons playing out at the back and did not get any support from other “forwards”
  14. EuanG

    Favourite Dundee Memory

    My favourite memory has to be a league cup victory over Celtic during the power cuts due to strikes in December 1973. Gordon Wallace scoring the goal. The crowd under 30,000 but it was a great day. Thought I would see more such days and it seems and is so long ago. Still great memory though.
  15. EuanG

    Craig Curran

    Not sure he got any support today. He tried hard but I did not see him in a scoring position. I think he has more than Mousa but is not as big a target man. McKenna ate him up for breakfast today.
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