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  1. SpiderDee1893


    Cheers man - away to leave in an hour !
  2. SpiderDee1893


    Any danger of this game being called off ?? What's the weather like in Dundee just now ? Absolutely lashing down in Glasgow
  3. SpiderDee1893


    This is going to be the slowest day at work EVER !!!!
  4. SpiderDee1893

    Derby: In/Out

    you better believe it mate !!!!
  5. SpiderDee1893

    Pre Derby Party

    Just have Georgi's chip on continuous loop all day
  6. SpiderDee1893

    Derby: In/Out

    Out - old man was meant to get me a ticket but was too late ! At work in Glasgow during the day Head to Newport to watch in The Brig with the old man Head to Dundee after the match after we've scudded them 3-1
  7. SpiderDee1893


    Exactly - especially with the potential of Utd dropping points at Dunfermline
  8. SpiderDee1893


    I agree with Boba's line up. Would it be worth risking Hemmings to start as ICT are cloggers - would rather Kane was 110% for Friday night ! Bring him on if we are struggling for a goal on Saturday.
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