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  1. Happy New Year to all including those in the high stand, sorely missed but never forgotten.
  2. Again good honest report, that said and in light of the time differences between what you had said and the incident on Friday, TV has changed as pointed out by Cobra, Education throughout society has change dramatically since then which should have removed these types of comments from our vocabulary. Kids today certainly don’t think this way, the banter of old from our generation has long gone and although funny in Love thy neighbour or similar programmes and films from that era, It was so long ago that it would be furthest phrase from our thoughts. Although the individual may now regret having said the choice of words used in a public place, I suspect this is his/ her general thoughts but controlled normally. Best solution would be to find the culprit and let them see what effect this type of insult has on some families, re-educate and help them become a better person. a ban from football is not the answer as seen down south.
  3. First game was 1969 as a 5 year old accompanied by my dad and uncle. Loved it and never looked back. started going to the games with friends from season 1974 great times. Think most have a family tie in this area and I have taken my son from before he was two, he still goes at 24 now. Would love a few more European trips though. hate close seasons as lost for things to do and look for best pre season trips like the one past to Spain. Finally would love to see Dens full of dees more often👏
  4. Yes but using Gowser as a part striker / No10 when Hemings had played in the role down south some weeks may have contributed to the lack of shots on target. He as we all have said has a place in the squad but not sure if starting is part of it now. Sorry Gowser.
  5. Probably but think Harry has factored the match fitness of Dorrans.
  6. A build up of pressure, frustration and likely DRINK. maybe drinking on an empty head.😀
  7. Just as mentioned match fitness against what is still a top team who always what to be us at any level is a confidence boost.
  8. Most good managers would not wash their dirty linen in public and I suspect he is just as angry as those who attended the game were. Publicly shaming will not boost team confidence.
  9. Although the appointment of new signing excites, we need to understand that the “TEAM” comes week or even months later depending on the wholesale changes and individual coaching and ability to take on board the new styles from past managers. Time hopefully will tell in a positive way.
  10. Stood next to him at the Cove Rangers game and on that performance he can and did. Cammy Kerr got slaughtered from the other end of the park and heard him, to be fair to Cammy he failed to collect a very poor pass. McPake does need time and I understand he has full support of the dressing room. As for experience, surely he has enough around him and he is on record as stating he is not frightened to ask for assistance as he did speak with Wee Gordon before he became an employee of Dundee. onwards to Queen of the South.
  11. Pirie & Sinky👏 Coyne & Wright👏 Need I say more.😃
  12. I also believe that the support behind from the football side of things with Jimmy Nic, Wee Gordon and Even Dave McKay lets potential signings know we mean business and want to start from grass routes to quality signing like Dorran’s. what a lift on the eve of a big game in terms of building momentum. Will miss today on hols but heading out to sports bar in Dubai. I know where i’d Rather be though.🍹🍹🥃
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