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  1. Great selection but can I add Graham Rix?
  2. Great post. One I believe is correct. I have always been advised to make cuts quick, as deep as possible, without being detrimental to the business. Recognised it is tough on the players/ employees but the club/ business is more important. Cash is king and cash flow often kills businesses not poor order books. generate what you can with sales, tickets, club merchandise etc.. however as eluded to we don’t know when we can get bums on seats, how the corporate section will play out, whilst some fans will undoubtably loss their jobs in the coming weeks and months which will restrict their cash flow and season ticket purchases Which may be put on a back burner. Tough decisions need to be made and I have faith in the board that they will make the correct decisions for the long term. missing our Saturdays.
  3. Bought 5 and will get 4 adult Season tickets tomorrow. Hope our financial plight is not critical. What players are available to sponsor and where can we see this please ?
  4. Show your nephew the 3-4 win over the dabs as shown on another thread, also the doon derby, the magic of cabellero team and the work will be done. Then when older the wee pint before is always a good way of looking forward to a visit to Dens. i’m afraid the girls will need to be bribed with money and gifts.
  5. My friends all came from Newton Road and Preston Road so know it very well.
  6. I mentioned this early yesterday that he was making all about him instead of allowing it to flow better.
  7. Frank probably is right regarding the Byrne booking that one I have no complaint. Nelson again this is a rule however we did witness several similar descent from Thistle players go unpunished again recognised to wrongs don’t make a right but the ball only move 15 metres or so I bit petty. Gowser however was always getting booked from the moment he questioned the throw in that the lineman gave to Dundee but he gave to Thistle, within a short time gowser was fouled but not given and he again questioned the decision, I personally do not see what is wrong with this. We were all able to witness the manner in which he spoke to the players pointing is finger in an aggressive way which in any other working job in totally unacceptable but refs seem to be the exception to the rule. what ever happened to a wee friendly chat in the ear ? This was the same throughout the entire game. Wee man syndrome as I said !
  8. Easy game to ref but he was wee man who obviously like to dictate. the manner and body language to professional players should not be allowed. Wee man syndrome.
  9. This will become a guessing game so when we’re the boots hung up from Senior or Junior footie.? you may have a son in the youth development sides also.
  10. Got to say, after watching the St Mirren v Aberdeen game yesterday the quality is not any better the tier above.
  11. Great post and with you from mid seventies. Did start in 69 but memory not so good of that without looking back in our club books etc..
  12. He is struggling as we all can see and I do agree that change is needed but to personally attack someone who only wants to do the best for the club is not warranted.
  13. I agree sadly, great player for us and no doubt of his passion for the club, would have loved him to be a success even if it took a shaky start but imo he failed to identify what team and system to go with and sadly I think this is still the case.
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