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  1. First sentence says it all really, is their light at the end of tunnel though? course there is, mon the Dee's.
  2. Campbell

    John Nelms

    Totally agree with you on this one.
  3. Campbell

    John Nelms

    With our performances especially at home these last few seasons is it any wonder crowds are smaller! fair play to all who turned up today though.
  4. Campbell

    Dundee V Celtic

    If we get beat today we will remain 6 points adrift of 10th (and in all likelihood with an inferior GD) Hamilton are full of confidence and are flying, however, if we could get a win today that would change everything (back in our control) and put a wee bit more pressure on them (although they seem to thrive on pressure unlike us). With only 3 clean sheets in the league this season (2 v Hamilton & 1 v Livi) its clear where our main problems are but if we could somehow miraculously address our defensive frailties you never know. For me our defence has been the area that's never been properly addressed for years and years through various Managers and IMO the main reason we are in this position, its not rocket science, but what do I know. Here's hoping we can do the business today.
  5. Campbell

    Dundee V Celtic

    I think to have any chance of avoiding the drop we need to win this one as I have zero confidence (if we finish 11th) in any play off regardless of opposition. Celtic need to have a mare and we need to play out of our skins, although that's unlikely you never know in football, what do I expect - sadly the usual defeat I'm afraid as we've all come to expect, but you never know.
  6. Campbell

    Score Predicitions for This Weekend?

    Aberdeen v Livi 0 - 2 predictable Hamilton v Hearts 2 - 0 inevitable Rangers v Killie 0 - 0 who cares Fermers v St Mirren 0 - 2 they're still going down Dundee v Celtic Hammered, their defence had a mare but were still 11th !!!
  7. If we don't address the "dodgy defence" were going to struggle no matter what league were in and when I think about it, probably the early "sixties" was the last time I felt really confident about our defence and this seasons defensive displays have been a nightmare, I don't go along with this "unlucky" or "the ref's decisions etc" our defence is crap and is the main reason were in this situation IMO.
  8. Campbell

    Reception for Scott Bain

    The contempt he felt for Dee's became clear when he left, would love if we just ignored him but doubt that will happen.
  9. Campbell

    Dundee V Celtic

    As long as we don't concede, I'd take 0-0 right now, they need to have a mare and our defence needs to actually "defend", yeh I know.
  10. Agree with regard those two, the expression "You either have to be part of the solution, or your going to be part of the problem" springs to mind, yes very talented players when they choose but can you rely on them to dig in and fight for the cause! nae chance IMO
  11. Campbell

    James Horsfield - Officially Signs

    Welcome to Den's James, another positive signing (and of course its cover for right side of defence). Generally I think Cammy has been tremendous for us since he arrived on the scene, but at times he tries to do too much and I think that's more down to the shambles of the set-up (to put it mildly) the last two seasons or so has been. Clearly its far to early to suggest we will maintain our Premiership but even the most pessimistic of us on here (half-empty's) might concede that the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, Saturday will be another nail biter though I would imagine (if you've any nails left) that's the Dundee way.
  12. Campbell

    Hearts V Dundee

    Great result, especially against them and were off the bottom, superb, onward and upwards.
  13. Campbell

    Andreas Hadenius - Officially Signs

    Welcome to Den's Andreas, pity you cant play tonight though, never mind, maybe get a wee draw or a big win!!! Just noticed that Andreas (Swedish for Andrew) will be the fourth Andrew to sign this window (Andrew Davies, Andrew Nelson and Andy Dales) maybe bring us a wee change of luck!
  14. Campbell

    Andrew Nelson - Officially Signs

    Really pleased with this signing, but cant help thinking of that old adage 'If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is' however, that isn't always correct, here's hoping anyway. Welcome to Den's Andrew Nelson.
  15. Campbell

    Scottish Cup

    70 is my lucky number, off tay the bookies tay pit a tener on Hamilton

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