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  1. Campbell

    Best Pre-season Business

    I remember it well, those were great signings who went on to prove what a fantastic coach Archie Knox was, was shattered when he went back to the sheep, Jocky done okay but I often wonder if we had managed to hold on to Archie we could have went places, wasn't to be though as fergie had him lined up for Man Utd along with himself. Sadly, light years away from that now.
  2. Campbell

    Who do you think will be next?

    Think Derek Adams could get us going again, with perhaps James McPake Assist.
  3. Campbell

    Who do you think will be next?

    We've never had a proper defence since the early to mid sixties - maybe its just me but the record books don't lie.
  4. Ah the seventies, now those were the days
  5. Campbell

    Why would they keep him?

    Can understand the financials (must have been very tempting though) and agree their needs to be radical changes overall in order to rally the support (which understandably has been getting less and less) for next season. Most of our support are with FPS on their plans/ambitions for a new stadium, however, if they cant get their act together on the football pitch the fans will walk away and once gone more than likely will never return. As human beings, theirs only so much sh*t we can put up with. Over to you John boy.
  6. Campbell

    The Manager

    The Manager...…. Is he gone yet!
  7. Campbell

    Club Statement

    Been watching 'Lord of the Flies' again have we!
  8. Campbell

    To Be a Dee

    I commend you for your views and agree !00%, especially with last sentence. This season we have gone from one pathetic, submissive defeat after another and the consequential desolation that follows and culminating in the inevitable relegation. I have zero confidence in the Owners to turn things round and despair at the thought of retaining the management team for next season. Sadly I see know way out, however, if it was possible to begin again in the 2nd div (if it all goes t*ts up) I would take that any day. Best regards.
  9. Respect to all/any fans going to Fir Park to-day, lets hope we can get a wee win and lift the gloom, if only temporarily.
  10. Campbell

    Fans Meeting

    Thanks for the response and apologies for taking all this time to respond (don't get as much time online at the moment) I have been a member of the Society and recently re-joined when giving the opportunity and what I perhaps failed to get across was I believe they maybe could with our encouragement be the "voice/vehicle" for the "support" if of course we could galvanise ourselves behind them. I haven't a clue about the politics etc regarding DFCSS and FPS (haven't lived in Dundee for a while maybe that's why!) but I know the DFCSS people only have the best interest of the future of our once proud Football Club at heart, as we all do, that's all I was really trying to get across before it was to late, however, as you say its maybe only when were in admin we can galvanise the support to save the Club.
  11. Campbell

    Fans Meeting

  12. Campbell

    Fans Meeting

    These are very difficult times our beloved football club face and I agree with most of what you write and commend your forthright views, I definitely think we should be trying to organise ourselves/support in the event of our "owner" walking out etc. which will lead to the inevitable (word I cant say). Could be our "support" just couldn't deal with the worst (again) and that would be it, however, we need to try at least before its to late, Dfcss need to take the lead hear IMO, however, I appreciate its easy to say, but I know I couldn't handle another embarrassing shambles of a season regardless of what league were in.
  13. Our American benefactors cannot be far from throwing in the towel. Their "American Dream (in Dundee)" has failed spectacularly, especially IMO off to a promising start in first year or so, which the majority of Dee's bought into (yes, we had little option at that time perhaps). The process of Paul Hartley's dismissal was a shambles (first sign of poor advice etc.) and the handling of his successor, another shambles, followed by an another shambolic sacking and successor appointment. We will be relegated know doubt but can we survive as a club! I think the Americans will call time and walk (which will lead to that horrendous word that we hate) we will be punished probably to the 2nd division with "Fan Ownership" perhaps an option if approved, could be a case that the fans just don't have the stomach for that (perfectly understandable) Although I'm getting on a bit now I would be up for it though and would be like a "breath of fresh air" compared to these endless shambolic performances, week after week, year after year, however, how would fans react, who knows.
  14. Sadly, your words will strike a chord with most Dee's, it really has been pretty grim since the start of the season and got steadily worse and probably need a miracle to stay up. Do I believe in miracles, yes okay (its that time of the year again) but its the impossible I have a problem with, will take a miracle tomorrow tho, a wee win and we could be back in it. I've lost count of the amount of times I've said "that's it, had enough this time, nae going back" up to now I've always went back eventually (not to my wife's surprise) have been following the Dee's for more than 60 years and its us aulder ones that are struggling the most, yes , I know we had the "sixties" - League Champions - European Cup semi finalists etc etc but there's been more sh*t times than good to be fair and the last two or three years have been at best, grim. Wish it wis'nae this way, we all do, we just need the team to go out and play the way they're paid for.
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