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  1. When i bought my ticket on Thursday the lad physically wrote the number on my book which was 2046. Unless he is just writing random numbers on the books i assume he is doing it in some order .
  2. Did you go back to ticket information and click the link again and log in?
  3. You can buy existing seats by going on club site and click on tickets. Click on ticket information and you will see a link to renew existing ticket. You may have to create an account if you have not been on there before.
  4. My memory of the Penman goal was a s follows. We played towards the TC Kay end in the 1st half and Gillie scored just before half time.Early In the second half playing towards the Provie road Penman hit a great shot from outside the box level with the D the penalty box. It went into the bottom corner. The stand side linesman flagged Gillie offside who was standing on the opposite side of the field on the sideline. Nowhere interfering with play. Who knows if that goal had stood if it would have changed the result. But as it was early in the second half another goal would have made them panic.
  5. Partick not to take legal action. Is this the first twist in the tail ?
  6. What survival plan is this. The last vote was for finishing the season for the lower divs. That doesnt sound like a survival plan to me.
  7. Outside of Celtic & Rangers we had the biggest crowd over the 2 nights.
  8. Lets get real. Its not that many seasons ago we were getting 2500 - 3000 for championship games
  9. I think we would still get the payment as it is for last year's Premier league teams.
  10. He is back at Celtic and out of the picture.
  11. Good job they had this fantastic deal on.!!!!!! How many would have been there if was normal prices ???????
  12. I agree. They did not show the best chances. Moussa in the first minute with an easy header past the post and O ' Hara with the best shot of the match which the keeper turned over the bar. In fact the only save of the match from either side.
  13. I was at the match and remember seeing the highlights when I got home. KW was the commentator and I remember him saying that Dundee were in dark blue (black and white tv) the same as Scotland. The way they are playing they should all be playing for Scotland.
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