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  1. Not a massive issue but previously when you clicked on a topic it took me to the first unread post. Since the update it appears to take you to the first page and you need to pot shot at various pages until you find where you read up to previously.


    Edit just read the comments and can see I can adjust this in the settings.

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  2. On 22/04/2020 at 12:21, barkblue said:

    You mean like Craig Levein at Hearts?

    You obviously have experience in making reasoned arguments as you have successfully named one person whose tenure as DOF hasn't been wholly successfully.

    Do you have any ideas of your own to contribute?

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  3. Brilliant article. Well done to the author. I am in favour of trying a different approach, the currently system encourages managers to roll the dice in order to save their tenure whereas a DOF would be concerned with balancing short term success with a long term policy.

  4. 4 hours ago, Deewee said:

    Since people continue to be sceptical/downright d*cks about it every time I post info regardless of whether it is correct, here’s exactly what I’ve been told.

    He’s had offers from 3 clubs - us, the DABs and Motherwell. Those 2 have only offered deals to the end of the season and see him as backup to Shankland/Long, whereas we are offering 18 months and see him playing alongside Hemmings.

    He doesn’t want to be looking for another club at the end of the season so looks like he’ll be signing for us. Obviously until it is signed there’s time for another top flight club to come in with a longer deal.

    Who are we referring to here?



  5. 3 hours ago, paulitto said:


    Direct replacement for Mackie and brings much needed width.

    I'm glad some are using this thread to discuss the possibility of new signings.

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  6. Credit to JMP for the bold changes.

    Also our fitness was excellent the full backs were still running on at the end.

    Our squad badly needs more depth but I'm glad we have a manager how has a number of systems that he is prepared to deploy.

    This is a tough league and a point was is a decent enough result.

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  7. 10 minutes ago, Cobra said:

    That's not what I've heard from some Americans.

    Just found this article from the Guardian. It's from 2016 but I doubt much has changed since then.

    "As Doug Andreassen, the chairman of US Soccer’s diversity task force, looks across the game he loves, all he can see is a system broken in America. And he wonders why nobody seems to care.

    "He sees well-to-do families spending thousands of dollars a year on soccer clubs that propel their children to the sport’s highest levels, while thousands of gifted athletes in mostly African American and Latino neighborhoods get left behind. He worries about this inequity. Soccer is the world’s great democratic game, whose best stars have come from the world’s slums, ghettos and favelas. And yet in the US the path to the top is often determined by how many zeroes a parent can write in their checkbook."

    It's curious that America is far more diverse than say England and France yet has far fewer non-white players playing for the national teams.

    Maybe football is not ethnically diverse.

    But look at basketball, American football and baseball.

    I genuinely think America has a more democratic and more thoughtful system then our complete lack of system.

    Sport is about winning and generally that means acquiring the best talent, regardless of their background.

  8. 1 hour ago, Cobra said:

    The trouble is that, like with so many other things, the States is totally fucked up when it comes to developing gifted young footballers. I believe that youngsters generally get scholarships because their parents are rich rather than because of ability so I doubt it's worth us putting our limited resources into finding American talent. Pulisic is quality but he seems to be the exception.

    That is the exact opposite of who the system works.

    University in America is exceptionally expensive and the scholarship system allows gifted individuals, athletes or otherwise the opportunity to study and develop.

    As such most athletes don't turn professional until the early 20's meaning if your athletic career doesn't work out you have other skills to fall back on.

    Personally I think it is a good system.

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  9. There is an Arsenal issue during 1961/62, I believe it was due to both clubs being put off of their respective cups.

    I would desperately like to get this collection finished but I have found myself stuck for a few years now.

    One day I’ll complete it, only to begin another collection.

  10. Can anyone put me out of my misery and sort me out with any of the following?


    All title winning season 1961/62


    ??/01/62 Dundee Utd v Dundee 
    10/03/62 Dundee v Arsenal 
    07/04/62 Airdrie v Dundee  
    28/04/62 St Johnstone v Dundee

  11. We have a lot of centre halves and a club record fee is not to be sniffed at.


    Disappointed about Allan but onwards and upwards.


    Hopefully Waddell will get more game time and excell.

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