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  1. Player-GGH Goal-CW,2/5/2016,90plus2,get doon. Moment-As above
  2. GSD

    Ross Wallace

    See if big Jack available on loan from left cheek?
  3. GSD

    McPake Must Go.

    Both my Grandads went to both grounds afore the war,but were Dundee fans,that was a done thing for a working man back then,watch live football,couple pints etc.My old man says their fans were called the mad 500 back then,and crowds were swelled to around 1000 with neutrals,when both teams fixtures did not clash.End of war story.
  4. GSD

    McPake Must Go.

    All you want in a Derby is dig,win every challenge,run till your heart is bursting.That wasn't what we got,that's why Dees are so pissed about Friday,if that's beyond our "expectations" then we may as well shut the fucken doors!!
  5. GSD

    McPake Must Go.

    That's a bit poncy Rev
  6. GSD

    McPake Interview On Bt Sport

    Don't read that biased sh**e anymore,tory leanings,and badly researched journalism.
  7. GSD

    McPake Must Go.

    I'm not even chasing this bandwagon,but Forster alluded to the lack of fight and will to win in the side on Friday.How could any pro footballer be lacking motivation in a game like that? If so Mcpake has lost some respect in the dressing room,or vice versa and it needs addressed quickly or our season is fecked. We canna be back to this unhappy snowflake mentality sh**e again!!
  8. GSD

    McPake Interview On Bt Sport

    Haven't seen the interview,can anyone post it up?
  9. GSD

    Dee Lotto Launch or Relaunch?

    Yup,new system been put in place,and rebooted.
  10. GSD

    Derby Poll

    Never predict any Dee gemmes,Richard Osman would agree,but same starting 11 and get fucken ripped in to the tangy dayglo shitflingers!!
  11. GSD

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    Don't think they will need the berry bus tonight,so nae bricking
  12. GSD

    Dundee On Fm2020

    Mines is in my auld mans loft,had the terracing floodlights and previous Dee team strip,i'll have to dig it out and bore the grandkids!!
  13. GSD

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    Derbies are usually 100mph,blood and snotter shitfests,as long as we are up for winning all the 50-50,40-60,even 30-70 loose balls we will have the players to hurt them.Same 11,and get fired in,Mon the Dee!!
  14. Sounds like a great night for the travelling Dees,looks like its beginning to click into place,and we have found our starting 11,roll on Friday.
  15. GSD

    Derby Tickets

    They can't deal with derby defeat anxiety,they make up all sorts of excuses not to attend ie rubbing doon and painting the fence to avoid splinters.Mind they boycotted the semi in Edinburgh,only around 4,000 in their end,pitiful mongrels.
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