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  1. Players should know quite quickly when its not working, and the captain should then have a word and change it on park,or ask for a sub. That's what experienced players should do in a situation like that. Then again even Liverpool have bad days at office,and can't seem to change direction of games from within ranks, looking over at bench doesn't help,as klopp proved.
  2. When we visited places like tynie, even without the crowd,we sat in for the first 15,20 minutes, because you knew they would always come storming at ye. Then we would try and win our individual battles and get ourselves a platform to play,give me a sh**e gemme and a 1 all draw anytime over that shambles last night. We can't do gung ho,high press,don't have the pace in the team for it. Anyway opinions are like .......we stand monkeys know the square root of about futba 🤬
  3. Here's the excuses culture coming, f**k that display, that's not the DFC I was brought up with,its just unacceptable, club needs a factory reset.Ffs just get them telt.
  4. Haven't read most posts but that was deja vu for all of us tonight, and shows a manager who is out of his depth. Going gung ho against a very good team with donkeys at back,and cart horse midfield shows us up as rank.We are suffering too many embarrassing results on park for it to be coincidence. Even before mcp it happened, something rotten at core. If we are accepting that standard of tactical ineptitude,and player then we will never be a challenging team again,so Nelms get yourself and our club sorted ffs. Just get it sorted.
  5. Imagine the carnage if the Kelty jambos get a result at the midden,ya boy sir!!
  6. In youth football when your managers son is sh**e but gets a game every week,then you can tell him to ram it,cue mass walk off.😤🤬😱
  7. Wait till they get another 4 at weekend, meltdown tangy central🤣🤬
  8. Great bit of business, should boost whole club when someone of that quality signs.We just need to adopt the Leeds United system,and we may even win this league, with Charlie pulling strings.
  9. Piotr Chackowski,hope I spelled it right.Looked like a seventies porn star,but he could play futba.
  10. Jakey jaikit aside,I think the Dabs looked out depth as soon as wee haters sussed them,here's hoping.
  11. Ragin,especially Derby gemmes,punched a few arrogant dab pusses,but the therapist helped,also self help books,and Wighton goal has somehow balanced my little universe .
  12. georgis chip for its sheer footballing brilliance,and absolute puss shutting content,they c**ts will never see a better goal at that pigsty ever!!And they ken it and it boils their pish.!!
  13. 60s- canna mind any,too wee. 70s-any of the cologne or Milan goals 80s-loads tae choose,maybe Toshes screamer at stickle dump. 90s- mcanns chip or mortens screamer. 2000s-georgis winner at hampden,or his sublime chip at stickle dump. 10s- Wighton wipe out,or mcanns chip again. Most subjective tae alcohol consumed,or time lapsed,or just memory bank degradation.😜👍
  14. Make the rangers play with ten men for first twenty minutes as a concession.,but was mainly thinking of funds for struggling clubs aswell of course. If it was a game abandoned after 70 mins,tic 6-0 up,its deemed null and void,can't see difference with a league campaign.You could start new ssn with a graded start,Tic on six,tribute on four,etc,just an idea ken.
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