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  1. Make the rangers play with ten men for first twenty minutes as a concession.,but was mainly thinking of funds for struggling clubs aswell of course. If it was a game abandoned after 70 mins,tic 6-0 up,its deemed null and void,can't see difference with a league campaign.You could start new ssn with a graded start,Tic on six,tribute on four,etc,just an idea ken.
  2. And a pishometer of course. My prob with the Bonettis was they didn't have that usual italian hard to beat instinct,and training was flawed.They were usually sticklers for organising defences,and even cynical tactics,but these guys just went on the park and played,and let players decide. Maybe just me ,but it was a total riot of a rollercoaster that I will remember forever,especially seeing Claudio run out in the famous dark blue. Anyway back on topic...........
  3. Not been posting much,but yeah top v bottom in each league,televised at hampden,or other neutral venue,1 game no extra time,then pens. Should have got the a**e cheeks to play league decider aswell,again televised all over world with proceeds going to clubs in need. Bangin end to ssn.
  4. Yeah,18,16 leagues,with play offs,league cup regig into regional leagues so the two cheeks get the extra games to placate tv/finances.With one of them going out early,gives rest of us a chance at wee trip to mount florida. They might even vote for this!.🤔
  5. Not posted for a while,my problem. Spoke to a retired microbioligist this week,says the virus doesn't live very long outside body, especially outside, maybe 8hours. They also dont do well in warm dry climate situations, but they have a mutation device which makes them hard to eradicate ie.common cold. So may dissappear as quickly as appeared,but return again in a slightly different guise. Interesting guy,and great info.
  6. Same allocation as last game,got mines today.
  7. 1. Broonie 2.Morten 3.Georgie but its a tough call,my auld man would't have any of them,top would be Billy Steel,what a player he must've been! Imagine those three in the same Dee team,we can but dream!
  8. Said it before but we should try and loan Jack back,Brendan signed him after he ran the show at Parkhead.Gets the player back in shop window,and if he does well again may get a move down to Leicester out of it.May be a win win for our club.
  9. Thats crimbo sorted,and wee bit of do gooding to boot!
  10. 28 fucken goals in December,how many has our whole team scored up to now ffs,Santa can you make TC young again and bring him to Dens ASAP.
  11. Hemmings and Johnston need to do an ancestry search,see if there is any scottish grandparents,banging in goals in this league can get you a call up ffs!!May give them renewed appetite to excel.......
  12. GSD


    On Saturday I just couldn't get riled up enough to even shout at players to remove fingers,we never looked interested in getting stuck in,which is filtering down to us supporters.There was booing but I expected much worse reaction.Seems like the passion is drifting away just now,because the players don't SEEM to give a f**k.
  13. On the Thistle Street bus with auld man and his mates,Black Boab was bus convener,left at stupid o'clock as early ko,never seen so much drink consumed before lunchtime,and singing was deafening.We were in mainstand near the presentation as they came up stairs,we applauded that great Celtic side as they came past,then the roar came in as the Dee appeared,I lookaround and seen a sea of scarves,and grown men with tears in there eyes,I knew at that moment what it mean't to be a Dee till eh die.Legends every one.
  14. Big Chief Shitey Fut🕵️‍♂️
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