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  1. I'm a great believer in communication (in all areas of life) But between Football Club & DFC Fans, it can also be the life support we all need. Especially in these bad times. Said 2-3 posts back,. But once again... A Big Genuine Thank You to John Nelms, Tim Keyes, John Bennet ... Dundee FC, I'm proud to feel I'm a small part of this ... Great Club, Great Fans
  2. Mary in fairness to you, I think I left it on the heat a bit too long...Certainly a good bit longer than you suggested. I'm pretty handy in the kitchen, but Margaret's the real cook/baker. Precise and does it by the book Good idea that Still, excitement is getting to me now. I've now just bought Cooking Thermometer and a proper jam/candy pan
  3. Well Done JN. You have endured quite a bit of criticism from others (including me in recent month) But credit where it is due. An excellent, well worded, informative, thoughtful statement ... Thank you. And thanks also to John Bennet ... DUNDEE FC
  4. Hmm Mary ... Eh wull need tae think aboot that ain Dae ye hae a Candy Recipe, that tastes like tablet? KEEP YOUR MUSIC DOON... Maybe it's a distraction
  5. Chomp... As you know, I'm no one to tell other people how to live, but is it possible you and your wife are maybe spending too much time at the Allotment? At the expense of, your hoose, family & dog...which eh notice give up the ghost...& hoose at the end of video...Maybe a bit more focus on House Maintenance? Send for Mary, she'll soon soart oot the mess. But dinnae ask her tae mak home-made tablet (She's no quite got the hang of that yet ..Maks Guid Candy mind
  6. Well Done Mary ... There's obviously no holding you back in the kitchen, when you in full flight But good to see to managed to fit in a wee break to see where yir tablet recipe went awe wrang
  7. Oh Freend ... Eh can see trouble brewing on the home-front, once she checks oot the next Bank Statement Seriously, Guid Luck. Future at this time both on the health front & job front, is creating a worrying time for many.
  8. And in between putting in a full shift, she's a loving mother, entertaining us early morn on the forum ... And keeping me right on her recipe for the home made tablet...Which eh cleverly turned into candy
  9. Long, long, time ago (In days of yore) eh mind weel, meh Granny paying up a Penny Policy .... which may have covered her funeral Costs I wonder if something similar was still available, to cover my own missing income ... Margaret still insists there will be no £5 pocket money
  10. I agree ... Unless there are some "wee hidden clauses" we dinnae ken aboot, when every penny is a prisoner, TK & JN should already have this in hand.
  11. "All of Dundee United's players and most of the coaching staff are among "a large number" of employees to have been placed on furlough leave. The government's Job Retention Scheme will pay 80% of their salaries up to a monthly sum of £2,500, but United will cover any shortfall in wages." If not, should they? It seems to make financial sense ... Any views?
  12. Morn Mary...I think my topic above (although it asked the question) was more of an observation, to highlight the issue you point out yourself. There are some folk out there, who I would describe as "earning" obscene salaries ..."The rIch get richer, etc ... (While other barely scrape by) The Stage Coach Boss (Brian?) in an end of news interview comment said ... "Anyone earning over £50k might consider paying an additional, 5% tax which could go directly into pay packet of those in the front-line, during this worrying time ... Referring to nurses/care support workers"
  13. I suppose the question always falls back on, could we (other clubs) financially survive wthout Celtic & Rangers? It would mean of course other Clubs/Fans accepting more responsibility & without doubt accepting a possible willingness to drastically "cut their cloth" accordingly, & accept there will be new challenges ahead, as the visiting crowds from the West Coast Two (& bigger TV appearance money disappeared) Would the Fans & Clubs ever accept this challenge? I do not know. But I do know on a personal level, I'd never miss either of the West Coast Big Two in Scottish Football (The Tail constantly wagging the dog) If there was ever a time for League/Division changes ... There will never be a better time to do it than now ... And my view is DO IT !! I cannot believe, that Clubs, Like Hearts/Hibs/Aberdeen/Motherwell & of course Dundee & United (as well as other clubs) cannot "up their game" in a refreshed New League Set-Up' I mentioned in an earlier post of a few days back, there must surely be room & imagination, outwith a main New League Set-Up, to introduce an additional New Seasonal Competition, that allowed "Big Crowd Draws City Derbies" which could incorporate also the "Bigger (more ambitious) Clubs" ... If it were a real, well organised competion ... I am sure the crowds would turn up for additional games that involved the City rivalry between Clubs such as, Hearts v Hibs & Dundee v United, Aberdeen Motherwell, etc. So, will it ever happen? Nae chance !! But oot o courtesy, we could ask them And the Premiership stays as it were
  14. As you point out, in the great scheme of things in these terrible times, there are more important issues ... But thank you for your response & your opinion on Topic.
  15. Probably everyone will have their own strong views on that ... My view it is, that when so many will be fearing for their jobs, 10% is no more than a token amount. Read Link ...https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52106922 (The 10 in the Topic Heading should read 10% ... Maybe someone please can sort this out please)
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