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  1. Gedee

    Dundee V Motherwell

    I am quite surprised after last night's game no one has commented HK ... "One Swallow disnae mak a Summer" etc, etc, etc. Well although nae one can argie wi that sentiment, after DFC's long barren spell & the manner of it coming to an end last night. we've got plenty reason to believe it is mair than just a mere posibility, we can show the same fighting spirit against the'well And Again. Well Done to DFC, Jim, All the Players, Fans/Supporters, who held on to their belief. Especially those at the game
  2. Gedee

    Hearts V Dundee

    JM in his post match comments (BBC Radio Scotland) praised his players but kept his tone calm & controlled, reminding the presenter when asked, if this meant we are now turning the corner "It was only one game, so lets keep it in context" ... (Just like myself & the rest of us On here...Cool, Calm & Dignified) Well Done to DFC ... Jim, Players, Fans/Supporters
  3. Gedee

    Hearts V Dundee

    Hamish in line wi' awe Dundee fans & Supporters tonight... I'm sure anither bit o' yir anatomy got twa inches bigger when that final whistle went !! WE JUST LOVE DUNDEE FC & WELL DONE JM & LADS
  4. Gedee

    Hearts V Dundee

    Eh dinnae ken Dblair ... I think he's got that look o' madness aboot him ... And surely that cannae be bad
  5. Gedee

    Scottish Cup

    I thought I read somewhere he was a qualified joiner ... How much mair tools dis he need?
  6. Aye Freend ... A little foresight sometimes help to deflate a forthcoming issue, if you can get in first & take control, by leading the charge. (I transferred that wee piece o' advice Chomp, fae my "Happy Clapper Book of Rules")
  7. It's good to see you're starting on the right premise Chomp ... (I'm no' even sure eh can pronounce his name correctly, but I agree entirely)
  8. Fae someone wha can "go on a bit" once eh get started, eh'm a bit o' an expert, in spotting someone in the same mould. However, in Andrew Nelson's piece above, it's quite clear, he comes over, as someone who knows what they're talkin' aboot. As well as speaking fae the heart wi whit sounds a lot of common sense he's got infectious enthusiasm...Weel Done to JM
  9. Gedee

    Hearts V Dundee

    Good Day Wacky ... The Dark, Cauld, Wet, Windy, Short Days o' Winter, are never too easy to handle (& even mair difficult methinks, as eh get aulder) And being a DFC fan/supporter this season has sure added to the burden, especially wi these deed-times..."International/transfer widow breaks. etc" A win for the Dark Blues tonight will definitely "lift some of the gloom" It's been a long, painful season to date, for us Dundee Fans A reaction from the players tonight will do everything, to lift our spirits, ease oor pain, & gie us some hope. I think the players, but especially, the FPS/BOD now realise just what relegation will cost the Club in financial terms...Lost Revenue/Loss of Status/Fans Support. If there's money to spare, jist dinnae let this happen. And My Message to the DFC Players tonight is ... Lets see some real Self Pride, Pain, Energy, Entusiasm, Intent & Effort...WE CAN DO IT...DFC
  10. Gedee

    Hearts V Dundee

    Thank you Dark Blue' for your kindly comments above ... As much as I try to keep on a "even keel" I sometimes hae a fecht wi' mehsel, to keep, my "sometimes mad meanderings" on here, in control & on a level plane ... Still a wee bit insanity never did anyone any herm (At least that's whit eh'm saying to these Big Bunch o' Matcho Men" in white coats) as they try once more to get me tae swally their unsourced & probably untested medication, whilst strapping me doon again on this stretcher. I might be an Auld Man ... but eh'm a strong & determined Auld bu**er, when eh pit my mind to it Re Oor Forum, I try to approach everyone's comments wi' the attitude of "live & let's live" (Especially this season, as we are awe suffering) ... It seems to work for me even on the few bad days I sometimes have. And on the more better days I really enjoy coming on TDBF ... As for me anyway, it's (usually) the best part of my day. But the best tonic I could ever have, is DFC getting back on track...Tonight against Hearts would be great place to start. So wi' Heart, Body & Soul Lads, let's see you give your all. Make yourselves & us awe proud again. Mon the Mighty Dee
  11. EASY NOW PRINCESS ...I'm no' sure I am quite yet ready, to handle that kind of image. The parting words of my doctor was...Slow & Easy Auld Man, there's a long way to go
  12. Gedee

    Hearts V Dundee

    It was only a "Trial Day Pass" fae the "Secure Unit" ... But once eh convinced them my sanity had returned and they opened the Gate ...There wis nae catchin up wi the Auld Man in Full Flight !! Up the Provie like a Whippet. Followed by the White Van & Rescue Squad in White Coats. JM fought them off. I'm on the wing the morn
  13. Gedee

    Hearts V Dundee

    Thanks again Meh Auld Freend ... Remember at the time when Holty & his Cult Following on their Midnight Raids, dobbed the best o' my Organic Crop. And even at my age, no one wants to wake up at next morning's sunrise...And find oot someone has been interfering with their Juicy Plums On reflection I see it's all part of life's passage. He's no the first that's found My Prize winning Toms irresistible
  14. Gedee

    Hearts V Dundee

    Thanks Chomp ... For your thoughts & kind comments. I knew there was something seriously wrong with me, when Mrs G, decided over the Christmas period to reinstate my Pocket Money. & even that did little to lift my gloom & dark despondency. Reintroducing the weekly "beatings" I must admit did help to lift my spirits. But even I can stand only so much pain. On the Tomato Front normally I sow the seeds around now in Hot Propagator. This not only gives them a "head start" it usually lifts my spirits & confidence (knowing I'm a wee bit ahead) However, this time I made the mistake of reading the forum & found myself in an ongoing-never- ending "debate/discussion" as to what was the coldest month...Jan or Feb Think it was just about then I reached breaking point, as far as the Forum was concerned...Now recovered But tom seeds still in packet.
  15. Gedee

    Hearts V Dundee

    Hi HK ... It's right that we should all be honest & true to ourselves. And I usually respect the opinions of all posters on here. And how they present themselves. But sometimes, as late (when I'm no quite feeling a 100%) some of the cutting & comments, although not directed at me, I feel do little to add cheer to my life. Positivity, a sense o' daftness & fun, whereby eh dinnae have to tak mehsel all others too seriously is how eh get through life. Mind a win fae DFC helps a lot. (Applications for New Members to the Happy Clappy Club are presently suspended) We have now reached maximum numbers. Apologies to those on Waiting List

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