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  1. You may well be right Cobra .. But hope they are no daft enough to repeat that reasoning to their beloved, when they go home and try to explain the logical reasoning, behind the time spent away from their lady & family
  2. Sometimes (when the madness near takes over) things are even funnier ...Thanks chomp, Great Stuff
  3. Got to be honest here Cobra, my hearing is such I depend a lot on subtitles, but what I heard FUNNY
  4. That series(for me anyway) had to be one o' the best/funniest stuff on TV. How come I never saw that one
  5. I suppose, given time, when cooked up together in a space ship, the colour of a person (or maybe even the gender) becomes irrelevant ... Mind, whit eh'm eh telling you that for? Have you no spent half your life, squashed-up in a submarine wi lots of sweaty frustrated men
  6. Harry, these ill-thought, flippant responses from you, does not help anyone ... Jings Man ye ken yir stuff freend ... Do you think some o' your intelligence will ever pass on to me if eh keep reading your posts. I just love reading your posts. You're aye ahead o' the game.
  7. Cobra, I am no sure if your last comment was serious, or maybe a bit tongue in cheek However, as the idea of some form of life on other planets is NOT one I'd dismiss easily Would it not be the case that all the "things" we need to survive, could be totally opposite from what another species might require to survive? Oxygen etc? Does that make sense? Think my use of word things gives a fair idea, the extent of my knowledge in such matters.
  8. "Like when eh said, eh widnae mind a Tunnock Teacake, eh dinae mean a wee single teacake..."I MEANT ONE BOX" He is still Oor Hero ... Come on back Leigh. Well find a shirt & shorts that fits ye just fine, even if it means stretching the elastic... And we'll still make sure you get your Half-time Treat
  9. Aye freend...It took that move to far-off shores, a short stay, and a return to Scotland, to realise her true value. Wha wid hae thoct...(The kind of stories you couldnae mak up) Some Facts are Stranger than Fiction
  10. Chomp, I hope you are not basing that concept, on the meetings we have had, with Admin John... Although, to be honest, the first impressions of John in leather, chains & a whip were off-putting... But once he got into the full swing & rhythm I found it invigorating & I forgot all about the pain
  11. I think that it was in the late 1950's when there was "£10 Assisted Passages" to promote & increase, emigration and population in Australia. It was however a step too far for both Nessie & the Australians People. And Nessie was never really accepted ... With even a little foresight & research, those responsible for these plans should have been aware there would be some resistance ... (Basing this on the Aborigine Experience, who had been living there for 2, 000 years, but were still seen as outsiders on the fringe of society) Nessie however found her way home, but her short time in far-off lands left it's mark ... And she has now decided to keep out of the sight of the general Scottish Public, who she feels may have instigated the whole disastrous move to Australia Nessie does make the occasional rare appearance, for the benefit of the Tourists Credit for this info to the Mannie who appeared from nowhere & now lives on the shore. As well as forwarding this info & allowing me to use it, he asked me to remind everyone, there is now an extended range, of Quality (plastic life-like) Nessie Models in stock
  12. When Mrs G, has a moment to stop, whilst briefly looking in my direction, she also momentarily pauses, then ponders, and contemplates a similar thought ... Coincidentally, whilst I am staring for long periods at my lower regions, the same thought goes through my mind, reminiscing of the times gone by, when there was so much heat generated from the gusset area of my Long-Johns, that even on the coldest days, we had to open the window and turn doon the central heating Yes, it is all rather cold and quiet now There again, I still have my moments
  13. Pondering over their defeat, United's Manager's has offered a Short Headline ...Contemplating the lack of threat up front (especially with Shanklands still absent with an injury) their manager in a thoughtful, pensive pose (BBC Pic) ... "There will be No Knee-Jerk Reaction"... That kind of comment kinda reads to me... "Although I am not quite yet shi**ing myself, after only 3 games, reality is starting to set in, and I am now starting to question myself, why did I agree to join these clowns" Okay oor season's no started yet, but we might as weel enjoy it when we can...Mon the Dee
  14. As I have been a less regular poster contributor to the forum of late, I thought I'd pop in on here for all the latest current, local and world news. Thankfully we have a team of active, intelligent, informative & entertaining, forum members, who are willing to share, and face all issues head-on, however serious & controversial they might be. I mean, where else can you find a team of "forum experts" on every subject ... I feel blessed to be a member of such an elite & knowledgeable group ... Although on the Fitba-Front, they dinnae halfspout off some keech However, my Home Visit from the Secure Unit, to check out my prize-winning organic tomatoes (like my medication) is now drawing to an end and it is nearing the time to return. In long-johns & dream-like state, I usually just stare at them Meanwhile, do keep up the good work the world needs us And here on oor forum I learn something new every day
  15. Focus Wattie ... FOCUS !! You just made my last post/response even mair confusing than normal (Never mind, we'll blame chomp)
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