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  1. Hello Stainrod91, Welcome to The Dark Blues. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Stainrod91 joined on the 17/02/20. View Member
  2. Hello mbahlima653, Welcome to The Dark Blues. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. mbahlima653 joined on the 17/02/20. View Member
  3. Hello Dryburgh Dee, Welcome to The Dark Blues. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Dryburgh Dee joined on the 17/02/20. View Member
  4. Sometime's these fitba players' newspapers articles are a bit of a pain to read (weel that's meh opinion) but the one above is a refreshing change. He's certainly chatty ... But honest & interesting. Read it yourself & make up your own mind ... "Guid Luck wi the Driving Son"
  5. In the way of revamping our loving ,I thought eh'd pop into Lidl's Mary & buy a wee bunch o' (day-after) "discounted" posy o' flowers. But the sudden & recent callous termination of my £5 a week pocket money has put severe restrictions on my excessive spending. If I can get there early enough, I might be able to buy one o' their (past sell-buy date) loafs o' bread that are put on early at 20p Once eh scrape awa green mouldy bits & toast it, Mrs G will never notice ... And from there, who knows where that might lead
  6. Watching their game last night they certainly didn't look like a team surging further ahead & wiping out all & sundry in front of them . And their Wonder Man Shankland was probably more noted night, for what he didn't do. Like probably everyone else, I believe they've got this division well sown up .... But I think their complacency (cockiness) might soon be starting to take a knock.
  7. Oor Post- Man Passed Twa Minutes ago...And Mrs G. is shattered Her expected Card did not arrive... And it seems she's no too flattered My Pocket Money's been again withdrawn, & Noo I'm bruised & battered i Is there anyone there who still loves me please...My marriage is in tatters
  8. I'd like to commend Cobra for introducing this topic... Even if it has drifted a little from the original idea, it's sparked quite a bit of interest, fresh thinking & a range of ideas ... However, just to add...Although the TDB Forum disnae get everything right in everyone's eyes, think most would agree That under Admin. John, Scott, Mods & Active Posters (regular & occasional) it provides an all-round excellent service And does get far more right than wrong (I think I'm underplaying it's role and the tireless work, that John puts into this) (Dblair Post 27) I like the latest suggestion from Dblair. And it would give further well deserved recognition to TDB
  9. There's understandably been many new topics on here asking to recall incidents in games (or even whole games) gone by. I don't usually respond, not because it's beneath me. But although I've followed DFC all my life, there's been periods when I worked away from home, or jobs where I worked every weekend, and I simply could not get to games. But there were many games I did get to, but which, because of the passing of time, I've forgotten. These responding posts however, sometimes (when memories allow) brings back these times (Thanks) Your comment above Dandy is another one ... I think Jack Charlton really did believe he was "Jack the Lad" And neither the DFC Fans or Oor Keeper, took too kindly to his "antics" in front of the Keeper... However in Ali Donaldson, he finally met his match
  10. Guess it'd be Mary's Mum/Granny (cause she's Knitting Kind) Great Pic o wee Grandson Mary a week back xx.
  11. And I would be leading the charge Darkblue... Bearing in mind it wis only last week I got my £5 per wk. Pocket Money reinstated & half was being wasted Every Month
  12. Och Weel Freend ... Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
  13. I'm no sure how much importance you can put on the following comment Deewee .... "But it makes fine sense to me" "Culture" of losing as opposed to "habit" is more insidious, wide-spreading, accepting...More difficult to break free from
  14. Hi Woods ... Eh dinnae think eh've ever heard that expression highlighted (although it may have passed me by) The truth is, although I quite often fa' back on the Scottish words & phrases I am fairly limited in my knowledge. And much might depend on the mood & company eh'm in, as to whether I want to use them on a particular day. But love the sound (& taste even) o' many of the older Scottish words/phrases. Unique and irreplaceable (imo)
  15. Wood I'm no sure that is the case. I'm, no a ST holder, but eh go one. "President of Happy Clappy Club"
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