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  1. Gedee

    Pars V Dees Tix On Sale Now

    Eh ken auld decrepit pensioners that try to pass themselves off as very young lads !! The last time Chomp tried to lift me ower the turnstile, eh ended upside doon. Wi meh neck jammed in thon metal bit. And meh heid jammed in chomp's crutch. Then in meh struggle tae free mysel fae that akward situation my wig fell aff And meh teeth fell oot. (Oh aye, and Puir Chomp, ended up in hosptal wi a hernia) He's now awaiting trial... For attempted assault on a" junior"
  2. James, it's maybe time noo, for you and your coaching team to swing into action & check oot these "potential signings" in your standby book. Before us DFC natives really start getting restless. We have faith in you...But... If ye decide to hae a conflab wi GS, "mum's the word"
  3. If every Scottish signing, fae every Scottish Club, dragged on & on like this saga, I'm no surprised Clubs sign players from afar !! Even if the majority of "Bargains" . end up in suicidal disaster (Once ye really see whit yoir getting for yir money)
  4. Gedee


    Billy, my eyes atomatically zoom intae him ... (however hard eh try to control them) Suppose eh should be grateful, he didnae manage to take his position, in the midllde of the front row
  5. Gedee

    League Cup 19/20 Thread

    Wood, maybe the whole man to ball movement requires further analysis ... Either way freend, I'm no sure his players noo, will take him too seriously eafter that !! Eh can se noo, why he's the kind o' mannie that prefers to keep his emotions in check...(At least in public)
  6. Gedee

    League Cup 19/20 Thread

    Coolness personified .... Who would hae thought, Tommy "always keeps it awe together" Wright, would get hinself in that state !! (He's gonna he a tough joab trying to convince his players the've got to hit the baw better when he missed the bag 6 inches awa)
  7. Maybe as I get older I'm becoming more cautious aboot splashing oot the hard earned money on the promise of possible/potential returns, for the future & the grand things to come, by taking this costly step. But I'd be more than hesistant to invest in May in the time & terms as suggested above. We do need the goals & the excitement again, of seeing a player (or players) who have the proven value in finding the net ... But maybe it is only a temporary thing, that will soon vanish, once the "real season" & fight for promotion starts, but I am generally happy to leave things/results & progress in the hands of JMP & the coaching staff. I feel there is a building period ahead of us this season. And if it's done properly (slow & steady) we will awe benefit. Mind the bits in between this & getting to this goal, when performances & results are no' going our way, are definitely no, easy to come to terms with
  8. Maybe in his case it's being sent to the "Naughty Corner" ... But whether he's able to find it ... Weel that's another matter
  9. Gedee

    Five Players Required.

    I suppose, although Fitba can be exciting & entertaining when it's played at it's best ... Or even if it's not (as long as it's the club, we love) ... it's still a strange (funny gemme at times) when we see forward offensive players, at their best, suddenly wi' some fast, deft moves, breaking down a stallwart defence, & then hammering , or even slipping the baw into the opposition goal, once over the initial joy & jubilation, we are awe once more at peace wi' the world For me though, the last line of defence is just as interesting ... That is the relationship between keeper & those defenders in front of him (& vica-versa) I'm no talking aboot ... "Are they my pals?" I'm talking aboot the self-perpetuating-effect of the poor performance of each ... Even when the defenders are no' at there best, knowing they have a "solid" keeper behind them (imo) can give them back their confidence to raise their game. And the same applies for the keeper. If he knows, the last line of defence in front of him are generally "top solid" his own confidence is sky high ... And then all is well Clean Sheets. Well that's meh theory ... although eh might cheenge meh mind the morn Noo aboot these forwards & their lack o' goals...I'll leave that for anither day
  10. Gedee


    TBH, I think the general problems faced by the Club may be around ... Improving the service up to a professional high quality, the Club feel, this will affect the interest & attendances to "live games".... (This view is only based on a gut feeling) I am aware that because of "legal conditions" live games are only available to DFC Fans/supporters outwith the UK. There are (illegal) ways around this, which I am sure just about everyone knows ... (although I have no intention of becoming involved in that here) However, whatever way is used ... In subscribing for the live service, DFC is still getting what should be a substantial income, if they offer a quality service. The present situation, whereby those within the UK cannot (officially) receive live feeds games (although outwith the control of the Club) is simply unfair ... To lifelong, or even new fans/supporters, who now find themselves, for reasons of age/distance/disabity/varied health conditions/or anything else along those lines, in a position, whereby they cannot get to Dens to experience no longer a live games. But even while these legal conditions exist, DFC should still be doing all can (invest) to improve the quality ... I really cannot believe there's not a potential for a huge market outwith the UK (& within if conditions allowed)
  11. Gedee

    Five Players Required.

    My own views are based on what DeeTV offers...So in the main the 90mins of recorded game/highlights/text & audio comments etc. And although I have been crirical of our keeper in the past Mr S, it does seem now he's coming on to a better & more confident game. So for now I'd stick with JH & focus on offensve players that know the route to goal & then know what to do when they get there
  12. Gedee

    Five Players Required.

    Chomp, when things, or people in & outwith the forum, get on top of you, do what I do ... (And what Admin John advised us to do) Go to the bedroom, open doors of your "Alternative Wardrobe"...Slip into something soft & silky And peace will descend upon you The Leather Gear, Chains & Spiked Whips, also have their place. But there are times when out & out aggression is not the answer
  13. Dinnae want Gordon Strachan over shadowing our new manager, who understandably is still finding his feet... But on the other hand, eh widnae object if he contacted James, along the lines of ..."James, congratulations on the arrival of your new addition to the family ...I hope all are well. But while I am on the phone, and whilst you are undoubtably, very busy in the present circumstances, would you like me to check meh half dozen "Contact Books" & send on a list of key/names (players) wha wid be willing tae sell their hoose & family, for the honour of wearing The Famous Dark Blue?... "BUT DINNAE YOU BE FRETTING YOURSELF SON, I AM JIST TRYING TO BE HELPFUL" Noo Goal Scorers would that be indexed under G or S (Same initials as Gordon Strachan)...The signs are there
  14. (Jings it must have slipped his mind)... His enthusiastic interest of a few months back in showing an interset for coming back, to do a job for his Auld Club ... (Once reality kicked in)
  15. I agree with your comment above Dondeh ... The problem is, whereas most times we can get away with the "casual comment"...Fitba managers & players comments are held up to public scrutiny
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