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  1. Gedee

    The New Stadium Thread

    Either that or an afternoon nap
  2. HK, you could weel be meh kind o' man. Mind it's no aye whit ye wear that maks the man It's what goes on in yir heid And I think at times we (& a few ithers here, are on the same wavelength)
  3. I think that's exactly what happened blue' I am a bit of an expert on the "knee-front" Partly age, but mainly praying for DFC
  4. HK My Freend, I think the real test mind, is to wear a... "Gay" Coloured Poncho, a Sombrero, and we better throw in a Guitar as Weel. (Lets go the whole hog) Wear a pair o' quality running shoes & serenade the Big Hairy Macho Hunks, wi something like "Mexicali Rose
  5. Gedee

    Six Minutes Added On

    I agree fully with your post above Harry ... I know we all see things differently, & I do not have the benefit of seeing DFC live (some might say that's a blessing) But on a general level, I think under JM we are starting to see the makings, of a good, solid team of players. Our present league position shows, we still have some way to go. But (imo) the signs are there. However, if it all comes together too late and we do find ourselves relegated .... I do fear how it will all work out from there. How many Clubs/Teams, fall down into that dreaded division, with thoughts that it is a one-season temporary blip. And we will be back in Premiership next season. Starting with victory against St Mirren (it's possible) I think we can hold on to our place in the Premiership...Look forward to a next season with less trauma
  6. If you & Prince gie me a howl, when you Twa Wanderin Musical Minstrels are (doing what you do) up in the hills, I'll try to fill in the slack for you. I doubt if any ither posters will notice much difference, because awe oor forum posts are pretty similar. Awe three o' us haver a lot o' sh**e (Hope you dont think I am being too forward lads, but I would not be at all embarrassed if you wished to offer a small donation for this service) PS Chomp, When I professed my affection for Prince (another post) it did not in anyway diminish my feelings for you. I've lots o love to give
  7. Gedee

    Six Minutes Added On

    Some might say, it's awe aboot swings & roundabouts ... But after yesterday, and the 6th min. goal of that very questionable long period of extra time, I really do wonder just how much influence the "Old Firm" have on Match Officials (direct or otherwise) There always seems to be a strong tendency with referees, that when a decision is required, it's probably better to give it in favour of them. What has happened has happened though. And I'm now trying to leave it behind me (no easy). But to move on in a more positive direction. I agree with John above. JM obviously had in his mind how he wanted his players to approach this game. And the players took it on board. As individuals & as a team, they stuck to the game plan. And just about got the result they/us were looking for. Focus/effort in abundance. In the circumstances we're in at this time, we really have got to believe the players, can approach each game that comes ... With the same determination fire in their belly they showed yesterday. JM may be/or may not be, the perfect manager,. But the players believe in him (imo) He has an uncomplicated, common sense approach to the game. He has experience. Maybe mixed. But his players are benefiting from this. The next game against St. Mirren may well be the game that determines what Division we,ll be playing in next season DFC LET'S DO IT
  8. Gedee

    • Gedee
    • fsdsd fgfdg

    I'd like to wish you a Big Warm Welcome to the Dark Blue Forum Freend:welcome2:

    Still got mixed feelings after yesterday's result. But still proud to be a Dee Fan :wub:


  9. Gedee

    John Nelms

    Thank you for your kind sentiment Prince ... Sometimes I wish I was gay (One week, I could give you your £5 pocket money ... And then next week you could give me £5 pocket money) You look after yourself now
  10. Gedee

    John Nelms

    Prince, let's not be making too many assumptions...I am still trying to open negotiations with Mrs G to reinstate my £5 per week Pocket Money My Friend I am sorry for the one-line response above... (eh jist couldnae help mysef) As you can see by the "like" I gave you, I think your post is spot on.
  11. Gedee

    John Nelms

    So Freend, Prince suggests your delusional ... And then Deetection, you retaliate by suggesting he is delusional Don't want anyone out there to think I'm trying to corner the market. But I will be keeping an eye on the competition
  12. Gedee

    Six Minutes Added On

    I turned over on to BBC radio to take in the the after-match comments, and as well as all the presenters questioning where the additional SIX minutes came from ... All of them discussed & agreed, that the psychological effect of hearing an extra six minutes can have on players, when they are "geared up" for possibly another thee minutes ... They started off this conversation on "general terms" but obviously made the connection to the DFC players in the game today. (That "extra time bit" sickened and angered me) But I am now going to move on to a more positive aspect of the performance. Weel Done Lads for Putting in a Full Shift
  13. Gedee

    Six Minutes Added On

    Watching the game on TV, the tension was approaching danger point, as we went into the last few minutes of normal time, when Mrs G. who was as engrossed with the game (& as tense as me) passed the comment ... Will there be 4 minutes of extra time? I confidently answered, 3 mins max. Then the SIX MINS come up on screen. I did not time the stoppages ... But that was nonsense. Surprisingly (in post game interview) JM was calm & quite philsophical about the additional time. But he must have internally been raging inside. I know I am (I'm still trying to calm myself doon)
  14. Hi Edin-Dee, I think all the points you have made in your post are fair, and I agree with them all. I'm no sure anyone would ever say that the financial backing FPS has been less than expected. As you have said "they have budgeted for top six" Not only has that not happened, we find we are in a position, fighting to hold on to our place in the Premiership. This, as well as the other points you have raised, (inc. poor performances & basically no points) are the reason (imo) for the falling attendances And the resulting shortfall in income to the Club. There has to be a time, when the Americans will say "enough is enough" The clumsy way this so called early ticket offer has been announced, may be an indication that this time is drawing near. I have highlighted the bit of your post, which I think makes that relevant point. However, looking at the bigger picture (& maybe going a bit off track) ... I'f I've been reading this right, it appears JN is happy with the progress being made under JM...(And maybe I am as well) So the question is ... Is he finally the right man to lead us to the Top Six (definitely no this season) We do need a period of stability (& hope)...For the FPS/BOD/ DFC/ FANS. Any other views

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