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  1. Gedee

    Jim Duffy

    Is it not the case that in every sphere, money rules the game? If we are supported, by an ambitious, determined, focused BOD, with unlimited funds & their policy is to reach the top six consistently, & then back this financially, in terms of quality in management, coaching, playing staff, then we can start believing, & realistically aim high. If we we have a BOD (as it appears is the case) that work within an agreed budget .. And to do so so, accept that if we are fortunate enough to have quality players, these players will move on to balance expenditure, I fear we should accept our limitations Having unlimited funds is not the only answer & money will never be a guarantee of success. But if each time we start to build & show potential, we "move on" our better players, it would seem to me, we would be better keeping our dreams, well in check. None of this is a criticism of the backing we have had from FPS ... it is just as I see it. We are in a strange position just now. No one wanted relegated, but we are where we are ... And in terms of Manager & Building a Total New Team, there may well be exciting times ahead for FPS/DFC/Fans & Supporters. Is it possible to dream & aim high within the confines of a realistic limited budget? I'm not sure. It looks like again, the FPS is again stepping up to the plate with additional finance. A bit success and consistency on the Park and I am sure the supporters will return. If we're really serious of being a Top Six Premiership Club hosted in a New Stadium. we've to start building a team for the future & holding on to it. If not, so be it. DFC
  2. Gedee

    Just Watched the Highlights.

    The next few days/weeks and the time leading up to the start of the new season is gonna be a crucial time for the Decision-makers, involved in the selection process & appointment of the New Manager for DFC. And frankly I do not envy them. Whether we can "do a Killie" is a maybe a big ask Billy'. But if they get it right, well who knows? DFC
  3. Gedee

    Shankley: Nature's Fire

    Whatever view you may have about the merits & achievements of both brothers, it was nevertheless a tremendous piece of television ... I watched it twice & enjoyed it even more the second time round (Shown a year or two back on BBC) As well as showing his tremendous achievements & hard work ethic & passion for the game. It was his genuine love & respect for the game & "the fans" which moved me ... The common, ordinary, working class, which he saw as the life-blood of the game. These days it seems are now long gone. But it also seems in Liverpool, as a person, as well as a football manager, the achievements & memories of this man , who came from a decent hard working family, will live for a long time yet. Maybe it was this background, that established his love of football, his work ethic & love of the working class fans. Maybe a wee mention of his brother Bob by producers of the film would not have gone amiss ... But again the focus was on profiling Bill. Either way, a good (emotional at times) reflection of life/politics/football, of an era, which I felt I could identify & relate to. Thanks Chomp
  4. (Apologies to the poster who already mentioned Scott Fox) ... I wanted to add a short response/question, but couldn't find it. As already said, he now wants away from Ross County. The reason given was, they could not agree terms. So the question is... Would he consider signing for us? And would you see his signing as asset? In the run up to County's promotion, he enjoyed, 16 game run I see without conceding a goal !! (Sounds Mighty Fine To Me)
  5. Gedee

    Pass of the Season

    Totally agree Bobby' ... That was touch of class. And a reminder of what it can be like, when we do get it right. I do hope this is a sign of things to come. The timing, the precision, collection of the pass & goal was just perfect. & happening when we only had 9 men on the field. It's a long, long time, since we've seen that class & panache fae the lads in Dark Blue. From the whistle felt there was a totally new attitude from the DFC Players. Mon the Dee
  6. In as much as it's possible, the final selection of appointing a DFC Manager should be taken in a cool, detached, professional way. It would not be fair/respectful to anyone ... DFC, James McPake, or potential interested parties (or us) after only one game, to start the process of making decisions. I think, leading up to this point of appointing James, to be charge of the last game, it has turned out well, for the Club & himself. But time is on our side. It may be DFC & JN have already made up there mind what direction they are taking in the final selection of their manager, or other DOF/manager/assistant manager & coach arrangement. But if this is the case, it makes a mockery of the whole selection process. No need at all to make decisions at this time. James Mc Pake is deservedly (imo) well up there for consideration ... And as it stands. he should be up there. If not as favourite, certainly in the top 3-4. This final decision here may turn out to be, one of the most important decisions DFC will make for next season & the many seasons that follow. Let's get it right.
  7. One thing we can say about Dundee John, is we never really know what they are up to ... Maybe because they are good at keeping secrets, or simply that in the past, some of their decisions have made us question if they know themselves, exactly what they are up to. JN's recent interview appearance, I thought he showed up, pretty well (he looked a bit strained) But I'd be more troubled if he looked relaxed & assured. There are big decision to be made, and if he's stressed out a bit trying this time to get it right, I think fans will understand that, & even go along with that. He's certainly been ducking the bullets the last few weeks. But his job might become easier, if he is more open & in doing so, sees he does have the backing of all (most) of us. He's allowed tae mak mistakes and cheenge his mind ... No' too often mind ... And no' too many (As lang as he checks wi us first) It looks like he's noo moved on from "Criteria & Winning Formula Period" & is showing more open-ness & flexibility. So who knows?
  8. Maybe Cobra it would depend on having the right (experienced) person alongside him ... We know. And DFC know. There is a lot riding on getting this decision right. Although time is on their side. Maybe in James we do have half of the equation, right in front of us. It does look like DFC/BOD, this time, have at least learned from their past mistakes are approaching this process. in a cooler, calmer, more thoughtful, & professional manner. At least this time, circumstances mean there is no need for panic. Good Luck JN.
  9. I think the best for me, was not only his sensible, thoughtful comments, it was also his quiet, respectful manner in conveying them, which tbh, I kinda expected of him. He came over as a person who's genuine & honest & appreciative of the Club & all that it has done for him, at a time when it could well have turned it''s back on him ... reflecting & reminding us at again, that there is still a little good, positive, decent news & feelings for DFC, & all the staff from top to bottom. And maybe next season could see a change of fortunes Think the general feeling at this time, is that it may be a bit too early, to consider him as DFC manager ... I would not disagree with that sentiment. But who really knows? He has proven in the past (as a player) he has the right kind of qualities to be a winner. He now has the Qualifications ... Maybe being involved, in a Club he loves and respects, & in turn think highly of him, is exactly where he should gain experience. Nothing's going to be decided tomorrow, win or lose. But whatever future holds James, all the best
  10. Firstly, apologies if someone else has already added following link (I'm still catching up)...https://dundeefc.co.uk/news/the-mood-has-been-great/ I already watched/tried to listen, to his video comments...But being now a bit hard of hearing, it's much easier (& better) to read what he had to say. Chances are, all of you will have either read this, or listened/watched video, but even so it's good to hear something good positive coming from DFC. Although I am not advocating James is a shoe-in for the permanent role of DFC Manager, it's good to read/see/hear the respect he has for the Club. Maybe at end of the day, we could do much worse. But whatever way it pans out, and we do want the best. It's good to know it's not all bad news
  11. Gedee

    Team v St Mirren

    If list of enquiries (potential applicants for the vacant DFC manager) continues to grow at its present list Wattie, they'll need to leave a stand for them The use of the word inundated suggest to me, the list must be now nearly 2,000 !! And the final short-list will be around 200. One way of increasing attendance
  12. Gedee

    Who do you think will be next?

    I take your point Cobra ... It appears JN will not be short of "interested" candidates, so we can only hope that when it comes to the final selection, everyone involved will have thoroughly done their research & homework. And when it comes to the final decision, let's hope (if only for our own good health & sanity) they get it right this time ... Mon the Dee
  13. Gedee

    Who do you think will be next?

    Enjoyed reading the Article Greg ... Thanks for posting. Sometimes there is a bit o' "havering" goes on in these peices. And of course it's possible, this one does have it's share. But on the other hand, I enjoy reading about what makes other's tick. Even the worst may find solace/comfort in Bible.
  14. Gedee

    Who do you think will be next?

    You are always tactful in your comments Cobra, & for that alone you have my greatest respect. It does seem, JN is being much more careful/cautious, in assessing possible DFC candidates. That alone may be enough to rule out Ian McCall. But personally, as a person, I admire him. He openly admits to his past problems (only it appears when asked) & certainly does NOT go on & on about them. As a football manager he's a great deal to offer. But DFC manager? I'm not sure.
  15. Gedee

    Who do you think will be next?

    I certainly wouldn't mind McCall...But like you gblue, I was happy when we appointed McIntyre. But there again, I was ecstatic when we appointed Paul H, & probably delirious with joy with NM. So if you really want to get into the "what do I know" make sure you've the full credentials
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