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  1. Surprised DBK, as we go through this difficult time as a Club, & with the added pressure of this present political climate we are enduring, a rising number of DFC fans have chosen this paricular time tae... "Come Oot" Think I should consider amalgamating, this new group to the "Happy Clappy Club Group Members"...With recent falling numbers, all are welcome
  2. I think chomp's the "Accommodating Kind" And wi Mrs G, still holding out on the Pocket Money front & me feeling unloved, I'd be willing to share (As long as eh got a wee cuddle)
  3. Thanks freend ... I'm on my way (Chomp asks if he can com anaw)
  4. Of course one of the opposing arguments to that CW, appears to be, that this idea/policy is self defeating ... That this will prevent (new) large investors investing in the UK. And current Businesses, either moving their Business (or their money) out of UK ... Of course, this is already going on, in the way of finding Tax Havens & Cheap Labour Costs. I am no expert at all in any of these areas & I am trying (as a wee self imposed test) to stay as neutral as I can & away (directly) from party politics on this thread. But I will say, that those with power & money will always find ways of holding on to what they've got, & where possible, add on to their wealth ... And more likely, at the expense of those, struggling at the bottom (imo)
  5. Can eh come alang as weel Andrak? ... Eh'm feelin' a wee bit lonely (& a little bit adventurous)
  6. We are at a really particular important period as the countdown to Election Day continues (imo) Thrusting politics & political parties directly is maybe not the route to take on this thread...However rightly justified & strongly you feel freends Maybe better to try to avoid Political Party Names, to allow this thread/topic to continue. It's no an exercise in subtlety. It's testing & hard work. So with that in mind ... I notice the Money Promises & Pledges (BRIBES) are now increasing with each new Party Statement as each Party tries to outbid the other one. Hardly an hour passes & another statement comes out, about an ever increasing financial promise to us & our Country. If interested, you can easily work out for yourself, who made the latest one ... "Certain Party"... "had previously pledged £70bn of investment in Scotland, but this is now to rise to £100bn over 10 years in the manifesto" (It's guid tae ken they're awe thinkin' o' us during these difficult times)
  7. Attilio, you should maybe run that one by your wife/partner & check out reaction, before putting it on here
  8. I was just making a bit of "light fun" friend...On the basis that, what he says is irrelevant. He's just got to keep reading, the Daily Advice on the Forum. And he will no go far wrong. MORE SERIOUSLY, IF HE CAN PICK UP ALL POINTS AGAINST ICT ON SAT, HE'S A HERO
  9. So it says ... According to today's Dundee Courier Article/Headline above. Think it is time JMP realised...Us "experts" on the forum have the final say Need a poll please Cobra. Time JMP remembered we make the decisions
  10. Weel Done WW...Although eh'm n'o sae sure aboot the first word that comes tae mind efter reading meh topic is glakit Maybe a wee bit too close to home ... Still, ye've got me weel sussed oot ... "Yes, Thank You Nurse, More Pills Please"
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-50476008 Link above, highlights 10 used scottish favourite words. In the main eh kinda speak (I suppose) "proper english" But eh've nae problem at awe, drappin' in the odd scottish word or twa, intae meh general conversation. Or even posts on here, when mood takes me ... Whit aboot yirselves? Mither's Tongue/Queens English? (And there might be a wee silhouette picture at the bottom of link above you might want to click onto)
  12. Gedee

    Welcome Home Barry

    As much a Barry deserves awe these welcoming posts, I didn't expect quite so many ... Delighted wi the wee surge of forum activity "Hope he reads them and feels the love"
  13. Gedee

    Welcome Home Barry

    Suppose words evolve ... In my young days, it was exclusively used, for someone who had completed their 5 yr. apprenticeship (journey) And at the conclusion were entitled to be called a journeyman. I agree with chomp & a few others here, re-"slur" For many it means an allrounder..."Jack of all trades, but master of none" I hold him in much higher esteem that that & others could learn of him.
  14. Always feel more than a little bit uneasy, when I see that word "cult" I've still never forgiven Holt & his Followers for that tomato season
  15. Gedee

    Ict V Dundee

    Weel stick to what you know best meh freend .. And continue to enjoy the, "Plum Experience" Careful not to overhandle, bruising may occur
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