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  1. Gedee

    The Curious Case of Kane Hemmings

    I go along with your opening comment above John and believe it is only a matter of time. before he hits the scoring trail. Add to his qualities, the names of Nelson & Johnson and in these three players we have lads that some Premiership Teams would be happy see in their line-up. Those DFC fans/supporters who can see live games on a regular basis will be well aware of the areas that need strengthened much better than me, so no need for me to try to name names. But as I see it, if we can add/adjust things to make the midfield more creative, whereby they can act as a real feed to our goal-scoring front men, & make a defence (from Keeper out) more confident & secure, we will soon be a team to be reckoned with. I am not talking of mass changes ... I think even as we stand, we are about there. And confidence breeds confidence ... Both at the front & at the back. And then through the whole team. The victory of yesterday may be the start.
  2. Quite right Blue' ... First and foremost it is DFC that heads the way in our thoughts...(And the improvement in wins & results, always starts there) But it adds a wee bit sugar & warms the heart when they are reminded, that they are maybe not quite as good as they believe. And it's still a very long season ahead
  3. It's that aggressive side of yours John, that Chomp and I find so appealing
  4. Gonna say Hamilton ... There's others possibly more deserving. His penalty save was important in this particular game. But I'm hoping also, this might lead-on to a confidence boost & all-round personal improvement.
  5. Huggs' meh freend ... I am sure your wee analysis is right on the mark. But eh prefer to see it as a genltle kick in the baws to the Unbeatables
  6. A stand oot comment there fae Ian McCall ... As said above, whether ye're a fan o' McCall (I am) that's the best "pit-doon" I've read/heard in a lang time
  7. Let's hope tho' he's well tested .... And fails As oor Gang of Goal-Scores come thundering doon on him & DFC rack up the goals ... (weel we can still dream)
  8. Deeteck when you get to a certain age...eh wi born in 1942 you've got tae dae whit's best for yirsel & those family & friends that are close around you. So if you feel for whatever reason, forum's no for you, that is your choice. But personally, taking into account I no longer get to games, because of isues around health, distance, time & travel etc, I find this particular forum a godsend. Why no gie yirsel a wee break, then Rolll alang wi' the bad and the good.
  9. Weel DeeTeck ... Although eh'm mair fae one o' the "Younger Group" eh like to show respect, tae you "Auld Ains" As lang as ye dinnae start haverin' aboot yir...Organic tomatoes, re-cycled & reinforced long-johns & thon voices.
  10. ... Jings J-K, and here wis me gettn'' awe excited tae.
  11. Weel Billy ... That comment above is straight to the point. Although I accept it is certainly not the most "lifting" and positve post I have read in the past few days, is he not still entitled to his point of view? Maybe he'll respond or maybe he'll not...But I kinda feel he has did enough in his past years of DFC support, to be allowed to express an opinion.
  12. Gedee

    Big Team

    I agree with all of that GSD ... And on the more general point which you yourself raised above. The impression I get on present day football, is there has maybe been too much of a power-shift from the managing staff to players. I've little time for the "bullying approach" in any aspect of social or professional life, but there is a need for respect & discipline ... & I am not sure this is foemost in the mind of some of today's football players ... That said, I'm glad we have move away in most areas, from the ruling with an iron rod. ... A wee bit more honesty & respect would go along way mind.
  13. Gedee

    Graham Dorrans

    Weel, that's him telt !!
  14. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with your point above friend.But is there not some room for manoeuvre here? We're tallking about Divisions/Clubs/Players, of totally different clas here. Dundee vs Alloa? Why not try this?
  15. I think surrey' your post is basically is posing again, the question of what my topic is all about ... & that's not a criticism (Happy to admit doing this could be total disaster...But on the other hand we've not covered ourselves in glory to ths point) Is there not a way, to put the DFC's three main scored on the park right from the off? This is a genuine question for those who know a lot more about modern systems & tactics than me (That's possibly everyone here) So tomorrow why not try it? DFC Supporting Fans would be right behind each of them from the whistle ... And they just might put fear into opposition.
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