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  1. Aye there is Strength in Unity .... And ye cannae beat the Masses, turning oot for a Mass Moan. The time could well be up for the Happy Clappy Club, we've got to offer an alternative "Moaners"
  2. Gedee


    It must be part of their make-up ... Remember Levein's comment to Lennon, immediately after after Heart's 1-0 Cup win over Celtic two years ago (1st Derby Win in 10years)... "Following Hearts' 1-0 Scottish Cup win over their Edinburgh rivals, Levein said "natural order" had been restored" Neil's still no forgave him
  3. Hi barkblue ... This may be going off-key a little (Jings, jist like meh singing & guitar playing) In bygone days I was a heavy smoker...and I'm not sure I was even yet in my teens when I started. Alcohol came into my life later. Possibly around the age of 20 yrs. The alcohol addiction (just like the smoking) kinda sneaked up on me. But I suppose, just like the tobacco, it was part of my "daily fix" I knew it was controlling & killing me (& certainly affecting other around me) But I could never see my life in any shape or form without either tobacco or drink. Neither was easy to give up ... but I eventually did. I see this obsession with DFC similar...That is to the extent, that without football interest (specifically dfc) my life would be pretty empty. And that is how I saw my life without either the two mentioned above. Well that proved NOT to be the case in the past few weeks. The only connection I am trying to make here, is sometimes, somethings, can be allowed to take over your life. In the case of Dundee FC (& all that means) it is not necessarily a bad thing ... And for many it is a positive part of their life that enhances their day/week in a very positive way. But I realise again, as fine as it is to be involved wi' this Club/Team of Oors There are maybe other things oot there, that worth looking at...And trying
  4. For reasons I've given before on here, I've not managed to attend Live DFC games in recent years ... But that said, as any DFC game drew nearer (especially weekend games) I could physically/mentally/ emotionally, feel the tension building. And by the time match day came along I was a mix between excitement/anticipation/nervousness. And my whole focus (& activities) on match day, centred around the game ahead. When the game finally kicked off, I did every conceivable thing to follow the live game ... If the game never took place (postponed or whatever) I felt my day/weekend was ruined !! Initially with this present situation I felt the same ... But as one week of no DFC football was followed by another one, which led us onto the present predicament, I have got to honestly say, not only am I not missing the football so much, I believe I am a happier & more all-round contented person. I am certainly no youngster. And my age has put restrictions on what I can and cannot do. But it is in my nature to be as active in body & mind as health/age limitations will allow. And with that in mind, this period without football has driven me harder to do much more in the way of activity and push thoughts of football (dfc) right out of my mind. I have always been into gardening, but at this present time I am working & enjoying my gardening, like a man possessed ... Into more veg/fruit/flower growing (And I am loving every minute of it) I am also taking an hour out, to play along & sing along on my my guitar every day. I had shelved it years ago, but I took the notion to get some new strings, dust down some of these old songs & let it all go ... In the conservatory at the ither end of the hoose ... I am basically sh*t at both ... But I am loud, so who cares Not so long ago, I was a regular angler & a man who loved long country walks. This was curtailed, not only because DFC was taking priority in my life, but health issues (& sometimes basic laziness) meant both were sidelined ... Easier to just sit on meh a**e in front of computer or tv, or get stuck into a book. I am still not at the fishing yet, but I have, on a regular basis, integrated at least one short walk a day into my schedules. The point I am making is (like barkblue & maybe a few others) I am again realising there maybe is a lot more to life than fitba (dfc).. Life's Fine. Hope you are all well. Wih or withoot the Fitba
  5. Aye Sorted ... Well Done to Wattie & Harold (& others)
  6. Thanks for popping that into the forum Cobra ... Might be said, it's all ifs & buts & words & promises are cheap. But I found it a wee bit exciting & inspiring. Has helped me focus on Dundee & Fitba again (On when is the best time to return back to normality? Some will have their own strong views. Some like me will no be sure ... Difficult decision for anyone)
  7. Good Day HK ... Hope yourself & all family & friends are keeping healthy at this particular time ... I think in one of your recent posts, you did say, the deprivation & poverty (Shanty Towns) are basically not far from your doorsteps ... Guess there must be a large part of the population suffering extremes of poverty & bad health. With regard to above comment ... Aye Happy School Days No sae sure aboot that, some days were an endurance tests. And some teachers were much mair "twisted & sadistic" as the so called bullies ... Severe leather belt beatings to wee skinny bairns in Primary School. "Things You Don't Get Anymore" ... That I'm glad to see behind us ... That & Snotty Noses: Character Building (Re your Dad) I was born 1942 & my brother was born 1940. Likely we did know each other
  8. Bits o' White LInen Rags tae use as Hunkies ... I am no saying every kid used that 70 years ago (maist were quite happy to wipe their nose on their cuffs) Eh mind oor teacher at the Joey's Primary (70+ yrs ago) nearly spewed on seeing us on her/oors 1st week. The green snotters & bubbly noses (which we wiped on oor cuffs) wis jist too much for her. We were given notes yae tak hame. Never knew what was on them (at that age, I don't think any of us could read anyway) She accepted it was unlikely we would have any hankerchiefs in oor hoose (very patronising, but true mind) But her solution was any bits of linen would do as long as it was clean !! Next day there was little difference. One or two bairns did come supplied with some odd pieces. (Aye wondered whit faither felt whe he pit on his Shirt)...And the then found out the tail o' his shirt had gone missingI make up stories, but this is true
  9. Gedee


    I'm well past the age of cycling ... But Big Cheers to you Guys (Include girls) who make the decision to get one or have one, they use regularly (As Oldish Bairns, we managed to make up home-made bikes, wi' the bit's & pieces we got fae the scrappy) No sure they' wid've passed today's stringent road safety tests ... Baldy Tyres, Suspect steering, Nae Brakes Saddles & Lights & other fancy accessories, were in high demand...Something only richer kids could afford
  10. Can just see some City Ladies on holiday enjoying the new experience of the Country Scene. passing the time o' day wi some Young Healthy Farmers. "We're having a great holiday. Really lovely. Quiet mind, Not much to do. Missing the fun. We could do wi some sex" "Nae problem, follow us into the Barn" (Could be one party might be sadly disappointed) ... There again. Maybe no .... "They must hae had their tatties in the boot o' their car"
  11. Chomp, dinnae you be losing your focus or stickability. It works well enough for me Even the voices in meh heid, tell me constantly, it's time my joke died a natural death But they can tell me as often as they want, but when it comes to insanity, I'll decide
  12. Easy Freend ... When eh read that comment, eh didnae ken whether tae fa' aff meh computer chair, or jist go straight intae an instant coma
  13. Darned socks; Sown up Cuffs & Troosers; Worn Oot Collars (threed picked oot & turned roond) Cobblers tae re-heel & sole & replenish tackity boots; Wellies ta go tae skale in; Paddy Markets that selt, re' cycled specs & bunches o thon big, lumpy metal, door keys ... Also a section that selt refurbished wifie's bloomers & men's long johns, wi the rotten, disintegrating "yella-stained "gussets (sold as seen, & no returns) ... Although some desperate vendors allowed the potential buyers to try them on before committing themselves to making a purchase ... (The changing rooms were ahent the stalls, where these potentential buyers were exposed to public gaze & the weather elements) Jings even the mis-matched, mis-fitting "hand me downs" went oot o' fashion. When on the very rare time, some new troosers or suchlike were bought new, it was guaranteed it wid be at least twa sizes too big ... On the promise, that ..."You widnae be lang in growing intae them When the New Home Catalogues came along, which allowed the opportunity to pay stuff over a whole year, the door was opened for many poor families Mither, faither, uncles, aunties, & auld granny, spent ages over the fashionable new clothes & household section. Eh went straight fit the Underwear Section In later life, eh used tae tramp 'roond the countryside for the Bundles of Porn Mags that Chomp & others referred to...(But eh guess they got in there first)
  14. I think if you go back far enough, sweets, like jams, like bakery (& most foods in fact) were the real deal ... Then (imo) it all turned around. "Add the extra salt & sugar & colouring & most, will no ken what they are eating".. Frys (again only my opinion) Gie them awe different colours, And then pretend each square has a unique fruity flavour...I am at a total loss as to what chemicals are now going in to todays food stuff Oor Mary on the Forum here, has the right idea. Quality, Healthy, Tasty, Home Made, Family Food. Getting the best at half the Price in Shops. It's a pity Mary, that the burnt tablet/candy pots, trebles the price o' each item Keep up the guid work cuddles & sending challenging recipes
  15. Attilio ... I'm no surprised OCDee gave you a "Chucklin Like" for your comment .... With a chosen name like that, I think he'd like to set the rhythm & be in full control
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