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    Aye well done ... Accepting everyone's circumstances are different, it's they sma' bits o' news, that warms the heart, raises a wee smile & makes me Chuffed to be a Dee
  2. Barfly ... There is no need for you to personalise the issue ... Just because on that particular day you refused that exclusive offer As the word continues to travel, demand is becoming so high to sample my precious fruits, I may have to consider, on-line bookings
  3. Well in that case include Admin John on the Panel ... Sure he would willingly vouch that My Golden Wonders are something to behold ... Really Special
  4. There is something to be said for players looking after themselves & their families ... Probably having bigger commitments than the "Average Jo" ... and squeezing out of the Clubs as much as they can, in what is gonna be a much shorter career than many of the working folk. Suppose it's no their fault others might be scraping by on barely a minimum wage or no job at all. But noo eh've got that bit off my chest Freend ... I am gonna go along with your Final Comment. And whatever kind of position we find ourselves in, in the future. I want Committed Club & Players. Especially Players. That have at least part of the Love & Loyalty of DFC Fans, Who Give Everything.
  5. Apologies for being out of touch with all the (non) going-ons during this time, as reflected possibly by the posts on the forum. I'm finding the whole present situation just now pretty miserable ... And I'm not sure, the future is gonna be much brighter. However I am accepting ... It is what it is. And so whatever pans out for DFC, we all know that Dundee is still the only Club for us. Sorry again (I've distracted myself) ... I was gonna ask the question: Was there not an ultimatum/deadline, with regard to any players accepting the recent offer by DFC? And if this is the case, is it fair to the rest of the players that have accepted the deadline offer to be accepting, that in the case of one player, he is being allowed, a little bit more time?The present situation is not good. But if a strong stance is required for DFC to survive (even if it means at a lesser standard) then I'd prefer they took did it now.
  6. Hello DeefiantHuddle, Welcome to The Dark Blues. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. DeefiantHuddle joined on the 12/07/20. View Member
  7. Hello Funky Kingston, Welcome to The Dark Blues. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Funky Kingston joined on the 12/07/20. View Member
  8. John, is there room for Nelms and Dewee, in his own Personal Lockaway Cabinet, where he spends most of his Working Day?
  9. Careful though Prince .. That's how it starts. And before you know what's happening. you are demanding the last remaining place in the Happy Clappy Club ... If you do decide mind, I'll back you
  10. Gedee


    Being serious ... It's amazing how a low-cost, casual ,healthy, enjoyable past-time, can be developed into something so very high cost, that's possibly out of the reach of many. And now ... It's back to the days of yore ... In my time, Cheap bikes, were nearly always 2nd hand (Made up of ill-fitting, bits & pieces of auld recycled bikes oot the scrappy) and were functional tools that allowed ordinary fouk to get to the factories, foundarys, jute mills, shipyards ... And generally "roond & aboot" wi' maybe the occasional wee trip oot the toon, doon tae the riverside or oot in the country ... Things like, Breaks, Bells, Helmets, Tyres wi' a Tread and Saddles that were no a bit ripped & torn (when available) & torn, or the home-made kind patched up kind, were looked upon as luxury, that were only used by the rich fowk wi' "questionable delicate sexuality" ... Maybe "Oor Bikes" were not the safest or most comfortable ride, but they got us paupers oot the hoose & the back yard. I'm no saying we never got some serious "bum-sores" ... But nothing that a dod o' old axle grease couldnae soart oot !! Far too Manly to use Vaseline And in truth, I think it is all that hardship and poverty, that's made me the Man I am Today Chomp can I use of your Bum Cream please? Yes the New fragrant one...Let's share Cuddles
  11. Barflyy ... In the spirit of solidarity, I was thinking of "TOSSING IN MY TREASURED LONG -JOHNS"... (I think I better re-phrase that "tossing- bit" before Chomp sees that I think the word is "contributing") To be serious, I've not read the story, but I think reading the posts on here, I've understood the message. As per Prince's Post112 ... if any approach is made to John Nelms this is the time to redeem himself Time to show Strength /Resolution Tell them to F**K OFF! DFC Fans need Leadership Over to you JN
  12. Gedee


    There's always room on a threed for a little bit o' madness, fun, and double entendre ...(No harm in it) ... As long as we ken when tae pull back
  13. Gedee


    You'd think someone, would have the savvy, to invent a bike you could ride "side-saddle" I think I would look quite jaunty (maybe even elegant) on one, of the right design and colour Plus no sure if it's safe to over-cream the bum-region. Even if it's to ease (pile) inflamation
  14. Valentkse ... I've nothing to add to above ... I totally agree with your two final comments ... Over to you now John Nelms Even if at times you feel uncomfortable in front of camera, or feel you've little to say...Make the effort, It would be appreciated Dundee Fans would prefer to support & listen to you words during these difficult times & Totally ignore the tripe in local press.
  15. Harold, whar would be withoot "the voices" In my case, probably oot o this Secure Unit. In your case on your bike doing the NC 500. And not jist in your garage pretending No Nurse, I've not yet had My Medication It's okay there's chomp wi the trolley now
  16. Thinking of Finlay Robertson, on his own running around Balgay Park, in an effort to keep himself fit. I wonder how many DFC players & Coaches would offer themselves (non-paying voluntary services) Do a bit of Regular Weekly Group Running and Training during this time:Togetherness/Camaraderie. It certainly would be an appreciated show of Loyalty...For the Club & the Loyal & Loving Dundee Fans Sure Our Esteemed John Nelms could arrange this Might even want to take part in it-And Lead Them
  17. Hmm' I wonder if that's ever happened up Oor way May be wrong, but I think I recall something similar
  18. Gedee


    Mitch, it's probably better not to add the word "matron" to a thread that already contains "battered buttocks/pounding" and similar words & comments (Well certainly not when chomp, myself & a few others, are actively posting on it)
  19. Johan could you possibly add another five people ... That is to cover me. And the four voices in meh heid Currently there are five voices, trying for the last word (One is sanctimonious & pretends to be fair minded)
  20. Gedee


    I see you are on "Early Morn Stand-by" Chomp ... Good to see yo never miss an opportunity Better make a wee effort to keep thread on track...You might remember me mentioning Tam (Oor Newish Jack Russell Cross) As grand & loving as he is, he appears no sae keen on Bikers, when they get too close. In an effort to train him out of this habit, Margaret's son brought up a bike, which is barely used, to allow me, or/& Margaret, an opportunity to get used to them "threatening two-wheeled pieces of killing machinery". On a quiet peaceful patch not far from the house.both Margaret & myself tried out the biking ... We both managed (but not too well) Oor bums didnae hae a chance to get in tatters ... We kept fa''in aff it !! Nothing serious mind. But at oor age, and wi' near a half century break in between, we were maybe no as confident as we thoct. No so sure if Tam's experience of watching us in action, gave him a better understanding of cyclists/bikes. More likely reinforced his right to be scared o' them After Mrs G's last fall, whilst she was lying on grass to recover, I made use of this time to have a quiet rake through her bag for my "missing pocket money" Although appearing to be totally unconscious at the start of this operation, when unzipping her purse she leapt into action... I've now sustained further injuries
  21. Hello luisfando94, Welcome to The Dark Blues. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. luisfando94 joined on the 05/07/20. View Member
  22. Guid Ain Wattie ... (I was jist checking to see if you're still reading meh posts) (That said, I'm still on "Tomato Watch" so I'll be still be looking out for you) More seriously, your posts are aye informative & full of enthusiasm. Good Stuff.
  23. BC ... As I don't /can't, attend Dens now (at least at this time) many posts on here, that refer to issues around attendance at Dens, I understandably prefer to ignore. That said, I gave you a like for your post above ... Possibly because much of it seems to make good sense to me. But the "like" is generally for most of your posts/responses. IMO you seem to give quite a bit of thought to your posts/responses, and try to offer, ideas & possible solutions, as well as throwing in a few suggestions & questions ... So well Done
  24. I think chomp, he's taking a photo, plus names and details, of those who are buying them... I'm expecting a visit soon, fae one o' his Heavy Squad soon. I'm hiding in my Tomato Plants
  25. It is good and heartening to read here ... All the Positive, Supportive Posts on this Topic. Although, suppose it does finally boil down to one simple thing We're all of the Dark Blue. There may be other reasons for being a member, or even just visiting. There may be times, when we might disagree & fall out with each other, but when it comes to the crunch we are...All In It Together ... Of course, that's a reference to both the Club we love and this Braw Forum I have attached this response to your post Harold, because I think yours is an excellent post that probably reflects, the general mood, and how we all feel. But I also like the point you've made:This is with regard to the many (or maybe sometimes few) who like to pop in, to catch-up, browse, or simply have "a wee nosey" ... Harold is right, the best way to show your support to the forum is by logging in when you read the forum. So why not join/log-in? If you're NOT already a Dark Blue Member, this might be a good time to consider joining the Dark Blue Forum. So come on Admin John, Scott, as well as all Staff and Current Members, continue to put in valiant efforts in both time & money. But in this case at this time ... Membership costs you nothing. So why not make the decision now, if you are a visitor, get signed in ...You'll be glad you did (and invite your friends) If you have any doubt, just look at me before I became a Dark Blue Forum Member ... Me then ..... And look at me now PS. On the Pocket Money Front: It seems Margaret has been aware all along I've been stealing oot her purse on weekly basis. She confronted me. At this time, she showed great control & the expected violent beating did not follow. In fact surprisingly she handed over to me £10 (2 weeks P.M.) She does however insist that I use this generous gesture towards a contribution towards the cost, which I will do now (For your own safety John, I'd advise you acknowledge this contribution. The last thing you'd want is a visit fae Mrs G)
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