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  1. Nae need for apologies Donny O ... I think this topic would now be better closed (regardless of result Saturday against 'well) Reference in above topic heading of course referred to St J. game, & we awe noo ken how that went: Season o' the Scunner. I'm still trying to accept "we are where we are"... (Not sure I really have, or ever will)
  2. Gedee

    Realistic Targets

    Stampguy ... Whit aboot thon ither, 1471 Fitba "expert" DBF Members on here? You surely are no' leaving them on the sidelines? Forget aboot thon Funny Auld Ain that sits awe day in his Long-johns staring at his Tomato Plants (me) He's daft but harmless
  3. Gedee

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    Just on that one issue ... He's been very open & honest about "his problems" (without going on & on about it) ... It does seem, that is now behind him.
  4. Gedee


    I am still of the feeling, we should be advertising asap for someone new, fresh & capable. (For the record, I was one who was chuffed" when we appointed JM) Maybe as Cobra suggest JM is well suited for Champion Football & might be the man to bring us back up. But it widnae sit right by me, or other dfc fans (imo) We are needing someone else to do the job...But if JM feels he should still be here, then let him apply. IF IT'S OUR INTENTION, FOR US TO GET BACK TO PREMIERSHIP FOOTBALL, AFTER ONE SEASON, THEN INCLUDE THAT IN THE ADVERTISING AND IF THEIR IS MONEY TO SPARE, ADD THAT AS AN INCENTIVE. BIG END OF SEASON MANAGER BONUS IF ACHIEVED (Make challenge worth while)
  5. Gedee

    Season Tickets

    As always Cobra, you are always careful & thoughtful with your words & phrasing ... And I'm sure everyone will know your post is..."not intended as a crticism of anyone" None of us know the internal struggles that some DFC fans & supporters endure following each & every game. This season especially, it seems many DFC fans they feel they have had enough. Whether it's around, the poor organisation on-off the field, the questionable value for money, as the defeats & poor performances wore many down, thoughts of the fitba on offer "doon there" next season, I don't know. But I accept many good loyal DFC fans, have now reached the stage of feeling emotionally & mentally drained & are questioning if their time & money. might be better spent in some other, enjoyable & rewarding, family activity. If there was an obvious light at the end of the tunnel, I'm sure many who are at this time turning their back. would "hing in there" But it's relentless
  6. Gedee


    I do agree, there is little or no point in hurling personal abuse at JM. (I'm sure he has already got the message by now...And he didn't take the job with the intention of failing) The only road to take (imo) is to go through the channel, of openly & professionally, advertising the post ... Followed then by a laid-out selection process (involving a competent panel) FPS have been consistent in their financial backing. And whilst thanking them for that, it also asks the question ... Then why are we in such a mess? Their has to be professional football persons on board, on & off the field, that know what they (& Dundee FC & Fans) are all about. Care taker manager just now might be OK for now. But the process of Proper Advertising for a New Manager has to be in place ASAP...And let's see who comes forward.
  7. Gedee

    Season Tickets

    The issue of Season Tickets doesn't really affect me ... For reasons already mentioned,I no longer get to live games But come game time, from afar, I do everything possible to keep up to date with live game & then, DTV recordings etc. This season's been the season of "Death By A Thousand Cuts" as every game has added another chunk of depression. Physically & mentally I'm drained, on the day of the game. And sometimes even worse the day after, A few games ago I made up my mind, I was NOT gonna let these DFC results affect me (much easier said than done) However, it looks like I maybe have "finally arrived" The latest defeat (again) by St J. hardly had any effect on me On the day, or day after. So much so. Mrs G.genuinely asked me if I was OK? ( Eh thoct this wid be a guid time too tae ask for reinstating of the many weeks withoout pocket momey)...But that was a step too far. I sympathise/empathise with pain of the DFC fans. All of us have been through, the serious ups & downs of supporting & following Dundee, but this season seems to have brought a lot to a head, as we find the results & performances on the park, is possibly not the only thing to worry about. Once things settle down totally & we know our fate, maybe Championship Football next season mat be less stressful... This of course is making the assumption, we can get back on track off/on the field. Maybe even start winning games. Anyway DFC lads & lasses look efter yirselves
  8. Gedee

    All Quiet On Sandeman Street.

    I wonder if before our next game, we have a Dundee player coming oot and saying ... "I know it's no gonna be easy, but ..... "
  9. Gedee

    Fans Meeting

    You missed the bit, aboot the "Big Fan" Rev ... (I mean thon kind ye see the slaves waftin' aboot on the end of a pole, tae keep the Emperor cool) Or was it all conducted, in Cool, Organised, Civilised Manner
  10. Aye that's the rub BC'...That he has got the eye for seeing in a player something, that absolutely no one else was aware of. Have you (or anyone else) any response freend to other question in the Topic? Is that DFC'S future? We carry on selling cheap?
  11. Hi Spirit. On your opening comment, I am starting to wonder..."WHY NO?" Watched the man on TV a few days ago...After Arbroath winning promotion. He has always came over as a real strong "fun" character, but I thought, after his cancer illness of around 8 years ago, it might have broken him. In truth it appears, in some ways, it has made hime stronger & healthier...Whit a Man !! I googled "Dick Campbell illness" to see what would come up...It's a big read. But definitely enlightening And those interested might like to google above. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/17509194.dick-campbell-on-life-death-football-and-a-record-promotion/ Above is another link on him ... And as one of the longest (most successful manager in terms of promotion etc) there is literally tons of stuff on him. For those who might think he is too old ... Read about his "new approach" to management & team he has around him, which he fully credits for his recent succes Rab Douglas is a Key Man (Even if ye dinnae fancy him oreven dinnae like him eh still suggest you read aboot him) Definitely admire him
  12. Hi DeeVinci (Thanks for reponse) ... I didn't want to focus too much on Kamara, but I'm glad you mentioned JM's involvement leading up to his departure. I either didn't know about this or me & meh auld heid forgot awe aboot the manager's part in this. I know I really shouldn't be bringing this next bit up again. But the departure of Hemmings & Stewart upset me at the time...And it still rankles. Even if in the circumstances, it could be said, it was really unavoidable "ll go back further to when we let Hendry go to Celtic, McCann was just getting some consistency going then we sell on our best player, not for millions but for around £500k after paying Wigan, it's been mostly downhill since" If this is the way it has to be, then so be it. But DFC shouldnae complain aboot falling attendances, when at the same time, they are selling on players (cheap) that can offer character/style/skills, that give results, & enhance teamperformance.
  13. Everyone's a winner scooter ... Short, concise & well presented ... (& the additional bonus freend is, it awe maks guid sense) (well, I may just settle for the manager) And thanks for taking time to respond
  14. Gedee

    Roll of Honour

    Your comments above Cobra, sound just about on the mark to me ... And certainly when it came to "talking the talk" he had the smooth delivery. As you say, he probably "fooled" NM. But there again, he could never be accused of lacking self belief, so he probably believed himself, all the stuff He was spouting (he certainly convinced me initially) As time went on (& even putting his results?performances aside) he showed a stubborness & certainly did not welcome criticism However towards the end, did he not grudgingly accept an offer of help? He may still be "potentially "a manager (imo)
  15. Talk aboot salt in the wounds ... Aye thanks for the reminder Steven Gerrard This thread is no' really aboot Kamara (I've just used him as an example) ... I'm asking the question: Are DFC destined, NEVER to be a force in Scottish Football? I might be daft, but when I use the word "force" I'm no daft enough to believe in DFC reaching Top Six in Premiership. But the 3 seasons past (basically) trying to fight oor way oot the the relegation zone ... Is this the kinda future we are noo looking forward to? This disastrous season, we've reached the point of no return !! As I said I dinnae want to focus on Kamara...Because most will agree, it appeared, he had decided to give up on Dundee & had made up his mind he wanted the move to Rangers asap (who "generously gifted" DFC £50,000) And then he went on (not at all surprisingly) to do the great stuff, he knew, we knew, Rangers knew, he was more than capable of. This Topic I'd like to hear views from others (& DFC) What really is our future? Is it (as before) Sell our decent players on & cheap?
  16. Gedee

    Roll of Honour

    And Cobra .... If then in-depth analysis of the on-going, horrific problems surrounding DFC, became too much for Harry, He can take comfort & consolation in the knowledge, he's a strong pool of intelligent "expert" posters on here on standby If we didnae hae laugh at oorselves, ithers, & even oor present situation, we'd awe be greetin..."Yes please nurse more pills" Withoot trying to be controversial & stir up again issues of NM's management experience, I wish he'd accepted help offered.
  17. Thanks Dondeh ... I don't know the techy ettiquette of forums, but I know "duplicate threads" can be frowned upon. Never saw it as a real issue (weel no in my case) as when I am near the mark of being guilty of doing so, I'm trying to come at the issue from a different angle...And at the moment, there is plenty (problems) on here to discuss !! (Finding solutions is the tough bit)
  18. Gedee

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    I know advertising is not recognised, as the selected/chosen method of appointing new managers ... And there are no doubt "nods & winks & secret phone calls & approaches" can result in good managers being appointed. But, based on past experience, and as things stand just now, I honestly believe that advertising would & should be, the selected method for us .... Who really knows, whose names & how many names would come forward? (There must still be some quality names out there, that would be up to the challenge) As far as most of us is concerned, we are agreed, this season is lost. Let's take our time & go through the full process. And if JM, by some miracle, can redeem himself in the last four remaining games, then allow him to stick his name in the hat (as part of the full selective, appointment process) Or appoint a caretaker/temp manager from within.
  19. Gedee

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    I've got to be honest here nem', after a few days following JM 's appointment, I came around to the idea, that he might be just the man to get DFC back on course. I know his past experience did not scream out "success & quality" but I thought his simpler, practical, & more direct approach, was the direct counter needed after NM had completely bamboozed us & his players with his scientific, theoretical applications... I was gonna add, maybe eh should be on the panel that selects the next DFC Managers (cause eh couldnae be any worse) ... But the truth is I COULD !! Eh thought each of oor past three failed managers would do the business
  20. As said above, I apologise for old news of a few days ago ... But on the back of our present position (cliff-edge of relegation) after yesterday continued run of defeats... What were DFC thinking about when they decided to off-load the following players? "Dundee Football Club can confirm that the following youth players will leave the club at the end of their current contracts .... Tom Bradbury, Kyle Gourlay, Matty Henvey, Sam Jackson, Dan Jefferies, Jack Lambert, Brian Rice and Cedwyn Scott will not be offered new contracts when their current deals come to an end next month" Although I don't know the merits of those released, is it really the case, none of these players, had the potential to earn a place in the team yesterday? Next season, at it stands just now it looks like we'll have about half a dozen players on contract following mass exit of "loan & out of contract players" Know it has already been well discussed, but in our present position...I'm willing to regurgitate just about any/every topic (if it draws us to a solution)
  21. Gedee

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    Spirit, it is hard to disagree with anything in your list .... But not only is the time & practicality factor, a major issue (unless the process is started NOW) The main issue that may be standing in the way, of achieving any of these goals, appears to be John Nelms, who seems to understandably, have a need to be involved in this process, but on past experience sadly, has neither the right experience or know how, in this particular area. And, as has been pointed out by others, he (& others who may be advising him) must take, at the minimum "shared responsibility" for our choice of managers and our present mess. Each of our past managers may have benefited from having a Director of Football to assist & work along side ... But if person appointed (by Mr Nelms?) is a poor & inadequate choice, then of course we are adding to the problem !! If this makes any sense at all, I'm not taking any credit for it .... It's all been said before, by other posters on here, who are much more knowledgeable than myself (What can't be argued (imo) is the Americans have financially backed us)
  22. The Americans in my view are not going anywhere ... Unless their plans for Campie are now a total non-starter. As it all seems very quiet on that front. And so it may well be the case. The Campie Project I believe is their main & only focus. That is where there big investment is. And so I would expect that will be where they expect their returns. Their must be great deal of thoughts & decision-making, churning through their minds (& ours) at this present time. At the time DFC are in a total shambles. But without sounding too dramatic, I really don't think we can rely on hope. Plans are needing to be made ASAP. If assumptions made in the topic heading are correct I would suggest, our NO1 Priority...Is To Advertise (as widely as possible) for a New Manager. Whoever decides to put his name forward will be well aware of the challenge involved ... We can only hope that this time, we produce a short-list that are up for the job. (Maybe I am seeing things all wrong) Strangely I'm resigned to where we are now. But I am looking for more ideas to give us some real hope for the future.This season could not've been much worse Any thoughts on what we do now?
  23. Where are ye going Islay? Hope they local Islanders are no giving pain & grief. Mind get back to Dundee Sacrificial Burning
  24. Gedee

    Last Saturday.

    Well I think every DFC Player & the Manager have awe had a "shottie" at telling us in the Newpapers every week ... that this is the week, we are now gonna turn it around (And some have even telt us just how they're gonna dae it) So as the players & the newspapers only print the truth...I think we can all now rest easy. Mon The Mighty Dee
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