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  1. Without knowing all the ins & outs of the situation with May ... And why it seems to be dragging on & on. I've got to be honest & say, my enthusiasm for him signing for Dundee,is lessening by the day. It's NOT sour prapes (or preparing myself for him NO coming to us) ... I am just losing interest. His goal scoring total over the past few seasons does little to get the blood flowing. If he comes to us, or even goes to some other club, I hope he gets back his goal-scoring touch ... But starting to reach the stage of no' being fussed, one way or another, if we dinnae get him at all. If we do (maybe because o' this "dragging-on-business" I have now got serious doubts if he is the answer to our goal drout in games gone by. Anyway, today there aint gonna be any New Faces, so..."Come on DFC Players" Show the Boss what you can do. Get up & at em & shoot on sight...Love the DEE
  2. Maybe the game tomorrow, will give us a clearer picture, as to whether we/mgr, can afford to be "relaxed" about the present lack of these illusive signings. Or we are right to feel ... it's all going a wee bit too slow on the signing front. I think no one really felt the game against Cove would be a formality. But most (me incuded) thought over the 90 mins, we would come out on top. In the post match Mgr comment, it was pretty obvious JMP was not too pleased. The reaction of DFC players tomorrow, will tell us more. As said, one or two new players are required for key positions ... And the signing of the right players, could make the difference between success & failure.Thankfully, at this stage of the game, we have no need to be in panic-mode...methinks
  3. Dinnae supress them Abernethy. In fact, welcome & cultivate them ... When ye get tae meh age, it's sometimes, the only company ye have (Have to go now)...Negotiations on the Pocket Money crisis have now reached deadlock stage again Resorted to stealin while Mrs G's oot
  4. Your right Abernethy, the Organic Tomatoes have much to do with it ... But I must also credit the Team behind me .... The voices in meh heid !! Must go. Hear them shouting on me again. "Yes nurse I'm on my way"
  5. In his new position with DFC, I think Gordon Strachan, will have a direct influence, in the future policy, philosophy, etc. of Our club. But even if he's less "hands-on" what a name to have associated with Dundee FC. Football folks from far & wide (Players/Managers) who may not know so much about Dundee FC will certainly have heard of...Ex International Player & Manager Gordon Strachan
  6. Thanks Mev ... Absolutely diabolical...RAGING (Glad to see, I was not the only on who noticed) Even my guid wife picked up on this nonsense .... (And she wisnae even listening to the news)
  7. Derry an Excellent post ..And you are right back in Fine Form. At this time, I feel much mair comfortable wi' the possibility of being bigger fish in a wee pond, than thon puir wee skinny fish scavenging aroond at bottom of pond for the mouldy scraps Oor time'll come...Us "Young Ains" have just got to be patient
  8. I find this telepathic/mind power stuff a bit worrying ... In the right hands it can be a "gift" that benefits mankind. But, in wrong hands (especially for those who cannae understand or control it) it can turn a mind to Satan's work. Wha wid hae thoct that a fine-upstanding man like Kevin Holt would take the first steps on that Dark Cursed Road. And become...Not only a Leading Cult Leader of the "World of Strange Happenings" but Tomato Thief in the night. (With My Prize Organic Tomatoes now in peak condition, I have put Margaret on Double Shift Nightly Guard Duty) (UPDATE)... Sadly the restriction on My Pocket Money remains unchanged. I still get none. I've now resorted to, rifling through her purse at night, while she is on Tomato Guard Duty
  9. That sums it up well for me Mev...There's tough games & a tough season ahead of us. And it does no harm for DFC players to realise that early. Noticed the full recorded game was on DeeTV. Watched a bit of it, but without commentary & the background "noises" it was not an easy watch. Saw enough to see Cove are no mugs and will be tough team to get the better off on their home ground. Wish PH weel...But Paul, no agin us
  10. Noting there are 94 members on forum tonight...So I guess some are expecting a bit of "activity" here ... Or are maybe actively primed to post Me? I'm cool, & off for an early night ... Good Night Folks
  11. The part of the game I did manage to follow text/audio, I got the impression Cove were in the ascendancy as the game went on. So I was surprised to see BBC Match Stats, giving DFC 62% possion ... Mon Lads, we need some goals.
  12. That's an apt description Wood' ... I've gave up trying to listen (it's too dificult for me)
  13. I tried ... Then got a malware warning & then told ... "Connection Failed"
  14. Gedee


    Maybe your visits are too infrequent Islay... And they require a more regular appearance of your good self, to stimulate more "open" & vigorous debate
  15. Gedee

    Yellow Perils

    Islay, I think we are both are going in opposite directions here ... I was suggesting, there might be a wee hint of humour in your post
  16. Gedee

    The New Stadium Thread

    .... And just when you thought Chomp, you had turned the corner, & things were getting better
  17. Gedee

    The New Stadium Thread

    Yet I am sure behind, what might be a rather frightening facade, therein lies ... A loving, caring, warm, sensitive ,soul
  18. "Dad, there's the Ice Cream Van ... And you promised me, a Big Cone, wi a Chocolate flake on top, if eh behaved mehsel' on that Big Plane"
  19. Gedee

    Partick Thistle Song

    I'm thinkin' aboot it To keep wi' the Moon Theme (wi' a light twist...& if it works) ... "This is a Small Step for Mankind but a Big Step for Me" I'm in unexplored territory here. Should I further develop my techy skills, maybe Admin John will gie me promotiion ... (But please John , no anther interview)
  20. Gedee


    Certainly brings back fun memories. EVERTHING IN THEM DAYS, WAS EITHER, HOME-MADE... OR BOUGHT, TO LAST FOREVER. There wis never nae light-weight stuff aroond meh mither & dads hoose Being the youngest at that time eh got the hand-me doons. Eh mind, asking meh mum if eh could get fitba boots for skale team (Tough times for near awebody then...it wisnae gonna happen) Meh Grannie (Auntie) heard aboot meh plight & thought she were doin a guid turn, by buying me...A Pair o' Tackity Boots oot Coopy. Wi' them on, I really couldnae move, whitever the weather wis like !! Money wid hae been better spent on decent swimming trunks. In them days, if/when money was short, it was either a case o' goin' swimmin' naked or wear the home-knitted kind yir granny made. In truth it didnae make any difference whether you went public swimming naked or wore the wooly ains...Result ended up the same. Once in watter got intae the Wooly Trunks, there was only one place in the watter they were gonna end up. BOTTOM O' THE POOL (Apologies for going off-topic)
  21. Gedee


    Now .... That eh can easily relate to GSD Eh wis a bit short in the "skill department" but eh had a guid left fut & speed on meh side, so they stuck me on the left wing. But in those days eh carried very little weight or/& muscle (skin & bone really) So if the rain came on & ptich really got heavy, THEN BASICALLY EH COULNDNAE MOVE
  22. Gedee

    Yellow Perils

    I'm going to stop there. I'm beginning to sound like Islay. Islay, this a reference Islay to Den Spark's? "I'm going to stop there. I'm beginning to sound like Islay " You can deny it if you want. But in my book, that's called self-deprecating "humour (Looks like, you may have returned a changed man after your spell on Facebook)
  23. Has anyone got any (sublime) clips they'd like to post in on here?
  24. It may well be the case, he has reached his limit, but like you BC, I'm not at all certain this is the case. Our present manager, although making a fine start has yet to prove himself as a manager when the heat turns up. But even at this stage he's shown enough quality & understanding for me to believe he can get that bit extra out of what may seam "lost causes" I'd be delighted if he came back to us, & he, under Jame's, found his earlier promise.
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