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  1. teddydfc62

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    7 English men in the squad today and only 5 Scottish guys.Wonder if that's the first time Scottish players haven't been the majority in our squad?
  2. teddydfc62

    Cammy Kerr

    Wonder why Sir Cammy was at hospitality at tannadice today?Hope he had a bleach bath before training on Monday!
  3. Helping us?We're paying his wages until he leaves so he better be giving 100% every week !
  4. His kicking against St johnstone was particulary bad.Got lucky a few times not to cost a goal
  5. teddydfc62

    Craziest Celebration

    This was a great end to the game,my daughters first away game so that's obviously up there!
  6. teddydfc62

    Dundee Songs

    There was an album released roughly 2000 I'm sure had about 9 songs on it.Johnny scobie n that. I remember being at the game when the crowd noises were recorded
  7. teddydfc62

    Jim McIntyre's Turnround In Dee's Results

    Must admit JM has done a very good job so far.Ok it's only a couple of results but it's the performances that are the main positive. He also comes across like he knows what he's talking about Unlike McCann
  8. teddydfc62

    Match Aftermatch: Dundee 1 - 1 St Mirren

    Substitutes totally killed us today
  9. teddydfc62

    Kenny Miller

    Sportsound last night,on the tv tonight and just referred to rangers as "WE" before backtracking n saying rangers.Think he needs to rest more and concentrate on Dundee!
  10. teddydfc62

    Think It's Time

    Nah idea what id pick right now but in January id recall a couple of players and go with this Parish Kerr innes waddell ralph Deacon kamara madianga c.miller Haber Miller
  11. teddydfc62

    Heeds Pickled!

    This is just typical of Dundee football club .Manage to stumble from one f**k up to another
  12. teddydfc62

    30 Quid

    Noticed last night that the club released upcoming ticket information,still cannot believe the club are charging fans 30 fecking quid a ticket to watch a game of football at dens,even for a concession it's 22quid!I know there's a deal for the Celtic and hearts game but not everyone can make evening games.Can see these 2 games being 2 of lowest home crowds we've had in the top league for quite some time. The Americans seem to be so far out of touch with regards to matters on and off the pitch.
  13. teddydfc62

    Dundee V Killie Pre-Match

    Anyone else's deetv stream horrific?

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