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  1. According to his wiki,hes a midfielder not a striker
  2. Raith chairman has stated Nisbet is away in the summer and there's 3 championship clubs in the race to sign him.You would think we would be one of the 3 teams surely ?Banged the goals in last season,only 22 aswell.Really hope Mcpake is looking at him.
  3. Don't know, was my mate who told me.Was apparently last night, could be to do with Strachan coming in,who knows.The person he gets his information from is usually on the money
  4. I'm hearing he turned us down
  5. 22 and 24 if you buy a ticket the day before or earlier than the game tho
  6. Don't think it's that,he also said he wouldn't take the lillie Job either. Good manager but cant see him getting hibs hearts or Aberdeen,so not sure what he's after
  7. I highly doubt any half decent manager would take over at dens on a short term deal when he is most likely to add a relegation to his c.v,stick with McIntyre or go get rid and go with Mcpake is the only option we have imo
  8. Should've posted the email I'm here for us to copy and send aswell ! Mcpake & Boyle with O'dea helping for me right now.Need to make Mcpake manager tho,got to have a leading figure
  9. After 32 games we have 18 points,after 31 games that truly horrific United side that went down had 24.Dont think anything said on here tonight can be as depressing as that fact
  10. On the plus side,safe to say she'll probably be on her best behaviour for the foreseeable future after that
  11. If go for that aswell but unfortunately all the subs including them 2 are still out on the pitch at half time.Why phucking wait?Make changes now before it's too late
  12. Wasn't gonna bother,but since my young lass has been a wee pest this week and grounding them doesn't seem to bother kids anymore I'm taking her as punishment!
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