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  1. Did he? Our club was on its knees when he played for us. Poor player imo. Looks like CC's got another addition to his poor Dundee players club!
  2. They'll most likely replace the friendly games against the likes of Rotherham and Wigan last year. So I'd imagine the money earned will be about the same. I'd imagine the crowd will likely be around the same unless there's a good deal regarding the 2 home games.
  3. Walked passed Dens today and noticed the whole play surface has been lifted. I take it the talked about surface with a mixture of grass and synthetic 'grass' (think they called it a hybrid surface) is a goer. I wonder if that'll be the end of the slope towards the away end.
  4. Nae Bomber fishing here but, is our once illustrious leader back in football yet?
  5. Cheers Abdul. Any my idea how I can set it to go to the last post I've read on a topic rather than it going back to the 1st post every time?
  6. I used to view everything through 'new content' what's the new equivalent of this? Tried through 'all activity' but that's a bit of a disaster tbh. Everything seems to be done through individual threads instead of topics. Is there a setting to change this? Much prefer to view all new topics in the same area rather than having to go from Dundee fc chat to transfer rumours to general football chat etc. Any help would be good. Hopefully it's something simple and I've not noticed it. Edited, also not going to where I previously read a topic upto is a bit off putting tbh.
  7. For me it depends on how desperate the club might be for some extra cash and who comes in for him. The English league's are awash with cash, so if any club's from the championship come in for him we have to be initially demanding £1m+ just to push the boat out a bit and test the water. They can only say no. £1m is nothing to an English Championship side and if Ross Wallace can get a game regularly for a club in the playoff final then Greg Stewart can comfortably play at that level.
  8. If it's true that Leeds are ready to make an offer for Stewart, the boy they signed from Motherwell last season would be a good replacement. iirc it's Lee Erwin.
  9. Never saw him play for years, was he still getting a game last season?
  10. One thing for sure about Nick Ross is that if he'd been signed in January we'd be raving about him being a very good signing. I think Gowser doesn't get the credit he's due. Great player for us.
  11. Giving O'Dea the captaincy looks the right decision to me. It's clear he's a very good organiser. The only slight worry is GGH seems to thrive with the responsibility.
  12. Well said that man!Queue McGinn leading the players towards the fans tomorrow 😀
  13. I'll be surprised if Greg extends his contract tbh but obviously I hope he does. He's be linked with a few clubs down south. If any of the interest from Championship sides is correct and they make a move for him Aberdeen and any other club in Scotland will be blown out the water. 400k is probably what we'd make if we reached a semi final and finished 5th in the league next season. Big decision to be made by the boards if any bids come in.
  14. Delighted with Hibs staying down. A phone call to Celtic about Liam Henderson's availability would be braw.
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