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  1. I believe Willie Cook was the custodian of Cookies on the Hilltown , not sure if he lived in Carnoustie though. It is also claimed he was the first Dundee player to be sent off against the Dabs.
  2. Marty Lockwood Nottingham Forrest Billy Steel Debt County Alex Group Everton Tommy Gemmell Nottingham Forrest
  3. Willie Cook played for Bolton Wanderers and won the FA Cup with them.
  4. Agree with you in principle mate , but Nelms and correct recruitment has very rarely gone well for us.
  5. Aberdeen vs Hibs League Cup Semi 79.......The DABS lost their cherry in the Final at Dens after a replay.
  6. My bad , don't know how I got that into my heid.
  7. Lorimer was a Dundonian I believe.....lived in the Ferry near Orchar Park. Never played for the Dee , he was a soccer whizzkid and Don Revie the Leeds coach at the time beat off all comers to whisk him down to Elland Road.
  8. We've got Jocky Jocky Jocky Jocky Scott On the wing on the wing If I had the wings of an eagle ,if I had the a**e of a crow , I'd fly over Tanadice tomorrow and sh**e on the b*****ds below sh**e on sh**e on ..... C'mon have a go with the Derry Agaro !!
  9. Speroni Testimonial at Palace for me. 90 minutes of celebrating Julian and being a Dee.
  10. Their was a song in the 70s that described the delightful hospitality that was given out by the Wife of The Dabs Goalie. The song's tune was pinched from the British Airways ad.
  11. Gowser doesn't need an armband to be a leader , he just is. McGhee done enough last season to be given it and it might squeeze that wee be extra out him with the Captains role.
  12. It was simply sheer euphoria when we scored that goal...it was as if all of our troubles and strives from that season ( of which there were many ) had been lifted from our shoulders. To be honest after the scenes of unbridled passion there were a few casualties strewn across the Derry from those unforgiving benches.
  13. He only started looking the part just recently because Berra was there to babysit him.
  14. Schaedler , Cowboy McCormack ,Chic Charnley and of course Big Rab.
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