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  1. We've got Jocky Jocky Jocky Jocky Scott On the wing on the wing If I had the wings of an eagle ,if I had the a**e of a crow , I'd fly over Tanadice tomorrow and sh**e on the b*****ds below sh**e on sh**e on ..... C'mon have a go with the Derry Agaro !!
  2. Speroni Testimonial at Palace for me. 90 minutes of celebrating Julian and being a Dee.
  3. Their was a song in the 70s that described the delightful hospitality that was given out by the Wife of The Dabs Goalie. The song's tune was pinched from the British Airways ad.
  4. Gowser doesn't need an armband to be a leader , he just is. McGhee done enough last season to be given it and it might squeeze that wee be extra out him with the Captains role.
  5. It was simply sheer euphoria when we scored that goal...it was as if all of our troubles and strives from that season ( of which there were many ) had been lifted from our shoulders. To be honest after the scenes of unbridled passion there were a few casualties strewn across the Derry from those unforgiving benches.
  6. He only started looking the part just recently because Berra was there to babysit him.
  7. Schaedler , Cowboy McCormack ,Chic Charnley and of course Big Rab.
  8. Cannae help thinking , that thon pitch that was eventually replaced by tenements must have had some slope on it.
  9. All won the Scottish Cup before World War 1? 79 yrs before The Dabs Eventually added that claim to fame !!!
  10. The Golden Boot I refer to if I remember correctly was the The Daily Record Golden Boot award that was awarded to the first Scottish player to score 30 goals in all competitions. It was a close run thing I believe with Ally McCoist but on January 1st 1988 against Dunfermilne he scored two goals at Dens in a two nil victory to take his tally for the season so far to 31 thus winning the award. He went on to score 37 goals by the end of that season and the team finished 7th in the League. If it hadn't been for Jim Duffy receiving a career ending injury at Ibrox in September we most definitely would have finished in my opinion top 4.
  11. TC for me. Won the Golden Boot (or whatever it was called then ) with a mid table side in the Top league.
  12. Bringing yer UB40 to the game, being able to buy vintage programmes beneath the main stand , the ABC board to check half time scores that were located in the match day programme, waiting In the queue for a pie at the back of the provie whist still able to watch the game and the smell of the urinals as you entered the provie rd /sandeman street turnstiles .
  13. Dundee FC set a New British record crowd on the 4th of April 1896 when 60,000 people watched us play Corinthians at Crystal Palace. Corinthians won 3-1.
  14. The League Cup semi at Somerset Park was a proper square go. The half time battle ended with up with Dundee fans eventually spilling on to the park and walking the length of the pitch to watch the game where previously the Home fans were housed. Plenty busses got bricked also on our police escort out. In the second leg I witnessed a few cases of retribution on the Ayr fans outside the ground but nae bather during the game.
  15. It's all down to the individual I suppose, it can at times be a gamble. Cameron and Berra are chalk and cheese with the time they spent at Dundee. Cameron treated the place like a retirement home and was for the most part of his two years on the sick list. Berra on the other hand with his leadership skills was an inspiration to our team and transformed our Defence almost overnight. Would love to build a team around him for next season .
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