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  1. The new manager's appointment imo has ensured the club gained a more experienced man in charge & better backroom staff at this level. I think the club can't really do anything other than bring BD in to the fold now or risk creating more instability by undermining the new manager right from the start... my opinion about the saga aside, might it no be just slightly irrelevant to reflect back on the past considering none of this shows the club in a good light nor does it take into account his ability to coach players & Ironically might just show some of this squad how to find the net more often... I've disliked far more players in the past with stinking attitude's wearing the shirt over the years..
  2. Seems like one massive gamble after another. Wish him all the best in getting us out this fine mess.
  3. I have to agree mate ^^^^ our owners are not quick to make rash decisions like this one, 3 wins and Well are back out the stink.... Imagine if we were still fan run / owned..
  4. If this run carries on then I can see us overtaking Saints n possibly one of the others above us. 8 points to claw Hearts back is not unrealistic if we stay positive.
  5. I ken one of the undertakers on then hilltown used to be a footballer back in the day.
  6. I heard he picks strikers on a games to no goals ratio ...
  7. I pretty much agree with what you have said above @Edin_Dee and must be upfront and say I agree with FIFA on this one. It's being used at the minute for political points scoring imo I've never seen such a who-ha in the past regards this if I recall correctly?.. I respect the sacrifice given by all the fallen troops throughout history. The absence of a Poppy emblazed on the national strip during a match 'not an armband' won't change that on the day.
  8. Charlie Adam, take a bow son! Strachan will lead us no-where with his attitude and selections
  9. Exciting times... Scotland is away to get shat on from a great height! that pr**k huds a grudge like a 12 year auld lassie does...
  10. I loved GGH but there isn't much point dwelling on who's fault it is and why he departed suddenly.. It's pretty obvious if you step back and take a look without the GGH tinted specks on. We've all seen what his natural replacement is capable of now and I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever seen GGH boss a premier league game the way CCW did at the weekend.
  11. Well that's where we disagree blyths you have you're opinion.... I would expect him to say just that and that's probably what he will be saying before accies ina. I've no got the blinkers on here either felly, I can see how sh**e these mistakes were making are there is a real lack of passion to go forward and that second goal last night shows there is a real lack of confidence in that side. Every loose pass or heavy touch before that first goal was followed by a barrage of abuse from some, Coincidence?.. I think the players and Hartley deserve a chance to work through this shytemare provided we can back them for 90mins. I voted till Christmas and feel gutted but we need to pull together now more than ever, but some fans are ready to chuck the season book back in there pusses after going a goal down. Anyway mate he's on a shoogley peg which we've way you look at it and chances are you might get what you want so before long, this announcement managers get when teams are playing pish reminds me of the quick backing and sacking King Kenny got at Liverpool.
  12. give him time to turn this around, if were not out the stink by chrimbo then cant see him being around.
  13. he deserves time to make this right, no too much time though..
  14. Jim Spence and his imaginary friend with the millions can bolt the pair o sasiji's! Some buffer he is between fans and chairman eh, taking pelters and trying to wind up his club... Did he no learn anything from ST about lying to supporters about investment. Why would we want to merge with a horrible club like that and why would JS go onto tell acunt about it?...All seems bizarre.
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