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  1. Bargain Mine was 21 years ago so a decent amount of cash at the time
  2. Anyone got any Dundee FC related ink of their body? I've the Dundee badge on my upper right arm which I got when I was 17 at a cost of £50 :)
  3. Did Bain not have a top drawer save in the run up to Clarkson's late winner against Aberdeen in the cup. I'm thinking it was similar to the one against United when Simon Murray put his laces through it
  4. Got that often when we were over watching Dundee in N.Ireland
  5. Agreed. One of the reasons why Scottish Football is in such a state right now with all these votes
  6. That's the kind of thing Rangers fans have been posting on twitter. Very paranoid stuff from them. Basically questioning the professionalism of Nelms and Drysdale because one may have supported Celtic and the other is involved in the SNP
  7. Are the finance company still involved or is it just the 4 interest free payments run by the club?
  8. Cummins on loan from Motherwell Stuart McCluskey
  9. Deserved imo In regards to my choice it would be McGhee but an argument would certainly be had if Marshall had been fit more often. Think Hemmings deserves a shout as well. Constantly put in a shift on his own and linked up the play well. Started finding his scoring boots but he can be happy with his contribution overall. If we had Berra at the start of the season you could potentially have been looking at Byrne, Forster, Hemmings, Marshall, McGhee and himself as well as others. All players who have performed or their form improved once we had a settled back line and players playing to their strengths
  10. Was that the game where we done that celebration mimicking the 7 dwarves I think? George Shaw scored a header? MY memory is terrible
  11. I'm a big critic of Nelms when it comes to the football side of things but I do believe he makes decisions with the best interest of our club at heart and I feel he is slowly learning on that front. The last few weeks however including the initial Covid 19 response and the current vote situation he has shown he is no mug and you can see why Keyes has put his huge investment in his trusted hands. Long way to go with these developments but it's encouraging signs at least Well done John
  12. The big question for me is did everyone keep the receipt for their pitchfork?
  13. I have noticed a trend on these boards of fans wanting to tell each other they won't be back for various reasons :) Decent enough statement which tells us things are going on in the background including reconstruction that might end up making us the heroes Folk need to calm down Also any fans from other teams looking in. Get it ya I couldn't care less what you think Cheers
  14. Well written summary and agree with pretty much most of it. Only thing I would change would be giving Forster the same mark as Meekings. Think Forster deserves a huge amount of credit to come back from where he was form wise to how he was playing before the season halted. Very much keeping it to the basics and playing to his strengths but it never should be underestimated the difficulty to turn poor form around, particularly when confidence is shot
  15. Thought he was excellent when he played and involved in most of our good work and goals. We couldn't find a place for him for some reason. The bad attitude thing was going about with absolutely no evidence at all
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