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  1. lincsdee

    John Nelms

    I would say both.not mcpakes fault he got job but clearly not up to it so should resign.john nelms Is just frittering away Tim Keyes money that he has and continues to put into our club.what advice is Gordon strachan putting in.and more so jimmy Nichol is stealing a wage
  2. If he has Dundee in his heart surely he would call it a day.even he must know he is clueless as a manager.back to the old story of getting rid of a manager Ona contract and needing paid off.jack Ross for me
  3. lincsdee

    Dundee V Partick (19, Oct 2019)

    Mcpake MUST GO.,the guy is useless just like the other numpties that John nelms has appointed,wtf is Nelms on ffs.unbelievable
  4. lincsdee


    It never works and when it does it just keeps buffering every few seconds. cancelled mine as just not worth the hassle
  5. lincsdee

    Hearts Game

    Who missed it
  6. lincsdee

    Hearts Game

    Issed penalty now ffs
  7. lincsdee

    Embarrassing Dab Video.

    Between 500 and 1000 at the brick today.wonder how many hundred alloa fans there
  8. lincsdee

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2018-19

    Ye thats what i have been hearing
  9. If he had any ballls he would
  10. have sent tim keyes pic of everyone leaving and to get mcann out
  11. It's same every week.Scottish refs are dire.but so are dundee
  12. Cat keep blaming the ref.we need to take a look at ourselves.we are brutal
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