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  1. BCram

    Dundee Fc - Contracts for 19/20

    Having watched the shootie in practise before each home game from the high safety of the Bobby Cox I have been shocked at how rarely our "forwards" score a goal in a one on one situation with the reserves goalie. there's no guile, precious little accuracy and very few shots are hit with any sort of power. I wonder if there's something about players who have had knee injuries that they can't hit the ball with power and end up trying to stroke the ball with a bit of swerve because of this?
  2. BCram

    Dfc General Meeting, 21 May.

    £2m additional shares taking the authorised share capital up to £4m. Previously the 1p shares were sold at a small premium so the amount of money that these shares with a face value of £2m, might raise could be a bit more than £2m. FPS has already put in the cash to cover the losses made in the earlier years and I would imagine that they will convert their loans to cover the shortfall in the current year by doing the same exercise so there might not be very much additional cash available. This exercise was about getting the group tax relief situation sorted and not about putting £2m in the dfc bank account.
  3. BCram

    Dfc General Meeting, 21 May.

    Agree with ^^^^^^^ Very useful explanations given at the meeting and you would think that the club would want to put out a statement saying that it's great news that so many of those present were backing the board.
  4. BCram

    Dfc General Meeting, 21 May.

    Meeting went well, IMO. all the resolutions were passed with big majorities. David Gray did a good job of chairing the meeting and Bob Hynd gave an update on the new stadium. Access discussions seem to be heading in the right direction and DCC have been very supportive, comparison made with Aberdeen's experience where the council was opposed to their plan.
  5. BCram

    Nathan Ralph - Release Clause

    Quite right. One door closes and another one opens. Seems to me that home grown players might be an important component of our team for next season.
  6. BCram

    Jim Duffy

    Would think that our overheads might be a lot more than most clubs so although our support might be mid table perhaps the money available to spend on players is a fair bit less, and FPS financial support is not really paying for higher priced/better players.
  7. BCram

    2018/19 Poty Dinner

    How many would you expect? Would imagine that if I were in their situation, I might ask to be excused and apologise. R McGowan asked for an apology to be given on his behalf.
  8. Great event. It was a first visit for me and I was struck by the good humour and good feeling towards the club and the owners. Their references to the happy time that they had at Dens from Keith Wright, Ian Ferguson, Matt Lockwood and Brian Irvine were very well received. They all mentioned personal disappointments about being "let go" and being relegated but everyone of them paid tribute to the DEE team spirit that built up to a successful result the following season. Came away feeling that we just had to get behind the team, and had a feeling of positivity that has been very noticeable by its absence on large parts of all forums connected to DFC.
  9. BCram

    Who do you think will be next?

    Think we need a better coach/manager. Agree that a "bigger" name might not be the answer. For me actually getting someone who is currently working and has delivered satisfactory results over 2 or3 years should come high on the list of requirements. We have been outplayed for many games over the last 2 years and it seems to me to be down to the coach playing a system that the players individual skill sets are incompatible with. There was also the pressure to unearth hidden gems and try to develop players by trying to turn defenders into attacking wing backs, and no nonsense defenders into ball playing geniuses who would split defences with accurate passes. Seems to me that we need to take our time over this appointment.
  10. BCram

    Team v St Mirren

    Agree if Meekings and Davis can get into peak condition they should be a top pairing.
  11. Surely McPake does not have the experience to manage a side. This was McCanns downfall and I don't believe Nelms will take the risk. Will be interesting to see what candidates will have applied, and there may be a combination that McPake is a perfect partner.
  12. BCram

    Team v St Mirren

    Sorry bjs, don't think game managing a player works. We only really got going when Hartley "lost" KT. Having him play some games was fine when he was on the pitch but we went backwards when he wasn't available. I can't remember the selection that he was forced to make but IMO losing KT helped the team. We need fit committed players who are not trying to manage their injuries to prolong their career and in the process I fear that they short change us.
  13. Really hope you are wrong PB. This appointment is the most important one Nelms has had to make. Be very surprised if there has not been a lot of candidates to review.
  14. I'm not sure that this would be the right appointment. Seems to me to be too soon in McPake's career. We need to bring in some players and we need someone who has experience of being responsible for making those types of decisions.
  15. BCram

    Team v St Mirren

    Totally agree. The loss today was disappointing but entirely consistent with the performances this season. Not going to post about this season again. It's over. Focus on getting new manager and team.
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