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  1. was thinking that our championship winning season we had more supporters then than we do now.
  2. Have watched back the interception that led to the Celtic goal. I wonder if Woods has a "tell" like a poor poker player. Suppose everyone watches his contributions through out a game how many times does he try to be cute with a disguised pass? I'm not describing it very well, but you know the funny sharp pass that goes across his body and goes at nearly 90 deg to the way he is facing. Maybe players can gamble that he's going to try to make that pass. Kinda like the way Gowser always turns one way.
  3. Was thinking that if we got off to a winning start in the Champoinship and United were still there we might actually see an increase in St sales provided the price was right. Would need to be substantial increase to try to offset the lower prices charged, so loss is likely to be very similar to current situation even although the playing staff is cut substantially.
  4. BCram

    STV 'NEWS'-Unbelievable

    Thought his communication skills were very evident. Completely defused the situation and made our club sounds sensible and on the right side of the item.
  5. BCram

    John Nelms

    The club will know the numbers of tickets sold and what revenue they brought in. Both for the visitors and the home support. They should be able to work out how much revenue they lost because of the drop in PATG attendances. That's just one problem they face. The other is the pricing for next season. Seems odd that they don't understand that if the team is relegated the price should be even cheaper.
  6. Will this mean a decline in your posting on forums?
  7. If he keeps us up surely there's no need to reevaluate?
  8. WW, we understand your point of view. What do you think the club should do?
  9. WW, you have made your point. JM tried the being hard to beat and nick a breakaway goal tactics. They nearly worked. Quite right about the possible change of formation and personnel for the next game, but the mood in the club should be better than if we had been on the end of a heavy defeat and I think that you will agree with that.
  10. Look WW is just pointing out that we got nothing from the game, so it was not a success. The positives seem to be that we were expected to lose, possibly quite heavily and that didn't happen. Chances that Celtic missed might have all been taken if JM had not played a back 5. We must be in a better place after this result than if we had been thumped 3 or 4 nil. Use the disappointment as motivation for next game. The worry for me is that we think we have found a new dimension to our game and because it was against Celtic we are going to drop our levels against the teams we must beat.
  11. Nope, not in my opinion. His troubles were the lack of support from someone who can't defend in front of him.
  12. Did he not have to move to left wing because Kerr had him in his pocket, in his Anerdeen days?
  13. That was my concern too. 2500 ST's. Would be a disaster.
  14. That's the point isn't it. There is no conspiracy. Pushing ST sales just brings in the cash earlier in the year. It looks as though the attempt to get people thinking about, and actually buying the ST's has generate entirely negative comments. I may be wrong but I have not read a single positive comment about the proposal. I think the board would be well advised to review their proposal now that they see the problems that have been highlighted. I wonder if a deposit of say 20% could be used to secure the proposed price for the super early bird ST. The normal payment timescale could be applied, and the deposit could be applied to the ST that was available at the date when the balance was paid. There may not be much of a drop in the cash received by the club if they merely took 20% deposits. If only 20% of the normal renewals for this type of ticket is taken up it might mean that there could be a substantial drop in the number of supporters who buy at this price. They could buy at the next price level to get some form of reduced price but the danger is that they decide to go PATG. This would be a disaster. I hope the board think again.
  15. I wonder if the concerns expressed about the number of ST sales for next season have been noticed by the board? I know it's only a forum but social media can wipe billions off the value of very media savvy companies. I've been very disappointed with the increasing pessimism in the supporters. IMO we should be getting right behind this team and the manager. I'm not blameless, I think we don't try hard enough as a team to stop the opposition from scoring goals, but I'm sure the only way out is to get behind them on match days

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