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  1. Thank PolarBear and Gnasher for explaining things is such straightforward terms. I still don't understand it but then that's my fault not yours. I had no idea that the Moon landings did not happen either. It's brilliant to learn new facts even at my age. You have fair cheered me up! I have been worried recently about global warming what with all this hot weather we have been having. Is this a conspiracy as well, it would be great if it was, by the way.
  2. I am interested to learn what sources lead you to your views PolarBear. I must have an IQ of below 70 because I have always thought that 9/11 was an attack by Al Quaeda principally on the Twin Towers.
  3. I was trying to say that if he did come back I hoped that those who thought he was not up to standard and was over praised might at least give him a chance to show what he can do without prejudging him. It's quite some time since he played for us, we are in a lower division and if the manager thinks he is a player that would be a part of his plans for the team I just wanted to put in a plea to wait and see how things turn out. Keyboard warrior seemed to me to describe someone who is very fixed in their views. From your post it's obvious that you don't fit that classification, you've put forward a reasonable case as to why he isn't the sort of player that you think we need. That's a valid point of view and I accept that it does not mean that you would be on Wighton's case if he did return.
  4. That's really encouraging. Be interesting to see if those who don't want him to return would be willing to give him a fair crack of the whip. It would be soul destroying if McPake thought he could do the job and our keyboard warriors carried on where they left off.
  5. My only worry is how his bad injury has affected his pace and general ability to play. Some players can work round an injury by becoming stronger, however, this added muscle can bring other side effects like drop in pace and speed of turning etc, even drop in power to shoot.
  6. Kids back to school. No social distancing, lined up in rows facing the teacher, just like when I was in primary school. Seems like there is one organisation that we don't need to worry about, fingers crossed though!
  7. Interesting thought Chomp about being "driven". I thought he was a workaholic who needed a break. I think managers are lucky if they get a club that suits them and there is a realistic attitude to what success looks like. I think balancing the books and living within our means might be the attitude that is missing at Dens. Hopefully McPake will get the chance to build success for our club, rather than buy success. Since the Gellatly days we have had a succession of businessmen in charge and the pressure to keep up with spending has been our measure of success. We have the fourth biggest budget so we should be fourth in the league and so on. Hartley got caught up in the spending to buy success, and I think sacrificed his method of working with players to build a team. I think he has found his way now and he may be enjoying actually doing the job in the way he likes, rather than man management of so called professional footballers. His motivation might be to try to emulate ICT or Ross County and get Cove up the league's.
  8. At least we seem to be unlikely to see him playing against us.
  9. Agree, fairness is for the SPFL to deliver. They should be jumping up and down and telling the clubs what will happen to them if they break whatever agreement SPFL have with Scottish Government. Governments make decisions on the basis of self interest. The answer you got is a political truth, IMO.
  10. I think there is merit in saying that the yellow card has been given. Now the red card penalty should be decided and made clear. I would like to see a points deduction system provided all games were played. It would be unfair on all opposition teams if the games were affected and the results did not stand.
  11. Chomp, your last three words are the key. What was agreed and were there any sanctions agreed in the event of a failure to comply?
  12. But Nicola did not say that. I'll leave this line that I have tried to develop. I can see I am getting nowhere with my view that people are hyping the political aspect. I would prefer to see a set of punishments that uses points deductions for transgressions by players so that their clubs suffer the consequences of their misbehaviour not the whole of Scottish football! Season cancelled, I doubt it.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-53736447 This is what they are saying. No threat to the whole of Scottish football at all. Specific penalties for non compliance etc which is sensible.
  14. Cobra, Sturgeon didn't say what is being reported. That's why I want to push for a specific penalty which will be fair. Punishing clubs who have done nothing wrong just will not be acceptable, and it will not happen. The linesman who is now Conservative leader in Holyrood will keep her right and bring in VAR.
  15. Admitting considering are weasel words.If she said Will suspend, again how long for? Two weeks which is the quarantine period? I want a specific punishment of points deducted.
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