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  1. BCram


    I assumed it was the first 45 mins that he saw.
  2. BCram


    You missed the best bits.
  3. BCram

    Crowd V Motherwell

    Look at the BBC match report.
  4. BCram

    Crowd V Motherwell

    IMO you are talking absolute rubbish. The players put in a shift tonight with little support from their own fans against the team that is 3rd in the SPFL.. Heads did not go down, some solid tackles going in. First half was disappointing but their first goal was a massive deflection through the wall and the foul that earned it looked dodgy, but it was at the far end and my view from the Bobby Cox wasn't the best, so it may have been a legit decision Second goal was one that we have been giving away all season. Lose possession in attack and hit on the break. Nobody managed to get near them. Third goal was a nightmare for Hamilton. Indecision, catch it or palm it over the bar. Shot is softer than he thought and he just helped it over his head into the goal. From going 2 goals down in 30 mins, I thought we were well in the game, until when their 3rd went in in 75 mins. Even after the third went in we didn't give up. Have a look at the stats, we were in that game, just not good enough against a top SPFL side. Just my opinion and no doubt there are others.
  5. BCram

    Crowd V Motherwell

    Just in from the game. Was disappointed with the result but encouraged by the performance. Dreadful atmosphere for home fans, must have been worse for our players. Thought everyone put in a shift and we I'd create some chances to score.
  6. BCram


    Should be a high scotring game then!😀
  7. BCram

    Josh Todd Away.

    OK. Nobody else seemed to be interested so I'll follow your lead!
  8. BCram

    Scottish Cup

    you missed out the Sunday Game - think Hibs would be a good team to play!
  9. BCram

    Josh Todd Away.

    I would hope so too. Is it just the way footballers think they should behave? The manager doesn't think I'm good enough etc. Is that their way of dealing with being told that they are not going to get a game in the position that they think they are best suited to play? Is it some face saving way that they use to deal with rejection and just part of some footballers mentality? It must be difficult for a manager to help players to deal with these disappointments, but perhaps it would pay dividends if there was some support for players who find themselves in these situations. sitting collecting a wage and not ever getting to play must be very demoralising for the player, and perhaps for other players.
  10. BCram

    Josh Todd Away.

    Thanks for this thought. Makes sense but maybe, like me, Todd didn't realise that McPake actually wanted Todd to try harder so that he could be selected instead of Byrne. If it's a coded message, why isn't it an explicit message? Todd has gone but maybe this discussion will be helpful for players who find themselves in a similar situation. Nelson looks to me to be heading for the same dilemma.
  11. BCram

    Josh Todd Away.

    It is yet another example of what's wrong at Dens IMO. Genuinely thought that McPake was going to break the habit of recent years. Hope there is a rethink about the type of player they bring in and how they are managed. I don't think it is just a single example and that there has been a over reaction. Why can't we coach players who are not getting game time. It should be obvious why they are not being picked and they should be getting extra coaching to help them improve.
  12. would change Sevilla to an away win.
  13. BCram


    hope you are right, but I'm tending towards the Barkblue interpretation.
  14. BCram

    Surprise Surprise

    You said that you would be classed as a pro Dab, and i thought that there was a difference between actually being a DUFC supporter and your own situation. Your second post makes it clear what you were trying to say. Thanks.
  15. BCram


    don't think this way of treating players is unique to us. How can we ever hope to improve as a team if the players we have don't have personal goals that they can work on?
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