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  1. Would rather the expanded both SPFL and Championship. Leaving us in Championship and keeping Hearts in SPFL. Berra will be a massive loss as it looks to me as though he brought about the changes in defence that we needed..
  2. I am surprised that you think that self interest will work against change. All we have to do is find something that can be perceived as being in the interests of the OF. If they got special terms for the broadcast of their derbies you might find that the revenue earning opportunities would be so significant that they could have a smaller share of our cake which means we get more money, and the whole of the revenue earning possibilities generated by their gala day, national holiday atmosphere for their two extra derbies. Might put the games on a Sunday so that everyone could join in the fun?
  3. I agree that our league is unlikely to change much without some kind of reform. Teams that progress in UEFA competitions get substantial cash as a reward. The amounts dwarf anything that the Scottish game as a whole can generate. I can't remember the totals, but maybe someone does. I think the amounts might be so big that the top prize for winning our league is almost irrelevant to them. Why not flatten the range of SPFL prizes? Even a flat rate for every team might be worthwhile considering. For me the pressure from fans to watch a winning team, and get further up the league is much more important in my mind than if the 7th team gets £500k and the 6th team gets 50% more at £750k. Its funny but when you see lacklustre team performances, they get blamed on a lack of pride and effort shown by the team, or some disconnect between the manager and the team. I'd like to see some old fashioned playing for the jersey. We seemed to be building good team spirit before the break and with the uncertainty over how things are going to pan out this season I think there is an opportunity for the SFA and the SPFL to change things without very much difficulty. No relegation and promoting Championship top 4 to get a 16 team league, and the same to create a 16 team Championship and then split the First division regionally to bring in more junior teams would be something that could never be contemplated normally but here is an opportunity which hopefully will never be repeated.
  4. Excellent idea Gedee. Like the 6 nations rugby the fixtures are traditional and maybe that's what we have lost in football. ICT and Ross County could play each other , ourselves and our neighbours, not sure who St J could team up with, maybe Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs, the OF and that leaves Killie Motherwell and some more West coast teams.
  5. If the 4 games as so important why not create a Home and Away double header for them, like rugby does for Edinburgh and Glasgow. Bound to be a big money spinner for them and help them to preserve their precious special relationship. The spin off might be that Aberdeen or Motherwell or whoever rises to be the best of the rest could challenge for the top spot more effectively because they only need to play the OF 4 times instead of 8. It would make games against the OF a once a season pleasure to welcome them and if the home supports got better they might be able to sell more tickets to their home support and not give so many tickets to OF fans who are not based in Glasgow. Killie cut the allocation last year and it must have helped boost the home morale.
  6. I had noticed this. Did some poking about online and there are a couple of differences culturally. More than 50% of households are single occupancy as opposed to the generational households of the Mediterranean, almost 90% of big companies have been developing working at home strategies for years so the technology is in place and the working skills are well practised, and Swedes trust each other and their leaders. The same rules for self isolating are in place if you show symptoms and there are businesses that are struggling, but the welfare system is much more supportive in terms of the amount of support given to the unemployed and sick. The main government drive seems to be to provide loans to help business to survive the virus. They have some debate about whether this approach is correct and do wonder why Denmark has taken the lockdown route.
  7. Agree that we seem to be overconfident in our ability to ride this out. It all seems a step by step management of the situation, like salami slicing so that the steps individually seem quite reasonable. As you say why are we going to have food if other countries are having the same problems with labour? Land girls were the answer during WW2, might need land boys and girls this time. It would be interesting to see what farmers are thinking about their plans for spring planting etc. Keep safe seems to be essential and that's a personal responsibility for us all to do our best and that has nothing to do with politics IMO.
  8. Thanks for the bit about guerrilla gardening. For decades my wife has been on the opposite tack. Cuttings collected from everywhere and lovingly tended at home. The redwood is a bit of a worry but I think by the time it gets big enough to attract attention we will be long gone! Is there any legislation that prevents an individual planting stuff on roadsides. Saw a tv programme about someone who took caterpillars to areas where he knew there would be the type of vegetation that they fed on. Seems like the public taking matters into their own hands might help society.
  9. We have business interruption insurance and it's part of our business insurances which are paid monthly but agreed to run for a specified period. quite normal to have cover running for 2 or 3 years, but that is usually to cover a situation where there is some catastrophic physical damage that could destroy your property and rebuilding could take some time. Dont know if it covers government instruction to shut down.
  10. Great news, did you ever find out what or who caused the problem?
  11. What is in our club"s best interest? If the leagues are not played to a finish. Is getting rid of ICT and our neighbours and not having Hearts in the Championship the next best thing? Should be no relegation from all leagues IMO.
  12. I listened to the end. As Derrygunner predicted Vernon said all the sorts of things that EOTD has been saying. Massive conspiracy theory against the elderly and banned from the BBC. Not very credible, IMO, and I am deffo staying at home as instructed.
  13. Think you should post the actual communication from Wetherspoon to their workers. Rather than just explain what you think is the situation.
  14. Have been fretting about the no school for most kids and school for kids of essential workers decision. I understand that children are not likely to have such severe symptoms but they seem to me to be able to infect their parents. Is it really sensible to keep the children of essential workers together and then expect them not to pass on to their parents the bug? I understand the need for child care but is there an alternative?
  15. Have also been wondering about the graph that we are being shown with a high peak which is the theoretical outcome if we don't self isolate. As I understand it the number of people who get the disease stays the same it's just the rate that they get infected is reduced and this allows the health service facilities to cope. Self isolating seems to be the only way to slow the rate of infection.
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