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  1. BCram

    The Curious Case of Kane Hemmings

    Excellent news. Regular report might get this issue taken seriously, not least by the players themselves!
  2. BCram

    The Curious Case of Kane Hemmings

    Agree. We need to try to get the three of them thinking like a unit. If they can find ways to play for each other they could be absolutely brilliant. Not sure that competition is actually what is needed. Teamwork Might be a better way to go.
  3. BCram

    The Curious Case of Kane Hemmings

    My favourite subject! Was late getting to the game, open day at the Firestation and the PDSA prior to the match and missed this important pre match warm up. Think it might deserve a topic heading all on its own!
  4. Thought that We did create chances without any obvious play maker/ creative midfielder. Robertson did a great job changing things with his range of passes. McPake was terrific and if we could just move into attack mode a wee bit quicker I think we would see a drop in the number of to me, to you, to me type passes. McGowan is better higher up the pitch IMO. Don't think we are going make some serious signing to provide the creative midfield genius that has been the subject of so much chatter on this forum. Think we are going to develop a style that will build on the players that we have and that Johnson, Hemmings and Nelson will score loads of goals.
  5. However we did create chances and you would think we lost today. Team was obviously right up for this game. Gowser MOM and got (a partial) standing ovation when he went off. Johnson, Hemmings and Nelson harried and put in tackles, Hamilton punched clear several dangerous crosses and saves a penalty. Ref had some disappointing decisions and Alloa gave everything they had in terms of physical pressure. Happy we won, can see improvements and attitude was spot on today, IMO.
  6. Agree, but the point I was trying to make is that trying to put pressure on the opposition as soon as we lose the ball, might be something that the 3 forwards could do very effectively.
  7. WIs it impossible for Hemmings Johnson and Nelson to press the opposition if we lose possession in the final third. El Bak was a real nuisance doing that and if the three strikers added pressing the opposition to their skills it might transform the way we defend and give our midfield something to work with.
  8. BCram

    Alloa On Saturday

    DEAR WOODSTEIN, well said. i have been banging on about this for at least three seasons. the shootie in practice is an absolute disgrace and it's no surprise that we take so few of our goal scoring chances. The players are careless, lazy, slow and useless. If they are that in practice, AND ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH IT, what else can we expect. Would like to suggest that the Bobby Cox supporters take an active interest in this particular part of the team warm up and cheer any goal and BOOOO any shot that misses the target. Small clap for any save to encourage the apprentice goalie!
  9. BCram

    Graham Dorrans

    How many senior pros do we have? Hamilton, Kerr, Marshall, Meekings, McGhee, Forster, Ness, Todd, Byrne, McGowan, Nelson, Hemmings and Johnson. Seems to me we are very light on numbers and that we will be relying on our youngsters. If we don't have the budget then we simply have to accept that tsome youngsters are going to be playing most weeks and we need to get behind them. I'm expecting that we will batter Alloa and our supporters will love our team!
  10. BCram

    Graham Dorrans

    A very fair point of view. What happens if he is a big success? My view is he will be off to a much wealthier team and we are under even more pressure in January. If he fails to stay healthy, or is crocked by some of the robust tackles that seem to be allowed in this division, we have not solved a problem. We need, IMO, to work on the training ground to build a better team, rather than persist in trying to buy a short term fix. I'm not gunning for Dorrans, merely trying to suggest that we have tried this type of approach before and in the end it didn't work. Caulker was another similar situation, but his issues were not physical.
  11. BCram

    Graham Dorrans

    I think this is a distraction. There's more in need of fixing than bringing in a single player who has not got a history of playing a lot recently. The comparison is KT. I think we only really got going once he left and did not have the problem of playing in one set up with him and a different set up when he needed to recover. Just my opinion, and I can see the attraction if the player we were signing actually was the player who he was a couple of years ago.
  12. BCram

    Our Forwards

    agree. Looks like they need to find a way for any 2 of them to play for each other. Also be useful to have much quicker pass overthe top from full backs and miss out midfield completely.
  13. BCram

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    Not sure that we can't find a way to bring our strikers into play. Think it's taking time to do this , and it doesn't help having to work things out as we play vital games. We change shape move players around and ask them to do different tasks. Not easy, but I'm hopeful that we will get it sorted in time to make up for any lost ground while we work things out.
  14. BCram

    Alloa On Saturday

    Get them to say what the tactics were for the game, explain why it didn't work, or possibly why it did work, at least show some awareness of tactics. Why, when things go wrong, can't the players see what needs fixing and just do it? I don't think players are automatons who can only follow limited instructions, yet that's the way their performances come across. We didn't expect that, we talked about defending at set pieces, we just seemed a bit off the pace, there's a whole range of cliches and the question that needs to be answered is WHY?
  15. BCram

    Watching Scotland Is Like Watching....

    Think the problem is something to do with the coaching of the coaches. Same thing throughout the Scottish game. Lack of basic ball playing skills, lack of tactical awareness and complete lack of fitness. Can't play high tempo because they are not fit enough, can't press high up the pitch because they are not fast enough. Need to get coaches who understand what talents a good /great footballer must have, instead of teaching them how to train kids who will whilst willing and keen just don't have what it takes to go to higher levels. British Olympics took a decision to look for Sporting Giants female athletes to see if they would be good at rowing. Heather Stanning and Helen glover who won Gold in London came from this programme. Think Gordon Strachan needs all the support he can get to try to bring new thought processes into Scottish Football coaching and hopefully DFC will be a big beneficiary. strange that a wee footballer might actually make a big difference to DFC.
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