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  1. BCram

    Third Red Strip On Way Today

    Military personnel often have mental health issues as a result of active service. This is an attempt to support our soldiers with the social issues they face after their military service. I think it's great looking top and the Black Watch motto of nemo me impune lacessit is often translated in Scots as Wha daur meddle wi me.
  2. Agree with this. Why beat ourselves and our team up by setting targets that are currently unattainable? I'm sure our average long term position as a club is mid to lower end of the top league, so these top four finishes and cup finals are not likely, unless we can build the club up.
  3. BCram

    Ict V Dundee

    Comments when Johnson and Hemmings played together was that they didn't complement each other, they made the same runs and got in each other's way.
  4. BCram

    Welcome Home Barry

    I think we often forget that the managers that a player has played for are often the main source of man management skills. Perhaps a player who has travelled around a bit and had experience of different clubs is actually a good thing when a player is thinking about moving into management. If it's a sensible career development process to send young players out on loan, why not do as Harry94 suggests and allow team coaches to move, on loan, to other clubs so that they can learn management skills. I also think that we need to be realistic in our dreams for our club. Playing in the top league is an obvious target and winning one of our cup competitions should be a target for the first team. There are other targets like encouraging football for youngsters, running the club in a sustainable way and having facilities that are able to generate additional income.
  5. BCram

    Welcome Home Barry

    Let's hope he manages to teach some tackling and defensive skills to the club.
  6. BCram

    Eddie May At Dens Today?

    I don't think the costs of running DFC are the same as other clubs. i think we probably pay more for our ground and management structure than most other clubs apart from the OF Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen. We don't own our own ground, we have a properly paid CEO, like the bigger clubs, and we have a smaller ST base than the 5 clubs I have mentioned. We don't have a community focus that actually brings in money, that's my perception and I'd be delighted to be corrected by anyone who knows better.
  7. Think we need a cult figure to rally behind. There always seems to me to have been players who our fans really liked, despite or sometimes even because of their limitations.
  8. BCram


    Of more concern is they current level of losses. I would like to be assured that HMRC are being paid promptly.
  9. Was in the pub last night, very rare occurrence for me. Had a great deal of good natured banter right across all the spectrum of political philosophy. Amazing how clever everyone is when they are on the outside of a few beers. Got me thinking that you should only be allowed to vote if you passed a breathalyser test that said you had at least 4 times the legal limit for driving.
  10. Gedee, was thinking about the tree planting promises. It's amazing how these issues are created. The people who own the hillsides are not often regarded kindly but this might be their moment to really help us all. Don't know how much carbon a tree draws out of the atmosphere but it seems to me to be a really sensible approach.
  11. BCram

    Kamara (Again)

    We don't have the players for it so I'm inclined to think that our game might take a while for any benefit. Thing is you need to have both types of play, pass it out which I thought was supposed to stop goalies launching the ball up the pitch, and breaking forward quickly with forward passes done at speed to try to launch an attack before your opponents could get all their men behind the ball.
  12. BCram

    Kamara (Again)

    There is something far wrong with our football and I think it is going to get worse. Now that the OF are back together it will be the same old same old. Good young Scottish players sitting on their benches with precious few chances to play in the top games.
  13. Spot on with your comment about International weekends and the volume of posters on football forums. Just wish there was a better way to develop non DFC topics. The old official forum always had just a simple list of topics and people fired in whatever they thought. Seems we have lost a bit of that spontaneity and the ability to entertain ourselves with a bit of banter. I was wondering if maybe the format for the non football general chat section on the home page of TDB Forum could be just a simple list that would let even a casual user see what interesting topics were available in this section of TDB forum.
  14. There are a whole lot of things that I'd like to moan about. Low emission zones, electric cars, where are we going to get the electricity from, where are we going to get the metals need for lithium batteries, how can we afford a proper mental health service when we can't afford a proper physical health service and so on. Do not want to use PM system because I think that you need a wider range of views so that you avoid getting into discussions that end up being personal. This topic isn't going to cheer you up Gedee. Only thing that will do that is to find a way to listen to the music of your youth! .
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