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  1. BCram

    Hearts V Dundee

    Hope we play 442 and get back to trying to defend properly. Think it was 433 for last . Loss .
  2. BCram

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Fair enough point of view but it is a game where the team needs IMO to be the strongest we can field to give them more game time to gel. It's game time they need and resting players for more important games is not on IMO.
  3. BCram

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Absolutely this. All season the JCurran Kerr combo has been a weak link. Play Kerr as a defender. Keeping clean sheets is much more likely with Kerr on full time defending than scoring goals off his crosses.
  4. BCram

    Woods and McGowan

    Why do these two get so much grief for Saturday? Aren't Deacon and JCurran at fault, too for their lack of defending, and in Deacon's case his inability to get into the game at all. Seems to me the new guys were a success and give them a chance to work with Woods and McGowan rather than start from scratch.
  5. BCram

    Woods and McGowan

    Agree. Team selection seemed to be odd for a game that seemed to be very tough. Deacon and J Curran are not known for their defensive contributions.
  6. BCram

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Just before their goal I think Inniss and Kusunga had been told to swap places. Seemed to me that was why there was so much space for Dobbie. Thought Inniss did OK and he might improve with a little more game time. Kerr has been getting pelters every time he has JCurran in front of him. JM needs to sort out the right side and let Kerr concentrate on defending and get that glaring hole in our defence plugged. Was hoping for a much more positive performance from us. As has been said, the break does not really help, it's playing matches that builds teamwork, and I thought we looked rusty. Good to have another game against them.
  7. BCram

    Woods and McGowan

    Thank you, missed the team announcement so was in the dark. Nelson at the end looked best. Curran seemed to try hard and just mistimed stuff with Kenny. Dales looked OK too. I could not understand why Deacon just stood for most of the time he was on the pitch. He just is not getting into the game at all. Dales seemed to have more impact when he came on in the second half. Nelson as you say seemed to be getting stuck in and put in some good tackles. Still the same old problem of passing the ball from side to side with a gradual build up of pressure on the defenders until they eventually have to kick long.
  8. BCram

    Woods and McGowan

    Thank you, for your polite response to my rubbish post. I am delighted to learn that we have a new goalie who did well, and even more pleased that there's a forward to help Kenny in addition to Benny. Who was he? I agree it wisnae good but I thought that compared to what I had been fearing this game turned out a lot better.
  9. BCram

    Woods and McGowan

    You would think we got hammered today. Inniss is fine. Couple of errors agreed but did lots of things right. Play starts out from the back via him or Kusunga neither of whom are creative midfield players. That's the key get someone they can pass the ball to, and relieve them of the responsibility for trying to open up the opposition. What a difference when we passed the ball forward as soon as we won possession, or got a quick throw out from Parrish. Qots were flying before they came to play us today. I think that was a not bad performance for our team. To be honest I had been fearing a fairly comprehensive defeat, but hoping for a sign of determination. Benny and Kenny chased everything and look as though they just need a bit better service to start scoring goals. IMO of course!
  10. The revenue they earn from their "funeral teas" is equivalent to ST sales of 6000 fans. They are not actually punching above their weight.
  11. BCram

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Would it be possible to put on this forum a PCA, and a proper contract that Dundee players sign. There must be blank copies available or perhaps the club could redact one that they currently are using. I'm puzzled how a player can be unable to play for the team that pays his wages and hold his contract because his head is not in the right place. It seems to me that if a player wants to sign a PCA then the least that should happen is the team that the player is moving to should be made to pay for the remainder of the players wages. As a team that is trying to improve our standing in the SPFL it seems that our dealings with players appear naive and we are often the loser.
  12. Think he might have been in the great signing if fit category. agree about the don't give me the "he's pish" talk.
  13. At last a bit of good news for AD. Also plus marks for his attitude, we need to stick together and support the players.
  14. I think our problem is that we have not been sure which league we would be playing in the following season. If we had been better last year we should have been trying to get Kamara to extend his contract. Everything just now seems to be short term fixes. It is absolutely essential that we don't go down this year. I spent last season arguing for NM to be given time to get his team in the expectation he was working to a plan and it needed a bit of time to achieve. I was wrong. I don't think we will get better than bottom 3 until we break this cycle of complete team revamp every year.
  15. BCram

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Would like to see Deacon getting some special coaching to improve his teamwork. Seems to me he is kind of left to show us his skills and he doesn't really play as part of a plan. There is something about him IMO.

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