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    Stewart and Kamara

    Totally agree that Jimmy Nicholl is an important part of DFC. He's been there, done most of it and if we can keep a good backroom staff together we should be seeing the rewards shortly. A mixture of young and experienced players is essential for our future and we seem to have a manager and backroom staff who understand that. What we the fans needs to remember is that creating good conditions for players to thrive means that there will be downs as well as the hoped for ups. This time I hope we are thinking about building a team, rather than hiring players who we hope we can make a fast buck on by selling them quickly.
  2. Think this is a coaching issue. You would think that he knows this is an area of his game that he needs to improve and it isn't just about him. The centre backs and the cover at the back post are all part of the defence against crosses which has been a weakness in our side for some time
  3. BCram

    Josh McPake - Officially Signs

    agree that the backroom staff could be very important.
  4. I've heard the MD for Michelin tell the story of how the French wanted to close the Dundee factory and the work force and local management went to France with a positive proposal to change the plant and make more tyres. I'd like to suggest that they should do the same again. I'm not sure that task forces designed to provide a less painful closure should be encouraged. Get the local team to work out a proper business plan, as they did the last time and fight the same battle that they did the last time. Giving up part of the market occupied by Michelin Dundee to cheaper less safe tyres seems to me to be a short step away from giving up the bigger tyre sizes that are made by other Michelin plants to the same competitors. I would also hold out for the same redundancy terms as might be applied to a French plant or a German one and I would not let a single item of plant move out of the factory until all avenues had been explored.
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