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  1. If true, let's hope he has a point to prove.
  2. Agree Rocky Boy, with your assessment of my post. It's really sad state that we are in. I know keeping McPake is a minority viewpoint. Still hoping he can see what he needs to do.
  3. Voted to keep him. Really want to see some attempt to build on what we have and stop this merry go round of new manager, new squad every time the manager changes. However my desire for this type of consistency is being severely tried by McPake, Nicholl and McKay's insistence on a style of play that has been comprehensively destroyed by most of our opponents. What is so hard to understand? There has got to be a change in tactics, players have got to win their individual battles. Dunfermline put a forward on Dorrans and our play maker was effectively taken out of the game. How simple is that? I hope that McPake Nicholl and McKay and the players have had a full debrief using both the TV games. Questions asked about why goals were lost, why so few chances are created, why we persist with the tippy tappy approach that is getting us nowhere. It leads to a long ball, hit under pressure towards a Dee, with luck, who is covered by at least one opponent. We'd get on better getting Hamilton to lamp the ball upfield as soon as he can and just chase it, at least Hemmings would be facing the right way!
  4. Exactly how I see things. Hope that McPake could take this approach and he could do this. He found a system that allowed 2 up top, and yet he binned it for the Motherwell game at the start and brought it back with some success for the second half. Don't know what McKay and Nicholl do but I don't think either of them will be fighting for the retention of the tippy tappy stuff.
  5. I think that he knows things are not working, as evidenced by the continual chopping and changing, if he was sure he was right he'd stick with the same squad and help them to play to his tactics. He's crossed a line of sorts by speaking out against his senior players IMO. I would not expect him to admit that he is wrong, but I do think he needs to be encouraged to cut out the tippy tappy stuff and step up the fitness levels.
  6. I'd like to know why? Instructions from McPake, which were never changed throughout the whole match, or wilful decision by Dorrans?
  7. Think McPake will realise that his tactics against Dunfermline did not work. Deflection by him, I think, that the team did not deliver the plan. It looks to me that the team failed to play what they saw in front of them. Callachan got stuck in, Cranks looked good and for the life of me I don't know why he didn't start.
  8. Anyone know what our post match routine is? Hopefully with the last two games on TV I hope they all as a group, directors, players, youths and of course the manager and his coaches watch both games with the sound up so they can hear the comments by the commentators. They should go over every incident and highlight the errors by asking what the player involved thought he was doing. Even if it took all day it would be worth it if it got the coaches and the players to realise that they are not on the same page. I was amazed that the improvement in the second half against Motherwell was completely destroyed by the selection for Dunfermline. 433, when have we played that. Youth player pitched in, out of position, Hemmings on his own, Dorrans back with the defence playing as a sweeper, Gowser playing wide left, McDaid and Marshall split from a consistent left side of the field so that McDaid plays on the right. Roy of the Rovers might have got away with those changes as long as Blackie was there to back him up but McPake and Nicholl won't. Very very disappointed by the setup for this game. Massive mistake to blame his senior players post match, IMO. Either they played to his instructions or they deliberately went back to a tippy tappy style which they and we know is a disaster. I prefer to think that for example, Dorrans, Gowser and Hemmings were playing as instructed
  9. Any improvement. Are they playing 442?
  10. McGowan played earlier this week. but I think he will start with your original lineup apart from McGowan in place of the new winger who might get on second half. I hope he starts with 2 up top and if we are winning we don't try to close the game out. BATTER THEM for 90 minutes is far more important than some tactical subbies to "save players' or give an opportunity to test new pairings etc. We need a settled side playing for 90 minutes and anyone who isn't fit enough to do that needs some extra training!
  11. Am hoping that Dorrans turns out to be a bit like O'Dea in terms of good role model for the youngsters.
  12. Have you been taking happy pills? Great post, well thought out and encouraging.
  13. Agree with your concern. Think the perception is that it is safer for a manager if he signs an experienced player who is coming back to fitness rather than a young fit player who is much more of an unknown quantity. Experienced player fails to make the grade because he can't recapture his pre injury form is easier to forgive than spending money on a player who has never shown any ability to perform at the level that we need IMO . McIntyre was a classic example of the first type of manager and McCann was an example of the second. Davies really torpedoed any hope that McIntyre was going to get us out of the hole we were in. McCann had too many projects that never really delivered. To be honest I'd rather have fit players with potential than unfit experienced pros who might never recapture their pre injury form.
  14. Seems to me this is a big vote of confidence in our club and manager. I had been expecting him to be away at the end of this window. Very pleased and beginning to think that things must be better at Dens, for the players. Maybe we are going to batter everyone after this window closes?
  15. There is a history of ex Dee's at Arbroath. I thought Gavin Swankie was a terrific player, on his day, Bobby Linn was also terrific entertainment, and Rab Douglas is part of their coaching team. Great move for him. I hope he plays a blinder against everyone but the Dee's.
  16. Thanks for the explanation. Hope that things work better than you fear! I think that McPake is learning and his players are playing for him.Supporters need to get behind the players. Agree no game has been convincing but when you look at our squad there's no winger, and unfortunately the Byrne Ness partnership just hasn't worked.
  17. If you had been postings at the time of McPakes appointment this forum was full of posters who had a realistic view of what the club had said and how they expected a rookie manager to perform. Nobody thought his task would be 2nd place.
  18. Who was the last player we signed who was coming back from injury and actually moved on to some success. We are deluding ourselves with signing players who have the epitaph- good signing if fit. It doesn't work because once they get fit they just try to move on. They rarely go for a fee. We simply have to bring on our own players, and coach them properly so that they learn everything that a model pro needs to know.
  19. Interested by your comment highlighted. Maybe this is the major reason for the depression that seems to fill our support. It might not be too late if we pull together. What do you think the mood would be if we managed second place and got into the play offs? Are we going to write off this season already? It seems to me to be a bit premature for that. As you say, there isn't a magic bullet. The only thing that will help our club is improvements in results and I think it is too early to accept that McPake needs to go. From what I have seen the case for 442 has been made. Byrne and Ness together in midfield is not going to work because of Ness's injuries, no blame really, but it does seem as though Ness has been given opportunities to recover his fitness and he's broken down each time. Callachan has come in and on first showing brought a bit of pace and strengthened our midfield. I think we should be trying to encourage the manager and his players. Staying in the promotion playoff slots will be a success IMO, and keep the interest going until the end of the season, so perhaps it isn't too late?
  20. Hopefully the excuses, timing, TV and price will not be accepted by our Board as the whole explanation. We need something from them, not new players, something that encourages the fans to come along. Maybe a family offer would help. Parents, Grandparents might respond to a deal. Some sort of school kids at half time event. At Arbroath the team mascots were running around with a ball, scoring goals and getting cheers from the Dee's behind the goal.
  21. Interested in Hamiltons form. He had a run of clean sheets at the start of the season. Appendix operation and he maybe came back lacking in confidence. There is always criticism of him, and it does seem to be justified. I watch with interest his warm up with Bobby Geddes at the start of games. It all seems very gentle and easy, nothing too strenuous and very predictable. It looks as though Bobby is kicking the ball to Hamilton. I know heehaw about goalies and what they need to make their coaching worthwhile but might it be worthwhile giving the goalkeeper practice at moving to collect crosses. Kick the ball to places where he isn't and make him move to cut the cross out. On the shot stopping front there are a couple of things. Why not get him to play in goal when our forwards are doing their shootie in practice? Far faster hit shots, greater variety of strikes and as a result much more pressure to stop shots. Again perhaps the pre match warm up isn't the right time to rev up your keeper but he needs to be sharper IMO and this might help him. Finally a return to the players shootie in practice. A slight improvement pre Motherwell with the players trying to set up the shot for their team mate. Obviously an improvement but some of the assists were woeful, and the angle of shot was very very much from straight in front. No shots from a wide angle at all. Can't imagine any Dee being able to replicate the Gregg Stewart goals when he broke in field from the right and curled the ball into the far corner of the goal. Still poor conversion rate so it isn't a surprise that our forwards are not setting the heather on fire. Rant over.
  22. Need to keep up the positive comments and hope that he avoids the Holt syndrome. Give him a chance to show what he can do in the expectation that he will succeed.
  23. Callachan looked exactly what we need. Thought he made an impact when he came on and I was pleasantly surprised. I don't think we will see 4 2 3 1 again. We lost to elgin with it and this time with Dorrans in the team we struggled with it. Lost two goals with it. changed to 442 and a goalie own goal was motherwell's only return. We looked the more likely to score when we were 2 goals down, IMO.
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