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  1. The poor thing is from a fans point of view is every time recently that DFC have cut prices it's been poorly attended. Last year we moaned at £25 and £15 for cup games and 3000 turned up in home end despite it on TV. This year no TV to tempt fans away huge reduction to £15 £5 and under 12 FREE..The result for Dumbarton and Falkirk cup games was a disappointing similar crowd of around 3000 in home end despite the prize on offer and decent home form. When prices are set next year for cup games the regulars will suffer as I think we have made the Boards decision an easy one and big prices will be in place. Offer most 'floating' fans a free ticket for most matches and many would turn if down. Based on that don't expect any cut price entries any time soon as clubs simply don't see any uplift in numbers and certainly not enough to cut income
  2. Comparing DFC v ICTs average home crowds. We bring in close to £1M a year more than them in revenue. I would be disappointed if we couldn't offer a bit more than them wage wise. Likewise I would be concerned if we were matching Aberdeen and Hearts wages both of whose income drawf ours in respect to fan income.
  3. Am I reading that punters could have walked up to shop today (or got someone to go for them) right up to 2.30 / 3pm and they could have got a ticket there and then?? Likewise you can now turn up tomorrow morning if you and everybody else you knew was busy today and get a ticket?
  4. Dundee fans are no different from any other bunch of fans in world football TBH. Sat in various home ends over the years watching random games and football fans shout obscenities get frustrated at own team regardless of who they are it's human nature. Listen to Open all Mics on a Saturday and hear the passion in the stands and it's usually punters slaughtering there own team. Most common noise you will hear is the collective booing at HT or FT if things aren't working out...likewise watching a game on TV regardless if it EPL of some lower league fare on Alba. It's always been this way and always will be. Not worth getting worked up about
  5. Mind you used be delighted that wage thief Thomson was our captain hahahaha
  6. To be honest any time in last 20 years I've seen any Dees get bother through at old firm has been self inflicted. A few times I've seen young Dees thinking if smart to sing Celtic songs outside Ibrox or sing Rangers songs outside parkhead. Do that and trouble will meet you rapid. Mind your own business and nobody looks twice at you outside either ground.
  7. DSA will get 450 all season ticket holdersA minimum of 500 will be held back for Sunday Therefore upto a 1000 will be made available online once everybody is home from game. If all 1000 are unsold then they will be added to the minimum 500 for shop punters
  8. Well said Mr Ganadsaur. No excuse for anybody. A fair % of our ST holders are kids or elderly that will be nowhere near Ibrox. Clubs out of towners computer users and turn up at the shop guys will all get a fair opportunity
  9. If we ask to close off stand snd don't sell them we are liable for 7800 tickets. Less than half that turned up on Tuesday for a reduced price game with no TV at home
  10. Ask your mate what time he is in and maybe somebody from the ticket office staff can come round to his house and hand deliver them for him.....honestly
  11. Sounds fair to me. DSA, out of town and basically any season ticket holder with a smart phone or Internet connection can buy these on Saturday. Sunday at least 500 will go on sale to personal callers with an ST and anybody after that Que people moaning about looking after their cat at the weekend snd can't get near Dens or a Internet connection
  12. I have genuinely never spoken to a Dee who has been locked out of a game and failed to get a ticket for a game they wanted to see. On occasion they have had to make a call or two or ask about but I'd wager any dee who was desperate to see us on any particular game that was all ticket has got one reasonably comfortably
  13. I reckon this will go 10 pages including moans about Supporters buses and we will have tickets left to sell come match day like we always do. Derbies cup ties etc we never sell out our full and final allocation
  14. YES..he did play v killie but it was whilst with St.Johnstone in round 4 when killie won 1.0 in Perth. Billy King is also cup tied having played for Hearts in same round. Throw in Waghorn being injuried and they will be without 3 top forwards
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