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  1. Has be even met McGhee? May be too soon
  2. Be Tony Watt. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Big loss, no pressure on the new boy 👀
  4. bold decision going in to tomorrow with one fit striker (senior). best win James. 👀
  5. If you mean ross m. The pole isn’t gary
  6. Ross is our kid. Yes. He’s a dayglo wee Juan kerr. Old boy has a season with me
  7. @Wattie Rojas a “bit” further. That chunt is about 60.
  8. Few decent signings and hopefully the support actually gets behind the side. Glad we are away tomorrow.
  9. This 🙌🏻 hopefully back to back wins shut up the kestrel drinking muppets and they can go back to kickin their devil dugs. Wee gogs kens. 😁
  10. Exactly mate, folk going on about managers and industry in a footy forum! Be interested to know what they have managed 😂
  11. Yesterday was poor, derby was good. 6 points off second, window open. how people can be calling for McPakes head beggars belief. new team pre season, pretty sure his remit will be top four. Dunfermline at home was the worst for me, our fans booing whilst winning 4-1. Question was asked on another thread how players leave us and perform elsewhere - easy - the home atmosphere is toxic. stopped posting and reading for a while as sick of the drivel. anyway if we beat Ayr and ness lose, three points off second, discounting the runaway train at the top, everyone can beat everyone. Christ, chasing Terry out the door got us relegated, him staying and kamara (who was booed regularly, as he didn’t pass forward lol) seeing out the season - we would have survived. hopefully nelms has learned to ignore the armchair roasters. cheers.
  12. Support were an embarrassment today. Booing whilst we kept the ball at 4-1. Booing our own player at 3-1. Toxic.
  13. Spot on, got some wee hobbit telt, he didn’t like it. Our support are an absolute embarrassment. Away teams must love coming to dens.
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