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  1. TheWhiteCafu

    Statement On the Flag Incident

    They were never going to boycott us a result of this, the only thing that will happen is it'll put off some of our own supporters to buy season tickets or pay into future matches.
  2. TheWhiteCafu

    Statement On the Flag Incident

    They didn't need to say anything at all, but they could have written a couple of lines saying that any flag covering an advertising board would need to be moved for our sponsors. They didn't even explain in their statement that it's got nothing to do with being an Irish flag, which a lot of their fans will just take as an admission and apology.
  3. Pathetic. Pandering to a bunch of morons kicking up a fuss and letting them buy into the theory that this was some kind of anti-Irish agenda. Shitebag behaviour.
  4. TheWhiteCafu

    STV 'NEWS'-Unbelievable

    I'm not clicking that link but the description speaks for itself. There have been a few tweets about anti-Irish bigotry and a bunch of them all lap it up. It's startling how stupid a large proportion of their fans are but it'll keep them happy as they can keep on deluding themselves that the whole world's against them as they keep on fighting the good fight. Absolute pondlife.
  5. TheWhiteCafu

    Paisley Bound Next Week?

    I'd be surprised if we didn't sell out.
  6. TheWhiteCafu

    Six Minutes Added On

    I'll accept that this thread might not have been made straight away if we won it in the end but the questions would definitely eventually be asked and someone probably would have made a thread about it after we all calmed down. So I still don't get what point you were trying to make was, in spite of whatever happened at the end of the game it was always going to be a talking point.
  7. TheWhiteCafu

    Six Minutes Added On

    This thread would still have been made even if we held on so I don't see what your point is.
  8. Most gutted I've been after a game for a long time. Probably still too raw to look at it but I'm sure after a sleep the players can't look at the positives. Hopefully Celtic give Lennon the job full time. They'd have pumped us under Rodgers.
  9. TheWhiteCafu

    Dundee V Celtic

    Get Gerry Cinnamon to f**k. YouTube mp3s of him singing Discoland at TRNSMT
  10. TheWhiteCafu

    Glen Kamara

    Yeah we've definitely got the last laugh there.
  11. TheWhiteCafu

    Dundee V Celtic

    That midfield is terrifying. Woods contributes more than Robson who's been completely anonymous but I'll be stunned if it's not run over. We'll get beat but I'm just wanting a decent performance where we actually so some fight and something to build on.
  12. TheWhiteCafu

    Relegation Battle

    Because we're utter sh**e and haven't won a game against a championship side all season?
  13. TheWhiteCafu

    Relegation Battle

    I can't see Kazakhstan beating Scotland.
  14. TheWhiteCafu

    Relegation Battle

    Looking like play offs at best. Another dreadful day in a dreadful season.

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