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  1. Great three points in a difficult place to go, really need to push and try and solidify 2nd spot for the playoffs. Happy to hear that Berra looked solid again. I didn't want to sign him and thought his legs were gone but glad to be proved wrong.
  2. Brian' Graham to taunt us after scoring and me to officially give up on football.
  3. Same day as the premiership play off final 🤣 I'm sure we'll all have a great day at campy.
  4. It's not entirely this season's squads and management team's fault, it's a continuation from last season for me. But I definitely agree, I'd call myself a diehard and results used to literally ruin my weekend but I'm struggling to care.
  5. For all the money we've spunked on central midfielders that was embarrassing. We could have played the youths in the middle to have the exact same effect, if not better.
  6. I don't really see how it's a joke, it was well publicised and communicated on social media. I didn't buy a ticket but the extra fiver would be because I couldn't be arsed getting one when they were selling them cheaper - that's my fault not the clubs
  7. Dunno what's worse animal abuse, kicking your cat whenever we get beat or calling them Tiddles 🤣
  8. Worst performance if the season by a mile
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