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  1. I've been negative about us pulling our vote from the start and thought it'd all turn out to be a sh*t show but that statement reads positively to me. The fact there's no mention of relegation and promotion is telling. If nothing comes of this thought Nelms should be walked out the front door.
  2. No amount of money or 'glamorous' friendlies against filthy bigots would make up for the embarrassment and inevitable backlash we'd see because of this. There better be much more to this but I'm fully expecting the worst.
  3. I think that (if that's how it played out) we were the ones with the ulterior motive, not the SPFL. I just seems far too coincidental that our vote 'wasnt received'. It's either that or as I saw someone post on twitter they did get our vote but we've contacted them quickly after and told them to ignore it. In which case you'd assume we'd been given information on Friday afternoon after submission
  4. I agree with all of this but I still find it suspect that our vote wasn't received. It screams ulterior motive from the get go.
  5. I'm pretty confident we're lying about something, you just need to hope that as Rangers have said there is evidence of corruption and our reasons for holding back are justified. Whatever comes out I can't see us looking good.
  6. It's an utter farce. I don't think we'll see anything other than more cash but we're playing a blinder in making the SPFL look like the clownshoe organisation that they are.
  7. My twitter feed is full of folk ripping the piss that we're getting one over on the spfl(but they mean United) No matter how entertaining this has all been I don't think it'll change the outcome at all.
  8. There's gonna be some heads gone on here if we change our vote to a yes.
  9. I'll be stunned if the majority of clubs don't go for it. Whether it gets 75% is another matter.
  10. If the resolution is approved, the SPFL has also committed to consulting with Clubs over the possibility of League restructuring ahead of Season 2020/21. Thrown it an the end 🤣 Nice and vague to ensure they don't actually need to do anything.
  11. Lock him up and throw away the key
  12. Needless to say but we score nowhere near enough goals for the money we'll have spent.
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