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  1. TheWhiteCafu

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    The last time I went to Hampden to watch us we got pumped out the league cup by Queens Park We'll get our day out in the sun one day.
  2. TheWhiteCafu

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    We may have bigger fish to fry but another early knockout will just add to the dismal feeling about the place. Unless we have a miraculous turn of form a cup run will be the only way to generate positivity. I know I'd do anything for a day out at Hampden.
  3. TheWhiteCafu

    Andrew Davies - Officially Signs

    If you don't laugh then you'll cry. There's no way we should be letting O'Dea go to Thistle or wherever else if this is true.
  4. TheWhiteCafu

    Cammy Kerr

    'Sitting next two' Surprised the guy was smart enough to take a picture.
  5. TheWhiteCafu

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    The cup is basically the only type of excitement we're likely to get from the rest of the season and this has disaster written all over it.
  6. TheWhiteCafu

    Kamara Recalled.

    Colin Nish leading the line
  7. 1 point behind Rangers and they play them next. The guy's a f**cking moron.
  8. So...do we drop him from the off or let him prove that he's willing to fight to help keep us up?
  9. Yeah, unless Celtic pull the finger out this window I think that's a potential title winning signing for them. Of course, I hope you're right and that he's an incredibly expensive flop that pushes them further to bankruptcy.
  10. I don't think Kamara would improve Rangers. Defoe is a stunning bit of business, though. Gauld to Hibs.
  11. Can't see him going to any club here other than Hibs. It's apparently either there or Sporting Kansas City. I reckon Hibs will push the boat out though.
  12. I think we need a new goalkeeper. Hamilton might not be as shaky as he was to begin with, but he's still far too error prone. With the position we're in we can't afford to have someone so dodgy in such an important role. His kicking has also been dreadful the past couple of games.
  13. TheWhiteCafu

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 2 St Johnstone

    I would keep Kenny Miller. That's genuinely it. Curran and Calvin Miller get an easier time because of their age but neither are good enough and will dig in with the position that we're in. It's depressing as f**k and I wish I didn't let it still bother me.
  14. TheWhiteCafu

    Dundee V St Johnstone

    Utterly pumped by a St Johnstone team that hardly even had to try. We looked like we'd turned a corner after the Hamilton and Rangers results but the past few performances have ranged from poor to absolutely dreadful and it feels like all the good work has been undone. I'll be stunned if we stay up. We certainly don't deserve to.
  15. TheWhiteCafu

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2018-19 (Mkii)

    Thistle fans on P&B suggest that Doolan's past it. Jamie Walker or Michael O'Halloran would be an excellent addition for a loa.. We rely far too much on young wingers who're not yet good enough to start every game IMO.

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