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  1. TheWhiteCafu

    Team v St Mirren

    Hamilton can be nothing other than a reserve keeper next season, they boy inspires no confidence whatsoever.
  2. TheWhiteCafu

    Gary Irvine Helping Out With Training

    I'm on it
  3. TheWhiteCafu

    Match Preview: Livingston (Away, 11th May 2019)

    I wasn't being entirely serious mate.
  4. TheWhiteCafu

    Match Preview: Livingston (Away, 11th May 2019)

    A nervy 90 minutes ahead.
  5. TheWhiteCafu

    Andy Dales

    I do love a good old player misbehaving rumour. The vaguer the better.
  6. TheWhiteCafu

    Dundee V Hamilton

    Shitebags. As weak a performance in a must win game since, err...our last 5 performances. Thank f**k this is all over soon.
  7. TheWhiteCafu

    Motherwell V Dundee 27th April 2019

    He's done a terrible job, but that's a laughable suggestion.
  8. TheWhiteCafu

    Motherwell V Dundee 27th April 2019

    Gutted for all the fans that went through but that's basically it, I'm totally numb to it by this point and hardly even reacted at the goal on a stream. f**k going to the Hamilton game, I'd rather stick needles in my eyes than watch us get relegated by that mob.
  9. TheWhiteCafu

    Motherwell V Dundee 27th April 2019

    Happy I decided against going through, I'd probably have started to cry after we conceded that second goal Typical.
  10. TheWhiteCafu

    Under Contract Nxt Season

    Hopefully not.
  11. TheWhiteCafu

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    I thought today was the worst I've heard for folk giving him abuse, but maybe we were just sitting far apart. Folk were actively shouting and calling him every name under the sun and there was even a Dirty Arab b*****d chant that faded after twenty or so seconds.
  12. The board deserve to get lambasted for allowing Mcintyre to sign the likes of Craig Curran on long deals when we were right in the middle of a relegation battle. Have they ever come out and clarified if these deals have relegation clauses?
  13. TheWhiteCafu

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    Thinking the same, the club already have my season ticket money so it won't hit them financially. More often than not supporting a team like us will bring disappointment but there's a way to get relegated and it's not the way it's going to happen to us. As soon as we concede the players know we're fucked and it just ruins your Saturday.
  14. TheWhiteCafu

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    We're down regardless but yeah don't let the door hit your a**e on the way out.
  15. TheWhiteCafu

    Should the Worst Happen Who Would You Keep?

    Yeah and those couple of hours on transfer deadline day were the must fun we've all had all season.
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