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  1. TheWhiteCafu

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    Jason Cummings superman'd the ball into the net at Tannadice. Sign him up.
  2. TheWhiteCafu

    Cove Rangers V Dundee 17th July 2019

    How did Ness look coming off? Likely to be out for a while or did it look more precautionary?
  3. What standards has he previously set? If you read other forums most Hearts fans were stunned that we bought him and admitted he was nowhere near good enough, they'd given him the nickname flapjack. Hearts were happy enough to try him out as their number one for a while in 2017 but by the start of September(seemingly 3 games) they'd displaced him with a new signing and even changed his squad number. I think he's had enough chances and we just need to accept he's not very good.
  4. TheWhiteCafu

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    If he hits the heights he did at the start of the season then united get promoted, simple as that. If he plays like he did for the second part then he'll be an expensive flop. There's no danger I'd be forking out the money they'll be giving him for a player that's only got one decent half season of championship football under his belt. As soon as that Ayr team started their freefall he contributed practically nothing.
  5. TheWhiteCafu

    Dundee V Forest

    Uh oh.
  6. TheWhiteCafu

    What's Our Squad Need?

    A goalkeeper would be my priority
  7. TheWhiteCafu

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    I'd take Doolan as back up. Was hoping Curran would be gone by now.
  8. TheWhiteCafu

    Re Scott Bain's Fallout At Dens....

    He probably only went public with that because McCann's hated by most Celtic fans and it basically bags him more brownie points with a bunch of their fans. He put a laughing thing on his Instagram an hour or something after he was sacked and the thing was screenshotted with a bunch of their fans all calling him a legend. He's not daft and he knows what he's doing. He's a good keeper, Celtic can do better but things like that will keep him on their good side.
  9. TheWhiteCafu

    Fixtures Out On 21st.

    As long as its not united the last. weekend is August then whatever suits me. I'll be greedy and say Thistle away for the first game.
  10. TheWhiteCafu

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    There's no situation whatsoever that I'd be happy with Hamilton starting, the whole 'he might look better with a settled defence argument' is straw clutching at best. The guy's been given numerous chances and has look a nervous wreck with a mistake in him each time. You just had to look at Cammy's reaction to his excellent save against St Mirren, he was almost over praising him. I wouldn't want Wighton back either, I feel sorry for him because his progression has undoubtedly stalled, but I don't have faith that he won't be invisible for the majority of games. We can do better.
  11. TheWhiteCafu

    The Play-offs

    The most nervous I've been watching a game all season
  12. TheWhiteCafu

    Team v St Mirren

    Hamilton can be nothing other than a reserve keeper next season, they boy inspires no confidence whatsoever.
  13. TheWhiteCafu

    Gary Irvine Helping Out With Training

    I'm on it
  14. TheWhiteCafu

    Match Preview: Livingston (Away, 11th May 2019)

    I wasn't being entirely serious mate.
  15. TheWhiteCafu

    Match Preview: Livingston (Away, 11th May 2019)

    A nervy 90 minutes ahead.
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