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  1. I heard that Hartley and McCann were using the same agent to recommend players. Here's hoping his name is not passed on to McPake
  2. Hartley brought some professionalism back to the playing side of the club when he arrived. We are no better now than we were when he left. Arguably we are much worse. Cheers John, Nice one.
  3. whats his games/goals ratio like?
  4. And absolute time wasting spoofer
  5. I think he'd be a good enough replacement for Nelson and i'd welcome him back at Dens. FWIW i reckon he'd score more goals in the championship than Nelson
  6. Who we talking about here? DF? SM?
  7. Youth development will never function correctly and properly feed into our game until we sort the leagues out. The small leagues in Scotland (And too many of them IMO) mean that the pressure to win absolutely every game is huge. Teams resort to playing bang average journeymen who know the shitty leagues over giving youngsters a chance.
  8. Greg Stewart is an obvious example who after being released from Rangers then Hearts for being too wee, then ended up in the juniors and started from scratch. There is so many players who'll have ended up the same way, but never made it back professional.
  9. Too much ego there for that to happen mate
  10. Cream of the crop returns to Dens.....
  11. LOL!!!! He's a Dab when Celtic are not playing. professional journalist!!!
  12. I'm not sure how anyone can take anything that Spence says seriously. The mans a havering chunt
  13. If its the person who i think you are referring to did he not spit the dummy (When on the DFC board) when DFCSS asked for shares for money?
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