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  1. I'd rather see us use this as an opportunity to radically change the way our leagues are structured. The current 4 league set up is ridiculous IMO. I'd actually go ever further and suggest going to summer football at the same time. If we are going to do something radical, now is the time to do it. Not that i truly believe any of the above will actually happen.
  2. As much as i detest that lot across the road, to declare the season null and void with no promotion would be absolute madness. Hence why the beaks running (ruining) our game will probably go for it.
  3. He's got a decent record in the premier as well
  4. If he's over his injury and doesn't want silly money then i'd happily take him back. His workrate is good and he's a decent poacher.
  5. Not sure if there is already a thread for this on here. Just took a leap into the world of FM2020. Started a new career mode game as Dundee FC (Of Course) Anyone got any good signing tips? I'm only just past pre-season and beat Elgin City 2 nil in cup. I've signed Billy Gilmour on loan until end of the season. Any other rough diamonds out there worth looking at? Cheers
  6. Jesus wept. He was found not guilty in court with a majority woman jury and a female judge (IIRC) - they heard various evidence over the course of the trial, including from witnesses that claimed events did not happen and people claimed to be present were not there. The accusers were also found to be colluding with one another on whatsapp - something that undoubtedly did not do their case any good. But folk on here still say he's guilty. 🙄 I'm very surprised the man got a fair trial given the amount of shyte and speculation both in the press and people personal social media accounts. The man is finished politically, and serious questions will now need to be asked of Leslie Evans, and the procurator fiscal.
  7. Makes you wonder what Robertson could achieve with a budget like Mcpakes
  8. Ultimately he failed to get us up. Controversial is one way of saying it. Embarrassment is another. Arguably with the exception of Hartley, every managerial appointment made by FPS has been poor. Doesn't detract IMO that Bomber should never have been made manager of our football club.
  9. Bomber should have never been at Dens. He only got the job through a very dubious recruitment process via spoofer. The fact he's not been anywhere else since says that the decision for him to go was the correct one.
  10. When is Jamie McDonald at Killie/Alloa out of contract? Any ideas? Good keeper IMO
  11. I dont think they are particularly great but they are winning this league by 10 points at least. What does that say about us
  12. Agreed. I cannot for the life of me understand why Keyes has thrown so much money at failed experiment after failed experiment with the playing side. If it was my money, I'd seriously be questioning John Nelms ability and judgement. Either that or he's quite happy to burn money like its going out of fashion. Honestly, maybe i'm missing something really obvious but the only thing that will make Keyes some money will be the stadium development. As for the playing side, we've wasted a fuckton of money on poor managers and players and are considerably worse off for it.
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