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  1. Sebastiano Nela

    Charlie Adam

    No more rookie managers
  2. Sebastiano Nela

    David Tanner.

    He's hinting that he never received any money for it. Spoofer gonna spoof
  3. Sebastiano Nela

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    What about Bobby Linn Harry - you reckon he could come back to full time and score in the championship? Been outstanding for Arbroath by all accounts.
  4. Sebastiano Nela

    2018/19 home shirt

    Orange and black DPM camo pattern with Union Jack stripes. The seethe would be tremendous
  5. Sebastiano Nela

    The Way Forward for DFC (note to FPS)

    If JM is still here next season then ive got the fear r.e Scouting as he relies on the same scout as Hartley did at Falkirk. And that turned out well.
  6. Sebastiano Nela

    Latest Crisis To Hit Mv Hebridean Isles Car Ferry

    Hi Douglas - I'm glad you were only delayed by 2hrs 45mins and avoided shi**ing water for days. Well done Calmac I say.
  7. Sebastiano Nela

    The Manager

    Has he left yet?
  8. Sebastiano Nela

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    The boy Williamson has been released by Dunfermline which I find weird as I remember him being good. Him and Kerr good competition for right back.
  9. Sebastiano Nela

    Time To Make Our Peace

    It does IMO. Being the top team in the city should mean a lot. When we had the Bonetti side (For all its flaws) most of the bairns in town were kicking about in Dundee tops, now I appreciate a lot of that was also down to big name signings but a lot of it was attributed to us being top dogs in the city - this all happened very quickly. We pushed how great our youth setup was becoming - what happened to it? Are the best players in town really still coming to dens? I haven't seen the finances of both clubs, but I'd be pretty confident that our budget is higher than United's. I'd also suggest being in a higher league does directly influence budget and attracting players. Have we used that budget wisely?
  10. Sebastiano Nela

    Time To Make Our Peace

    My point was that it was a missed opportunity to become the dominant force in the city for a whole heap of reasons. A chance for the club to raise its profile on and off the pitch.
  11. Sebastiano Nela

    All Aboard the Derry Rollercoaster

    You best not be grassing folk up now
  12. Sebastiano Nela

    Time To Make Our Peace

    We should have been taking advantage of the Fruitsters demise. Bigger crowds, best youth players, plans for new stadium, decent cup runs, christ even a top 6 finish. But nope. We've phucked it
  13. Sebastiano Nela

    Andy Dales

    Worst ever? Really?
  14. Sebastiano Nela

    Who Should Be Our Next Manager?

  15. Sebastiano Nela

    What Culture Is At Dens?

    It was a sly dig at the fans from Dodds because he never got the #2 gig. Phuck Billy Dodds. Jug eared rat
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