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  1. Hopefully this is a turning point however we have seen these false dawns before, but my worry is with Callaghan's potentially long term injury who is going to fill that role, his pace and box to box running is essential to our pressing game. None of our other midfielders have that in their locker, perhaps Christie Elliot as I believe he has played in a variety of roles. Hopefully onwards and upwards
  2. Although he probably did get the ball, he dived in with both feet off the ground, I think this is called being out of control and is classed as dangerous play. If the ref was being really picky it could have been a red, so I was pleased to see the yellow come out.
  3. I think the entire opposite that he wasn't loaned out long enough when he was young. His first spell at Brechin was about a month before Christmas when he played every week and scored a few goals, but there was a supposed injury crisis at Dens and he was hauled back as cover in January, but didn't play other than maybe a couple of substitute appearances most games I don't think he was even in squad. To further his development he should have been left at Brechin for the rest of the season. Though why he did not go out on loan at the start of that season I can't fathom. The next spell on loan at Raith obviously wasn't as successful as it could have been and may have knocked his confidence.
  4. Probably the move to Arbroath may be better for him in the long term, playing every week, scoring a few goals, getting his confidence back, than being back at Dens under lots of pressure from the disbelievers if he doesn't produce Messi-like performances every week. Mind you the more successful he is at Arbroath, the more money Hearts will want for him from us. One good thing Avril should be gone as Director of football by the end of the season
  5. Is Watt not now a free agent, so midnight is not a deadline for him, but would be for Murray on loan from Hibs
  6. A couple of my daughters friends were there and swear it was him but using a false name. I think there was some pics and video's somewhere.
  7. Caulker going back on the drink was a significant part in our demise last season. if he played as well last season as he finished the season before, with him with a fit Kamara, I think we would have been fine (only just but fine).
  8. Ross Wallace played a season at left back for Celtic (including a cup final) and also sometimes for Sunderland, so perhaps he can act as cover for both left back and left wing
  9. Sure Innes was a last day in August signing, must have been if McCann signed him.
  10. Madras in the late 60's and early 70's Loads of Huns , a few Tims, 2 or 3 Dees but as this was before history started no Dabs
  11. I did say in my original post the third time didn't end well, but initially he did well with some of the worst players I have ever seen at Dens (I sometimes have nightmares about Chris Pozniak and co). I was sure that Rae would have seen us relegated that year. I also do not want Jocky back (as I said in another post) but I think he has a track record as a decent manager at Dens and elsewhere. Can't think of any better we have had in my time of watching Dundee regularly and can't understand some of the criticism he gets on here and other forums
  12. Co Manager with Alec Smith not Fergie. Archie Knox left us to be assistant manager to Fergie.
  13. When Co-manager at Aberdeen won Scottish and League cup in 1991 and lost the league on the last day of the season. Admittedly probably mostly Fergie's team but included some of their own signings eg Hans Hilhaus and Theo Snelders Just had a look it was 5 years after Fergie left that they won the league, Ian Portefield was manager in between so probably was mainly their team.
  14. Being co-manager at Aberdeen not better things, and no he didn't get Hibs relegated although he was caretaker briefly. Mcleish was manager when they got relegated. It might have been Duffy who was manager before Jocky was caretaker.
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