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  1. Confession time. Kid has it on her calendar every year. Brought her up well. 😁
  2. .....until Happy Dooniversary 😎
  3. Yep soz- this lockdown early evening drinking to blame for that 🤪
  4. Kid came up with this idea. My thoughts: Rab Douglas Matt Elliot. Baz Smith Gary Mac Kev Holt Greg S GGH. McGowan N Reilly (if fit) Hemmings. Sparky Moussa on bench 🤪 Scott Allan if hibs (not heart) was in it
  5. 16 team league, play each other twice, two up, two down and 1st & 2nd have points wiped and have a 2 leg play-off to decide champions. That way they get their 4 games (if they finish 1& 2). Seems complicated but no more so than current set up.
  6. Just finished season 2 of "You" which I thought was decent. Based around a stalker / obsessive from his perspective. If you want something lighter / different "The Ranch" was good and had a few cameos from "That 70's Show" cast (that's good as well if you haven't seen that, especially if like me you grew up in the 70's).
  7. Not before Sunday. Could you imagine ugly sisters being told no fans?
  8. Agreed. Got to say though it's a pain in the @rse when folk stand on the seats. Stand if you want guys but I cannae see hee haw if you stand on the seats😠
  9. He needs the ball to do anything. Last few months he's been feeding off scraps and having to drop deep to get possession. Today not so much and got to play his natural game. He was still pretty much playing up top alone but if he continues to get better service we will see the player we know he is.
  10. Wish we could play ourselves. Probably only team we would be a banker for 3points against
  11. That happens, I am done with the club.
  12. Whitfield Primary for p1 (1972) then Kellyfield Primary. 1st year at Whitfield High (braeview my erse) then Harris until 6th year in 85. Have to admit 1970's Whitfield as a kid was fun. Nowhere near as bad as some make out.
  13. Simon Stainrod. Results wise not the best but he had us trying to be on front foot and had a bit of passion from stands. If nothing else, fedora🤠
  14. Frustrating that we give opposition too much space and time especially between our midfield and defence. On top of that why do we look like we have never seen a ball before? We always seem to need a second touch. Was surprised Ayr got dragged down to kicking and tousling as they have shown they can play. Thought their "tackle" first half commentator said was 50/50 could/should have been red. Both feet off ground and no control. That said, great example of winning dirty and well happy to be coming home with 3 points.
  15. No you can be arrested and released without charge. They are two distinct events.
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