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  1. That is quality. Just took it too far with the tap dancing horse otherwise, completely believable.
  2. Some policy wordings list the diseases they define as a notifiable disease rather than relying on the Govt definition.
  3. Was that the "cliff" on the north side of the dump? Remember being there one October with fireworks being tossed back and forth. Muirton was always good for a laugh as well. Segregation on terrace but not in the bogs!
  4. Haven't bought any in years and don't even look at it online. Complete irrelevance as a journalistic enterprise. Covid-19 was probably the best thing for their sales given big roll scarcities
  5. Sorry but have to disagree. Got laid off 18 months ago and boss told me to my face. Seeing how hard it was for him made it personal. Even though I was pissed off at the time looking back now, it showed he had respect. Emails alone are a cowards way out imo though I would like to think in this instance it was a follow up from DFC for legal reasons.
  6. Forgot about the hot juice . Dogs on the pitch. Could be poor memory but thought it happened every other week. Oh and invalid carriages at side of pitch. Just being allowed to stand at games. Derry steps at bottom of Provie Road
  7. Because, "we are Dundee, super Dundee, no one likes us, we don't care." And so on.
  8. Got two renewed for the Derry today. Couple of folk in front of me did same. One lad got one for his month old son (well done mate, even if just a token gesture at present - he'll appreciate it when he's older). Just hope we can attend once new season starts.
  9. 1stevie


    Old enough to remember being able to walk round entire ground on match day other than where players come out. Old stand enclosure was fun as a kid when the club shop was little more than a kiosk. Having been in all sides pre and post Shankly & Cox Stands, Derry remains my place of choice.
  10. Confession time. Kid has it on her calendar every year. Brought her up well.
  11. Yep soz- this lockdown early evening drinking to blame for that
  12. Kid came up with this idea. My thoughts: Rab Douglas Matt Elliot. Baz Smith Gary Mac Kev Holt Greg S GGH. McGowan N Reilly (if fit) Hemmings. Sparky Moussa on bench Scott Allan if hibs (not heart) was in it
  13. 16 team league, play each other twice, two up, two down and 1st & 2nd have points wiped and have a 2 leg play-off to decide champions. That way they get their 4 games (if they finish 1& 2). Seems complicated but no more so than current set up.
  14. Just finished season 2 of "You" which I thought was decent. Based around a stalker / obsessive from his perspective. If you want something lighter / different "The Ranch" was good and had a few cameos from "That 70's Show" cast (that's good as well if you haven't seen that, especially if like me you grew up in the 70's).
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