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    64 this year, been a Dee since my 1st game in 1959.
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  1. Densparker

    Welcome Home Barry

    Where the hell is the money coming from to pay for all the backroom staff?
  2. Densparker

    McPake Must Go.

    One scenario is meeting Saintees in the playoffs and relegating them.
  3. Densparker

    McPake Must Go.

    It's a long time to the end of the season. I still think we will finish runners up. Then get promoted via the play-offs.
  4. Going to plan until that moron in the Shankley shouted. If only the p!shed up morons in the Derry had waited till it was over before they booed it would have been better for the club but they didn't and we were tarred by the same brush.
  5. I actually think we played better in the 6-2 defeat.
  6. Densparker

    Cammy Kerr Tonight

    Kerr & Gowser the only ones to play for the badge.
  7. Isn't retaliation a red? Why wasn't that DAB sent off?
  8. Densparker

    Concession Prices Vary In Scotland

    What? No more sneaky ins?
  9. Densparker

    Kane Hemmings BBC Interview

    Top man.
  10. I am going down to Johnny Cash singing Ring of Fire!
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