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    64 this year, been a Dee since my 1st game in 1959.
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    DFC, running, cycling and enjoying life.
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  1. Densparker

    Jim McIntyre

    Win, Draw, Win, Draw would be achievable.
  2. Densparker

    Dundee V Celtic League Cup Final 1967

    Strange to see the keeper picking up the ball after a pass back. Why this rule was changed is beyond me.
  3. Densparker

    When 8 Makes 10

    Refs in Scotland are a joke!
  4. Densparker

    Adil Nabi

    Good luck to him.
  5. Densparker

    Glen Kamara

    WE will never know how much we got! Successive boards don't give a hoot about what news fans get!
  6. Densparker

    Last 9 Games In All Comps

    Were they playing bad on purpose? I think it will be different on Sat!
  7. Densparker

    SPFL Play-off

    Continue in the same vein as last night we won't have to worry about a playoff......we will be relegated.
  8. Densparker

    Match Aftermath: QOS 3 - 0 Dundee

    64% possession means nothing if you cannot defend or score!
  9. How this object can be called a ref is astounding! He is worse than useless.
  10. Densparker

    Dundee V Motherwell

    I would gladly settle for a 1-0 win.
  11. Densparker

    James Horsfield - Officially Signs

    Mansfield after him acceding to the Tully.

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