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    64 this year, been a Dee since my 1st game in 1959.
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    DFC, running, cycling and enjoying life.
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  1. Densparker

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    Is he still here?
  2. Densparker

    Poty Dinner

    Cancel it.
  3. Densparker

    Season Tickets

    Sorry I bought mine now. Friday night games at stupid o clock for BBC.
  4. Densparker

    Roll of Honour

    Even worse than Coco!
  5. Densparker

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    Clueless just bloody clueless!
  6. Densparker

    Women's Team

    Do you mean DFC or the city? The Dabs have a women team.
  7. Densparker

    Mainstand 1919-2019

    My first game was seen from the main stand in March 1959. My Dad took me and we beat Partick Thistle 3-2 according to my a journal my dad kept.
  8. Densparker

    Cammy Kerr

    Yes Cammy was a bit rusty but i'd rather have someone who has passion for the club than someone just picking up a wage!
  9. Densparker

    Craig Curran

    Don't rate him.
  10. Densparker

    The Fat Lady Has Sung

    Did I just throw away £230 on Tuesday?
  11. Densparker

    Questions After Tonight

    Jimmy Mac, once a Dab always a Dab?
  12. Densparker

    Season Tickets

    Just spent £230
  13. Densparker

    Season Tickets

    Decision day. Do I buy now or wait to see what league we are in?
  14. Densparker

    If You Could.

    Offer the players £50 grand bonus and you will see a change in performance from the lazy greedy *********!
  15. Densparker

    Two Points Off 11th

    We need the DEEFIANT spirit back!
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