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    64 this year, been a Dee since my 1st game in 1959.
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  1. Densparker

    Scott Roberston Welcome To the Dee

    Where is all the dosh coming from to pay the wage bill. Are they employed by the parent company instead DFC?
  2. Densparker

    Gordon Strachan - Technical Director.

    Do we actually need Strachan?
  3. Densparker

    Gordon Strachan - Technical Director.

    According to that rag the sun the deal is in the balance as we cannot guarantee the facilities he needs.
  4. Densparker

    Have You Got a Season Ticket

    Got mine back in April when we didn't' know where we would be!
  5. Densparker

    Cammy Kerr - Signs New Contract

    Great news. Cammy is still learning and he says that on the video on the official site.
  6. Densparker

    We Must Improve Dens Atmosphere

    Just win games!
  7. Densparker

    Cammy Kerr.

    He's one of our own!
  8. Densparker

    End Of Season Report Card

    Lack of consistency, never the same team twice.
  9. Densparker


    The Sun at its rotten best again?
  10. Densparker


    Any win would be a Goodwin
  11. Densparker

    League Cup 19/20 Thread

    Dundee are in group D for the Betfred Cup and will face Inverness CT Raith Rovers Peterhead Cove Rangers *The group stage will start on the 13/14 July.
  12. Densparker


    Monday morning teaser .....what is this ......took the other 4
  13. The dabs are affy quiet the night, what's up?
  14. Densparker

    Money, Money, Money

    What about loss of gate money?
  15. Densparker

    Just Watched the Highlights.

    The goal we scored with 9 men was outstanding. If we had only scored more like that with 11 we wouldn't have been relegated
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