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  1. Is it just me or should the club look at reducing the entry into dens? I understand they need to keep the price up to get funding into the club. But just for me and the old man to go to a game, it's near £50 to jusy get through the gate alone. Throw in a few pies and bovrils(well many). Then you will be looking to be over the £60 mark. So I would imaginr for father's/mothers taking their sons and duaghters to the game, This could be a small fortune. My thinking the club looking to gain a larger fan base by lowering the costs of the match. Wouldn't the club benefit from more of an atmosphere at Dens? Give the players a much needed morale bost to what will be a very tough season. What do you think is a reasonable ammount for a ticket? I think it should be somewhere between £12 - £20 for an adult.
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