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  1. My top choice would be, I would rather place my genitals in a blender than be an Arab.
  2. Been a while since I have signed in after last night..... more or less had it with the club and noobie managers
  3. Is it just me or should the club look at reducing the entry into dens? I understand they need to keep the price up to get funding into the club. But just for me and the old man to go to a game, it's near £50 to jusy get through the gate alone. Throw in a few pies and bovrils(well many). Then you will be looking to be over the £60 mark. So I would imaginr for father's/mothers taking their sons and duaghters to the game, This could be a small fortune. My thinking the club looking to gain a larger fan base by lowering the costs of the match. Wouldn't the club benefit from more of an atmosphere at Dens? Give the players a much needed morale bost to what will be a very tough season. What do you think is a reasonable ammount for a ticket? I think it should be somewhere between £12 - £20 for an adult.
  4. I just clicked on your fb link about him being the new boss.
  5. Fingers crossed he does the trick for us. Just got to give him and more importantly the whole team our backing for the next five games. I'm staying hopefull we will pull through. Dundees staying up!
  6. Not yet should be on one by November once all my training is finished. I have some time coming up soon where I'm based at faslane would be good to have a pint with ya before a match. I totally get the hero thing. It would be best of they just chucked a few up on tickets for troops. The tickets get posted out to you. Come dress in the latest hame or away tap and enjoy the match. No song or dance made about it. When I was on a flight to the states I did see a US airman come on and every one started clapping and cheering at him. Constantly saying thank you. I would hope this country would never turn out like that.
  7. RN marine engineerer. I so far have over 3 year served. The free Dundee game was the only free thing I have had due to my service. To me it couldn't have been better sitting watching the footy with my dad. I only suggest that maybe a very small numbers be given to troops ie 10 to maybe at the very top 30. These tickets also being limited to one ticket for one service personal plus one person of their chosen each season. Me personally wouldn't go in for the tickets as I have had my freebie. The cost front yes I am well paid for what I do. But there are members of other sides of the armed forces not paid aswell as I am. Especially dad's/mothers who have to make ends meet first. Which with the cost of one adult and two children being close to £50 per home game might not have that on a privates wage. I would include also include vertrans of previous wars. Who can no longer work for the armed forces due to PTSD and physical injuries. They might not be able to work at all. This tiny gesture of a free game for their mighty Dees. Might just make a bad day a happy one. ( not based on recent results.)
  8. As a member of HM armed forces I am able to gain access to a website called tickets for troops. On this website your are able to claim free tickets to see your team. Falkirk seem to be the only club in Scotland who regularly give away tickets on tickets for troops. I was one of the lucky guys/gals who attended the Blackwatch memorial game free of charge. It was a very touching experience to be given tickets for me and my dad to watch the famous Dundee FC play. I was greatly thankful for it! I do believe this is an amazing service that more clubs in Scotland should do on a regular basics. How do you guys feel about this? Is it something you would like to see Dundee and other big clubs in Scotland do?
  9. Has to be gowser! El Bakhtaoui was great too. Teijsse had a great 20 minutes. Would love to see El Bakhtaoui and Teijsse get a full 90 minutes together.
  10. Shocking sends Gomis off for what I would call a 50/50. He seemed to be very harsh with us. There were a few heavy tackles on Cammy that didn't seem to interest him.
  11. Fingers crossed we bounce back from this. Take the tonnes of leasons that could be learned in to the hearts game.
  12. Has to be McGowan only one who played for the shirt from start to finish.
  13. What a great game just came back from abroad with work. To see the mighty Dees bang five goals in! Shame the ref couldn't make a right decision. Also was it just me or was dens pretty quiet tonight?
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