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  1. markthedee

    Tv Games

    Or in a supporters' club.
  2. markthedee

    Tv Games

    I don't know where you're getting this from but it's wrong - there is no additional money paid for being on TV. The money paid by Sky, BT and the BBC is just part of the general prize pot.
  3. markthedee

    Tv Games

    They get nothing from the BBC. The TV money goes into the general pot and is distributed as part of the prize money to all divisions - which means the Premiership actually get more of the Championship TV money than Championship TV clubs do. We can't complain, though, because the Championship gets money from the (mostly) Premiership TV contract.
  4. markthedee

    Tv Games

    Those away games to Queen of the South and Ayr are a nightmare for 7.05 on a Friday night. Would be bad enough at 7.45.
  5. markthedee

    Tv Games

    Friday 2 August, 2019 Ladbrokes Championship Dunfermline Athletic v Dundee Live on BBC Scotland, kick-off 7.05pm Friday 30 August, 2019 Ladbrokes Championship Dundee United v Dundee Live on BT Sport, kick-off 7.45pm Friday 27 September, 2019 Ladbrokes Championship Queen of the South v Dundee Live on BBC Scotland, kick-off 7.05pm Friday 25 October, 2019 Ladbrokes Championship Ayr United v Dundee Live on BBC Scotland, kick-off 7.05pm Friday 1 November, 2019 Ladbrokes Championship Dundee v Greenock Morton Live on BBC Scotland, kick-off 7.05pm
  6. markthedee

    Fixtures Out

    Sky don’t care about the Championship. Well, not anymore at least... so it’ll be BT or BBC. I’ll not bother dignifying with a response your crass comment about Gaelic being “foreign”.
  7. markthedee

    League Cup 19/20 Thread

    Only 800 tickets for the Cove game which will go on priority sale to 2019/20 season ticket holders.
  8. markthedee

    League Cup 19/20 Thread

    Worked out well for me . I'm on holiday 20th-27th so have gone from potentially missing three games to only missing one.
  9. markthedee

    Fixtures Out On 21st.

    Something like Alloa or Morton away for me. I'm missing the opening day so would rather it wasn't a derby or one of the enjoyable trips. I'm not sure they will put a derby first. I can see them wanting one near the end of the season as a potential title decider which would mean the first derby nearer the end of the first round of fixtures.
  10. markthedee


    The play-offs were introduced in season 2013/14 when we won the title. But for Kyle Letheren’s fingertips, we’d have been in them.
  11. markthedee

    Betfred Cup Draw

  12. markthedee

    League Cup 19/20 Thread

    Cue the SPFL changing it and making me look more of a tit than usual, but our home fixtures against the unseeded teams have so far been: 2016/17: Dumbarton (2nd unseeded out the hat) 2017/18: Buckie Thistle (2nd unseeded out the hat) 2018/19: Brechin City (2nd unseeded out the hat)
  13. markthedee

    Betfred Cup Draw

    It’s not about being “due” a team anywhere. The fixtures against the unseeded teams are based on the order they were drawn. As top seeds, we play the second-drawn unseeded team at home...which in this case happens to be Peterhead, but if they’d come out in the first or third cycle we’d be playing them away again. That means we have ICT and Peterhead at home, and Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers away.
  14. markthedee

    League Cup 19/20 Thread

    I reckon our fixtures will be (in no particular order): Dundee v Inverness Raith Rovers v Dundee Dundee v Peterhead Cove Rangers v Dundee This is based on being at home to the second seeds, and the second non-seed out of the hat. The former is set in stone as a rule of the competition, and the latter has been the pattern since the return of the group stage in 2016-17.
  15. markthedee

    League Cup 19/20 Thread

    A tough group. We'll be at home to Inverness but I don't think the rest of the games have any set order. We'll be away to at least one of Cove or Peterhead, though. Hopefully the former to tick the ground off.
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