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  1. markthedee


    To be fair, that was just poorly-executed. I'm pretty sure Kelly Cates knew the plan was for Neville and Carragher to wander off, but the way it happened was incredibly awkward.
  2. markthedee

    Poty Dinner

    My understanding is that the DSA don't want to cancel it because that will leave the door open for the club to take it over. If that were to happen, expect the price to go up (think Hall of Fame prices) and to have fewer tickets for fans in favour of commercial partners. They should keep it, but invite past players. I'd even suggest that clubs should award their POTY to an "unsung hero" of the past. People like Barry Smith were nearly always overlooked in favour of the overseas players during the Bonetti era.
  3. markthedee

    Fans Meeting

    No, nothing yet. He’s someone who goes on the same bus as me but he wasn’t on the bus on Saturday. I guess I also don’t want to assume that he’s allowed to say anything (and that’s not to imply that people were sworn to secrecy - as I said before, I’ve no idea).
  4. markthedee

    Fans Meeting

    The meeting did go ahead. I'd imagine nobody on here was there otherwise they'd have likely said by now what happened.
  5. On the other hand, in a league with Dunfermline, Inverness, Queen of the South and (possibly) Falkirk (all bogey sides for us), as well as United, it could be a disaster. It's such an unpredictable league that's a nightmare to get out of.
  6. markthedee

    Steven McLean Referee

    I wouldn't say it's exactly clever to make this statement in October after McLean has given a dodgy penalty that wins you the game: Then six months later, say this after he sends off three of your players:
  7. markthedee

    St Johnstone V Dundee

    If we'd had eleven Cammy Kerrs out there today I might have been less angry at the result. He was the only one who seemed to actually give a ****. Not saying he was perfect, but he had more heart, passion and dedication than the others combined.
  8. markthedee

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    McIntyre did make a quick getaway up the tunnel at full time today. Maybe a sign? Or just cowardice, leaving the players to face the fans? Craig Curran in particular didn't seem to happy at being told a few home truths (did the "talk to the hand" gesture).
  9. markthedee

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    Hartley and McCann were both sacked for less. He can’t survive this. But he will. I’ve followed this club through thick and thin and would seldom choose to miss a game I could go to. But I’m seriously considering not going back this season. Maybe others should do the same. An empty Dens might ram the message home.
  10. markthedee

    Today's Q and A

    He is, but beyond that no idea.
  11. markthedee

    Yanks Out!

    If we exactly matched their results, we'd need to beat them by three goals. Not impossible, but 3-0 would mean increasing our home league goals by 25% in a single game - and doubling our home wins.
  12. markthedee

    The Manager for Post-split Games

    Yes and no. Yes in that if we'd only offered him a 1-year contract, then to get rid now is more expensive (because he's always got a year left); no in that if we'd offered him a 2-year+ contract, then that would have still had >1 year to run so been more expensive.
  13. markthedee

    Today's Q and A

    I do, but haven't properly spoken to them since before the meeting - only enough to know it did actually happen. I should also clarify that "hand-picked" was perhaps the wrong turn of phrase; what I meant by it is: if someone said they couldn't go, they couldn't nominate someone else. It was a personal invite to them.
  14. markthedee

    Today's Q and A

    1) It did happen; 2) Yes it was hand-picked invitees; 3) My understanding is that the club/Nelms wanted it to be a small, informal gathering that will happen on a regular basis with different people each time; 4) No, I wasn't invited I appreciate there's not a lot of goodwill around just now, but I'm not entirely sure the club and/or Nelms have done anything wrong here. I've been to open meetings before where it's been a complete waste of time because one or two people just end up hogging the floor and shouting down anything that's said. Wouldn't you rather there were several small meetings where Nelms can actually hear everyone's thoughts and concerns, than one big meeting that's dominated by those who can shout the loudest? I've no idea why we haven't heard anything about what was said yet. But I wouldn't immediately assume it's because everyone who was there was sworn to secrecy. It can take time for things to emerge from these types of events.
  15. markthedee

    The Manager for Post-split Games

    Which made his absence from the starting XI on Wednesday all the more baffling.
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