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  1. Maybe time to reignite the idea of swapping the home and away ends? I'm sure one of our more recent managers suggested it so that the teams come out next to home fans, plus it would bring all the home fans together on three sides. The main obstacles are the club shop being outside the Bobby Cox, and there being more places for buses to park at the Shankly end.
  2. Saturday 29th February 1908: Dundee 2-2 Falkirk Saturday 29th February 1936: Kilmarnock 4-2 Dundee Saturday 29th February 1964: Dundee 9-2 St Mirren Saturday 29th February 1992: Partick Thistle 2-0 Dundee
  3. And they’re also seemingly willing to shift “The Nine” at the drop of a hat because Hibs v Inverness in the Scottish Cup is a 7.45pm KO on a Friday on BBC Scotland.
  4. I wonder what sort of position Motherwell would be in now had they been relegated in 2003.
  5. We beat Aberdeen in the Cup in 2014/15. 2-1 on the BBC, with Clarkson scoring in the last-minute, and Bain making a fingertip save onto the bar in the last minute of stoppage time. 3-1 vs. United in the same season to almost confirm top 6. Both home derbies in their Doon season as well (2-1 in both). This season, we’ve beaten Morton at home and Ayr away (2-1 in both) on the BBC, and ICT in the League Cup on BT. We’re actually unbeaten in the majority of our TV games this season (6-4): P10 (ICT, Dunfermline x2, United x3, Queen of the South, Ayr, Morton, Motherwell) W3 (ICT, Ayr, Morton) D3 (Dunfermline, Queen of the South, United) L4 (United x2, Motherwell, Dunfermline)
  6. It's also not accessible (and neither is the main stand). Sure, you could open the Cox just for disabled fans but that's not really the point. There's plenty of people who sit in the Cox that use sticks, or simply can't manage as many stairs as they once could. The steps up the the back of the Derry are like the north face of the Eiger.
  7. Makes sense with both teams being free. Had Ayr gone out as well on Saturday, I reckon that fixture would have been on the 8th instead, because it's more awkward for the travelling support midweek. There doesn't seem to be any standout midweek for that, although I'd imagine it'll be after the 8th, otherwise they'd have announced it at the same time. Maybe waiting to see if they progress in the Cup because future TV selections could have an impact (e.g. if a Monday or Friday night).
  8. Prices are set in consultation with the away team.
  9. Re-read that exchange of posts: if we draw a replay against Motherwell, it goes to ET and pens. Drawing on Saturday is what would bring about that replay.
  10. It’s not the scheduling that’s done it. It’s Partick progressing to the semi-finals of the biscuit cup. We had no guarantees of a home tie in the Cup so I don’t think that should be counted either. There’s a decent chance of a game on 8th February. Either we’re out the Cup and we play Partick (who are likely to go out to Celtic) or Ayr (who play Ross County), or we go through and get a home draw that isn’t attractive to TV.
  11. No, it would be played to a conclusion with ET and pens if needed. And thinking about it more, if we were to get a 5th round replay then it would break the away sequence because either the original tie would be at home, or the replay would.
  12. You mean a 5th round replay? The Motherwell replay would be away anyway.
  13. We could end up with four away games in a row if we manage to beat Motherwell then get an away draw. Indeed, it could be five in a row if we take them to a replay. Or even six in a row if we take Motherwell to a replay, win, get an away draw in the 5th round, win, then get an away draw in the quarter finals: 24th Jan - Dunfermline 28th Jan - Motherwell (replay) 1st Feb - Morton 8th Feb - SC 5th round 22nd Feb - QoS 29th Feb - SC QF That would depend on none of the displaced home fixtures being scheduled in the midweeks. More likely, however, is that we play either Partick or Ayr on 5th round weekend (8th February). If all three teams are out then it would sensible to have the Ayr game that weekend because it’s a harder midweek journey for the travelling fans.
  14. Forgot about that one. And of course - the Celtic game was called off putting into doubt the new year derby. That went ahead, then the Falkirk game fell. There were serious drainage issues with the pitch that season.
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