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  1. Fans will be allowed back before pubs are allowed to show football, IMO. But the T&Cs of DeeTV prevent commercial use in any case. How it would be policed is another question, of course.
  2. I’d assumed that at some point in the past I used the “other” address on the ticketing system and that’s how it managed to find my seat. But if you were able to do it with a completely new email then I’m stumped. Maybe it’s able to find people from their name and phone number as well? Although that wouldn’t explain why existing accounts with those details don’t work.
  3. I finally managed to renew online this evening. The one thing I hadn’t tried was creating a new account with a different email address that I might have used in the past - and it worked. I’ve no idea why it’s that address on file, but I’m not complaining. So that’s maybe something to try for others who are having problems.
  4. I think the problem with the season tickets is that the online system is, frankly, a shambles, and the ticket office has been closed. I would normally have renewed my ST by now, but held off when it wasn't clear exactly what was happening with next season. I want to renew it now, but so far haven't been able to.
  5. Now there's a bit of certainty over the season, I'm trying to renew my season ticket online but when I click the link on the Ticket Office page and try to follow the instructions, it says I've no pending renewals. Has anyone else run into this? Is the solution just to call the ticket office instead?
  6. Or it might mean we'll be looking at a slightly bigger budget because if a full season went ahead, those 4 or 5 home fixtures would have been behind closed doors. Even without fans, and ignoring player salaries, there are still fixed costs associated with staging a game.
  7. The top flight broke away once already. Relatively speaking, it didn’t take long for the leagues to reunite.
  8. I think it’s pretty obvious that the opening post is aimed at those who aren’t bothered about getting a refund. Obviously that doesn’t apply to everyone, but I’d like to think that anyone whose circumstances haven’t drastically changed will be prepared to donate the money back.
  9. Great statement. If the season is ended one way or another with no more games, I’m not fussed about a partial ST refund. But if this is something that also gets covered by the business interruption insurance then I’d like to see whatever refund I would have got chucked into Dee Promotions coffers.
  10. The Scottish Government have just announced a ban on mass gatherings of 500 or more people, starting Monday. So we get the Dunfermline game then it's closed-doors for the foreseeable future.
  11. Hazard for the save. Honourable mention for Forster who was solid at the back, although did have a couple of "making a mess of the bread and butter" moments - but in harmless areas thankfully.
  12. It looked a certain goal to me when it was hit. I'm not sure Muirhead could have done much more which makes the save all the better. Seeing our keeper save a penalty has been a rare thing of late. Scott Bain in particular had a terrible record, but he also always seemed resigned to conceding and barely made any attempt to stop the ball. On the one occasion I remember him making a save, it was a genuinely terrible kick that I could have saved.
  13. No more free weekends, unfortunately. I’ll take a punt on Tuesday 24th March.
  14. It’s not uncommon for contracts of employment to specify when holidays can be taken based on the duties that need to be performed. Indeed, in most jobs annual leave needs to be approved by a line manager, which usually happens without issue, but legally there is no requirement on employers to grant leave at times that is inconvenient for them (except of course if they’ve kept refusing you leave and there’s literally only 28 working days left in the year).
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