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  1. Do fans really think we are the only club feeling the financial impact at the moment?? The threats of no wages is being used as a spur to make players minds up to whether they are club players or just here for the wage. The ‘Evening Arab’ and the Scum can print all the sensational headlines they want to try and sell their bile... The club are sending this ultimatum to players so they can cement the finances for next season and beyond. Keep the faith...Onwards and upwards.. DTID...Derry Rhumba 👊🏻
  2. Statement from Dens within the hour....
  3. Statement from Dens within the hour....
  4. Don’t know where you heard this.....But yer wrang........
  5. As Roy Castle said....” That’s Dedication”
  6. I’m led to believe that the situation changed on Mullen when we received the scan results for Marshall, forcing our hand for another defender and reducing money available for Mullen...
  7. Have a bigger issue shipping easy goals, so hopefully the new guys will shore up the defence and with Cranshaws pace and delivery, we can get a few more chances on goal.....
  8. Seeming a big disruption at training and in the dressing room... Not the type of player we want or should keep, regardless of ability.. Antoine-Curier the Second......
  9. Step away from the keyboard.....
  10. Pisses me off with posts like this.....😉
  11. Could have sent Butcher and Nelson off, should have booked Dorrans late on, never fell for most of their soft foul (dive) tricks and numerous penalty claims, got the pen spot on... Normally hate him reffing is but credit where due, he did ok tonight
  12. For all the fans bleating about why Nelson doesn’t start .......... *See tonight’s game......
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