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  1. Had a clean break on my left fibula back in 78’ was back training in six weeks with no help from anybody😉
  2. Trump? Johnson? 😉 I know they hav,not been convicted huggs , just throwing it out there😎
  3. In the immortal words of captain blackadder ‘suits me Duggie’
  4. Like you did by adding fair to the negative side to get your 80%, try adding it to the other side, it magically comes out as 52% positive, simples. 🙄
  5. Does he really expect us to believe that’s the worst abuse he’s ever had from supporters in his career? Sorry Darian, not buying that.
  6. I would be confident that Kerr will be offered a new contract, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that JM is an admirer, but has also recognised that the player has gone stale, and has taken him out of the lime light for a while in an effort to get his mojo back. For what it’s worth I think he should be offered a new deal.
  7. But if women are not allowed in, the stripper must be.......oh dear🤭
  8. For some, it appears, there will always be a need to blame somebody, until all his signings have gone it will be McCann, just as it was Hartley, it’ll be McIntyre’s turn soon enough.
  9. Never mind cancer? So you’re more concerned about a football tackle? Wtf.
  10. This is the game I’Ve been trying to think of, was beginning to think it was all a dream 😄 funny thing is the only player I can remember that game was Alan Cousin, with his double shuffle, and that it was a wet night.👍
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