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  1. Was amazed tonight that one of the "Tayside items" on North Tonight News was Nelms answering to the "fall out" from yesterday !!!!???????when a Dundee FC steward pulled down an Irish flag that was covering an advertising board!!! WTF!!!???
  2. Donny O

    John Nelms

    Yup no problem with your comment at all. I recall the dark days when the TC Keay was shut for safety reasons and The Provie closed to save cash and we were all crammed in The Derry (along with the upper area of the stand)for some games. Be desperate times to go back to that sort of thing. I know I wouldn't want to relocate and im sure a lot of Bobby Cox/Main Stand folk wouldn't want me to relocate to their areas of the ground either as I get too wound up and cannae sit down!! ;oD
  3. Donny O

    John Nelms

    "If we are playing in the Championship then he might as well only open the Bobby Cox Stand and the Main Stand because there will be more than sufficient capacity for both home and away supporters. " -That would be the final straw for me if they shut the South Enclosure and forced us into the Bobby Cox or The Stand!!- Please don't give them ideas!!!! ;o)
  4. Donny O

    John Nelms

    Monday Morning and Im absolutely "scunnered" with Scottish football and im not just meaning after yesterdays 96 min carry on!!!! Falling crowds (painfully obvious yesterday),Ridiculous Pricing, Ridiculous Manager appointments IE- N McCant, Various PR disasters(continued yesterday with Mr Nelms welcoming us to yesterdays match on St Patricks Day- I mean so what!!!Bu**er all to do with us and playing "Irish " tunes at half time-wtf!!!) Derry sanitised to its current condition, No apparent fan consultation but most of all..... this garbage to use an Americanism re this New Stadium-Total Crap!!! The whole footballing side of the club that I love has been diminished since all this guff reared its head again. Add to that Next Seasons Season Tickets!!!!! Whats next???? The Launch of our new orange and black "away" strip!!??? Only positive was the Polis dealt better with that lot better yesterday than previously - and they bhoys didn't like it!! Gutted to see the team ive followed since 72 lurch to another "Low" point but will keep the faith for this season but as for next season (in whatever league we are in) im not so sure I could sit through another season like this!
  5. Donny O

    Six Minutes Added On

    John Beaton involved!!!!!-Say No More!!!! To be honest I thought id seen it all regarding bad luck/poor refereeing this season but that today has just scunnered me with Football!!! 6 mins- Unbelievable!!!!
  6. Actually thought he was doing well bar not booking Sinclair for diving (again) until he pulled "Fergie Time" from nowhere!!!!
  7. Was there in The Provie that day!!- A great Goal and one I still recall!- looked great on Sportscene too!!! 30 years is mental and scarey!!! Due one surely!!!! Recall savouring beating these (insert insult here) almost as much as beating "THEM"...... especially the 2-0 victory and the 4-1 a season or two before!!!
  8. Oh Dear! How this lad has managed to "Out Beaton" Beaton has meant that Scottish Refs have now plummeted to new lows. This Fella was quite frankly a disgrace!-Nuff Said!! We are poor but clowns like this...…. do not help!
  9. Donny O

    Worst Season Ever?

    Kearno season a "low point" but this season is shaping up to beat it!!! A BOD more interested in out of town "developments" than the football club,falling crowds,an awful product on the park etc etc etc. Ive been gutted over the years since the 75 relegation but this season has been The Pits!
  10. Donny O

    Dundee 4 - 1 Celtic

    Oh well!!….. Only 32 years ago..... doesnt make me feel any better!!!!! ;oD Great memories though!!
  11. Donny O

    Dundee 4 - 1 Celtic

    I too have that match report. What a 2nd half that was!!!! I was at the back of The Provie and it went mental when the goals rained in at that end!!!! To think that's 37s years ago is frankly frightening!!!! Can still recall Shannon's goal and the bedlam that followed!!! Don't think there was any TV Footage?? Must look out my newspaper reports as some good ones.
  12. Donny O

    Our Home Record.

    If only something could have been done to utilise the "Uncovered" part better than building 2 boxes holding about 4 folk to reintroduce fans to that area. In fact it would have been better now with The Coxy as there was always a Gap between The 2 Dundee Ends (except in really big games)in "Old Dens" Had some laughs standing there but atmosphere was nothing special TBH (Although you could hear both the Derry and Provy Singing) Said it before that if the option had been to redevelop Dens The Derry could be brought a lot nearer the pitch than it is now allowing enough space for a stand (The 1st stand at Tynecastle was built on quite a small footprint) and Certainly the Main Stand has enough space in front of it for a stand to run parallel with the touchline? As someone who was furious everytime Celtic/Rangers/Them got the Provy I can well understand why Bobby Coxers wouldn't want to move Ah Well!! Although it may be diluted from the Good Ol Days I will still give it laldy from my seat in The Derry!
  13. Donny O

    Dundee V Hibs

    Felt we didnt deserve that tonight!!! Im Still raging!!- Where's rate the ref tonight!!??? Ive said it before and I will say it again Beaton is the worst ref in Scotland and those 2 clowns on the line were a disgrace ..AGAIN! Rant Over!
  14. Donny O

    Disc Badge Strips

    I had a wee break from buying strips etc but was forced back in when The Samp Style one appeared!!!! A classic!...especially the Away (IMO) I still wear mine(The Away Top) with pride and its still in good nick!!! I would say Aztec Retro would be eyeing up this style of top rather than Toffs To Be Honest but agreed it would be great to see some sort of reissue. Fingers Crossed Regards
  15. Donny O

    Disc Badge Strips

    Thanks Barkblue- yeah was gutted the Blue/Red sash was a no no! A top we only wore once yet the whole 1st team squad posed with it and the pics were used on many of the footie cards we collected in the 70s. Apparently they didn't have the material available for the blue/red. The Disc Badges- Ive had an update to write to the club for permission to use this badge and if accepted Toffs will produce but will ask the 1st purchaser to stump up an additional 30 quid to create the badge. regards

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