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  1. I would have assumed that several people will have contacted the BBC and ITV re what games they have retained???There are some odd games appearing on You Tube (that ive noticed recently) of Dundee versus Ayr (a few games) and Dundee's visits to Hearts/Hibs in the mid 70s and of course the classic game of AC Milan in 71. I wonder if it would be possible to find out what does still exist? A much better product to watch than whats on the go nowadays!... I would love to see the full highlights of the AC Milan game in particular.
  2. My copy has the very exciting opening 3 minutes where Celtic near scored in the opening 15 seconds and "Cowboy" hits a shot that narrowly misses the post causing The Provie to rise and fall en masse! Agree that a Retro Sportscene (or im old enough to remember Sportsreel) would be great but I would hazard a guess that BBC Glasgow will have wiped the tapes of a lot of games of interest??
  3. The Derry songbook in full flow (although some folk now will moan at some of them) but these were great days as a supporter watching your team having a real go at these Glasgow "so and sos" with their dodgy refs and bias media coverage!!!! Just noticed ive got a lot more of the 1st half than this lads recording. Glad its stirred up some memories for some of us anyway in these Desperate times!!!...…... and what a great strip!
  4. If only the Skol Cup Quarter Final existed on tape!!!!!!!!!!!! ;o(
  5. Couldn't agree more- Real effort and determination shown by that team. That probably was one my favourite sides but sadly and remarkably achieved nothing in terms of honours.... The Skop Cup semi against The Dandies and The Tynecastle tie a year later just typified the so near yet so far frustration of this era as it looked like we were building an exciting side only for the "Vultures" to appear and start dismantling this squad. Real glad that another copy of this games exists on You Tube as I was worried that mine was never going to be fully on it through a combination of my lack of tech knowledge and the state of the tape.
  6. Thats it and in quite good quality too- My copy has the titles and Archies Build up plus I had the Reporting Scotland and Grandstand Pre match items including footage of Dundees 2-0 win at Dens in Freezing conditions a few weeks before.. Agreed I was in The Provie Road that day and the crowd noise of the 21,000 plus was brilliant especially when we scored- In fact Only Beaten by The Skol Cup Quarter Final and the Doon Derby(to a lesser extent) for noise and celebration!!! Was a great day at a great stadium when it was full!! (think the official Capacity then was 22,500?)......nowadays half that ;o(
  7. It is..... from my video tape. Sadly I was unable to use it to transfer the whole match back then !! The disc recording is very unstable therefore im hoping that the tape survives in an old milk crate of Betamax/VHS tapes I retained! There was a great atmosphere at this game I remember and Dundee were unlucky in both games not to get a result!!!
  8. Years go I plastered with copying my Betamax tapes onto VHS and with limited success onto DVD etc Tonight while looking for something else i found a badly copied Disc with the match highlights. Attached is a still from the disc.(only 1 that would fit) I think its time I searched my shed to see if the original Betamax tape still exists or even the VHS copy!!!! Not sure if the BBC still have a copy themselves?? A great game which we should have won!!!!
  9. Donny O

    STV Media Bias. Dundee Items

    Yup maybe your right and im being overs sensitive as I have a "adverse reaction" when ever that team are mentioned. A product of seething resentment that's built up from the mid 70s in particular due to their Glory Hunting fans that appeared in the 80s!! ;oD
  10. Donny O

    STV Media Bias. Dundee Items

    Yup they seem to be on a Media Drive again with their Manager on almost nightly!!! We are not doing a "Rangers"are we??? and in the huff???
  11. Donny O

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    ps The BOD can relax as I decided to keep my own seat and not go over to the main stand to vent my feelings about mergers,prices,new stadium,shares,sh**e recruitment!!!!!ETC ETC!!!!
  12. Anyone else noting the complete media bias in favour of East Angus Utd on North Tonight every night just now.Match footage(from Arab something),Interviews daily with staff/manager/chairman.Tonight the whole sports bulletin was dedicated to "THEM" Not even The Dons have had so much coverage recently and as for the areas other two Premier teams ..its been pretty much zip!!! Recently anything Dundee related has been tagged onto an item about Aberdeen or St Johnstone while the league below and in particular "them" have been getting regular exposure especially at their Fife base!!! Media Darlings it would appear!!!!
  13. Donny O

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Well despite thinking of a dozen reasons not to attend...popped into the shop before 5pm tonight to get my ticket!! I just couldn't imagine sitting down on Saturday despite everything listening to it on Sportsound!!! Feels like almost a duty!!!! ;o)
  14. Donny O


    Look a bit figure hugging !!! ;o( As long as they remember our 3 core colours-Blue,White and Red!!! No Return for Umbro alas!!!!
  15. Donny O

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Just has disaster written all over it!!!.....No matter what team we put out with new faces or not just feels like this is gonna be one of those days..(again) Hope im wrong!!!

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