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  1. Donny O

    Now the Season From Hell Is Over....

    EXACTLY!!! Total change is required so next season will be real "seat of your pants stuff" Thanks Neil ,Jim and of course Mr Nelms for putting us in that pickle!!! PS Just reading now that the clear out is beginning and sadly getting excited about who's getting punted!!!! Changed days indeed!!!!
  2. Donny O

    Now the Season From Hell Is Over....

    A new broom to sweep all these under achievers (M&Ms Duds!)away is required so I wouldnt keep anyone (of the loan signings)even if they did play well in a 3-2 home defeat to St Mirren!!!!!! Hopefully optimistic that a new manager will have a positive effect in a nightmare league and attract solid professionals that want to play and achieve promotion! Only downside for me is this constant stadium distraction and its apparent "progress" which will sadly mean the end of my attendance at football matches when it opens but that's my own opinion/choice. Certainly Glad that season is over!!!!-Onwards and Upwards!
  3. Donny O

    Who do you think will be next?

    Derek Adams is exactly the sort of guy we need as manager! Tough,hard working and although he has had his "beef" with us (so did guys like Hartley) he has the drive to make his team a success!!! I would be delighted with him but would also consider Burley or I McCall- The rest are a "No" from me!
  4. Donny O

    2018/19 home shirt

    With Nelms track record this season we will no doubt be invited to purchase Dundee's new orange and black Away soccer kit in a few weeks!!!!!!! ;o{
  5. Donny O

    Dundee Fc - Contracts for 19/20

    Wow!! What a choice!!!....I would keep Ralph, Nelson and maybe Dales-The Rest can..................
  6. Donny O

    What's Our Worst Stat of the Season?

    2 Appalling Mangers in 1 Season!!????
  7. Donny O

    The Manager

    Surely by 4pm today he's out the door!!??Followed by Nelms at the end of the week??? If not then there is certainly 1 extra empty seat in The Derry for the Last Game of season and who knows for Next Season too!!!.
  8. Donny O

    Making Us Happy

    For me Local Owners that want to build a team that entertains and represents the City well!
  9. Donny O

    Relegated Today

    Yup no feeling whats so ever!!...unlike previous relegations!..Thats how detached the American Owners have made me feel about our Dundee FC-That is some achievement!!!
  10. Donny O

    Two People Evicted From the Directors Box

    I had made up my mind to "vote with my feet" and not attend the St Mirren game........However I think it might be a consideration to swap my Derry Ticket for a main stand ticket to vent my fury at Mr Nelms. I think if a few of the guys who backed the team today in The Derry to try and raise the heads did the same the BOD would certainly get the message!!!!!! Hang your heads in shame BOD!!!
  11. Donny O

    Club Statement.

    Too scunnered now to even bother!!!Hear the old Dens "cost" excuse again etc etc Some positive stuff but alas been too many negative points this year for me to change my mind/opinion!
  12. Donny O

    Americans Please Leave Now....

    Dont trust these Guys- Never Have!!! As for the manager- I supported him at the start but now...…….he has to go! Listening to that on the radio today was depressing!!! 10 men,We score 3 times...yes 3 times!!! and still get beat!!! The relegation mid 70s was a sore one and so have been the following ones but this one has been an absolute shambles and embarrassment coupled with all this "Stadium" guff Im afraid major changes are needed at Manager and Board Level or quite a few of us are gonna walk!(and I cant believe im saying that!)
  13. Donny O

    Fans Meeting

    Yup Peter and Jimmys tenure brought some of my favourite memories of Following Dundee in Div 1 and then the Premier League.(Including the stadium upgrade)It was just a shame they traded stability(oh that day hammering "THEM" 3-0!!!!) for the Bonetti era (although memorable!!)They interacted well with the fans(Remember the fans got to decide the "Firkin" strip etc) I remember attending a well attended Fans forum in the The Ex Servicemens club at the front in The Ferry(now demolished)and came out energised and so positive that we were all pulling together for the same cause/goal!!! Today its the complete opposite -Total dejection and mistrust!!!!
  14. Sorry Gedee was so scunnered with the result that that's me just having a look on this today!! Yeah I don't think going up to Campie would be appealing for me ......unless of course we turn the corner and have a Champions League semi final to attend but I don't think that's on the cards for a while!!!! ;oD
  15. I will certainly "Support them evermore" as long as I can .....and hope for some moment of glory in return!! The only thing that would stop me going was if they moved to a lego stadium in the North West edge of Dundee(And im being honest here so apologies if people disagree but that would be a step too far for me personally)
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