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  1. Get Well soon JD- My favourite player from my fanatical period of following the club!!
  2. Im the only one left from my school mates that goes to Dens Every Game so my routine is-Jump in the car- Get parked !! then into Dens Before 14:45 (preferred) Say hello to the guys that have sat beside me in The Derry for years until its KO Don't Eat or Drink anything as im there to watch the football and want no distractions like Toilet Breaks etc...…….Then hopefully its back home to have a few celebration drinks or sadly more likely (in recent seasons) a few "Pick Me Up" drinks to ease the pain of another disappointing display!......Then on Here to read the Reviews at stupid o clock Sunday Morning!!
  3. And a few Months on from that is when I started to totally distrust Mr Nelms and co- No understanding of what an opportunity that was to cement our position. I have a horrible feeling that we are being told fibs about this "Insurance" as well!? Worrying Times (Again!)
  4. Not Bussed judging by the traffic on their match days nowadays on the Arbroath Road. When I went to school there was no Utd fans in my class- About 6 Dees 1 Celtic, 1 Rangers skip forwards to 1984 there was 4 Dees and 4 Arabs from the same group of people IIRC.
  5. The Midweek Hearts games was a rare occasion of seeing Dundee on Midweek Sportscene (Don't think it was Sportsnight?) Never knew the score so was watching it "Live" as such. Cue great scenes in our Living Room when the match finished!!! IIRC either Jin McInally (in his 1st period with us) either scored our goal or was MOM or both!? PS I still find it hard to talk about the Tynecastle Semi Against them!! Still cant believe we lost it although the Skol Cup 87 still gave me the greatest Football elation (although now tied with the Doon Derby) to almost make up for it!!
  6. Great servant Gavin was to Dundee FC and richly deserves any praise. Jim Duffy- An absolute legend! A great guy,terrific player and IMHO was a great manager for us. Jim Duffy should always be mentioned when it comes to commitment to DFC and should always be highly regarded.
  7. Yup it amuses me when people go on about Facilities etc at Football Matches. I can still recall the thunder of the pee against the back of the corrugated walls at the back of the Provie Road Enclosure at Half time!! As for the 80s our fan base was immense- lots of noise,colour and varied songs (some now discouraged for various reasons). We all had a new rival in the emergence of "Them" who previously (to me anyway)didn't register as much as Rangers/Celtic but their arrival galvanised our loyal supporters (Those Who didn't jump ship!) and produced some memorable celebrations like the ones after the 1987 Skol Cup Quarter Final. Some good times/sides in the 80s but we always seem to come up short sadly!
  8. Was there in the bottom right of The Cliff as you look at it here that day with my dad. After going to a few games in the 1970s/early 80s this season was the one I became a regular attender and no wonder what a side that became! Memories of the day itself was the crowd noise,The crushing depression of "them" keeping scoring after we did , The bedlam at Tosh's goal,The hope that Bombers was indeed the winner and The excitement of setting my Betamax recorder to tape it that night and relive it again!!!(still have it!) Was a wonderful day! Great Colour and Noise created by The Fans in those days!!
  9. Agreed but in this day and age of necessary Sponsorship I think we could have done a lot worse. It doesn't overpower the overall look which a sponsor logo could sometimes do. Looks like its a double purchase for me this season when possible!
  10. What a relief!!! I think the style of this years Sponsor Logo adds to the look of the shirts and certainly doesn't ruin them????? What do you all think?
  11. Im the same!!! Cant stand the sight of those Tangy Turncoats who think football started in 1979! Its a no from me!
  12. Without a doubt for me.........John Barnes for Liverpool in the Zico Testimonial- ripped us to shreds on the wing and Ray "Butch" Wilkins for Rangers-Absolute ran the show for Rangers in a game against us and sprayed the ball about effortlessly. Just had to hold my hands up and say "What a Player!!"
  13. Hearts have always been an arrogant lot!!! Always look down on other clubs especially ours!!!At least I can say to them when I meet any of them...I was there in 86!! ;oD Although it might mean a tougher league next year????- Get them down!
  14. Judging by their track record I for one am not confident!!! - Sorry!
  15. And there lies our problem my friend! ...............Nelms & Co!
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