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  1. Amazing Non Decision for "our pen" and missing blatant pushes and hand balls..plus some late tackles left unpunished!!!!!!
  2. Donny O

    Highlight of the 2010s

    Oft!!! Tough One!!! Being a kid/teenager in the 70s/80s I would have said anything that stuck it to those slavering Tangerine Gits would usually win my vote and I most certainly celebrated the Doon Derby !!..... But as Barkblue says I would agree that the Defiant season was something special!! and was more about our achievement rather than "other"teams efforts!!
  3. Taking all things in account and after careful thought I just had to award this guy my highest ever score!!!!........BAD!!!! Couple of bad tackles missed including one that allowed ICT to counter and the succession of corners that obviously annoyed the fans way across in the BC!!! We will no doubt see Worse!!!! ;o(
  4. Just back after drowning my sorrows!! Cant believe the luck they have had against us since 1975!!!!! Brilliant performance today and certainly didn't deserve that to happen to our team today!!!! Very Encouraged by that display!!! Much more like it!!!
  5. A stonewall handball penalty, A blatant Push in the Box, another wrestling match in the Box and failing to give that Logan guy a straight red for that leg breaker tackle!!!Both Linesmen were terrible too!!!!
  6. Cheers,That I will do!!! No problem just now...ive got a ticket for the seat behind on Sunday but not wanting this to continue.Things like this always happen when new systems are introduced!
  7. Hi Huggs66 Im in The Derry too. Will make enquires after the Aberdeen Game to try and sort this out a bit.I think the guy next to me has been allocated my seat in error?? Will find out.
  8. Got a feeling there has been a bit of a "Ba's Up" with ticket sales this year as Bloke was in my seat on Saturday and he said he'd bought it but I showed him my season ticket and he moved!!-Went into Club Shop Today to get my ticket for the Aberdeen game and was told my seat was sold!!! Hopefully the guys will sort it out for the next round !! ;oD
  9. Donny O

    This Season's Strip

    Anyone been in the shop and noticed if the Away top is available in Long Sleeves? Dont see them yet on the Website? I noted the Home top is available.Cheers!
  10. Donny O

    Away Strip.

    Despite the sponsor this is one of the best away kits for a while!!!-Classy!!! If there is a 3rd kit I would assume it will be Red. Like the away kit a lot more than the home!!!
  11. Donny O

    Who Wants To Be Deewok?

    And for his mates that he used to point out in The Derry!!!! Will be an imposter next season!!!! ;oD
  12. Donny O

    New Kit Laucnched Tonight

    That is very true as I don't recall any guys in the mid 70s wearing a replica strip for "them" Plenty of Dundee,Celtic,Rangers but not them. I don't think they ever registered with me when I went to school in 74 and certainly no one supported them in my class..I recall seeing someone with a "Them" replica in about 1979 as the glory hunters started to appear and some guys deserted us etc and near threw up at the sight of it!!!!!
  13. Donny O

    New Kit Laucnched Tonight

    Well I would have to agree of course!!!!! ……………..Remember the mid 70s where Gillies Park was full of kids wearing the admiral strips like most other parks in Dundee with hardly a horrible tangy coloured top in sight!!!!! Great Days!
  14. Donny O

    New Kit Verdict

    OK for me! Only negatives: the collar and the lack of red as a trim on the shirt and shorts but especially not having the socks red.Decent Effort though!! Will look forward to the Away Kit with interest
  15. Donny O

    Next Season's Strip

    Yes Please especially the Away!
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