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  1. Been a few...…... but on a totally different scale has to be Billy Dodds- Total Hero! But what he's done since as a player , manager and pundit has destroyed his reputation with us. A real shame as he was a personal favourite of mine.
  2. Not yet convinced by McPake,Totally against Nelms and co and their conduct/stadium plans etc.....but thats 2 more season tickets bought despite all this! Forza Dundee!
  3. Interesting with some tops looking quite accurate while others!!!! Think some of the photos are of the original Replica Tops??? (If that makes sense) The Matchwinner ones look quite good (bar the 87 one) with the embroided badge but again the actual badges look too big!!! (A Common issue it seems) Covid has probably put paid to the Club Shops plans to release accurate Retro Tops this year?? Toffs IMO are still the best for quality of which ive a few (including "Specials") but their range only goes up to 76/80. Good to see though- One day we will get "Spot On Retros" again hopefu
  4. After the hype and the Highlights of the previous away game I walked into Dens (Was Bobby Coxer for a couple of seasons) with an air of uncertainty!!!...…… I walked out totally shell shocked at full time as I couldn't believe how good we were!!! Think The Hibs away game burst the bubble a bit but I had serious hopes that we could be top 3!!!!- 20 years since that!- That is worrying!!
  5. Was at the Dunfermline game (behind the goal) and still have the Sportscene Highlights- Was a great Atmosphere that day through there! A great era to follow that team-Jim Duffy-Pure Class! As for ICT -Ive probably said this before but we played them at Dens in a Cup not long into their existence and we were in a bad financial shape (Yeah I know!!).... as in the TC Keay was closed for safety reasons and the away fans were in The Provy Road. We were crammed in The Derry and I was standing at the outdoor benches and was most entertained by the fact that some ICT fans had red and black s
  6. Im Early 50's and when in a financial position to I have always bought a top. Only really wear them in summer pottering about.! I wear my Cotton Retros more often throughout the year though as they are still more to my taste!! Love Both Kits this year and so does the family so it will be an expensive time for a few months I think!!!
  7. Yeah preferred standing. I used to stand at the corner of the Provy Rd /Main Stand or right at the back of the Provy Rd Enclosure.Two images come back to me- Seeing the packed Derry with loads of Union Jacks and French Flags being waved with loads of Noise and being in the back of the enclosure when Dundee were attacking that end!- It was like the Kop while the rest of the ground was virtually empty!! Great colour and noise! The seats changed Dens (diluted it a bit) As for the Dump - That place was just plain dangerous! Took a few batterings in there from crowd sways etc!
  8. For Us - Defo Grady ,Annand,Gowser,Charnley,Shaw,GCH instantly spring to mind....Against us....Main,Cooper,Hartley (told me to **** off when he taking a throw in... really!!!!)C.Miller,Davie Dodds and that Sturrock guy!...…….Refs..... Willie Young and John Beaton !!!!!
  9. Plus EMOG won The National Fanzine Football tournament at Stirling beating Hibs in the final. Career highlight for me was banging in a few goals against the DABS Fanzine guys with Jim Spence in goal!!!! ;oD (we even got a grudging mention in the Tully!!) That era (mid 90s) was tops for following Dundee.
  10. Eh Mind of Gillie had Grimbo as editor in chief. I was a contributor for a few years (Mostly captions and jokes/photos) as was several of our mutual work colleagues. Was a real team effort and I enjoyed those times immensely and always looked forward to its publication. The others were great too but I think EMOG lasted the longest??
  11. I recall at least 2 Neutral venue games at Dens both involving Aberdeen IIRC. I Remember at the time (coupled with the 1980 Cup Final) the irony that the bench seating had been installed therefore reducing Dens Capacity at a time it would have been very handy for all those games and indeed as an option for any future requirements(Think Dens once the benches went in had an "Official" ticket safety cert of 22,500 (down from 40k plus capacity.) So sad to see the place reduced to under 12,000 especially with that Legoland construction beside it now holding more!!- Just unthinkable when I was
  12. Get Well soon JD- My favourite player from my fanatical period of following the club!!
  13. Im the only one left from my school mates that goes to Dens Every Game so my routine is-Jump in the car- Get parked !! then into Dens Before 14:45 (preferred) Say hello to the guys that have sat beside me in The Derry for years until its KO Don't Eat or Drink anything as im there to watch the football and want no distractions like Toilet Breaks etc...…….Then hopefully its back home to have a few celebration drinks or sadly more likely (in recent seasons) a few "Pick Me Up" drinks to ease the pain of another disappointing display!......Then on Here to read the Reviews at stupid o cloc
  14. And a few Months on from that is when I started to totally distrust Mr Nelms and co- No understanding of what an opportunity that was to cement our position. I have a horrible feeling that we are being told fibs about this "Insurance" as well!? Worrying Times (Again!)
  15. Not Bussed judging by the traffic on their match days nowadays on the Arbroath Road. When I went to school there was no Utd fans in my class- About 6 Dees 1 Celtic, 1 Rangers skip forwards to 1984 there was 4 Dees and 4 Arabs from the same group of people IIRC.
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