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  1. If you look at 90 percent of the badges he has they don't have the crest on anyway and like the friendship one this season the club couldn't sell them So for me there is no issue
  2. Do you realise that the club don't have permission to use the crest because of heraldic law from centuries ago Have a Google at Scottish football clubs could lose crests and Dundee are one of the teams in jeopardy because of the layout of the badge Airdrie and Ayr have lost the crests in the last couple of years because of this law and had to redesign It only takes one letter from anyone offended by the lack of heraldic licences and our badge is a goner As I said before he put a few thousand into the club after admin from profits from the badges over a few years and his photo appeared in the programme handing over the cash and he's also gave the club rare memorabilia to auction at dinners which has raised thousands inc one shirt which went for 3 grand at the 50th anniversary dinner. So think the club should be ok as I think this help from him might continue.. Hope this answer helps as I think he's been a great friend to the club for decades
  3. Boy that sells them put a lot of money into the club when we went into administration the second time and not just a couple of hundred pounds . Has done some great badges over the years that fans love and that the club wouldn't sell He also has the biggest Dundee fc collection of memorabilia in existence and has helped with Dundee books and the programme since the 80s all unpaid His badges are always great quality and don't come cheap to manufacture and he is also licenced to sell them ...
  4. Didn't buy one but they definitely had programs at the game
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