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  1. Just came across this. I know there'll be a few changes both coming and going between now and October but assuming they keep the bulk of that squad together, i will be absolutely stunned if they don't win the league. Just keeping things in perspective n all that.
  2. To be honest, I thought Hemmings struggled the first quarter or the season and perhaps seemed unfit. But after that he was excellent and I couldn't fault him. He took virtually every chance that came his way from October onwards. Can't really fault his effort. It's annoying when stuff like this happens and might well be a big blow to our season, we just don't know yet. But he was probably too good for this level. I'm not gonna bad mouth him though. Players are not fans. We keep forgetting this.
  3. Don't. Just ... don't. Not yet anyway.
  4. Our new number 9. Two year deal. Decent.
  5. Fill your boots. First 20 mins will be of greatest interest to you. One of the most naturally gifted played I've ever seen in the Dark Blue. On a different planet on his day.
  6. Interesting stuff. My 3rd ever Dundee game If memory serves me, a 3-0 win.
  7. Pretty sure it was Mark Hutchinson. Fringe player that season.
  8. Just had a look. They are deluded, hysterical, unfair, bitter, hypocritical and blaming everyone but their own club. And make no doubt it, this board would be exactly the same if we were in the same position.
  9. A pretty epic three horse race between us, the Pars and Raith led to some big crowds that season. Think there was near 8000 at this cup game.
  10. Suffice to say i have a soft spot for the George Shaw/Gerry Britton era.
  11. I always seem to relate the painful moments of the Doon Derby to the day Man City finally won the league in 2012 (aguerooooo etc). The big day, years in the making, all the expectations, the chance to banish decades of misery laid on a plate and ending up going through half an hour of 'i cannot believe we have messed this up.' I would've found it hard to forgive if we'd lost that night.
  12. Gotta admit im a bit of a sucker for looking for old dundee games on youtube, particularly from the 90s. Every now and then you find a gem from fans of another club. Here's one from our first ever visit to Inverness, only a few weeks after they became ICT.
  13. Lowest ive ever felt at a Dee match ever. Then the highest.
  14. More a greeter than a tantrum thrower. Left Dens in tears a fair few times as a bairn. To each his own.
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