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  1. 37. Eric Garcin 39. Ritchie H(e)art
  2. A certain temperamental ex arab?
  3. 2. Curier? Cos if it is i think he'd have an objection.
  4. I know the answer. And it reveals how garbage we generally are on the last day of the season.
  5. Its probably fair to say Letherens save is made more of because of its importance. But, like cassdfc (we probably weren't sitting far away from each other), i can only speak of my real time experience of it and it blows me away. Simply put, i distinctly recall my head moving down on its way into my hands in anguish when Letheren tipped it wide. This is an overused phrase but i cannot put it any more simply: it looked in all day long. I still get jitters when i think about it.
  6. I dont think there'll be any significant changes. But ill give a controversial opinion here... ...i think Scottish Football is brilliant. Seriously. We absolutely love to talk about how awful it is but i love it. A few things id change no doubt but on the whole im a fan. Theres my contrarian opinion of the day. On you go...
  7. Its your right bud. Totally up to you. But Peter Marr Callum Melville Ron Dixon And yet John Nelms is the one who broke you. But like i said, its your choice. Just don't be surprised if folk dont take you all that seriously.
  8. I maybe misread your intentions when you mentioned Nelms sending United up. But to be honest, I'm finding it hard to care about it all just now. Because I don't think our vote really would've made a blind bit of difference either way to the outcome. Whats happening now is what would have happened had we stuck with our no vote. The only difference is that the payments to the clubs would have happened later and clubs would have been harmed by it. I genuinely believe Nelms intentions were honourable throughout this process if perhaps naive which I respect him for. And for that reason I could not give a monkeys if Dundee come out of this 'looking' bad. But league reconstruction was always a long shot despite his best efforts and thats how it's transpired. So forgive my apathy towards the post-mortem. It just all seems kinda pointless. But by all means, continue.
  9. No one enjoys the misfortune of Dundee United more than me. But any chairman/ceo who would vote in a situation like this to unfairly harm their rivals isn't fit to be a chairman/ceo. This is the type of the chat of a punter of messageboard or a kid in a school playground but a chairman/ceo cannot and should not think that way. Say what you like about the way Nelms voted but suggesting he should've had keeping United down in mind is frankly quite embarrassing. Thankfully, the thought never entered his head. Nor should it have. It is still concerning that there are fans out there who say believe that Nelms 'sent United up'.
  10. You lads are deluded. We didn't relegate them at Dens, they got relegated over the course of the season. 👍
  11. Three stick out for me. When Harkins left for Killie. When Harkins left for St Mirren When Harkins left for Ayr. It never got easier 😢.
  12. For some reason i thought Holt did 2 years with us but it was 3. I'll swap him for Nathan Ralph. Think I've actually landed on my feet there.
  13. Superb thread Cobra Here's my effort though id probably change it in time Speroni Jack hendry Caulker Brian Irvine Kevin Holt Kev mcdonald Jim McAllister Dorrans Georgie Shaw Griffiths Cannigia
  14. It was just a weird season. Never again will you see two players from the same team nominated for player of the year outside the old firm, let alone from the team who finished 8th. We were awesome and yet rubbish. So many draws as well. And yet we got to relegate United. Or so i hear.
  15. Yeah thats right. Thankfully we played even better in the rearranged game though it wasnt televised. Best dee performance ive ever seen. Then again i wasnt at killie.
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