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  1. The most magnificent thing about football is the unbridled ecstasy of the moment your team score. Without that, football isn't football anymore. I am in no doubt that there are benefits to VAR but they aren't worth the cost of losing goal celebrations. I don't think football was broken and I don't think it needs fixed. VAR has not made the game more enjoyable in England. Yes it has made some good decisions that brought some justice to games. But the game has died as a result.
  2. Personally, I think the whole 'once it gets ironed out' thing is totally balls. The problem with all these daft offside calls is not something you can 'iron out', if someone's foot is offside then they're offside. That's not VAR working badly, that's it working well and we all hate it and prefer when it was just down to the linesman. The problem we have is the culture of slagging of refs and every decision instead of manning up and dealing that they're humans who get decisions wrong. Years and years of abuse and scrutinising every decision is what has led to VAR and has now led to fans feeling isolated and feeling like they've lost their game. That euphoric feeling of celebrating a goal doesn't exist any more. That's the number 1 reason that VAR is cancerous to football. Let me be clear: in August Danny Johnson's goal was wrongly ruled out in the Derby. If had been given, we might've (doubtful i know) won the game. But I would rather lose 6-2 in a derby without VAR than win 1-0 with it. Football as we know it is over is VAR gets accepted in Scottish Football. I'd support the Dee if we played in the junior league but would struggle to go if VAR was introduced.
  3. Hypothetical question that will one day be one we will have to confront. Ive been keen for a while to know what Dundee fans and indeed fans across Scotland feel about this as i think fan pressure may come into play when the question does arise. My personal response is that i am emphatically against it. What you reckon?
  4. Genuinely surprised that there's fans who are genuinely surprised at this. There's been one Saturday derby out of the last 19.
  5. With home games against the part time clubs coming after this, this is a really good chance to put a bit of a run together. Reckon we'll win.
  6. Lets say, hypothetically, Inverness find some form and get 10 wins 3 draws and a defeat from their last 14 games, including two wins against Utd. Bear in mind you wont find an Inverness fan who thinks this is in anyway likely but lets just go with it. Utd would then need 5 wins from 10 games to go up. Even in this hypothetical scenario, utd would have to lose 7 games out of 12. Theyve currently lost 4 in 24. If you want to be pedantic, then yes there is a chance this could happen. But lets be real. This would require both a collapse and a resurgence the likes of which have never been seen before. Seriously, when has a team ever been this far clear at this stage of the season and not won the league? It's over lads. Just deal with it.
  7. Gentlemen There is a 0% chance of United not winning the league. They may well be dross for the rest of the season and they'll still win it with a few games to spare. The only hope of a team going on a run was Inverness and they went and sold their two top defenders. No one will come close.
  8. We'll have to agree to disagree on most of this bud. I'll just say that many of us judge performances in light of the scoreline. Best performance was Alloa away. But you're right, there arent many contenders. Partick were so so poor on Saturday though. I'll enjoy the win but reserve judgement on whether or not we've turned any significant corners.
  9. I'll happily be captain negative here. I was delighted with the win and enjoyed how comfy it was but some are going way ott with the post match comments. I dont think we were particularly great but got the first goal and the opposition crumbled. It was a game where conditions and the bobbly pitch meant not a lot of football was ever gonna be played. I particularly don't agree with the simplistic view that when we win, its a hard working committed performance and when its lose, they're all lazy and spineless. I saw the same effort on Saturday as i did in the defeat against ICT last month. Difference being we got the first goal and were under no pressure to try and break the opposition down after that. We capitalized on a defensive blubder for the second and Kane got the chance that we rarely create for him. Bottom line - we're nowhere near as good as many say when we win and we're nowhere near as bad as many say when we lose. And lastly, it wasnt our best performance of the season.
  10. He's been the most disappointing of the summer signings for me. Had high hopes for him but its not been working so far. Fin wouldve been better yesterday
  11. If memory serves me... McDonald in the middle of the park knocked it wide left to the overlapping Paul Dixon. Dixon swung in an absolute hum dinger of a cross that was met by a thumping backpost header by McMenamin which Main got a hand to but couldn't keep out. Last touch of the game. Scenes.
  12. Just came across the most ridiculous stat. Partick Thistle have scored more away goals than any other championship team this season. Remarkable. They're horsepoop.
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