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  1. BigG

    Fixtures Out

    I don’t think Ayr United will be as good this season Cobra, they have lost most of there best players and there star player. Certainly not easy getting a player of Shanklands ability in the championship. Dunfermline Will be top four I would think, settled team and will add to it with four or five players.
  2. BigG

    Dave Mackay

    No everyday of the week. Miller was brutal last season, not much difference between top of championship and bottom of SPL, he had one good game against Hamilton. Nelson also has a lot to prove, he started well but once he got injured he was terrible. Lets be realistic about how the players performed over the course of the season rather than individual games.
  3. BigG

    Dave Mackay

    I’m sure there is, however, the club will not be willing to pay him the same money as we currently do, therefore we will have to give him a wedge to leave.
  4. BigG

    Dave Mackay

    Should Scott Robertson be allowed to earn a wage from DFC after refusing a contract and signing for utd? Both players are not good enough. Doolan got dropped last January for Scott McDonald and subsequently has been binned from a club with a mutual ambition. Kenny Miller getting a 2 year deal at 39 is up there with the worst decisions from Nelms. Good luck getting him out that contract.
  5. Never felt comfortable even at 3-0, manager is partly to blame but individual errors let them back in it. VAR is not working when it takes this long to come to a decision. Who the hell has came up with this penalty rule? It’s spoiling the game for me. First I noticed the game changes when Man U get the ridiculous penalty against PSG last minute for hand ball.
  6. BigG

    Dave Mackay

    Grenade in the room Mr Sensible.
  7. BigG

    New Kit Verdict

    Thinks it’s a nice strip, most of our strips are nice tho imo. It’s not exactly a difficult colour to get right, try making tangerine look smart! My Favourite is the one from the Early Tosh McKinley days, Umbro strip, plain Dark Blue with white piping on the front of the shoulder.
  8. He did improve us ever so slightly before he got injured, Really need him to be a standout this season in the championship. Should be targeting 20 league goals at this level if he is to play at a higher level.
  9. BigG

    Next Seasons Pricing

    I had hoped that last seasons calamities would have made Nelms evaluate the pricing structure and the club. The £360 for a season ticket should have remained in place, this works out at £20 per game which is more than enough for championship football. I have purchased a season ticket but my fear is last seasons performances will continue on to this, a similar season to the one Partick Thistle have just had.
  10. Did he play against us last season when they hosed us three nil?
  11. Myself and three kids.
  12. BigG

    We Must Improve Dens Atmosphere

    I don’t sit in the Derry these days but since the introduction of the fence at the front it seems to have muted the fans some what coupled with lack of wins obviously. If you draped flags over the fence at the front would this impact the view from the seating area? Always wondered why we never had our flags along the front. Another idea is giant pictures on the inside of the Cladding depicting a couple of great players either side.? Tommy Coyne and Jim Duffy perhaps . Think Hearts and Rangers have it? Get rid of the scaffolding at the back in the middle section.
  13. BigG

    Arrogant Dab Twats

    My Arab neighbour informed me this evening that he thinks Utd will go the entire season undefeated,in the same breath he also mentioned that Dundee will struggle. With 7 signed players we will, but no one knows the quality of the player we will bring in....................Obviously he does.! Get doon.
  14. BigG

    Next Seasons Pricing

    More people would purchase this said season ticket if it was available, however, more than likely the full season tickets would be massively hit in sales and we would be worse off financially.
  15. BigG

    Next Seasons Pricing

    Dundee supporters can’t continuously ask for FPS to step up to the plate whilst we argue about saving £50 a season on tickets. I think it would be great if the tickets were £250 a season but it’s not viable. If you can afford one, then once again we Dees need to step up and buy one.
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