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  1. Think a fit meekings is the best defender at the club.
  2. BigG

    Hearts V Dundee

    Fantastic result against a top six side, Saturday now massive given Motherwell being bottom four and Dee at home. Really could make a statement for the remainder of the season. Need results and Motherwell at home is a must win. No buts....
  3. I take it he’s been signed as a replacement for Andrew Davies at CH who is not expected to return until March, Meekings out for the season, O’dea who seems to either go off injured or suspended and the less said about Kusunga the better. Seems strange why Kerr Waddel never got recalled and this decision was made early in JM stewardship? Good luck lad, hopefully you prove to be solid.
  4. You can also add a bit lucky to that as well Jim!
  5. BigG

    Hearts V Dundee

    I think Saturday’s performance has already sapped the last bit of enthusiasm for the remainder of the season.. The realisation that we are STILL probably a good 4 players short to be at least competitive hit home. I certainly never seen any difference in quality from a mid table 1st division team and Dundee.
  6. BigG

    Hearts V Dundee

    Is Kamara back and available for this Game? If he is he has to play, I would prefer him along side Woods in the middle. Nelson and Curren up top.
  7. BigG

    Woods and McGowan

    Think it’s splitting hairs choosing between them, McGowan looks to me like he’s not fit and has less mobility than previous seasons. The advantage of Woods is he’s naturally left footed and more mobile, we are asking him to be a playmaker which he certainly is not. Playing - McGowan Woods Curren Dales as the midfield four will only end in relegation.
  8. Exactly how I watched it today, I would think Deacon has kicked his last ball for Dundee after that first half performance, midfield miles off it at this level.
  9. BigG

    Woods and McGowan

    The midfield needs another 3 players, I quite like Woods but needs a bit of quality along side him, McGowan looks to be paying the price for not looking after himself in his 20s. Jessy Curren is not good enough for this level although he could turn out like Martin Boyle with the right manager. Deacon should be embarrassed with himself after that first half performance, he cannot be trusted going forward and maybe has played his last game. This starting 11 is still going down, ANOTHER 5 players needed in January if we are to have a chance.
  10. BigG

    We Go Again

    We must win today for the morale of everything DFC. Hopefully the new strikers can get a goal for confidence. Come on the Dee
  11. BigG


    Has the new lad been signed as first choice ? Or will Parish be in goal today’s?
  12. Livi do have better players than us.
  13. BigG

    Kamara Recalled.

    Agree with you, he has never bossed a Dundee game all season, would be surprised if he holds down a place ahead of Jack or the young lad McCrorie, Arfield, Halliday..
  14. BigG

    Divided We Stand?

    I also like the passing game but much prefer the way Liverpool play the game at the moment. My point being Liverpool have 3 of the fastest forwards in world football, they could play any team in the world on the counter attack as that’s the way the manager has structured the team. Dundee under NMc didn’t have players who could retain possession, make a pass or have any pace in the team, we also never played with width or had a player with guile. Under NMc we had the worst record in EUROPE, we went nearly 4 games without a shot on goal. Is this really the type of football you like Dundee FC to play?
  15. BigG

    Divided We Stand?

    Unbelievable comment. I take it you liked the 4 or 5 passes between goalkeeper and centre half then lose the ball as it went into midfield! NMc served some of the worst performances I have seen in years at Dens trying to play a brand of football that players were not capable of at his level. The same accusation was always made of Tommy Wright at the fermers, played us off the park last week with players who new their jobs and a team that played to their strengths.

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