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  1. BigG

    Arbroath V Dundee

    I would play McGhee with Byrne, if Byrne can’t play in there I would play Meekings.
  2. BigG

    Arbroath V Dundee

    More surprised at the number of people picking Forster, not only a huge liability but is costing the team points, distribution is making Kerr and Mackie’s look like Pirlo! I would’ve surprised if he starts this week.
  3. BigG

    Arbroath V Dundee

    I thought Callum Moore did well when he got on Saturday, added a bit of drive from midfield. He might start against Arbroath.
  4. BigG


    Rev, I get the point of you wanting JMc to succeed and we can’t keep changing managers etc, but have we improved since that Friday night game away to Dunfermline first game of the season? Do you see signs of the team gelling and showing that they are better players than the opposition. This team has now had plenty coaching sessions and two international breaks to work on systems and the way we want to play in this league.. The league is gone for winning it, however, given the budget I would expect most reasonable Dees would expect at least 4th place with a settled team, this would then give us a half chance in a play off, but I find we are still searching for a system that suits the players as we approach the half way point in the season. It’s easy to persevere as we can’t keep changing, ask Falkirk fans how that went for them.!
  5. BigG


    McPake said he would have done the same if he were in the stands as a supporter. I don’t believe in booing players individually whilst playing but I did boooooo booooooo boooooo at the end of the match to show my discontent, Saturdays performance was unacceptable and the players needed to know that you can’t go through the motions of just turning up. If we win or play well I always stay to the end to applaud the team off the pitch, even when we get beat but have competed I always applaud them at the end.
  6. BigG

    Plastic Pitch

    Nah he was finished Cobra, maybe should have kept him as manager as I heard he was the one the players liked in the U18s. kussunga is better than the two that we currently have,
  7. Maybe there is a reason that Jimmy Nichol has had more clubs than anyone else in football, he’s not very good at what he does!
  8. BigG

    If Nelms

    Archie Knox and GS both watching from the stands today, I wonder what they thought of that performance.
  9. For me something is clearly not right at the football club, that is not a team that trains all week and prepares correctly for the game. I thought players were doing what they wanted and never kept any shape about the team. What position was Dorrans ? Left back for most of the second half, Why is Hemmings getting a start? I’ve said previously that Forester is one of the worst CBs we have had in recent years yet he starts every game. Where do we go from here?
  10. BigG

    If Nelms

    It’s unbearable and has been for near on 18 months now, you can hear the frustration and vitriol coming from the stands, the wise people who are no longer attending will be joined in mass if this is allowed to continue.
  11. I Stand corrected, my point being all 3 subs were made in a 13 minute period whist Dundee were vulnerable to concede. Bringing both Robertson and McPake to see out this game proved to be a mistake. However Saturdays game at Dens I think suits his game better, the balance in midfield is still to be sorted and Robertson behind Dorrans has yet to be tested?
  12. I think we should bring back Findlay Robertson back to the starting line up, sit him just in front of the back four, move Dorrans 20 yards up the pitch. His last appearance was a sub against Patrick where he should never have been placed in that situation coming on last 10 minutes with Patrick well on top. And oor Cammy Kerr must start.
  13. I thought Cammy was the best Dee player against Utd, unfortunately dropped today for formation change. Terrible start to the season.
  14. BigG

    Austin McPhee

    I listened to this particular interview, Michael O’Neill never held back on his opinions of the pundits, actually thought he came across really well.
  15. BigG

    Welcome Home Barry

    I can’t ever recall the academy having so many quality coaches? Strachan, Scott Robertson, Barry Smith,Steve Murray, Steven wright, that’s an impressive line up.
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