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  1. Do you think we could have commanded a fee for Hemmings on last season’s performances?
  2. He obviously fancied the move, plenty time to get players in at the club before season starts, going to be hundreds of young hungry players released due to clubs scaling back... Hemmings certainly was not the same player as we had first time, he actually frustrated me last season as I thought he looked unfit and breathing out his erse most games...
  3. I think he's an upgrade on Nelson. Good signing.
  4. Sounds like he enjoyed a beer
  5. Fantastic effort from all involved.
  6. The vast majority of the pot of cash from Sky TVs 5 year deal will ultimately go to the top 12 clubs, The vast vast majority will go to the top two clubs... Its the way the league and rules are set up for obvious reasons.! There is no money in the Championship
  7. Thought Bill Colvin was decent. I get his point and frustration regarding Nelms. Dundee FC are probably the only club he would survive this level of incompetence.
  8. The fixtures could have been a lot kinder but at the end of the season it will come down to whether we are good enough or not. Last season we were hopeless on most occasions and only improved slightly when Berra signed. This season will be the same manager and players minus Berra.
  9. with only 1600 Season tickets sold and the ground holding 11500, common sense should hopefully prevail. If it means sitting in a different seat then so be it.
  10. It’s not unrealistic tho, as the Hearts foundation decides where to spend the money and the Aberdeen DNA money goes directly into first team budget as advertised. Also, we don’t have a board making decisions we have Nelms, It appears he has carte blanche to do WTF he likes at the club.
  11. That’s my point Chomp, I think it would have been good for the guys who set it up to stipulate where some of the money goes or at least have a say. Thought the statement the club released was the same words that they have been feeding us since March, just words with no real information on what the foundation wanted to build on... Fair play to the guys who set it up, passionate enough to get the ball rolling but I fear the money will be lost going through Nelms.
  12. It would have been good for the foundation to have a say in what the money is spent on.. I have lost all trust in John Nelms ability to run the football club and decide what to do with the funds.
  13. Just signed up for the 1893 foundation this evening, really easy and simplistic. Disappointing news coming out of Dens today once again about the academy, my only gripe is that the money is not being funnelled in this direction, the foundation of the club.
  14. I watched the highlights of Celtic tournament, he’s was poor. Neil McCann wasted no time in elaborating on this at the weekend on sport sound, saying it’s now the weak point in the Celtic side!
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