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  1. I was really impressed with Calley tonight, I also seen bits of the game when they knocked the Dabs out the cup and they were equally impressive. They looked another team who are a lot better than us in that league. Dunfermline, Ayr, QoS hove already proved this.
  2. BigG

    St Mirren V Dundee

    We have been utterly sh!te for the best part of 18 months, your summery is being kind to the players and the club. Nelson was the one player who gave me a glimmer of hope that we could get out of this mess, if he is out for the season(surmising,I know) then it’s 12th place finish for me.
  3. BigG

    St Mirren V Dundee

    Can you explain further?
  4. BigG

    St Mirren V Dundee

    Calling back Matty Henvey from his loan from Cowdenbeath, is this an indication that Nelsons season is over?
  5. BigG

    Scotland Match

    That was pathetic, the team had no idea of the shape they were supposed to be in, it was like playground football.
  6. BigG

    St Mirren V Dundee

    I either read somewhere or heard at Dens on Sunday that Nelson can’t even put on his boot without pain, this is a clear indication of someone who is not close to striking a ball and running around a pitch at full pelt. I also read in today’s paper that Davies is close to being included in the squad for either St Mirren or St Johnstone, there is not even a mention that Nelson is back training or light jogging or even doing gym work in the interview. Hopefully I’m totally wrong but I feel I’ve been down this garden path before!
  7. BigG

    St Mirren V Dundee

    Without Nelson up top we are completely powder puff. Miller has no energy left at his age and when the big chances have fallen to him he has failed to score. It sounds to me like Nelson will be out for at least another month so I can only see a 12th place finish with the players we have.
  8. BigG


    This was not a competitive game of football, I can see where Lennon is coming from with that comment. The gulf in ability has never been bigger, Dundee had no one upfront for long periods of the game, Celtic back four sat 15 to 20 yards inside our half for periods of the game. Dundee certainly matched them in heart and determination though.
  9. BigG

    Six Minutes Added On

    If Celtic were 2 nil up would there still have been 6 minutes injury time? I think not. Well done to the Dees who showed up today, this season could not end quick enough for me.
  10. BigG

    In Hindsight

    My mistake re the £2 million then, ( solicitor fees , survey fees, commission will push that figure up somewhat) however, £1.1million is not to be bulked at and still a big commitment from FPS.. I’m led to believe that the council want this to happen which could be essential, the reason I said Utd with a joint stadium as it makes financial sense and Dundee approached the previous chairman who was not interested. Utd are now under new ownership and once again it make financial sense. I agree with James Mcpake that the manager has to play the younger players rather than loan players or squad players, however the team has to be balanced enough to do this and the player good enough. I was more alluding to the youth system that Dundee (under FPS) have started to financially back. In your opinion who was the last custodian of the club that you felt did well on and off the field? As I said, FPS are the best I can remember and I went to my first game in 1980.
  11. BigG

    In Hindsight

    1 I don’t think we will be in the same league as Utd next season. But if we are then both teams need overhauling in the summer and I suppose it’s who does it better. I don’t think there will be much in the wages that both teams would pay but always think there training facilities and stadium gives them the advantage over us. 2 It’s all about winning, this decent football crap that PH and NMc went on about does not work at our level of pay, get the players to play in a system that works and are comfortable with, St Johnstone, Killie, Motherwell, are consistently in this league as they do that. St Johnstone played fine football when they beat us earlier in the season at Dens as they had confidence. 3 Since FPS came in Kallman, Kamarra, Wighton, McGowan (on loan) is international player, Bain was in the Scotland squad. 4 still be in the first having never been out it, if we never got out the season we did then we would have to compete with Rangers, Hibs , Hearts. 5 Yes I can, FPS made a massive statement when they paid over £2million for the land. I think a groundshare with Utd in a new stadium will happen. This is why need better communication from FPS, just be honest and let the fans know what the hold up is, we have been through worse news than being told it’s fell through. 6 Wighton, Kerr, Lambert, Henvey, Wadell. I was more alluding to the younger age groups. My young lad is pro youth and it’s at this age where united used to cherry pick the best players, now the kids are choosing Dundee as well as United as there is not much between the set ups.
  12. BigG

    In Hindsight

    The best ownership we have had in my time supporting Dundee FC. I’ve been going to Dens since 1980 and for the fourth consecutive season we have finished above Utd, we have a competitive youth policy where kids are now signing for Dundee over united, we have had international players in our first team, we are trying and hopefully will have a new stadium. Fan ownership was dreadful. Communication is the only draw back with FPS, as there is none, zilch, nada.
  13. BigG

    Score Predicitions for This Weekend?

    The last game against Celtic was completely embarrassing, it was a light hearted training session for Celtic and they were kind in only giving us five. A bit more competitive would be a start and a goal would be a bonus. Dundee 1 Celtic 3
  14. BigG

    Season Tickets

    As someone has worked out already, it is a good price if you can buy now or the super early bird. I’m just hoping that we don’t have cash flow issues as I can’t remember STs ever being on sale this early, it’s also a very strange advertising ploy to sell now when you have absolutely no idea what league we will be in. The problem selling STs now is there is no feel good factor at Dens, I can’t remember the last game I went to with a bit of confidence that we could get a result, our home record is so bad in the league and cup.
  15. BigG

    Dee Experience V Arab Experience

    The boy sounds like a right walloper....

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