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  1. Apparently, St Mirren were bottom of the league at the 30 game point last season, as we well know they stayed up! I think Hearts would have got 11th at worst, its all a matter of opinion, but without finishing the games they have been treated unfairly.
  2. That’s additional funding as apposed to built in with annual turn over. Third most ST,s sold in the country and they take the third most from hospitality on match days. I think they have a good behind the scenes business model but bad decisions obviously on the football front.
  3. Seriously Cobra? Foundation of Hearts already invested over £10 million In to the club, must have enough money invested to see this out.
  4. Going to go against the general consensus and say Weighorst was better player at Dens than Nemsadze.
  5. Looking at that 2003 team, it’s a good team with players we still eulogise about now. I’m thinking the 1995 team had a better team spirt though, I’m going to opt for them due to Weigorst in centre midfield.
  6. We have been longer in the top league than any other team in Dundee.
  7. FFS Billy, When and why did we give the Dabs half of the Derry? Been going to Dens since the early 80s and can’t recall this. I vaguely remember we let Hearts In the Derry during a game, in later years under the Mars we gave Rangers the Derry i think? I was living away so maybe wrong.
  8. The problem with expanding the league is this 4 old firm games p!sh, how much the SPL take of the Tv deal is also unhealthy and starves all clubs outside the top league... I’ve said before that Scottish football is the most disproportionate in world football in terms of finances and power, no club has won the league outside the old firm in 35 years and the league has only been won out with the old firm on 19 occasions! Celtic and Rangers don’t want Change or if they do it’s on there terms only.
  9. Think it’s a great save.
  10. Meekings not played enough games to get another contract, the ones he has played he’s been fairly inconsistent at best.
  11. Easily do social distancing inside Dens with all 4 stands open against 8 clubs of the clubs.
  12. I drove past the shop yesterday and it looked like it was open for business? Can anyone confirm this? I’ve renewed mine but my mate is not doing so as he’s so irate at John Nelms and the running of the club. 😔
  13. Ross, they always seem to put together a decent side every season. I think location works well for them as all the players have to stay in and around Inverness, for years they have sourced good solid players and also produced a good few themselves. Robertson is one of the favourites for the St Johnstone job.
  14. Liked the look of Ross Callachan.
  15. Tremarco a good player at Inverness and not signing a new contract, he might fall into the bracket of a good fit at that club tho.
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