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  1. BigG

    Graham Dorrans

    The budget must be maxed out if we are not interested , Byrne, Hemmings, McGowan, Nelson all must be on premiership wages, Also, Big drop in turnover along with paying more players off must be taking its toll.
  2. It’s Nelms handing out contracts, therefore 3 year deal.
  3. Not sure this is entirely true, Nelson has not been a good signing to date, he was awful last season bar a couple of games and has not really done anything this season to say that is going to change. Johnstone has been moved on from a bottom 6 premiership club and has not stood out from the games I’ve watched this season. Hemmings 3 years ago was excellent for Dundee, full of confidence and likely to hit double figures in the top flight, this does not mean we will get the same player back.
  4. Dangerous signing given his injury record. Teams will want him as he’s a very good player when fit, however he’s no use in the stands.! Would have to be short term to reduce the risk so can’t see it happening.
  5. Lots of good points in the original post. For me we are lacking a bit of experience at the back and certainly a Goalie who can give the team experience and the fans confidence, the front three strikers should on paper score goals and create chances for themselves at this level. The midfield has to work harder on the second ball and show desire. When I watched the goals against us from United it was the second ball we were not competing with, that’s about desire and application and team spirit. I was never optimistic about this season given the lack of signings and the type of signings McPake has made, always thought he was making the mistake of creating a team to play nice football in this league. At the start of the season I predicted we would be 4th or 5th in the league and nothing from what I’ve seen has changed my mind on this. On a final thought and slightly controversial one, I believe NMc would have us in similar position in this league if he was still in charge. We needed a manager to galvanise the club and get the maximum out the team, I don’t think McPake is doing this.
  6. BigG

    Where do We Go From Here

    Is it Nelms that has put the money into the club or the FPS group? Of which he is a employee.?
  7. BigG

    Where do We Go From Here

    NMc, Mcintyre and yes McPake. Mcpake got the job but the bigger picture is why? Nelms with his list of managers that he keeps, where was McPake on this list? I am being extremely harsh on him but it’s just my opinion. Obviously still sore from last night but I always felt it was on the cards given the first 45mins at Dunfermline and the performances after that.
  8. BigG

    Where do We Go From Here

    Yes that’s true. The proof is in the first four games of the season. If you have seen otherwise then we have been unlucky with results.
  9. BigG

    Where do We Go From Here

    They have backed the wrong managers, His job is to get the correct person for the job, last 3 appointments have been horrendous. The running of the club under his stewardship is a shambles.
  10. BigG

    How Many Times

    That must be alcohol fuelled speech, this side will do well to get 4th with this squad and manager in place.
  11. BigG

    Where do We Go From Here

    Naive manager with terrible signings imo, will do well to get a play off spot with the squad we have assembled. Nothing will change whilst Nelms is at the club.
  12. BigG

    500 Fans Missing From Ayr Game

    Maybe punters are not happy with the football so far, (it’s been 5 out of 10 imo) Heard people come out of Dens when Aberdeen scored the second goal saying “same old story”. Winning teams put bums on seats and nothing will change that.
  13. BigG

    Michelin Plant Closure

    Thanks for that. Really will be a massive blow to the Dundee community when it goes. Possibly the biggest private employer in the City.
  14. The result outweighs the positives for me. 1 minute to go against a dire Aberdeen side and we throw it away. Its good to see McPake can change the shape of the team, The squad is so short on numbers and we need to get more in ASAP.
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