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  1. BigG

    Who do you think will be next?

    Incompetent is perhaps the word I should have used! I’m led to believe that McPakes appointment is all but a formality. Maybe the best we could afford. How would you describe Mr Nelms ? Just curious.
  2. BigG

    Who do you think will be next?

    Nelms really is a clown, you would think after the season we have just had the penny would drop, but no, he’s about to appoint a manager who coached the under 18s because “he’s impressed him the last week of the season”. Jesus wept We have 7 signed players for next season, so dealing with agents and having contracts should be the biggest criteria along with knowing the division? We just sacked an “experienced assistant in Jimmy Boyle”?
  3. BigG

    Dab Play Off Final.

    That’s brilliant news. Did he have his tangerine boiler suit and shed shades on!
  4. This would be a masterstroke that I’m not sure Nelms is capable of. Strachan is used to earning vast amounts of money his entire career, very very rarely does someone give back in football what we are asking Strachan to do. Would genuinely be shocked if he takes the job.
  5. BigG

    Neil McCann

    He has no chance of getting a full time job in the top flight, realistically he will start at East Fife or Alloa.
  6. BigG

    Just Watched the Highlights.

    Jack Hamilton has been brutal since he arrived, He should have kept out all 3 goals yesterday, upgrade needed in the summer.
  7. BigG

    Most Damaging Signings

    Mendy, he had to get the right striker to take the chances,the previous season he got it horribly wrong with Moussa and we struggled.We all thought it was near impossible to get someone worse up top but h found Mendy!
  8. Massive no from me. Heard yesterday he was a stick on for it tho.
  9. BigG

    Directors of Football?

    The Dof does not necessarily need to be an elder gentleman, part of his role should be going to watch players play football throughout the country, I can’t see someone in there 50s or 60s being enthused about watching reserves or 18s. The role is needed to stop the likes of Moussa,Yordi, Madianga and countless others being signed over a best bits video. knowing the Scottish market and the going rate for players is also essential.
  10. It looks like we have not made any progress in this set up at all, I would suggest that we pay the minimum amount just to have a setup but have no intention on improving it?
  11. Think St Mirren have a bit more to them than Hamilton.
  12. Yes does not seem long but would he want to start at the bottom again? Dundee’s rebuild in the summer will be huge, not many signed players, in the championship, budget will be slashed yet expectation will be to win the league, discontent amongst the fans and owners, you won’t be given long if the results don’t go your way, after failure at Dens the managers are generally on the scrap heap. His 12 years in management will make him aware of this.
  13. FPS don’t let much if anything leak out the club, they appear to not take advice on any appointments either given the last two managers. Goodwin appears to have done a fine job at Alloa, young and presumably ambitious, Derek Adams has to be another candidate, knows the game up here and the setup, would he still have the desire after being in the game a good few years? Kenny Miller is a no for me, like PH was he’s obsessed with the old firm and that’s what he sets as a standard, although every other team in Scotland can’t reach those standards due to the gulf in income. Nelms has spewed some nonsense recently regarding managers and criteria and what the club looks for....... he’s made a bit of a bed for himself!
  14. BigG

    Kenny Miller

    No problem with him moving into a coaching capacity. To reiterate what I have seen this season, he’s miles off the required standard of what we need.
  15. BigG

    Kenny Miller

    Anyone who has watched him knows he’s finished. Terrible signing.
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