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  1. Robert

    Aberdeen Game

    McPake has just confirmed that Hemmings has a knock and won't be risked.
  2. Robert

    Dunfermline V Dundee

    I was impressed with Todd when he came on against Inverness . Hopefully does enough when he comes on to get a start next week.
  3. I can assure you that he never. Cosgrove scored a double. May was pish.
  4. Nope. Watched him against Dundee and said to my young lad that if May scored then it would confirm how bad we were.
  5. Tell him to fxck off. Whole thing has turned into a farce. He obviously thinks he's better than he actually is. No great loss. Move on to the next target.
  6. Could do a lot worse than enquire on the availability of a loan deal for Safranko. St Mirren quoted as being interested.
  7. Why would we want Wright back. He was part of the problem last season. Apart from his spectacular free kick against Livi he was non existent in most of the games. A big NO from me. The Dons fans I know don't rate him either.
  8. Robert

    Pars V Dees Tix On Sale Now

    What £14 for a 17 year old. Yeah deal of the season,
  9. We should have signed Nisbet from Raith when we had the chance.
  10. I'll be amazed if May doesn't end up at Saints. As well as his connection with Saints any player with any ambition would rather play at the likes of Celtic Park or Ibrox rather than Palmerston, Recreation Park etc.
  11. You don't have haver some pish. And you're correct it's only your opinion. But my opinion is that I would rather have him as a team mate than play against him.
  12. Can't believe that we're not trying to bring Hemmings back to Dens. Stevie May is a NO from me as he is a player who failed to Impress in any game I seen him play last season.
  13. Robert

    Lyall Cameron

    What makes it even sweeter is the fact that he was released by the DABS a few years ago.
  14. All the good transfer business undone if we get rid of Miller and replace with Doolan.
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