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  1. davidy233

    Julian Speroni

    Was just under 2000 - fantastic support that night
  2. davidy233

    Julian Speroni

    Pics should be here Palace v Dundee
  3. davidy233

    The New Scott Allan

    Ross has always worn a hat on match days so far - Gerry doesn't so it will be him that the original poster spotted
  4. davidy233


    Doubt he'd have been on the bench if he can't play on astro
  5. davidy233

    Colts At Dens.

    We had no over age players last night - not !00% on how many overage can be played - Hibs played two from looking at their team sheet.
  6. davidy233

    Colts At Dens.

    Pretty sure it's two over age players who are allowed
  7. davidy233

    Clean Sheets

    2016-17 should have two clean sheets for Mitch' he played at Hamilton and at home to Motherwell
  8. davidy233

    Dundee Fc Team Announcer At Fir Park

    Here's a pic of Molly in action- get in touch and I'll send you the hi res file
  9. davidy233

    Dundee V Kilmarnock (Home, 20th Feb 2018)

    I don't analyse this stuff - I just snap the pics - they have been a joy to watch at times though
  10. davidy233

    Dundee V Kilmarnock (Home, 20th Feb 2018)

    Not the young lads best performance - the 20s are much better than they showed tonight. Struggled to break down a poor Killie team - but 3pts will do at this stage of the season. Good to see them challenging at the top.
  11. davidy233

    Dundee V Hibs (U20s)

    Quite a bit out of date - there's a few lads listed there who aren't with the club any more - some left a couple of years ago
  12. davidy233

    Is Hendry A Future Internationalist?

    Gav won eight caps while at Dens - Lee Wilkie got eleven
  13. davidy233

    Wee Nippy

    Actually it appears to me that the ones being discussed here aren't Kenny's post match interviews but the ones from the TV/Radio pressers on Thursdays - the people asking the questions in that case tend to be BBC/STV/Radio Tay etc.
  14. I'm the same (19th June) - only close competitive game that I've been at was 0-0 draw with Sartid in Intertoto on 15th June 2001 - possible that there was a 'Summer Cup' game in the 60's around then though.
  15. davidy233

    Signing(S) Today.

    Not that I know of - I've not been asked to be available to photograph anyone else today
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