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  1. Pic was taken at 11.30am today - it's lit with off camera flash to the right of Gordon and John - no photoshoppery, no need - exact same set up as Jordon Forster pics from morning of the Brechin game
  2. davidy233

    Training Camp

    True I am - but they get to rest or chill in the pool in between sessions - I've got to edit the pics and get them out to you boys and the papers - it's not the hardests shift I've ever done though.
  3. davidy233

    Training Camp

    Won't be at La Fuente - Honestly don't need to leave the complex, food is OK and not too expensive, I'm not here for the nightlife - my only complaints are it's too warm for me at times, there's two swimming pools though - and the pitches are down a hill from the main hotel where I'm staying. It's been busy so far but hopefully I might get a look at the golf course at some point. Looking forward to tomorrow's match - I've seen Dundee play abroad (Albania and Italy years ago) but I've never photographed them outside the UK - coupled with that is that I used to watch Forest regularly when I lived in England in the late 80s early 90s so I've got a bit of affection for them from back than - and it's a Dundee match, I hate missing watching us play.
  4. davidy233

    Training Camp

    Keepers saved all of the shots in my pics - I'm normally at the other end of the pitch shooting Dundee attack so I don't get to take nice pics of our keepers making saves - I also didn't take pics of them yesterday because I got caught up on taking pics of new signings (New = shiny and exciting)- one of the keeper sessions was seriously impressive
  5. davidy233

    Training Camp

    Cheers for posting the link to the pics Double Blue Here's tonight's pics - very hard session - I was knackered watching it - it's a bit warm here Evening session pics BTW: If there's anyone who doesn't make the pics it doesn't mean that they aren't involved - I've had to concentrate on a few lads who pics were wanted of and I've missed getting many pics of some others - Hopefully I'll get round to getting a fair share of all the players as the week goes on. If anyone is at the game tomorrow give me a shout as I wander round the track - I want some fan pics
  6. davidy233

    Julian Speroni

    Was just under 2000 - fantastic support that night
  7. davidy233

    Julian Speroni

    Pics should be here Palace v Dundee
  8. davidy233

    The New Scott Allan

    Ross has always worn a hat on match days so far - Gerry doesn't so it will be him that the original poster spotted
  9. davidy233


    Doubt he'd have been on the bench if he can't play on astro
  10. davidy233

    Colts At Dens.

    We had no over age players last night - not !00% on how many overage can be played - Hibs played two from looking at their team sheet.
  11. davidy233

    Colts At Dens.

    Pretty sure it's two over age players who are allowed
  12. davidy233

    Clean Sheets

    2016-17 should have two clean sheets for Mitch' he played at Hamilton and at home to Motherwell
  13. davidy233

    Dundee Fc Team Announcer At Fir Park

    Here's a pic of Molly in action- get in touch and I'll send you the hi res file
  14. davidy233

    Dundee V Kilmarnock (Home, 20th Feb 2018)

    I don't analyse this stuff - I just snap the pics - they have been a joy to watch at times though
  15. davidy233

    Dundee V Kilmarnock (Home, 20th Feb 2018)

    Not the young lads best performance - the 20s are much better than they showed tonight. Struggled to break down a poor Killie team - but 3pts will do at this stage of the season. Good to see them challenging at the top.
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