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  1. Bobby123

    Now the Season From Hell Is Over....

    There will be many crying out to resign the other McGowan but he was part of that midfield that was consistently over run-complete clear out and get some toughness in there.
  2. Bobby123

    Now the Season From Hell Is Over....

    Ryan McGowan has cost us a good few goals- I don’t think he reads the game particularly well and is a yard slow to get to the ball. Think we could do better.
  3. We have had no creativity all season but Robson’s pass to Wright was I think our best pass all season. 40 yard killer pass-since Harkins was shown the door by Hartley who could do that??
  4. Bobby123

    Team v St Mirren

    Bowser unfortunately can’t tackle and will be brushed aside next season -get rid -midfield has been our biggest problem all season-can’t tackle and opposition are right on top of the back four. look at their their third goal!!
  5. Bobby123

    Team v St Mirren

    Third goal our non-tackling midfield showed they can still not tackle-guy goes through 4 tackles on edge of box. Hamilton should have done better but you can’t let a guy go through all those tackled
  6. Bobby123

    Kenny Miller

    As others have said our problem for the past few years is our piss poor non-tackling no creativity midfield-they should all be cleared out. Miller is far ahead of the team in terms of vision and creating space-none of the midfielders good enough to play the correct passes to match Miller's runs.
  7. Bobby123


    Scottish football is fu***ed-give Celtic and Rangers more money is the ctireion. They don't realise spreading the money around increases competition and increases the overall level. T he. Guys who run our game are muppets -anyone at the Hearts game can't have seen such a waste of money-they wasted time etc from the point they took the lead. Rugby deals with it very well -stop the clock for ball going out etc-our guys are clueless to Improve prove the produvt-they are dinosaurs who will see us never qualify for a World Cup again.
  8. Just seen the goals. First 3 we did not attack the ball and were happy to be second to the ball or let them run at us.
  9. Bobby123

    Dundee V Kilmarnock 6/2/2019

    Hadenius is a real mystery-big and physical , won his headers but don't think he played again After that game. He was not brilliant but alongside our other no no-tacklers in midfield he was exactly what was needed.
  10. Bobby123

    This Season

    We missed all 3 penalties awarded to us-probably lost 5 points-St Mirren away and Kille at home. The St Mirren one was probably a 6 point swing-I think we were well on top then missed the penalty-they went on to get the 3 points thanks to Hamiltons last minute howler. Thats 8 points lost on St Mirren on these 2 penalties
  11. Anyone brave enough to put money on that?? Might get a defence splitting pass from Woods. Or on the end of a long clearance feom Davies??
  12. Bobby123


    JM has brought a lot of this on himself. Hadenius-unbeaten in 3 games never played since. Kamara-very contentious-but he should have been playing-even not fully committed better than anyone else-JM would not play him. Then why not keep him until season end??
  13. Bobby123

    St Johnstone V Dundee

    Game went exactly as my prediction Friday. Kennedyfar too good for us-Cammy did better than Horsefield last time. Midfield abject and bossed about by a more physical well drilled Saints team. They don’t have a lot of ability but don’t lose the 50:50’s-our lot are abysmal-bin them all.
  14. Bobby123

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    Guess who played in that 3 game run-Hadeneus-not played since. Must mean something-why has Macintyre not picked him.
  15. Bobby123

    St Johnstone V Dundee

    We have no creativity in midfield since Hartley got rid of Harkins. Our decline can be traced back to that decision-not had a decent midfielder since. With Kevin Thomson also going we have had journeymen in there ever since.
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