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  1. At least they conceded a goal last night-3 in 10 games with 8 clean sheets. We can only dream of that ,
  2. Not at the game today but by all accounts Hemmings worked his socks off. My last game was Dunfermline away when Hemmings did not give a f***,hardly bothered his a***. Why was he so poor at Dunfermline or alternatively why was he so good today. Any answers?
  3. I am pretty sure Marshall thought that was Hamilton’s ball and left it. A cross in side the 6 yards box should have been gobbled up by Jack Flap.
  4. Agree that most of our layers did not give a f*** tonight.
  5. Cameron should never have started in a game away from home-down to McPake. But what about lack of effort from most of those on the park tonight. Hemmings usually gives his all-not tonight/their centre half’s will never have an easier game. McGowam must have lost 10 tackles in the first half . Hamilton-can he come for a cross? Meekings and McGhee piss poor. I could go on but until the new guy came on we could have passed backward for 90 mins.
  6. Our midfield has been sh**** for years with no pace or dig. Same people still there and new recruits much the same-no pace,dig, and no legs to get in front of attackers. Not rocket science bit of youth ,pace and tacklers. McDaid is ok,Callaghan looked an improvement -the rest can be chucked.Dorrans-not sure but if he had guys who could run off him and in front of him maybe.
  7. McGowan well past his best. Brushed aside every challenge, guys ran past with no challenge last night. Youth and pace and dig needed.
  8. Last night exposed the lack of pace and tackling in our midfield. First half they walked through us. Better second half-Callaghan helped a bit but I guess they eased up. Big Declan won’t have an easier game.
  9. We have bigger problems than Hamilton. A midfield without pace that can’t run with the ball or make runs to get in front of the one or two we play up top. McDaid being back helped a bit and Callaghan seemed to add something. Thatleaves 3 other midfielders who contributed f*** all. Compare that with their midfield today.
  10. If we get rid of him we are back to square one and have to rebuild the squad again. There are about 5/6 players on the park last night who should be kept. I think from a financial point of view we have to give him the chance to improve the squad with loan signings or whatever. Callaghan looked an improvement in our one paved midfield last night. Maybe he has realised where he needs to improve the squad,
  11. Rev I bought a ticket today and can assure you they are £20 for adults-I queried the price.
  12. Berra copes well on the tight pitch at Tynecadtle. Dens is much wider-would he cope there?
  13. We need to stick with a core of players this year and not do a wholesale clear out. Vincent was not the worst at Dens but did not stand out.He was chased out on this board-did we replace him with anyone better in the last 2/3 years-I don't think so.
  14. While I think Fin has played well the last few weeks I would not have started him against the biggest most physical team in the league. This was a game for Byrne to return in central midfield-not wide right or left.
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