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  1. Cammy instead of Jesse would have helped-Hayes got round the back 4 times I think. But Woods lost the ball in midfield for the goal. Still no creativity in midfield but best we have defended for a while.
  2. Bobby123

    Six Minutes Added On

    Scottish football bends over backwards to the old firm. It is an easy fix for time added on-play 35 mins and stop the clock when the ball goes out-official in the stand. Works well in rugby and would improve our game no end. The Hearts game was the worst match this season due to their time wasting and other antics. the SFA don't have the will to improve our game.
  3. Bobby123

    Relegation Battle

    We will soon have a 34 year old centre half who was playing in non-league football 8?werks ago before his injury in the team. That will complement a centre foreard whose last goal was f*** knows. But we also have a great midfielder who had been relegated 2 years running. How many goals have we scored in the league this year fro midfield -2? Absolutely crap in midfield-both tackling wise,creativity wise and goals wise.
  4. Bobby123

    Relegation Battle

    Hearts were abysmal at Dens.
  5. How can he be an animal when the referee saw nothing wrong with the challenge-it was just outside thd 6 yard box and the referee waved play on. Says it all about the refereeing standard-does anyone know who he was.
  6. Derek Black attended Harris. He did go onto teach at Morgan for many years
  7. Bobby123

    Dundee V Celtic

    The first season up was very good until Kevin Thomson dropped out of the picture-we struggled after that and have never recovered in midfield since.
  8. Bobby123

    Relegation Battle

    Our home record over the past few years is abysmal due to our complete lack oc creativity in midfield. Woods and Robson last werk-Robson hardly passed a ball forwards. Las year we had Scott Allen but did not play him-he left. McGowan has played the majority of games on these 3 seadons-without some changes in midfield we will struggle to stay up.
  9. Bobby123

    Relegation Battle

    Thought St Mirren had a bit more creativity in the centre of midfield than we do but other than that think we might have a bit more with Nelson up front.
  10. Bobby123

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    That game yesterday was made for the Swede to play in midfield instead of Robson. Hearts were worse than Hamilton at the way the played yesterday-absolutely tragic they got 3 points but once they got ahead we had virtually no creativity in midfield. Thought Sullivan really put himself about when he came on and did liven things up-again bad team selection.
  11. Bobby123

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    Agree the big Swede should playHearts won virtually every header in midfield -he should have played.
  12. Bobby123

    Relegation Battle

    We have missed two crucial penalties at ST Mirren and Kilmarnock at Dens,lost a last minute goal at Hamilton ,can't beat Livi at home despite dominating them,lost to Motherwell at Dens with loads of chances-that's why we are where we are. We have a piss poor can't tackle midfield,a manager who refused to play Kamara for. About 6 games- that's why we are where we are are. I don't think we have enough tough guys who won't accept a loss or draw. With 80 mins gone to get out of this -very unfortunate but that's where we are.
  13. Bobby123

    Thoughts On Dundee's Cammy Kerr?

    Not many wingers have taken Cammy apart-Todd of Q o S at Dens is about the only one that comes to mind. Good pace and can tackle -definitely worth keeping.
  14. Bobby123


    I am not convinced a 34 year old playing non-league football will be an improvement on Kusanga especially afteran 8 week lay off. We all know Kusanga has his faults but he is the best we have.
  15. Has Gowser played in all our 4 goal defeats at Ibrox?

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