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  1. At Inverness last year our 4 in midfield with no width were given the run around by a very average but far more mobile Caley team. Cant remember the actual personnel but little effort once we went behind. In some ways like the Dunfermline game away towards the end of the season. If Adams could get players to get their fingers out and not be happy to be second to the ball then that would make a huge difference.
  2. Having seen him at Dunfermline last season where he was not interested I think we can do much better than him. Not really interested last season-never team player.
  3. There is a reason for this. Would he get another club paying as much?
  4. Discovered some old programmes - they show how competitive we were with the Old Firm then(mostly) and some incredible other results: April 67 Dundee 1 - Rangers 1 October 67 Dundee 3 - DWS Amsterdam 0 September 67 Dundee 2 - United 2 November 67 Dundee 3 - Royal F C Liegois 1 December 67 Dundee 3 - Partick Thistle 4 December 67 Dundee 4 - Celtic 5 January 68 Dundee 6 - KIlmarnock 5 (must have been there but cant rember anything about it) February 68 Dundee 2 - Rangers 4 February 68 Dundee 1 - Rangers 1(Scottish Cup) March 68 Dundee 1 F
  5. Dave was a frustrated rugby player-he could launch the ball 60 yards out of the park from anywhere.
  6. That 1972 cuptiie at Parkhead was my first time there. Did not know where on the terracing to go so we ended up in the coveted area opposite the main stand-a bit scary once they realised we were Dundee fans. Think there was 56,000 at it.
  7. We had no pace in midfield and could not get through them-hence hitting it long. Desperate for pace-someone to run with the ball. McDaid had a poor game and could not get past his man.
  8. Still no saves for their keeper. Hemmings not won a header all day. McGowan contributed zero.
  9. Penalty-Cammie hesitated waiting on Hazard-guy nips in brought down Geat save
  10. Very lucky-Ayr goal dissalowed looked like it could have been a cutback
  11. Down the slope with wind behind us secondhalf But we must change the midfield
  12. Moffat should have scored Second great chanc for them. Cammy just has a great clearance We are not in this -midfield disappeared.
  13. McGowan in midfield away from home is a risk
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