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  1. Not much longer he will pump money I reckon, the rent apparently bleeding the club and if down then yikes less income to pay rent part time players looming.
  2. jojo gunn

    Our Youngsters

    Re Waddell I agree he had / has potential much better than the Boyles/Innesses we fecked about with, got told (unreliably) NM loaned him out as attitude was poor hence season loan for no return, we are a Club of egotistical arses and key management are immune and or incapable of managing
  3. jojo gunn

    Our Youngsters

    i was talking a few weeks ago to as I thought a Utd scout I knew for past 20 years ( U13/14 age group ) to be told he and other local scouts were punted by new Utd regime but immediately snapped up by DFC (Stephen Wright ) so maybe we will see or are seeing as you say more activity from Local areas
  4. Agreed we are on the 10.53 train be in The Foundry by 1130 a few beers then there to get three points, gut feeling nowt else, we gotta keep the Faith
  5. jojo gunn

    Scott Gardiner

    Islay was correct he was appointed Saturday 23/02 Barry Smith was sacked on Wednesday 20/02 my Snug meeting must have been on the Wednesday night , re the ST J game I was in Main Stand that night and security was heavy as they expected JB to get a rough time but from where I sat he got a great reception as he reached the dug-out.
  6. jojo gunn


    I unashamedly cried like a bairn when he came over to us fans at Palace to wave
  7. jojo gunn

    Scott Gardiner

    I left an Amateur Monthly Meeting in the Snug Lounge on the Monday to be told by a fellow Dee that John Brown was to be next manager to get money on him as the source was a DFCSS high profile name (identity was given ) I tried to put cash on but McBook was closed due to heavy betting from "The West of Scotland " JB appointed with the following 48 hours, good luck to those who cashed in
  8. jojo gunn

    Cammy Kerr

    No hopefully he will be able to say soon as did the great Frank Spencer "every day in every way I'm getting better and better "
  9. jojo gunn

    Cammy Kerr

    I can confirm this also from close sources to CK he was told to concentrate on improving his own game and not spend time coaching young lads, he is being forced out to want to leave, it won't work he is first in to training every day.
  10. jojo gunn

    Dundee V Celtic League Cup Final 1967

    I went one better with a mini Union Jack flag DUNDEE FC along the middle frightening to think now about it but lived to tell the tale
  11. jojo gunn

    Dundee V Celtic League Cup Final 1967

    I was there in short trousers Rangers end looking at the Celtic goals confirmed my memory that we gifted a few nowt changed over the years, big Dandy was a hero these days in my eyes
  12. jojo gunn

    When 8 Makes 10

    Correct 12 aveeage paces near to 10 yards that was the amateur referees guideline
  13. jojo gunn

    Match Aftermath: QOS 3 - 0 Dundee

    I wasnt OHaras greatest fan but agree with you
  14. jojo gunn

    Fixture Change: Celtic

    Just what we want a match v Tic on Paddys Day the drums will be beating all day from rows A to Z I give this a swerve
  15. jojo gunn

    Memorable Cup Replays

    Can't remember too many Skol Lager tins supped that day
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