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  1. jojo gunn

    McPake Poll

    I will not berate McPake for taking the job and trying he would have been invited or encorouged to apply. Selection of Tactics and Substitutions have been baffling. I was not there Saturday luckily but will be there this Saturday to see a hard fought win as the normal down there. I for stretching it out to after Utd match
  2. jojo gunn

    Eddie May At Dens Today?

    Hartley to Cardiff the biggest spin by an Agent ever
  3. jojo gunn

    Dundee FC V Morton (Home, 1st Nov 2019)

    PATIENCE is key, retain possession for long spells even in our own half if need be and wait for the killer bit of play ,that's what we did on Tuesday with a good end result , those shouting to get the ba up the park every 5 minutes best go to Drumgeith and watch a game.
  4. jojo gunn

    The Casuals Era

    Told this before but a good one to repeat Dees having a ding dong at Everton early 75 from memory in a friendly as we both got knocked out our Cups, sure we were 3 down at HT but came back to draw, Everton squad then approached in the empty stands to have a go but "Black Boab" from the Dundee Social bus led the bevvy filled charge
  5. jojo gunn

    John Nelms

    I agree with you bud the only sub to make for a sub sake was McPake for McDaid we definitively have got game times obligations with Rangers abd Hibs
  6. jojo gunn

    The Casuals Era

    One of the "best " or "worst" was mid 70s we had to change at Invergeithing for match but at Kircaldy a good few Bears got on who were playing in Edinburgh where there was agro , over the bridge for local train to Dunfermline and the bottles were raining in towards the departing train ,only for same carry on on way home when same crew were on train when we got on ,it was mayhem. "Singing in the Rain" was a regular chant in these days
  7. jojo gunn

    The Casuals Era

    Dunfermline away in early 70s was always bad
  8. jojo gunn

    Best Double Signing Ever?

    Mcskimming was sold as we needed to pay VAT bill
  9. jojo gunn

    Biggest Roar At Dens

    The one that stands out was the league clincher v Dumbarton I was in the Main Stand and as the kick off loomed the noise was unbelievable and I saw Martin Boyle physically shaking
  10. jojo gunn


    Yes I would pay for his airfare and throw in Gadz as well all deemed no good by a good few but would be starters now
  11. jojo gunn


    Snap I bought 5 for our end paid cash and the boy couldn't care if we were from Whitfield or Valleyfield
  12. jojo gunn

    Call Me Naive....

    Unusual or acceptable get a grip there was more activity in the Elizabethan bogs than the Dunfermline penalty box
  13. jojo gunn

    Dundee V Hibs 1974 Cup.

    Happiest time of being a Dee I got talking to John Duncan a few years ago at a DFC function and shared his memories of the Hibs games a great moment
  14. jojo gunn

    Dumbarton Friendly

    Looks like a giant minter from me I got told yesterday by a Dumbarton Director who i know we are playing "you guys" he must have thought I am a DAB apologies, get to the Rock one day
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