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  1. In early 70s we were not invited into their Shed but were there in numbers by self segregation and thin line of Polis
  2. Not forgetting the constant rattle of the door bell at 5pm on Fridays where your old man had to fork out to the Rent Man, InsuranceBoy, Littlewoods Pools, Milk Boy, Lemonade Lorry, McGills dues, Providential, and Others, mental all cash too, stayed out his way then
  3. Massive following we had at both these games and gubbed them both on the park in the replays
  4. Naw not the video match the train carry on was early 70s
  5. Anyone on that daft 1st train special returning from Gayfield in early 70s that got 90% of the windows panned in? The Polis waiting at Platform and just randomly lifted boys getting off, I was on the 2nd train a bit quieter only 50% smashed, we must have lost the game
  6. Brings back memories watching I was there and all others v Celtic at that time they were a strong team then its just we didn't get the luck with the cup draws or would have been in more finals, I was at most home and away (dee club bus) in early 70s and we were a fine team, just needed that little bit of luck to get more silverware than in 73
  7. I hope they win it a scandal they getting put down I no issues with Hearts a good club even through I got a hard dab in the puss there 76 i enjoy playing them home and away a good day out
  8. A fine team and a match for everyone Jocky beginning to make his mark and well partnered by Wallace, John Duncan coming through, Jim Steele taking no prisoners, Alex Bryce in midfield I wished he had bossed more, Alex Kinninmouth an unsung team player, but bridesmaids as was then
  9. Shared Gates stopped in early 1981 a given open cheque book to the OF madness for all other teams to let that vote thru
  10. We beat Utd 3_0 with ease 72/73 i remember Doug Houston played a blinder sure he scored
  11. Never read "this century " correctly so I go for 2000-2002 era home blue V neck XARA with Ceramic Tiles logo they were fun times to go to games
  12. Mid 60s DB V neck pure simple and identifies our Club
  13. Remember seeing Billio in first trial game for Reserves when played Monday nights and thought wow he's a player a pity his time called short when falling out with the Bonetti's
  14. Great Photo never saw a photo before of the adjoining pitch but sure Dundee Hibs played around where Tannadice is now
  15. Best check out Bud Jim Steele and John Duncan sure they played a few times
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