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  1. jojo gunn

    Dundee V Celtic League Cup Final 1967

    I went one better with a mini Union Jack flag DUNDEE FC along the middle frightening to think now about it but lived to tell the tale
  2. jojo gunn

    Dundee V Celtic League Cup Final 1967

    I was there in short trousers Rangers end looking at the Celtic goals confirmed my memory that we gifted a few nowt changed over the years, big Dandy was a hero these days in my eyes
  3. jojo gunn

    When 8 Makes 10

    Correct 12 aveeage paces near to 10 yards that was the amateur referees guideline
  4. jojo gunn

    Match Aftermath: QOS 3 - 0 Dundee

    I wasnt OHaras greatest fan but agree with you
  5. jojo gunn

    Fixture Change: Celtic

    Just what we want a match v Tic on Paddys Day the drums will be beating all day from rows A to Z I give this a swerve
  6. jojo gunn

    Memorable Cup Replays

    Can't remember too many Skol Lager tins supped that day
  7. jojo gunn

    Memorable Cup Replays

    Snap one of the all time greats it was played on the Monday night the following week from my memory an unusual night then and now for matches at Dens
  8. jojo gunn

    Memorable Cup Replays

    're the Hearts replay 1975 I remember a great game Bobby Robinson scored at least one,the first game we took thousands up the Gorgie Road
  9. jojo gunn

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Motherwell

    Apologies meant to tick a like!!
  10. An absolute scandalous decision happened right in front of where I sat Ref then indicated there was a push a clear goalscoring opportunity gone
  11. jojo gunn

    James Horsfield - Officially Signs

    A contribution though and that "he's one of our own " carried great expectations on him to succeed which was too much IMO
  12. jojo gunn

    James Horsfield - Officially Signs

    giving Cammy the Vice Captaincy at time was a complete nonsense and baffling which created a distraction from learning advancement of his own game and unnecessary pressure on his shoulders.
  13. jojo gunn

    Andy Dales - Officially Signs

    Let's forget him eh Killie fans will now have to get over him as well a fecking pop star
  14. Happy with Davies now get Waddell back for paceat back learn more here and than on loan
  15. jojo gunn


    Checked it out apparently he got 8 matches for failing to send of John Hughes of Celtic during a match with Rangers who protested against his officiating display and the SFA upheld their complaint. I never heard of him before but he was FIFA grade

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