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  1. jojo gunn


    Snap I bought 5 for our end paid cash and the boy couldn't care if we were from Whitfield or Valleyfield
  2. jojo gunn

    Call Me Naive....

    Unusual or acceptable get a grip there was more activity in the Elizabethan bogs than the Dunfermline penalty box
  3. jojo gunn

    Dundee V Hibs 1974 Cup.

    Happiest time of being a Dee I got talking to John Duncan a few years ago at a DFC function and shared his memories of the Hibs games a great moment
  4. jojo gunn

    Dumbarton Friendly

    Looks like a giant minter from me I got told yesterday by a Dumbarton Director who i know we are playing "you guys" he must have thought I am a DAB apologies, get to the Rock one day
  5. jojo gunn

    Dumbarton Friendly

    Away match arranged apparently
  6. Very harsh on the lad he doesn't deserve that slating thank feck for his workrate and goals at end of 2017/18 to keep us up
  7. Northampton 2003 was decent with Giorgi running the show and getting a great reception from all fans when subbed
  8. jojo gunn

    Most Damaging Signings

    Correct he failed medical
  9. jojo gunn

    Team v St Mirren

    Ghadz, Jules, Waddell all deemed not good enough 12 months would walk into this team now plus throw in Nick Ross who maybe not the best tackler but can make a fecking pass
  10. jojo gunn

    Cammy Told To Go By Jm, Now Reprieved?

    Agree he was treated badly and didn't deserve it he is a sensitive lad and he lost confidence but responded well in last few games must be first signing
  11. jojo gunn

    Kenny Miller

    Off to Partick if not offered DFC player/manager "that's the word around the town " weĺl in Fort Street
  12. Throw in Gadz,Holt and Jules who were miles better than their replacements and even Elbak who at least had a pop at goal that was NM decisions but a total mis management of both Managers this season which is inexcusable
  13. jojo gunn

    Poty Dinner

    Cheers didn't mean this to be breaking news maybe updating news as I just only heard
  14. jojo gunn

    Poty Dinner

    I share what told recently from a Professional Player NM was offered 75k pa but he was on double that at Sky so declined the Managers job but after further negotiations with JN he got the 150k with the difference being taken out of his transfer budget so may explain why we were signing from basements and left JMac with nowt to spend, take this as you rightly think but the Player who said is genuine.
  15. Not much longer he will pump money I reckon, the rent apparently bleeding the club and if down then yikes less income to pay rent part time players looming.
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