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  1. A richt man never met his date at Burtons corner without a copy in his back hipper
  2. Alex Bryce,s finest match a pity he didn't shine in more
  3. Struggled to name anyone of note under ten games nearest I got was Graham Rix ex Gooner and England who played 14 ,I recall he got a shocking sending off at Airdrie.
  4. Everton : Joe McBride Arsenal: Çabellero (one game ) C Palace : Iain Phillip
  5. Yes happy days was there when we got well pumped by Twenty Enchede not sure who played for them then but was during the Dutch golden era
  6. Was at all three games can't remember much about the Copenhagen match the Cologne game something else I am sure I ran all the way home to Douglas in excitement
  7. Harsh on the lad his direct nose to the ground running style is not a skill to the purist eye mine included but his work ethic and knack of goals not to be scoffed at
  8. I thought Nelson would do us a turn with his early good start but never seemed to recover from that injury whilst goal celebrating at Livingston I wish the lad well
  9. Same Teams in 1967 I was there don't know why?
  10. Mine too he was the star who got me and my cousin over the dyke regularly to dance on the gravel when he scored at provie road end
  11. He lived in Baluniefield Road Douglas next to Powrie School
  12. Same Family, Same Era, Different Outcome, Same mate we watching Bobby playing for Preston at Dens in a friendly and as being a bit intoxicated decided to over abuse Bobby for being born south of Hadrians Wall to be last seen frogmarched oot the ground
  13. I had (lost or nicked) the match programme at Elland Road with all Leeds signatures on front copy stamped "complementary " my old man got it from a dundee based journalist, hoping it turns up one day
  14. Bang on Bud you get a free steak night at the Baraccuda lol
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