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  1. Same Teams in 1967 I was there don't know why?
  2. Mine too he was the star who got me and my cousin over the dyke regularly to dance on the gravel when he scored at provie road end
  3. He lived in Baluniefield Road Douglas next to Powrie School
  4. Same Family, Same Era, Different Outcome, Same mate we watching Bobby playing for Preston at Dens in a friendly and as being a bit intoxicated decided to over abuse Bobby for being born south of Hadrians Wall to be last seen frogmarched oot the ground
  5. I had (lost or nicked) the match programme at Elland Road with all Leeds signatures on front copy stamped "complementary " my old man got it from a dundee based journalist, hoping it turns up one day
  6. Bang on Bud you get a free steak night at the Baraccuda lol
  7. On day big Jack died a true story from 76/77 me and mate at a home midweek match v Arbroath went into town after for a few beers in the Hansom Cab (Ticketty Boos )when near closing time big Jack and turned out Chief Scout at Middlesbrough popped their head in door asking if anyone knew where they could get a steak meal,back then not a lot that way or even now but we said we heading to the Barracuda Night Club where you could get then a meal so 4 of us headed there though the old Overgate past Mr Beaujangles and into club where Jack bought beers, raising my glass now in memory, the player in queston they went to watch played for Arbroath but they didn't sign him ,instead we did, any guesses who he was ?
  8. I good for a monthly S/O mandate to give ,if we got a few to give £5/10 that would keep the site going,how do I get bank info?
  9. Not at Dens but remember as a 6/7 year old meeting the Champs at DM Browns tea room at a pre match meal where my dad must have had a flush pay packet that week, I recall going over to Hugh Robertson and saying "your the greatest" before heading back to the cake stand.
  10. What about deadly duo Peter Millar and Stewart McLaren from late 70s not afraid to mix it.
  11. jojo gunn


    Was last home game of season v Partick £5 entry ground 3/4 full this probably before Nelms at the helms
  12. The Feb 68 SC match v Rangers I am sure there was approx 30k fans there, the same day Utd played Hearts at home, the kick offs were staggered, crazy times.
  13. A mayge tall story I got told from an older Dee was in one match when Albert lining up to take a penalty the GK preceded to cross his arms over his face lifting his knee in fear how hard the ball would be hit,he had a reputation of trying to burst the leather.
  14. Watching in 1964 as a young lad on a 16 inch black and white tv Gillie score the winning goal v England
  15. Is this the same " Late Extra " edition that you can now buy at 09.30am hell knows when you can get the "First" edition ?
  16. In early 70s we were not invited into their Shed but were there in numbers by self segregation and thin line of Polis
  17. Not forgetting the constant rattle of the door bell at 5pm on Fridays where your old man had to fork out to the Rent Man, InsuranceBoy, Littlewoods Pools, Milk Boy, Lemonade Lorry, McGills dues, Providential, and Others, mental all cash too, stayed out his way then
  18. Massive following we had at both these games and gubbed them both on the park in the replays
  19. Naw not the video match the train carry on was early 70s
  20. Anyone on that daft 1st train special returning from Gayfield in early 70s that got 90% of the windows panned in? The Polis waiting at Platform and just randomly lifted boys getting off, I was on the 2nd train a bit quieter only 50% smashed, we must have lost the game
  21. Brings back memories watching I was there and all others v Celtic at that time they were a strong team then its just we didn't get the luck with the cup draws or would have been in more finals, I was at most home and away (dee club bus) in early 70s and we were a fine team, just needed that little bit of luck to get more silverware than in 73
  22. I hope they win it a scandal they getting put down I no issues with Hearts a good club even through I got a hard dab in the puss there 76 i enjoy playing them home and away a good day out
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